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Percy's New Friends (Thomas & Friends)

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Percy's New Friends (Thomas & Friends)
Laughable at it's finest.
Part of Season: 15
Episode Number: 4
Writer: Gerard Foster
Director: Greg Tiernan
Previous episode: Emily and Dash
Next episode: Edward the Hero


Percy wants to play but his friends are too busy so he goes to find animals to play with.

Why It Needs New Friends

  1. For starters this episode ruined Percy and made him into a complete moron. While in Seasons 6-14 he has had his fair share of dumb moments he was still likeable but this episode cranks the dial up.
  2. Percy doesn't even do jobs like he's suppose to and instead wants to play.
  3. As per usual with episodes in Seasons 12-16 the dialogue is repetitive and the rhyming and alliteration is awful.
  4. All of the animals aren't even given creative names just Mr. Seagull, Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Bird and Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel.
  5. Percy being scared of Gordon passing by is ridiculous since he should be used to it by now in fact he even started admiring Gordon in "Being Percy" which is literally the last Season before this one!
  6. Bad Moral: It teaches kids to befriend wild animals as long as you're gentle.
  7. All of the animals are on top of Percy which is very dangerous since they could fall off if Percy goes fast enough.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some characters like Emily, Cranky, Thomas and Salty are still likeable.
    • Thomas and Emily aren't flanderized like they usually are.
  2. Percy at least tries to be gentle with the animals at the end of the episode even though they are wild animals.