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Sony Spin

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Sony Spin
Sony Spin logo.png
"WTF" - Literally the official slogan of Sony Spin.
Genre: "Entertainment"
Country: Latin America
Release Date: May 1, 2011 - July 31, 2014
Created by: Klaudia Bermudez Key
Distributed by: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Sony Spin was a Latin American cable television channel, beginning its broadcasts in 2011 as Animax's successor in Latin America and ending its broadcasts in 2014 due to low ratings and massive complaints from viewers.

Why It Didn't Spin

  1. The biggest and main criticism towards the channel was the elimination of all anime from its programming. This was very shocking for the viewers since Animax was a channel that broadcast almost 100% anime and that overnight was replaced by a channel in which there were few and no anime generated a general hatred towards the channel.
    • It is speculated that the possible reason for the removal of the anime from the channel's schedule was because Klaudia Bermudez Key, president of the channel, allegedly hated anime.
  2. Most of the channel's programming was not original, since most of it was live-action series that was already broadcast on other Sony channels.
  3. The channel had the objective of being focused on the young public, and more precisely on the millennials, but they did it in such a bad way that it ended up giving cringe or embarrassment.
  4. The channel was quite infamous for not listening to the complaints of its viewers, and on the contrary, it blocked users who complained about the channel's programming and eliminated petitions from internet users who asked to close the channel, a very cowardly tactic.
  5. The channel logo is very simple and not original at all, since it is only the Sony Channel logo but with the word "spin" underneath.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least Sony finally listened to the complaints of the viewers and the network closed its broadcasts in 2014. Unfortunately, the Sony Spin signal, which was originally from Animax and long before Locomotion, was permanently closed (avoiding a possible return of the latter two) and its number within the cable operators was occupied by Lifetime or H2, depending on the country.
  2. Its idents made by Birdo Studio are very good.[1]