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Rushing of TV production

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"Damn! We don't have time for, let's finish it now!" Quote from one of the many rushed shows you'll see here
File:Rushing TV production in a nutshell.png
Rushed TV production in a nutshell

Show/Episode Production Rushing (also known as Christmas Rushing) refers to when a show/episode is rushed into production to coincide with a holiday or another event (such as Christmas, hence the term). Because of this some TV shows/episodes have been rushed, giving it a troubled production and also making the show/episode unfinished, which gives it a bad reception from critics and reviewers.

Development hell is the opposite problem, where a TV show/episode takes too long to develop and suffers because of it.

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  • Doctor Who: The animated reconstruction of "The Power of the Daleks" was rushed so that it could be released for the original's 50th anniversary. As a result, Power's animation is noticeably more basic than any other Doctor Who animation. Years later, the team would get a second chance to animate the serial, in celebration of Patrick Troughton's hundredth birthday, and massively improved the animation.
  • An infamous example would be the very first episode of The Simpsons. Production on "Some Enchanted Evening", the intended first episode, was not going well due to animation and continuity problems. Because of this, the series premiere was delayed to December, so the first episode ended up being "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire".
  • From 2007 to 2008, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane joined the Writers' Guild of America strike. During that time, Fox aired the season 6 episodes "Padre de Familla", "Peter's Daughter", and "McStroke", which were only 90% done, without MacFarlane's permission, who refers to Fox's actions as a "colossal dick move".
  • While it would eventually get 52 episodes, the production of the first three episodes of the Nicktoon Speed Racer: The Next Generation were rushed heavily in order to be released at nearly the same week as the release of the live-action movie, and the franchise's 40th anniversary. It didn't hinder the quality of it compared to the rest of the show, but the characters' shading was scrapped except for scenes with dramatic lighting, and there are a few After Effects layering errors.
  • Charles Schulz & Bill Melendez were given only six months to complete A Charlie Brown Christmas in time for the holiday season, and Melendez couldn't start animating it until the third. As a result, the special is rife with stiff animation that goes Off-Model several times (most notably Lucy phasing through her psychiatric booth and Linus's head vanishing in one frame) and stilted voice acting that was very clearly stitched together from numerous takes (remember that it was almost entirely done by real children at a time when child voice actors didn't exist, meaning that these kids lacked any professional experience). Luckily, the special was appealing enough to remain a holiday classic since it premiered; in fact, the shoddy quality of the special was able to gather a certain appeal that permanently stuck with the Peanuts franchise.
  • Not only was Total Drama: Pahkitew Island produced at the same time as All-Stars, the season never went through any revisions or rewrites. Several arcs are left hanging with the eliminations and some questionable things are left in.
  • The Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood quarantine special - not for Christmas, but for the COVID-19 pandemic. There's no way that the crew could've predicted the pandemic happening, so they had to rush it in time for the back-to-school season in August 2020. As such, the special features very little new animation and is a Clip Show consisting of music videos from the show. However, with the show's low budget, they were able to complete it in time.


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