Silvia Abravanel embarrasses and harasses three SBT employees live at Bom Dia & Cia

On February 19, 2020, the host of Bom Dia & Cia, Silvia Abravanel questions three employees while on air about their absence from the Monday program (two days before the controversy). However, her rude manner to employees, even calling them idiots and embarrassing them, sparked controversy on social media, where she was accused of bullying. The next day after the controversy, she mocked the criticisms against her: "I wonder if they'll let me go on Carnival?", which negatively increased the controversy even more, with her having her Instagram account hacked and leaving the social media as a result. In the same day, SBT announces the departure of the host, leaving the program temporarily without a host, showing only cartoons, of the fact that she resigned, taking everyone by surprise, and also publicly saying that she didn't mind the criticism against her. She had to travel to Orlando in the United States, to resign from the program to her father, Silvio Santos, which was denied. However, ten days later, she returned to the program.

This just shows that Silvia Abravanel is not just a terrible children's host, as well as being a serial harasser to SBT employees.

As a result of the controversy, the program's ratings dropped.


  • This incident was satirized on Globo's Fora de Hora one week later after the incident on February 25, 2020.



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