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Mongo e Drongo

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Mongo e Drongo
Genre: Comedy, Gross-Out, Elsagate, Slapstick,
Country: Brazil
Release Date: 2001 - Present
Network(s): (2001-201?)
YouTube (2008-Present)
Rede Brasil (2022-present)
Rede New (Around 2017)
Created by: José Andreson
Episodes: 609

Mongo and Drongo is a Brazilian YouTube animated series from the channel Abluba Desenhos Animados created by José "J." Anderson, also known as Sr. Abluba, involves Mongo and Drongo, two friends who live several adventures together; Mongo stays on top of Drongo who holds him from below, while Mongo is the smartest while Drongo is the dumbest and stupidest.

The titular characters were voiced by Sr. Abluba's children Ravena and Fernanda, and they were created as some random flash animations, in 2001. But around 2006, they're revived for a (now shut down) website created by Anderson called Cartoon Show to publish his animations, comics, and projects, among them the series Homem-Coberta, Aranha Popô and Família Iscaioqui. In 2008 the animations were also published on Anderson's YouTube channel which was later renamed Abluba in 2016.

Why It Suck

  1. The two main characters are often very unlikeable, mainly because their stupid and immature actions tend to harm other people, it's like you take characters like SpongeBob and Patrick and take only their worst traits of stupidity and malice.
    • Mongo, for example, normally follows the stereotype of an abusive and selfish jerk, especially towards Drongo (even though Drongo likes to be abused), and in early episodes, he was also portrayed as a gross-out character.
    • Drongo was portrayed in the old episodes as a character with fetishes for Mongo's droppings (vomit, pee, snot...) until he's gradually changed into a stupid masochist who loves to be abused and be the target of aggression and sometimes makes Mongo suffer aggression with him.
  2. The animation for the recent episodes is just terrible, with the characters moving in a choppy and poorly made way.
  3. Annoying voice acting with some of them should get on your nerves very quickly, especially the titular characters.
  4. Some early animations made in 2001 were known for making heavy use of disgusting humor like Mongo urinating and defecating on Drongo and the 7-second one, which is an animation test, where Mongo vomits all over Drongo and he SWALLOWS HIS VOMIT.
    • Some of the first episodes of the series that had been made in the 2000s still have the use of crude humor as in the episode "Mongo e Drongo na África" where Mongo splashes a bunch of nasal mucus on Drongo (who finds pleasure in it), "Bichos de Estimação" where Drongo some rat in his mouth (although the narrator teaches him not to put it in his mouth) and "O Assalto Furado" where it starts showing Drongo sucking his pet rat Fedido like a pacifier.
  5. Some racist moments such as in the episode "Mongo e Drongo na África" which show a bunch of African slaves being whipped, some of them being drawn with thick lips.
  6. Every time the characters say something it always plays a sound effect just like Johnny Test, which can give some viewers a headache.
  7. The soundtrack is just generic background music, and you can easily find some of them on the internet.
  8. The show is known for doing massive UNAUTHORIZED crossovers or pop culture references with movies, series, cartoons, anime, games, and memes that are all just unnecessary, since some of them tried to milk the success of certain things like Pop-It, Among Us or Friday Night Funkin. Likely because it tries to be cool and hip with Brazilian kids but it's just an attempt to be more relevant.
    • Sometimes the animations also make use of outdated internet memes and creepypastas like Cartoon Cat, Siren Head, and the Sonic from the first live-action movie trailer. Even characters from Friday Night Funkin mods like Whitty and Garcello were used in some current animations.
    • There are also episodes showing popular Brazilian children's Youtubers interacting with the characters like Luccas Neto and Maria Clara & JP.
  9. Screenshot of the Episode "Mongo e Drongo Salvam o Natal"
    The crossovers weren't done well, since most of them the characters act almost as if Mr. Abluba never even watched the movies, games, or shows that those characters were from. as they are depicted as immature, whiny, mean, spoiled, and childish, or some of them never had the same design. A fine example is Thanos using his Infinity Gauntlet by closing his hand instead of snapping or Dumbo's mother is portrayed at first as an abusive mother who wants to SPANK HER SON for putting an earring in his ear without her permission, this also includes the Kirby crossover animation which Kirby says his name instead of his trademark "poyo".
  10. In some episodes Mongo and Drongo are seen practicing some bad actions like in the episode "Mongo e Drongo Salvam o Natal" where they kidnap William Bonner's children! Also in the same episode, there is a scene where Mongo gets harassed by various characters on Twitter for kidnapping William Bonner's children.
  11. Mongo and Drongo have a pet named Defuntinho who is the corpse of a rat, it's not only disgusting but also a little bit scary.
  12. Some moments are too dark for a children's show such as the episode that shows the origin of Mongo and Drongo where it is shown Drongo's mother dying on-screen, he is abused by his father, and Mongo's mother being part of a bunch of slaves who get whipped.
  13. "Mongo e Drongo entregam a Idosa no Asilo" is the worst episode of the series, because the plot focuses on an old lady being mistreated by her two children who want to put her in the asylum claiming to be for her good, when in fact they just want to get rid of her because she doesn't do the things anymore. They even claim that they already tried to ABANDON HER ON THE STREET, which is just negligent and one of these kids wears a policeman's outfit, HOW HE DIDN'T LOSE HIS JOB FOR DOING THIS TO YOUR MOTHER.
  14. Despise aiming at children, some crossovers with characters from PG-13 and R-rated media like Pennywise the Dancing Clown, Rick & Morty, the giant doll from Squid Game, and Five Nights at Freddy's, which can be unconvincing for viewing parents.
  15. In the episodes they crossed over with Bugs Bunny and Road Runner, they often plagiarize the iconic Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies openings by replacing the Warner Bros, Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodie's logos with the Abluba Cartoons and Mongo and Drongo logos, putting the final background music of the Merrie Melodies series.
  16. Plotholes: For example, in the episode showing the origin of Mongo and Drongo and it shows the town's mayor wanted them (while still being babies) to get a job and live on their own (with no adult taking care of them) instead of going to an orphanage, which something completely illegal plus the fact that they never went to school in the first place to get these jobs.
    • The episode also mentions that the town's orphanage is run by a woman who loves to abuse children and even the mayor knows this. Why wasn't a woman arrested like Drongo's father?
  17. The series will make you question many things, such as:
    • How did Mongo's mother become a slave, and what happened to Mongo's father?
    • What species are Mongo and Drongo?
    • Why is a giant standing next to the post office all the time?
    • What happened to Gegé and Zongo's parents, and where do they live?
    • Mongo and Drongo have a pet cockroach named Sr. Samsa. But in the episode "Mongo e Drongo no Cinema" Drongo shows that he loves to eat cockroaches, and he did that?
  18. It generated TWO crossovers with Sapo Brothers, another infamous YouTube drawing, and in the second crossover (which is part of Mongo and Drongo, unlike the first one that is part of Sapo Brothers), Mongo and Drongo are not better for anything other than filling and you can remove them, and it would still be the same.
  19. some inappropriate and rude moments feel like the creator is demonstrating fetishes with his characters like in the older animations where Drongo shows pleasure in Mongo's droppings (as mentioned above) as well as his masochism or in the episode "Como Nascem os bebês?" where a vore scene takes place in which Drongo swallows an old man to get pregnant for thinking he looked like a baby. In the episode where they meet Ben 10, there are also vore moments where Drongo tries to make Four Arms eat him and Mongo. As he also tries to be vored by Wile E. Coyote in another episode.
  20. Inconsistency art styles, such as Santa Claus who had 4 redesigns throughout the series, one more ugly than the other.
  21. Similar to Simão e Bartolomeu sometimes, the show tries to be educational for kids, but this is ridiculous judging by the nonsensical nature of the show and the stupidity of the two protagonists that sometimes end up giving bad morals in the same episode.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The animation of the 2008-2013 episodes where more fluid than the recent episodes and experimental animations.
  2. Also talking about the 2008-2013 episodes and the experimental animations, while still bad. They are much more enjoyable to watch rather than the modern episodes, considering that most of them don't have any crossovers of pop culture references it's just the daily situations of the characters that you can easily identify, but As mini Aventuras de Mongo & Drongo is the most enjoyable of the bunch.
  3. Mongo and Drongo can be nice at times.
  4. In the current animations, the jokes involving toilet humor have been reduced, mainly from Drongo, in addition to Mongo and Drongo starting to wear clothes, stopping having scenes that show Mongo's buttocks.
  5. The show's creator, Mr. Abluba, knows how to handle criticism very well, as seen once responding to a comment from a user asking him to give suggestions on what they can improve on the show.


  • Some old animations were banned or censored from the YouTube channel, most notably the animation "Mongo e Drongo na África" because of racist stereotypes and the episode where they found Defuntinho (the dead rat), which censored in the current version showing the mouse corpse strapped to Drongo's back (in the original the rat had been placed INSIDE DRONGO'S AXX with the tail outside), A reupload of This banned episode, However for some reason, it Got Copyright Strikes by Sr Abluba, I thought this show was in the public domain.


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