Parlez Vous Woo (Popeye the Sailor)

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A cartoon about Olive dumping Popeye just because of some idol's accent.

Parlez Vous Woo is Popeye's 223rd theatrical cartoon, released on September 12, 1956 by Famous Studios.

Why It Sucks

  1. Olive is very unlikeable in this short as she basically forgets and almost dumps Popeye for this french accent person on the television known as "The International", in which Bluto later disguises to try and gain Olive's affections.
  2. Throughout the cartoon, Popeye is constantly tortured and rejected by Olive and pretty much closely dumps him all because of her being overly obsessed with "The International" as Bluto is constantly abusing him in some shape or form without her not caring about anything going on with Popeye most of the time.
  3. Once Bluto's disguise is revealed, and despite his attitude to her earlier ago before Popeye began attacking her was how her idol "The International" was like, she automatically dumps Bluto just because he wasn't her idol the whole to the point she's extremely dismayed and disenchanted.
  4. Hypocritical Ending: After Bluto is defeated, Popeye uses his spinach to try and act like "The International" which Olive falls in love with for, despite Bluto also doing it earlier ago with a similar way.
  5. The animation is extremely limited and dull.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least Popeye manages to give Bluto his comeuppance at the end and wins back Olive with Popeye using the thing that got Olive attractive to Bluto disguised as "The International" earlier.
  2. Olive at least did care about Popeye at one point before realizing "The International" was actually Bluto in disguise when he uses a sword that hits Popeye before it turns out to be one of the spinach cans Popeye has under his shirt.
  3. To be fair, in the ending, she knew that Popeye was doing the stuff she liked with "The International" whereas Bluto pretended to be exactly that person, though it doesn't exactly help as she literally dumped Popeye because he wasn't "The International".


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