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Mars of Destruction

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Mars of Destruction
Mars of Destruction.jpg
This anime should be destroyed.
Genre: Science-fiction
Running Time: 19 minutes
Country: Japan
Release Date: Jul 6, 2005

Mars Of Destruction (破滅のマルス Hametsu No Mars) is an OVA created by Idea Factory in 2005 based on the Japan-exclusive PS2 adventure game of the same name. It was heavily panned by anime critics, fans and audiences and is considered one of the worst animes ever made. It also holds the record for being the worst reviewed horror anime on MyAnimeList.

Why It's a Destructive Disaster

  1. The anime itself is nothing more than an extended, uncensored version of the video game's cutscenes.
  2. It's also a shoddy rip-off of Neon Genesis Evangelion with none of the charm or complex.
  3. Bad and very generic plot about an alien invasion where teenage girls are trained to be front-line soldiers.
  4. Mediocre animation that hasn't aged well at all.
  5. The title is very cheesy, unoriginal and laughable and it doesn’t take place in Mars being “on a brink of destruction”.
  6. Stupid and very laughable deaths, such as the infamous scene at the beginning where a female soldier gets her head blown off by a laser beam.
  7. A lot of nonsensical moments like the aforementioned decapitation scene, the male protagonist, Takeru cuffed in a cross and wearing an underwear, which is then followed by the deceased soldier's comrades taking her to the hospital to confirm that she's dead.
  8. Bland and unlikable characters with no personality, development or depth. It gets to the point where the audience is left knowing nothing about them apart from that they're meant to root for the protagonists and despise the antagonists, and nothing else.
  9. Laughably bad voice acting.
  10. Only 3 fight scenes - and they're all rushed, horrible and sub-par.
  11. Terrible twist ending: It turns out that the aliens are actually the original inhabitants of Earth and humans are the invaders who drove them to near-extinction while just ends with final alien being killed and Takeru realizing the revelation, and that’s it. That's just a massive insult to mankind.
  12. Awful sound effects that are cheap.
  13. Barber of Seville randomly starts playing during the OVA's climax.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The character designs are nice.
  2. There are bad moments that can be funny. For example, the decapitation scene at the beginning is actually kind of funny.
  3. Though terrible, the ending where the last alien gets killed in a hail of gunfire is a bit sad.