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Sex hotline phone number appears in Animaniacs (2020)

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WARNING: Don't call the phone number on the image on this page, especially don't let your children call this sex hotline phone number!

Less than days after the first controversy, there's another joke didn't work in the reboot, this time they didn't expect that phone number was a real sex hotline!

Shortly after the controversy of the first episode with a poster mocking Johnny Depp, the 2020 reboot of Animaniacs stirred in controversy again, this time with episode 6 segment of Pinky and the Brain, "Close Encounters of the Worst Kind", a scene of Brain's intergalactic message to potential aliens collaborators, shows a phone number that was supposed to be fake, but in reality, people discovered the phone number from the episode was real and surprisingly, was a sex hotline. Hulu pulled the episode containing the phone number twice, first with no text and currently with a new fake number: 1-800-555-0199.

The creators of the reboot didn't know the phone number was used in the episode was real and mainly was a sex hotline.