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Family Fracas (Bob's Burgers)

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Family Fracas
Family Fracas.png
The Bob's Burgers version of "Brain Squeezers".
Series: Bob's Burgers
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: 19
Air Date: April 14, 2013
Writer: Holly Schlesinger
Director: Don MacKinnon
Previous episode: It Snakes a Village
Next episode: The Kids Run the Restaurant

Family Fracas is the 19th episode of Season 3 of Bob's Burgers and the 41st overall episode of the series.


The Belcher family competes against the Pesto family in the titular game show Family Fracas to win a new minivan after their family car breaks down. However, no matter how many times the Belchers participated, they couldn't win the minivan, which was eventually rewarded to their business rivals, the Pestos. The Belchers suspect that the Pestos cheated, and take the show's producers to a rival show, Pam's Court.

Why It’s Fracas

  1. This episode is basically an animated equivalent to the Victorious episode "Brain Squeezers".
  2. Both Chuck and his producer, Larry, are extremely unlikable, as they rig the game in the favor of the Pestos to let them win the minivan on Family Fracas, and destroy the evidence of the Pestos cheating to prevent the Belchers from winning the trial on Pam's Court, showing no remorse for either action.
  3. The Pestos suddenly decide to be total jerks to the Belchers after winning the minivan. While this is understandable for Jimmy Pesto, it makes no sense for his children to act the same way.
  4. The ending is just cruel, as the Pestos get away with cheating on Family Fracas and win the minivan, while the evidence that would've disqualified them is destroyed, and Chuck and Larry face no repercussions for destroying the evidence.
    • The ending is also a bit of a plot hole, since Chuck and Larry destroy the evidence in view of the audiences, but no one called them out except for the Belchers.
  5. Even though Bob teases the Pestos at the end of the episode as Jimmy tries to fix the minivan, it feels rather unsatisfying.
    • The Belchers don't let Bob have the satisfaction of him mocking the Pestos, saying that it's funnier when Jimmy mocks Bob instead of the other way around, ignoring the fact that Jimmy mocked Bob's kids in previous episodes (e.g. "Burger Wars").

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The first half of the episode is decent.
  2. The idea of catching a game show cheater is a great concept for an episode, but it was poorly executed.
  3. Bob does technically get the last laugh.
  4. Some funny scenes, like Louise slapping Linda in the face to get her pumped and the bar in the desk.


Despite getting a 7.3/10 on IMDb[1] and mixed to positive reviews from critics,[2][3] fans were furious about the ending.[4][5]


  • Loren Bouchard didn't like how the ending of the episode turned out, and wrote an alternate ending, where the Belchers dump silly foam on Pesto's minivan, but ultimately decided against it, as he felt that the ending would've been just as bad as the one featured in the episode itself.[6]
  • The backlash to the episode's ending led to future episodes of Bob's Burgers having Jimmy Pesto not winning against the Belchers or getting his comeuppance when he does win against them.



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