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Finding Emo (The Fairly OddParents)

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Finding Emo
This episode has the audacity to insult an entire subculture and a Disney movie in an animated show for kids!
Series: The Fairly OddParents
Part of Season: 9
Episode Number: 128b
Air Date: July 9, 2014
Writer: Kevin Arrieta
Ray DeLaurentis
Will Schirfin
Kevin Sullivan
Director: Michelle Bryan
Randy Myers
Previous episode: Anchor's Away
Next episode: Dust Busters

"Finding Emo" is the thirteenth episode in the ninth season of The Fairly OddParents.


Timmy falls in love with a girl named Missy. To impress her, he wishes to be certain types of people because she is impressed by them. Unfortunately, the last personality he wishes for makes him stop caring about everything in life.

Why It Can't Find Emo

  1. This episode contains a generic and unoriginal romance story for Timmy, as the idea of Timmy having a crush has been done many times before. It is also a lazy rehash of Season 4's "Emotion Commotion!", as both episodes involve Timmy wishing that he stop feeling any emotions.
  2. Unlike "Emotion Commotion!", this episode doesn't try to be subtle and clever with the concept of being emotionless. Instead, it heavily relies on stereotyping said concept where Timmy gives up on life, which makes for boring, unfunny, and forgettable attempts at humor.
  3. The new (and one-time) character, Missy, is a pointless replacement of Trixie Tang and her entire design looks like something straight out of fan fiction.
    • Not helping is that neither Trixie Tang nor Tootie made appearances in this season.
    • On that note, Missy's parents are nowhere to be seen. They could've at least made a call-back to Season 2's "The Boy Who Would be Queen" by having one of the beauty salon parlors as Missy's mother, but no.
  4. Very slow pacing, as the actual premise where Timmy wishes to be emo to impress Missy doesn't start until halfway through the episode.
  5. Jorgen, being the flanderized plot device he is, states that because Timmy has not been making any wishes, Cosmo and Wanda would have to be reassigned to another child. This just leads to two very questionable plot holes listed below:
    • He said Timmy cannot continue to have fairies if he doesn't make any wishes for a day, but previous episodes like "The Same Game" and "Fairy Idol" show that when a fairy spends a lot of time without considering wishes, magic accumulates causing them to swell like balloons and explode and becoming confetti.
    • He showed the candidates to be the new godson of Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof are cruel, and malignant spoiled children; however this would be a contradiction to Da Rules, as fairies should be allocated to miserable children with sad lives.
  6. The running gags are repetitively boring as usual.
    • The running gag where Cosmo sings a song about tractors is just annoying and unfunny.
  7. Sparky's cameo near the end of the episode was shoehorned and it shows that the writers didn't know what to do with him after his debut, showing that he is a pointless character.
  8. How Timmy came back to normal from being emo was by having Cosmo disguise himself as Missy and kiss Timmy, which is very disturbing and nonsensical.
  9. Jorgen is shown at the end to be dating another new (and one-time) character named Waffle (or Wallet), even though Season 5's "Teeth for Two" established that he's married to the Tooth Fairy.
  10. Generic and predictable happy ending where Timmy and Missy hold hands and walk off together into the sunset.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Timmy dating a girl that isn't Trixie or Tootie sounds like a cute episode idea, but it was poorly executed and done at a very wrong time.
  2. Missy could've been a decent character if she was introduced in the earlier seasons.