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Musashi Gundoh

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Wow! It's a "dazzling" anime that 2006 hates!

Musashi Gundoh (MUSASHI -GUN道- Musashi -Gandō-, Musashi - Way of the Gun-) is a Japanese anime television series which is based on an unused story by Monkey Punch. It premiered in Japan on the satellite station BS-i on April 9, 2006, and was also set to be broadcast across Japan by the anime satellite television network Animax from October 2006.


The war over control of a unified Japan, the Sengoku Era, is over and the Toyotomi army has won. Toyotomi has allowed his rival, Tokugawa, to live but since that final battle, an evil ayakashi named Yasha reveals to Tokugawa that history says that he should have won the war instead of Toyotomi. Tokugawa agrees to the evil ayakashi power Yasha offers him, and the only person who can stop Tokugawa from ruling Japan and killing Princess Kaguya, who is the link to this alternate present, is Musashi Miyamoto, a young and brash man who follows the way of "Gun-do", which mixes together sword fighting with gunplay.

Why It Ain’t Dazzling

  1. The animation is clunky and cheap, with some characters looking copied and pasted.
  2. It uses actual live photos for the backgrounds, which is just lazy.
  3. The sound effects are incredibly awkward and not synced with each other.
  4. Unrealistic and poorly made action scenes that fail to imitate Lupin The 3rd, which its creator, Monkey Punch had created.
  5. The theme song, while not bad, isn't suitable for a story like this about a samurai.
  6. The character designs while passable barely try to be similar to Monkey Punch's artstyle.
  7. The characters are boring and uninteresting with Musashi, the protagonist being the worst offender.
  8. Outdated dialogue like "Wow, It's dazzling!".
  9. It is rather a forgettable, yet generic samurai series with no identity.
  10. The pacing is slow and janky.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It is understandable why something this terrible could bring good things.
  2. Both opening theme songs sounded good.
  3. The concept of a Samurai using a gun as a weapon is pretty creative.
  4. The voice acting is acceptable.
  5. This was Daisuke Namikawa's debut television show.


  • In the anime, Yuki Kinoshita made his directorial debut. However, he apologized for the poor quality.
  • It's difficult to find a subbed version of this anime.