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The second season aired in 2012 with a new opening sequence, a new voice cast and a slightly different CGI animation style. 52 episodes were produced.
This new season is considered by many to be worse than the [[mh:besttvshows:Casper's Scare School|first]] because of the poorly written plots and mainly the bad character development.
==Bad Qualities==
#Contains many continuity errors, such as Wolfie not knowing who Jimmy is in "Our Boy Wolfie" even though he already met him in Season 1 and even helped him once.
#While some characters have been improved, some have been heavily flanderedflanderized this Season, including [[mh:greatcharacters:Casper the Friendly Ghost|Casper]] himself.
#Speaking of Casper, as incredible as it may seem, this Season, he intentionally SCARESCARES HUMANS and has no problem doing so, which not only completely escapes Casper's personality in the previous Season and the movie, but also the main characteristic of the original character.
#[[mh:loathsomecharacters:Thatch|Thatch]] has gotten a lot more goofy and antagonistic than the previous Season, so much so that he now replaces Alder and Dash as the main antagonist.
#This Season reuses Season 1's models a lot, like Pumpkinhead's friend in "Pumpkinpal", which is the exact same monster Casper created in "Frankenleftovers".
#[[mh:greatcharacters:Mickey and Monaco|Mickey and Monaco]], two characters that were already annoying in the movie and in Season 1, managed to get worse than ever and very unbearable this Season,. andIt todoesn't makehelp matters worse,that they've becamebecome recurring characters.
#Wolfie, one of the recurring characters in Season 1 and a close friend of Casper, hardly plays any major role in this Season, the same goes for Quasi, Slither, Harpy and especially Flyboy, who only had ONE speaking role in the entire Season.
#Despite the series title, this Season focuses too much on Deedstown, sometimes even more than Scare School.
#Another big problem is the plots of the episodes, which are mostly generic and uninteresting, which ended up giving several bad episodes for almost the entire season.
#Due to the change in the cast, the voice acting ended up being terrible and sometimes even disturbinggrating, since almost all of them are extremely annoying and shrill, not to mention that this time the cast is much smaller than before because of the budget spent on animation .
#As if it couldn't get any worse, the episodes are now full of generic and petty jokes.
#The last episode, "Mummy's Boy", was a terrible way to end the show, as it left the show on a cliffhanger.
==Good Qualities==
#Fortunately, some characters ended up being more likeablelikable and tolerable than they were in Season 1, like [[mh:greatcharacters:MossHead|Mosshead]], Thurdigree Burns and notably the Principals, Alder and Dash, who had their antagonistic role replaced by Thatch.
#Some minor characters also got more prominence this Season than the previous one, notably Pumpkinhead, [[mh:greatcharacters:Blodge]] and [[mh:greatcharacters:Triclops]], who even got their own episodes ("Pumpkinpal", "Radio Blodge" and "[[mh:besttvshows: Triclops Mistress of Darkness (Casper's Scare School)|Triclops Mistress of Darkness]]").
#Despite the large amount of bad and mediocre plots, it still managed to generate some decent episodes, like "Monster Movie" which was even a good way to start the Season.
#[[mh:greatcharacters:Ra]], [[mh:greatcharacters:Mantha]], [[mh:greatcharacters:Jimmy Bradley|Jimmy]] and Graham remain likeablelikable characters.
#The animation has improved a lot compared to the previous Season, with characters now having better movements and more facial expressions, as well as having a better camera angle.
#Despite the bad scripts, the writing of the characters' lines at least got better, the same goes for the pace of the episodes.
#Now has a unique transition type, different from whathow it was in Season 1.
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