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Love Struck! (The Fairly OddParents)
Titlecard-Love Struck.jpg
How not to do a Valentine's Day special for a kids cartoon.
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: 7
Air Date: February 14, 2003
Writer: Butch Hartman
Scott Fellows
Steve Marmel
Director: Gary Conrad
Sarah Frost
Butch Hartman

"Love Struck!" is the seventh episode in the third season of The Fairly OddParents. It is also a special episode that aired on Valentine's Day.


Timmy attempts to charm and impress Trixie Tang so that she will be his Valentine. This ends in humiliating failure. Timmy wishes that all the girls should be removed. The problem is: without love, Cupid, the god of love will have no power and shrivels.

Why It Sucks

  1. For starters, its plot uses an already sexist trope of how men are gross slobs who don't deserve women, while women are clean, nice, and nagging people, which is totally not true.
    • It's especially ironic, considering that the Season 2 episode "The Boy Who Would be Queen" showed that it's okay for girls to like boy stuff and vice versa.
  2. Timmy's wish is so shallow and selfish that he doesn't even care about the depression his wish is causing.
  3. Cupid's plan to spread valentine magic is less...well...magic... and more of a love potion since he's basically forcing love regardless if there are people who love each other or not.
  4. The song "It's Great to Be a Guy" is horrible due to its quote on quote, "manly" lyrics.
  5. It seemingly thinks men like to go to the bathroom wherever they want and be a slob, which is just full of lies.
  6. Despite Timmy making a rule-violating wish, Jorgen Von Strangle is nowhere to be seen.
  7. Homophobia: It's implied that the only kind of true love that exists is heterosexual, and Cupid later shrivels up from lack of said love.
    • Speaking of which, Cupid looks very creepy when he's shriveling up.
    • Though this can be excused by the fact at the time this episode was made (2002-2003) LGBT representation wasn’t as big compared to how it is today as well as the fact that LGBT representation wasn’t allowed back then to be on children’s programming.
  8. Timmy never gets his comeuppance for nearly causing Cupid to die.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The ending is very sweet and shows Timmy making a mature choice and putting someone else's feelings above his own when he agrees to be Tootie's Valentine.
  2. The Matrix homage at the climax was neat.
  3. Some of the jokes are funny.





8 months ago
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This is only there because Mr. Enter hates it, isn't it?


7 months ago
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No its there because it's completely at odds with the episode the boy who would be queen, as well as just being a verbally lackluster valentines day epsidoe

Masson Thief

3 months ago
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Enough with these downvotes.


one month ago
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Hey! This episode is based AF! It insults both genders! That's what I call equality.


4 days ago
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Can people stop putting he ending is very sweet and shows Timmy making a mature choice and putting someone else's feelings above his own when he agrees to be Tootie's Valentine" as redeeming quality that's a awful ending at will cause an edit war.

Neat Structure

4 days ago
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You’re RandomDude, correct? Sock puppetry will get you nowhere. And you’re the only one is causing a pointless edit war here because you favor Trixie over Tootie, which is your own personal opinion, not a general reception.

Deez Nutz

3 days ago
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@Neat Structure shut the fuck up he is right.

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