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George’s Friend (Peppa Pig)

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George's Friend
"George's Fiend" would make more sense.
Series: Peppa Pig
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 6
Air Date: September 11, 2006
Writer: Neville Astley
Mark Baker
Director: Neville Astley
Mark Baker
Previous episode: Mysteries
Next episode: Mr. Scarecrow

George’s Friend is the 6th episode of Season 2 of Peppa Pig.

Why It Can't Be Friends but Fiends Instead

  1. George and Richard are very unlikable in this episode as they fight, complain and destroy the sandcastles.
  2. Peppa (while not bad as George and Richard) is also unlikable because she first along with Rebecca excluded Richard from playing on the merry go round and forces him to play with George.
  3. Rebecca is out of character because she is mean to her brother by not letting him play with them because they’re big kids.
  4. George and Richard destroy their sandcastles, the scene could send out the wrong message to kids.
  5. Rebecca and Peppa starts a pointless argument and whining about who’s fault it is for destroying the sandcastles, Peppa immediately accuses Richard of starting the destruction of George’s castle when George was the one that did it first.
  6. It teaches a bad moral to children how you should go destroy other people’s stuff just for no reason.
  7. Also, Peppa excludes Richard for a cruel and mean-spirited reason saying the roundabout wouldn’t fast with him on.
  8. The crying can get on your nerves quickly because the two cry for pointless reasons such as Mummy Pig and Mummy Rabbit sharing the dinosaur toys.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The rest of the characters (except for Rebecca, Peppa, Richard and George) are likable.
  2. The ending is good because George and Richard got along.
  3. Although, despite the bad moral, It teaches a good moral how you should always get along with someone.