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Let's Get Serious (Teen Titans Go!)
Spoiler alert: They didn’t get serious.
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 32
Air Date: February 26, 2015
Writer: Michael Jelenic
Aaron Horvath
Director: Peter Rida Michail
Previous episode: Hose Water
Next episode: Tamaranian Vacation

"Let's Get Serious" is the thirty-second episode of the second season of Teen Titans Go!, and the eighty-fourth overall episode of the series.


After the Young Justice heroes easily take out the H.I.V.E. while the Teen Titans make silly jokes, Robin makes the team become more serious.

Why It Sucks

  1. This is once again, another episode that lashes at the criticism that this show gets.
  2. This episode proves a lot about how pathetic the show is. At the beginning of the episode, all of the flaws of this show and the flaws of the characters are stated completely. But even though this show notices its flaws, it never does anything to fix it. But instead, they use the acknowledgement of its flaws to completely use so much work and effort to lash at the criticism that this show gets.
  3. While the Young Justice team do appear, only Aqualad is accurately portrayed, as Super Boy and Miss Martian are doing things that they didn't do in the original Young Justice show.
  4. Robin suddenly mentioning his dead parents was both strange and kinda unnecessary.
  5. The Titans turn themselves into "serious" people but the results didn’t , but for all the wrong reasons.
  6. The Titans' serious attitude makes them look more dumber than serious!
  7. For some reason, Billy numerous is wielding an AK-47 in one scene, why is that? He has self replicating powers, so why would he need a gun?
  8. Beast Boy and Cyborg get into an heated argument over a juice box. And the fight gets so intense, the Titans scream and the tower explodes.
  9. Bad Moral: Being serious makes you look dumb.
  10. The episode was just made to poke fun at people who complain about the show's light hearted tone.
  11. The "serious designs" of the Titans look hilariously awful.
  12. Overuse of the word "Serious".
  13. Not only does this episode poke fun at the people who complain about the show lacking the dark and serious tones from the original 2003 show, it also pokes fun at the people who complain about the show replacing Young Justice, which originally got canceled after Season 2 due to poor toy sales until the series returned for a third season, titled Young Justice: Outsiders. And renewed again, for an upcoming fourth season.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. As mentioned above the Young Justice appears here.
    • Watching Aqualad calling out the Titans for their actions was satisfying and justified.
  2. The Titans at least were doing awesome stuff, like blowing up a nuke for instance.
  3. The animation of the "serious designs" of the Titans is surprisingly good.
  4. The "Let's Get Serious" song is not that bad.
  5. The Titans’ "serious" designs can be funny depending on your POV.
  6. The ending was a little bit funny.