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Notícias Impressionantes

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Notícias Impressionantes
Logo noticias impressionantes.png
There's nothing impressive about this program.
Genre: Variety
Running Time: 90 minutes
Country: Brazil
Release Date: July 22, 2020
August 2, 2020-
Network(s): SBT
Created by: Silvio Santos
Distributed by: SBT
Starring: Chris Flores (host; July 22, August 2-September 13, 2020)
Gabriel Cartolano (narration, formerly)
Marcelo Caodaglio (narration, currently)

Notícias Impressionantes is a variety show produced and aired by SBT. Aired on the network on Sundays, and reruns early on Saturdays, the program addresses the most spectacular events in the world. The program was first aired on July 22, 2020, replacing Triturando, being canceled on the same day. The program returned on August 2, 2020, now showing on Sundays, replacing the re-presentation of Triturando and the series El Chavo del Ocho.

Why It's not an Impressive News

  1. Misleading title: the program doesn't talk any impressive news, instead it only talks about internet videos. Originally the title of the show made sense where they talked about the gossip and the news, in the following episodes they took it away and only the videos remained.
  2. Some of the videos shown in the program are not funny.
  3. Boring narration by Gabriel Cartolano.
  4. It was created to replace Triturando, who was receiving a terrible reception among SBT's viewers, however it was badly received and canceled on the same day, but it was brought back a few days later because of El Chavo del Ocho leaving the network due to the copyright deadlocks in Mexico.
  5. Chris Flores is once saturated by the network in this program, but it was removed a few programs later, leaving only Gabriel Cartolano's narration.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of the videos shown in the program are funny.
  2. The new narration by Brazilian voice actor, Marcelo Caodaglio, known as Marcelo Salsicha, is very good and better than Gabriel Cartolano's narration, that left the program to host Vem Pra Cá with Patrícia Abravanel.


Like its derivative program, Triturando, Notícias Impressionantes also received negative reception from the SBT's viewers and critics of Brazilian television.


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