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Peppa Pig
Behold people, the Caillou of Britain. But unlike Caillou, Peppa has not even hit cancellation yet.
Genre: Preschool
Children's animation
Running Time: 5 minutes
Country: United Kingdom
Release Date: May 31, 2004 - present
Network(s): Milkshake (UK)
Nick Jr. (UK & US)
ABC Kids (Australia)
Tickle U (US, 2005-2006)
Created by: Neville Astley
Mark Baker
Distributed by: Entertainment One
Seasons: 7
Episodes: 329

Peppa Pig is a long-running British preschool animated television series directed and produced by Astley Baker Davies in association with Entertainment One.

Bad Qualities

  1. The main problem with the show is that the characterization is really poor and cliché:
    • Peppa Pig herself is a bad role model as well as an unlikable protagonist. She is mean to her family, fat shames her father now and then, is very mean to her brother and her friends, and always gives out bad morals to children.
      • As mentioned earlier, she fat shames her father with little to no remorse whatsoever, instead of encouraging Daddy Pig to stay healthy and to try to make him feel comfortable with his body, Peppa just straight up makes fun and insults him about his body, she even made her password to her treehouse "Daddy's Big Tummy" in "The Tree House".
      • In many episodes where Peppa has a friend coming over to her house, she often excludes George from any games that she plays, claiming that he can't do anything because he's too little.
    • Although not as bad as Peppa, George Pig, while understandable for his crying most of the time as he's only two years old and Peppa bullies him most of the time, is pretty annoying as his character as he mostly just consists of just him saying the word "Dinosaur" and his crying sound effects are really annoying to listen to, especially since they are just reused in every episode where he does cry.
    • Daddy Pig, while sympathetic, feels like a clichéd cartoon dad most of the time. He's like a preschool version of Homer Simpson with none of the same charm, while also being the butt monkey and chew toy of the family.
      • That said, even if Daddy Pig is fat and should do some exercise, it's really hypocritical on his family's part to fat shame him for this, because all male adults in the show have the same body.
      • In addition, as PhantomStrider mentions, as far as we know, he's the most fit out of the whole family! He's the only one who can swim underwater, run in marathons, etc. [1]
    • Suzy Sheep is overly bossy. She always tells people what to do, yet always criticizes Peppa for this, which is a sign of hypocrisy.
    • Edmond Elephant is a clichéd and one-dimensional smart kid who is a know-it-all.
  2. The voice acting and the animal noises are both very annoying to listen to.
    • Some of the animal noises don't even sound like their real-life counterparts. For example, the sheep noises sound more like nervous laughter than what an actual sheep sounds like, while Pedro Pony only says "neigh" and Rebecca Rabbit only says "squeak".
    • Not to mention that in "Teddy's Day Out", Zoë Zebra made a "neigh" like a horse. In real life, zebras don't make that sound.
  3. The narrator can be repetitive and obnoxious as well, due to him constantly stating the obvious.
  4. The character designs and animation (while both simplistic), despite not being openly bad, are lazily drawn, looking like that they were made in Microsoft Paint.
    • The crying also looks rather weird, as it looks more like a sprinkler than how it looks in a cartoon. Also, it happens very frequently (mostly George).
      • It also gets abused in some episodes, such as "Digging Up The Road" and "Edmond Elephant's Birthday".
  5. There is little to no evident character development throughout the show.
  6. Almost no common logic. Granted, this is a kids' show, but that does not excuse how nonsensical its logic really is.
  7. The morals are either poorly handled, shoved down kids' throats, or nonexistent in most of the episodes.
    • Not to mention, some of them are very dangerous and irresponsible.
      • "Sun, Sea and Snow" encourages swimming in hot or cold water at a warm or snowy beach.
      • "Mister Skinnylegs" and "Spider Web" encourage children to play with spiders. The former was banned in Australia due to having this moral.
  8. The music and the songs get very repetitive and annoying.
  9. Some episodes, such as "Not Very Well", "George Catches a Cold", and "Pedro's Cough" haven't aged well, especially the latter due to... certain events.
  10. Bad writing that is confusing and feels like the writers aren’t trying to write good stories at all.
  11. The show has a become such a cash cow for Entertainment One that it has gotten to the point where the show commonly introduces new characters and vehicles just to sell toys and nothing else, much like PAW Patrol, Postman Pat (Special Delivery Service) and Fireman Sam since Season 6.
    • Their way of handelling the YouTube channels aren't much better, in fact, it might be even worse than the show itself, they even made multiple channels that are no different each other just to farm cash.
  12. It even sometimes insults or does something offensive. In The Outback and Kylie Kangaroo, Kylie's family—who is from Australia—is cooking up corn on the cob (which originated from Mexico about 9,000 years ago) instead of a great Aussie BBQ. Even Bluey, an Australian show itself got the nice Aussie BBQ right with the episode "BBQ".
  13. False Advertising: My First Cinema Experiences and it's sequel Festival of Fun are marketed as "Films", but they are just compilations of Peppa Pig episodes with live-action clips spliced in-between.
  14. The show has now been running for quite some time now, to the point where the writers are clearly running out of ideas. For example, the season 7 episode "Monkey Has a Cough" is just a pretend-play of a toy having a cough. These episodes are made just to milk the show.
  15. The show has a fair load of mediocre or bad episodes, such as:
    • Mister Skinnylegs (argubaly the worst episode)
    • Spider Web (also counts as the worst)
    • George Catches a Cold
    • Edmond Elephant's Birthday
    • Digging Up The Road
    • Please & Thank You
    • Suzy Goes Away
    • Rock Pools
    • Richard Rabbit Comes to Play
    • The Quarrel
    • Best Friend
    • Funny Music
    • Mummy Pig at Work (depending on your view)
    • Daddy Gets Fit
    • Lots of Muddy Puddles
    • Pedro's Cough
    • The Doll Hospital
    • Boomerang
    • Bicycles
    • Bat & Ball
    • Simple Science
    • Sleepover (depending on your view)
    • Swimming
    • Picnic
    • The Noisy Night
      • At one moment, they once even cluttered the Terrible TV Shows Wiki which caused the pages for the Niche Audience shows to be fully banned from the wiki for good (though the ban has been revoked and Niche Audience shows are now aloud here again).

Good Qualities

  1. There are some good episodes, such as:
    • Thunderstorm
    • Very Hot Day
    • Sports Day (depending on your view)
    • Pancakes
    • Bubbles
    • Secrets
    • The New Car
    • Cleaning the Car (depending on your view)
    • Daddy's Movie Camera
  2. Some moments can be funny depending on your point of view.
  3. The later seasons did improve a little bit, though not much.
  4. George Pig (sometimes), Daddy Pig (sometimes), Emily Elephant, Danny Dog, Pedro Pony, Candy Cat, Zoe Zebra and Freddy Fox are the only likable (or at least tolerable) characters in the show.
    • Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig do have kind of a heartwarming and cute romantic relationship on some occasions.
    • Speaking of Daddy Pig, he is rather sympathetic thanks to Peppa always fat-shaming him.
    • George, despite being annoying most of time, can be quite cute at times.
    • Emily Elephant, Danny Dog, Pedro Pony, Candy Cat, Zoe Zebra and Freddy Fox are pretty interesting characters who are shown to be good friends with the pig family.
  5. The character's designs are kind of cute despite being poorly drawn.
    • Likewise, Peppa can be cute sometimes.
  6. Some of the voice acting are pleasant to listen to:
    • Brian Blessed does a great job at voicing Grampy Rabbit.
    • Despite being annoying as the narrator, John Sparkes at least does a good job at voicing the characters he plays as.
    • Also, depending on your view, the narrator provides some good audiodescription for blind people.
  7. The instrumental version of the theme song is actually pretty decent and is also very catchy.
  8. At least this cartoon does not try too hard to be hip, cool, and rad with the kids unlike most modern media, even if this show insults the intelligence of its audience anyway.


  • In 2019, the creators of Peppa Pig made a CD album called Peppa Pig: My First Album.
  • On the short-lived Cartoon Network preschool block "Tickle U", Peppa Pig was given an American English dub that is now almost completely lost and has no longer aired ever since.[2]
    • The original British version started airing in the US on Noggin in 2007, then later became part of the Nick Jr. channel when it rebranded. It also sometimes airs on the Nick Jr. block on the main Nickelodeon channel.
  • In 2019, mature Peppa Pig videos were banned on TikTok in China after becoming associated with a “gangster” subculture and also for exposing children to adult content. However, the normal Peppa Pig is still popular in China.
  • This show along with Granny spawned the famous Roblox horror game Piggy created by MiniToon.
  • There is another show created by Astley Baker Davies known as Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom which is a lot better than Peppa Pig due to it teaching better morals that this show would have thought, as well as having tolerable, likable, and humorous characters, interesting plots, etc. Sadly, one thing that is similar to another thing in this show is King Thistle being called "old", just like how Daddy Pig is constantly called "fat". Ben and Holly are also included in the Best Shows & Episodes Wiki.
  • The face designs of the Peppa Pig characters were originally based on the other Astley Baker Davies shows such as "The Big Knights" (1999-2000) and their short film "Jolly Roger." (1999)


Back when it was first released, it was given a lot of praise among viewers. But as people started to point out flaws with the show a few years later, the show started to receive mixed receptions towards parents and the general public while critics mostly gave it negative feedback, including PhantomStrider and Caddicarus. Both criticised the show respectively for its characters, lack of common sense, nonexistent and/or rancid morals, Daddy Pig being fat shamed by Peppa and the family, the narrator constantly pointing out the obvious, and so much more.

Caddicarus always hated Peppa Pig, he even made a couple reviews on Peppa Pig a few times. He even reviewed the Peppa Pig: My First Album CD as well as the 2009 Nintendo DS Peppa Pig video game that was made for the UK.

The show currently sits at a 6.2/10 rating on IMDB, and 66% of google users liked it.



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