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George’s Friend (Peppa Pig): Revision history

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  • curprev 20:1820:18, 29 July 2022CookieRunFan1 talk contribs 1,763 bytes +1,763 Created page with "{{EpisodeInfobox|name=George’s Friend (Peppa Pig)|Image=GeorgeFriend.jpeg|Caption=Not a bad start to friends|Series=Peppa Pig|Part of Season=2|Episode Number=6|Air Date=September 11, 2006|Writer=Neville Astley & Mark Baker|Director=Neville Astley & Mark Baker|Previous episode=Mysteries|Next episode=Mr. Scarecrow}} George’s Friend is the 6th episode of Season 2 of Peppa Pig. == Why It Can’t Be Friends == # George is so rude in this episode as he and Richard fight..." Tag: Visual edit: Switched