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Oggy and the Cockroaches (seasons 5 & 6)

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Oggy and the Cockroaches (seasons 5 & 6)
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"The cockroaches were ultimate CROOKS"
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 22 minutes (7 Minutes for each segment
Country: France
Release Date:
June 30, 2017 -
July 30, 2018 (Season 5)
May 16, 2017 -
August 3, 2018 (Season 6)
Network(s): France 3/France 4 (France)
Canal+ Family (France)
Gulli (France)
Fox Kids (United States)
Nickelodeon (United States, India, Asia, Russia, Denmark)
KidsClick (United States)
Cartoon Network (International)
TDM Ou Mun (Macao)
Ajyal TV (Saudi Arabia)
Disney Channel (Southeast Asia)
Cartoon Network (India)
Sony YAY! (India)
Sonic Nickelodeon (India)
Spacetoon (Indonesia)
Kanal 5 (Sweden)
Prince Kids (Albania)
minikaGO (Turkey)
MBC3 (Saudi Arabia)
Created by: Jean-Yves Raimbaud
Starring: Michel Elias (Chatter Box only)
Episodes: 52 (156 segments)

Oggy and the Cockroaches is a French cartoon made by Jean-Yves Raimbaud and produced by Xilam and Gaumont Film Company. While Seasons 1-4 and 7-present have decently received, many have found that seasons 5 and 6 caused a major decline in quality.

Bad Qualities

  1. During these seasons, the show purposed for cash-cowing kids with poorly executed episodes and plots, as far as to promote R-rated movies on their YouTube channel.
    • Essentially, for the Z-Men episode, they falsely advertised Deadpool to even photoshop him on the thumbnail, despite the fact, there are no cameo or references to the said movie in the episode!
    • In Z-Men to the Rescue, which was a parody of the X-Men, absolutely none of the costumes were changed, resulting in copyright infringement.
  2. The sudden change in art and animation style is not only jarring but feels like an unnecessary downgrade. Essentially, instead of smooth rubbery animation, the show uses colored outlines for the characters (which the colors just darkened), and the animation, feels fully chopped and harder for the eye to catch with the quick and stubby movements.
  3. The roaches are more annoying than ever. They've gone from funny and goofy antagonists to petty, evil idiots like Billy from the last seasons of Billy and Mandy levels. Unlike the film adaptation of the show, many Season 5 episodes did not customize the looks trio according to the historical themes like the main cast (like having them wear bones tied to their antennae in the Stone Age segment of the film and the three prehistory episodes).
  4. The sounds and voices aren't really great. Oggy's humorous groans, screeches and goofy laughs (provided by Hugues Le Bars) from the previous seasons are replaced with annoying stock sound effects of cat noises (Though a few of Oggy's archived recordings from Le Bars can be sometimes played but still).
  5. In season 5, there is a glaring flaw that all of the previous seasons did not follow - the fact Oggy and Jack, despite still likable, are treated like the lucky protagonists compared to the cockroaches, who are often the subject to slapstick and losing at the end. They rarely win, which makes this kind of bias repetitive and lackluster to watch and also similar to the Gene Deitch Era of Tom and Jerry.
    • In addition, Marky and Dee Dee (the latter especially) dumbed down to clueless goons of Joey, with Joey, most of the real mischief with their help.
    • Also, Marky beats up Dee Dee and vice versa twice, one of them did cause some problems, but it's pretty harsh for them.
  6. Season 6's episodes remake 43 episodes from season 1 and 35 episodes from season 2, resulting in nothing new.
  7. The first few remakes of Season 6 have an inconsistent art style and are ugly at times, some point, even reused animations from Season 3 which is even laziest.
  8. Some episodes are just plain bizarre, like Oggy Manga Star having Oggy making a manga about himself and the gang (excluding Jack) as ninja-humans (or something), it should noted that Olivia looks nothing like her actual counterpart.
  9. Most episodes are not as memorable as the first three seasons.
  10. Because of the similar tone, the soundtrack in Seasons 5, 6, 7, and 8 often hurt sensitive people's ears. These are due to the death of the previous composers.
    • Also, the theme song for these has shortened now.
  11. In the 5th season, Jack gets treated more harshly a few times, like when some leaders threatened to execute him in a kids' show.
  12. Season 5 utilizes several elements from pop culture that are never greatly altered for parody and only looks like a blatant way to insert Oggy and the cast in the pop culture element. For example, some episodes directly put the cast with Disney's following films; The Jungle Book, The Sword in the Stone, Aladdin, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and others. Some episodes also attempt to insert the characters into plots from other movies, like King Kong and Alien.
  13. Not to mention there are more rehashed moments here than the first three seasons and to a lesser extent, seasons 4 and 7.
  14. These seasons have a good amount of mediocre or bad episodes, such as:
    • Oggy Manga Star
    • Z-Men to the Rescue
    • Gold Fever
    • All the Chinese culture episodes (Including Oggy-Sumo)
    • In the glare of the sun
    • Locked Out (not to be confused with the Season 3 episode "Locked Outside", the SML video & Kick Buttowski episodes of the same name)
    • Good Night, Don't Sleep Tight
    • Metalman
    • Super Temor
    • The Incredible Four (arguably considered to be the worst episode of these seasons and the entire series
  15. Season 5 is considered to be the worst season of the series mainly due to the unfair treatment.

Good Qualities

  1. The sixth season is considered a minimal improvement over the fifth season. Despite it just remastering older episodes from the first two seasons, there can be a possible reason why it is just repeated and remastered episodes as most channels where Oggy is mostly broadcasted don't show the older episodes nowadays. However, the show redeemed itself in season 7 despite it still remastering episodes from Seasons 1 and 2.
  2. The new animation from Xilam is okay, although jarring. Also, they seem to be slightly more careful with the editing there are fewer errors.
  3. Season 5 has the nicest CGI animation so far, arguably the best part of the Season.
  4. The humor didn't get a downgrade, and there are still good jokes featuring the cockroaches except for some lowbrow jokes or moments in which a character outwits another character.
  5. Season 5 had a unique concept with setting the characters in different historical periods even if it was poorly executed.
  6. The remastered episodes manage to faithfully re-create the older episodes.
  7. Olivia is a better character in the fifth season, as she is not anymore a constant part of the plot, but simply a goal (for example in some episodes he has to save her), while still being a clichéd love interest. Just like the latter part of Season 4, she no longer attempts to defend the cockroaches and will occasionally antagonize them, also, despite Olivia's development, the Cockroaches' treatment has improved from Season 4 as well, as they get comeuppances from their misdeeds instead of getting random hatred in some episodes.
  8. Some good episodes such as:
    • Oggy's Dragon
    • Moonshot Movie
    • Chocolate Wars
    • Crackdown on the Fridge
    • Strong Coffee
    • All the prehistory episodes (Color Conflict, Wheeling and Dealing, and The Big Move)

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