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|Created by = Pamela Eells O'Connell
|Created by = Pamela Eells O'Connell
|Distributed by = Disney-ABC Domestic Television
|Distributed by = Disney-ABC Domestic Television
|Starring = Peyton List (Season 3)<br>Karan Brar (Season 3)<br>[[Skai Jackson (2020-present)|Skai Jackson]] (Season 3)<br>Miranda May<br>Mallory James Mahoney (Season 3-present)<br>Raphael Alejandro (Season 3-present)<br>Will Buie Jr. (Season 3-present)<br>Shelby Simmons (Season 4-present)<br>Scarlett Estevez (Season 4 only)<br>Israel Johnson (Season 4-present)<br>Trevor Tordjman (Season 5-present)
|Starring = Peyton List (Season 3)<br>Karan Brar (Season 3)<br>[[Skai Jackson (2020-present)|Skai Jackson]] (Season 3)<br>Miranda May<br>Mallory James Mahoney (Season 3-present)<br>Raphael Alejandro (Season 3-present)<br>Will Buie Jr. (Season 3-present)<br>Shelby Simmons (Season 4-present)<br>Scarlett Estevez (Season 4 only)<br>Israel Johnson (Season 4-present)<br>Trevor Tordjman (S5E03-present)
|Episodes = 16 (Season 3) <br> 30 (Season 4) <br> 8 (Season 5)
|Episodes = 16 (Season 3) <br> 30 (Season 4) <br> 8 (Season 5)

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Bunk'd (Season 3-present)



You know the saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"? These seasons should explain why.
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 21-23 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: June 18, 2018 -
September 21, 2018 (Season 3)
June 20, 2019 -
July 24, 2020 (Season 4)

January 15, 2021 -
TBA (Season 5)

Network(s): Disney Channel
Created by: Pamela Eells O'Connell
Distributed by: Disney-ABC Domestic Television
Starring: Peyton List (Season 3)
Karan Brar (Season 3)
Skai Jackson (Season 3)
Miranda May
Mallory James Mahoney (Season 3-present)
Raphael Alejandro (Season 3-present)
Will Buie Jr. (Season 3-present)
Shelby Simmons (Season 4-present)
Scarlett Estevez (Season 4 only)
Israel Johnson (Season 4-present)
Trevor Tordjman (S5E03-present)
Episodes: 16 (Season 3)
30 (Season 4)
8 (Season 5)

Season 3 of Bunk'd premiered on June 18, 2018 with "We Can't Bear It!" and ended on September 21, 2018 with "Up, Up and Away". It consists of 16 episodes. While the Template:Best, the same can't be said for this season and is seen as the downfall of the show. Season 4 premiered on June 20, 2019 with "Who da Boss? Lou da Boss!" and ended on July 24, 2020 with "Raven About Bunk'd". It consists of 30 episodes. Season 5 premiered on January 15, 2021 with "Lou's Still the Boss, But Now There's a Ross" and is still currently airing. Seasons 4 and 5 garnered even more negative reception and are considered non-canon due to the highly radical changes.

Why It Sucks Now

In General

  1. Xander, Tiffany, Jorge, Griff, Gladys, and Hazel have been removed from the series without any explanation (except for Gladys, whose absence is explained) and replaced by three new characters: Destiny, Matteo, and Finn.
    • The three new characters Destiny, Matteo and Finn are rehashed versions of former or current characters.
      • Destiny is a rehash of Emma since both are into beauty and fashion, except Emma is not a show-off.
      • Matteo is a rehash of both Ravi and Tiffany. The former for being smart and the latter for being overly cautious.
      • Finn is a rehash of Jorge since both are slobs who don't care about personal hygiene.
      • To make matters worse, Xander, Tiffany, Jorge and Griff aren't even mentioned by the other characters, like they never even existed in the first place!
  2. The theme song has been shortened considerably and is very lazily put together as only the last verse is used.
  3. There is little to no connection to the first two seasons, making these seasons seem almost non-canon to said seasons.
  4. Weak, unfunny, disgusting, stale and forced humor.
  5. Since Xander and Hazel are no longer on the show, it killed the Xander-Emma-Hazel love triangle, which was an insult to many fans.
  6. These seasons ignore the charm of the first two seasons.
  7. Unlike the first two seasons, there are no guest appearances from any Jessie characters, not even Luke. To include this, Jessie still hasn't made a guest appearance.

Season 3

  1. There are only 3 counselors and one CIT, who only interact with 3 campers. Nobody is watching the other 30-some campers!
  2. In "We Can't Bear It!", Emma doesn't allow Timmy to come to camp when he tries to sneak in. This is very unfair because Gladys is no longer the owner of the camp (she banned Timmy from coming to camp back when she was the owner). Since the Ross Kids are now the owners, Timmy should be allowed to come to camp.
  3. The rebuilt cabins (while cool-looking) don't look anything like cabins. Instead, they look more like miniature houses and don't belong in a rustic summer camp like Camp Kikiwaka.
  4. This season is very clichéd as it uses the same formula as other bad live-action Disney Channel sitcoms.
  5. Steals some episode plots from the first two seasons. For example, "Bungle in the Jungle" is a rehash of "Dog Days of Summer" because in both episodes, Lou almost leaves camp.
  6. The bear in the premiere episode and the Kikiwaka in the finale episode have really cheap and unconvincing costume designs (even for Disney Channel standards).

Season 4

  1. This season was completely unnecessary because Season 3 (while a disgrace to the Jessie franchise and Bunk'd) had a good way to end the show with its finale.
  2. The creator and original executive producers had no involvement in the making of this season. Instead, executive producers from Andi Mack (another live-action Disney Channel sitcom) took over. At least Season 3 had the involvement of the creator and original executive producers.
  3. Emma, Ravi, and Zuri have been removed from the series, but with an explanation. This completely ruins the series because they were the core main characters; taking them out just changes everything. The sad thing is that with so many of the original characters being written out, Lou is the only one left.
  4. Ava (while still tolerable) is seen as a Mary-Sue, as well as Noah (also tolerable) being seen as a Gary-Stu. They are also rehashes of Emma, Zuri, and Ravi.
  5. Gwen, one of the new characters, is a rehash of Timmy and Tiffany. The former since both have lived in the woods and the latter because of their lack of knowledge of the outside world.
  6. In the premiere episode, there is a very stupid and nonsensical explanation as to why the camp has been remodeled. Reason being that a sinkhole swallowed the camp, which was followed by a mudslide.
  7. This season worsened the problems that Season 3 started.
  8. Because of all the changes made to the show in this season, it doesn't even feel like Bunk'd anymore. Instead, it feels like Camp Lazlo or another generic summer camp show.
  9. To make matters worse, this season isn't even considered part of the Jessie franchise. Starting in this season, Bunk'd is now considered its own separate show.

Season 5

  1. This season is just as unnecessary as Season 4 and only exists to add even more big bucks to Disney's giant room of money. In fact, it's no better than Seasons 3 and 4, except for Noah and Ava having new haircuts and Finn's voice changing.
  2. The show jumped the shark with this season by removing Gwen without any explanation and replacing her with yet another unnecessary new character that nobody wanted, Parker Preston, who didn't appear in the show until the episode, “R.V. Having Fun Yet?”. Parker is nothing but a rehash of Xander and Jorge.
  3. The characters still act like how they were in Seasons 3 and 4.
  4. There were no guest appearances from any characters from the first two seasons (except for two Jessie characters Emma Ross, who returned in "Lou's Still the Boss, But Now There's a Ross", and Ravi Ross, who will soon return in "Ravi's First Crush").

Redeeming Qualities


  1. Thankfully, none of the characters have been flanderized in these seasons, except for Finn, who's voice is changing in the fifth season.

Season 3

  1. Decent acting.
  2. Xander may be gone from the show, but at least his voice is still heard in the theme song.
  3. The set designs are still great.
  4. Some funny moments here and there.
  5. Unlike the other former characters, Gladys' absence is explained. The reason is that she ran off with the camp's insurance money.
  6. Some good/decent episodes, such as "Finder's Keepers, Lou's a Weeper", "O Sister, Where Art Thou?" and "Up, Up and Away".
  7. The season finale would make a great series finale.
    • In fact, this was originally going to be the show's final season.
  8. It's nice to see the Ross Kids one last time since they don't return in Season 4.

Season 4

  1. Some occasional heartwarming and funny moments.
  2. After being absent in Season 3, Hazel finally returns in the episode, "Inn Trouble".
    • Xander is also mentioned in said episode.
  3. While sad, Lou being the only original character left is a blessing in disguise.
  4. At least there is an explanation as to why the Ross Kids left the show. Reason being that they went to pursue their dreams.
    • Also, they were mentioned in the premiere episode.
  5. Noticeable improvement in the lighting.
  6. The new sets are well done. Also, the cabins are back to the way they originally were in Template:Best.
  7. Noah and Ava are very tolerable characters.
  8. It had a crossover with Template:Best titled "Raven About Bunk'd" was decent since fans of both spin-offs of their original shows may enjoy this crossover, despite Emma, Ravi, and Zuri being absent during that season.

Season 5

  1. Some characters from Jessie and the first three seasons return in certain episodes after their absences in Season 4.
    • Emma Ross finally returns in the premiere episode "Lou's Stiil the Boss, But Now There's a Ross".
    • Ravi Ross will return in the episode "Ravi's First Crush".
  2. There are some good moments in the season.
  3. Like Season 4, Lou is the only original character left blessing in disguise since she’s been in the series since Season 1.


Seasons 3, 4, and 5 of Bunk'd garnered a very negative reception from fans, with many criticizing them for removing Xander, Tiffany, Jorge, Griff, Gladys and Hazel and replacing them with Destiny, Matteo, and Finn. Another criticism from fans was the theme song being altered and shortened. In fact, some fans have completely turned away from the show because of this seasons. Other fans, however, continued watching it but heavily criticized its recent direction.


  • The show was originally supposed to end after Season 3, but got renewed for Seasons 4 and 5 due to its popularity.
  • Karan Brar and Shelby Simmons (two of the actors from the series) later start together in the Disney+ original movie Stargirl as their characters, Kevin Singh and Hillary Kimble.
  • Scarlett Estevez, actress of Gwen Flores will not make an appearance till her working on the Disney Channel Original Movie, Christmas Again is finished. Gwen will not be a main character in season 5. It is unknown if she will make a guest appearance because of her absence after season 4.
  • Trevor Tordjman, the actor who played Parker Preston, spoke up with J-14 Magazine, stated that he wanted some co-stars from the Disney Channel Original Movie, Zombies 2 to make guest appearances in the series. He didn't show up in the Season 5 premiere episode because Peyton List already did a guest appearance as Emma Ross.
  • After Karan Brar was removed from the cast during Season 4, he stated that he will do a guest appearance in the Season 5 episode, "Ravi's First Crush".




11 months ago
Score 2
First introducing rehashed versions of other characters, and now a sinkhole and mudslide destroying the camp? What's next? Using a fracking machine to sink the entire camp into the lake?


9 months ago
Score 0
Everybody saw the crossover of the actual cast of Bunk'd with Raven's Home? It was terrible or good?


8 months ago
Score 0
I hate Season 4 because of no Jessie cast on that season.

I have no idea

7 months ago
Score 1
Why would they remove the Ross Kids. That is just totally stupid! Bunk'd needs to be redone.


6 months ago
Score 0
I heard that Gwen is going to be removed in the fifth season and replaced by a new character.

I have no idea 2.0

5 months ago
Score 1
It better be an old character. And why a fifth season? This show is another example of a show that didn't stop when it needed to. Shows like The Simpsons, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Family Guy. That's why they lost their charm.

Dexter's Mom

one month ago
Score 0
Gordon, Maria, Bob, Luis, Susan, Gina, Miles and Gabi have stopped appearing on Sesame Street as well. :(


6 months ago
Score 1
The fourth season is basically the unfunny and poorly written version of Camp Lazlo.


6 months ago
Score -2
I heard the show has been renewed for a fifth season.

I have no idea 2.0

5 months ago
Score 1
Let's hope they change their mind and cancel the fifth season.


2 months ago
Score 0
The Cash Grab For Disney Channel.


18 days ago
Score 0
I still love Bunk'd.

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