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Hot Salad Water (Teen Titans Go!)

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Hot Salad Water (Teen Titans Go!)
"America, heck yeah! Back to conquering the freaking world!"
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: 26
Air Date: June 30, 2017
Writer: Christopher Gentile
Director: Luke Cormican
Previous episode: BL4Z3
Next episode: Chapter One: I Saw You Dance

Hot Salad Water is the 26th episode of season 4 of Teen Titans Go!.


When drinking tea turns the other Titans British, it's up to Robin to save America from another British invasion brought by the Queen of England herself and save his teammates.

Why It Should Leave Britain Alone

  1. Addressing the elephant in the room: This episode insults, disrespects, and offends the people of the United Kingdom, its culture, and especially Queen Elizabeth II. It even portrays all of them in a xenophobic manner, let alone make this episode look as if the writers or creators are living like it's the American Revolution.
    • To an extent, the episode can even (unintentionally) insult other countries related to the UK or Commonwealth (examples include Australia, Canada, India, Singapore, New Zealand, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria).
  2. Some of the details make no sense. The Americans and the British have been allies ever since the two fought against Communist and Fascist countries! Even though adding North Korea, Russia, China, Palestine, Venezuela, or Iran as the bad guys wouldn't make that much of a difference, it would at least make sense since those countries do not have friendly relations with the US (though this is for political reasons, and even those countries have good people there).
    • If it wasn't for the United Kingdom, Nazi Germany, or the USSR (even though the latter was allied with the United States in both wars) would have probably won!
    • To quote Winston Churchill about Americans: “You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing after they have tried everything else.”
    • And if it wasn't enough, they wouldn't have made military organizations like NATO and even the UN!
    • And also, wouldn't the UK wants to take over the US yet make said place a Communist/Fascist country?
  3. What was even the point of writing an episode about the UK if the episode looks as if the writers (or creators of the show) hardly did that much research on the UK?
  4. Robin acts as a nationalistic, xenophobic supremacist in this episode.
  5. There isn’t anything wrong with drinking tea. It's like saying "there is a thing wrong with drinking water" when there is nothing wrong with that either. In reality, tea is a healthy drink just like water.
    • Not to mention that not all tea is British tea. Tea didn’t originate from the UK, to begin with, as it originated in China (though doing an episode about China using tea to try to take over America wouldn't fly in such a politically-polarized climate, especially on a kids' channel).
  6. Terrible ending: The Big Ben tower gets destroyed and Queen Elizabeth II dies (which could cause problems today), while the Titans celebrate being American.
  7. Completely illogical: How can drinking tea help England to recolonize America?
  8. Xenophobic Moral: The episode teaches children to fear British people and hate the country, which is xenophobia.
  9. Historical inaccuracies:
    • Most notably, the Statue of Liberty wasn’t built yet and didn't reach the United States from France until 1885, over 100 years after the revolution had taken place.
    • Also, the colonists weren't forced to drink tea and they liked it. But when the British started taxing tea unfairly, the colonists protested in different ways, like the Boston Tea Party, and by drinking other beverages instead, like coffee.
    • Robin also said that soda is a national drink of the U.S. but the first sodas weren’t invented until 1807 and United States' national drink is bourbon. Maybe they discluded said drink to avoid references to alcoholic beverages in a kids show.
    • Robin also uttered that tea is the favorite drink of Great Britain. However, in recent years, tea consumption has been in decline in England, even though it is still popular among most British people. Starting from the 90s, more British people have been switching their beverage preferences to coffee because of its cheapness.
    • The United States in Robin's flashback into the 1770s has all the current contiguous states, but in reality, the US had only 13 states at the time which were formed from the original 13 colonies.
    • The said map featured in Robin’s flashback also shows Virginia and West Virginia as two states, which the latter didn’t even exist and were still part of Virginia and wouldn’t gain statehood until during the Civil War in 1863.
  10. The part where Starfire eats a teabag is unfunny and gross.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The "Awesome America" song is catchy, albeit extremely nationalistic and ironic since it references America's extremely high incarceration rate, and also almost everybody in the song is portrayed as obese despite this episode trying to glorify America.


Hot Salad Water was universally panned by critics and audience and is considered very offensive, upsetting both British and American audiences because Robin shows prejudice against British people. Audiences were also angry about the fact the queen was a villain, which could be considered defamation as she was the exact opposite.

It has a 4.7/10 on IMDb.


  • Despite popular belief, the episode premiered in the United Kingdom on February 13, 2018, completely uncut and uncensored.
    • It’s still banned in most countries for these reasons (including the main reason being xenophobia).
    • To make matters worse, the episode still airs as reruns in the UK.
  • Although not mentioned in this episode, the reason Robin hates the UK, the Queen of England, and the British in general is because he is ethnically Irish (more precisely, ethnically Irish Leprechaun, as revealed in the Season 3 episode "Beast Boy's St. Patrick's Day Luck, and It's Bad") and historically Irish and British don't get along at all because of various conflicts (like the Irish War of Independence and The Troubles), religious differences (Ireland is mostly Catholic and the UK is mostly Anglican), political differences (Ireland is a republican country, and the UK is a monarchy), and strong Irish nationalism (Ireland has a strong anti-British feeling, and because of that Queen Elizabeth II and the British royal family are much hated there).
  • This episode reunites Tara Strong and Jane Carr, who both voice-acted together in the Nickelodeon show The Fairly OddParents as Timmy Turner and Mama Cosma respectively.
  • South Park did an episode with a similar plot called "The Snuke", which was received better, many thinking it was much more entertaining and had better execution.


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