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Brickleberry is an American adult animated television sitcom that aired from September 25, 2012 to April 14, 2015.


The series follows a group of park rangers as they work through their daily lives in the fictional Brickleberry National Park near Hazlehurst in the Driftless Region of Illinois.

Bad Qualities

  1. It rip-offs Family Guy.
  2. Malloy and Woody are unlikable characters.
  3. There is nudity in almost every episode.
  4. Some episodes have stupid and messed up plots. For example, Malloy helps Woody pursue his former career on being a porn star to prove he’s still the best!
  5. It makes fun of crippled, disabled, gay, fat, and lesbian people.
  6. The characters are very clichéd:
    • Steve is your typical idiotic and incompetent protagonist.
    • Woody is your typical bossy protagonist that is sometimes the villain.
    • Ethel is the sexy one.
    • Connie is the strong but ugly lesbian.
    • Denzel is your typical “grandma dater” who is unlikable.
    • Malloy is the typical “jerk to everyone” and is very unlikable and crude.
  7. There are many Asian and African stereotypes.
  8. Most endings of each episode are cop-outs (especially "Global Warning").
  9. So many awful episodes, such as “Scared Straight”.
  10. Numerous unnecessary death scenes.
  11. It brought back the unfunny “God is black“ joke.
  12. One scene showed Steve EATING SEMEN.
  13. There are many disgusting and unfunny running gags.
    • Connie’s vagina makes a grumbling noise.
    • Malloy demeans everyone.
    • Denzel has sex with old people.
    • Steve acts like he's idiotic.
    • Ethel tries to be the hot one and acts like the best.
    • Woody throws tantrums.
  14. Signs of racism.
  15. Although Steve is likable, he has done many stupid things in many episodes, such as in "Squabbits", where he forced a squirrel and a rabbit have sex with each other to create what Woody could later call "the cutest animal".
  16. Firecracker Jim has no point in the show other than being friends with Bobby.
  17. There’s this one scene where Steve sees that Bobby RAPED Malloy.
  18. It promotes people to get drunk and do drugs. It also promotes people to have sex with everyone, which can be a problem.
  19. Immature and stupid humor.
  20. Denzel is nothing more than unlikable because he has sex with every old person, to the point he even MARRIED one.
  21. Speaking of disgusting, there’s this one scene where we see Connie’s breasts uncensored. As if that wasn’t enough, we see many characters take large dumps and the first thing we see in the first episode of the first season is animals having sex.
  22. It overuses beeping, especially in words that aren’t profane.
  23. Some of the jokes take it way too far.
  24. Even though the animation is good, it can sometimes be inconsistent on season 1.
  25. One of the episodes can inspire incest, as Woody had sex with his biological daughter.
  26. One episode contains a gross closeup showing the remains of Woody's past partner's groin. It repeats four times.
  27. Gory violence use for shock humor.

Good Qualities

  1. Steve is a likable character and is very kind and cares for others.
  2. The animation in the second and third seasons is good.
  3. Some episodes are decent like "Little Boy Malloy".
  4. Some funny moments here and there.
  5. The voice acting is very decent.
  6. The concept is actually creative.
  7. The intro sometimes changes, which is cool.
  8. Malloy can be sometimes funny, despite being unlikable.
  9. Woody is the perfect villain for this show, and isn’t executed like crap either.
  10. It does a good job being a satire to many famous people like Obama and Smokey the Bear.
  11. Above average character designs.
  12. The soundtrack is pretty good especially the theme song and end credits song.
  13. Dr. Kuzniak.
  14. Some episodes have fairly decent plots like the one where Ethel and Connie try to reproduce Malloy's species by making him mate with another bear.
  15. The Comic Book series is better than the actual show itself.


The show arrived to mixed reviews from critics.

Dylan P. Gadino of Laugh Spin called Brickleberry "fast-paced and hilarious."

Ray Rahman of Entertainment Weekly said the show "tends to rise above your average adult-animation fare."

Brickleberry raises the offensive comedy stakes so high that it leaves a viewer waiting in expectation for the next tasteless joke. Because the show can't sustain such jokes constantly, there's a lot of down time between the outrageous. During these valleys, Brickleberry grows dull. “” Rob Owen, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

However, some found the show more offensive than humorous. Dennis Perkins of The A.V. Club commented that "Brickleberry hails from the 'deliberately provocative' school of comedy, where obviously offensive things are tossed out for shock value and if you don't laugh, you're a tight-ass who doesn't get the other levels to the jokes." Ross Bonaime of Paste gave the show a 0.5 out 10, writing that "Brickleberry is poorly constructed, horribly executed and groan-worthy rather than funny in any way. It's a show that's actually painful to watch, because it keeps finding new depths of tasteless jokes without any punchline that are worse than the ones that preceded them."

Many reviewers compared the show unfavorably to Family Guy and South Park. Brian Lowry of Variety lamented the show's eagerness to offend:

Yes, South Park has long since established animation is a fine place to skewer sacred cows, but Brickleberry has nothing more on its mind than seeing how far it can push the boundaries of dick and handicapped jokes. As a consequence, the premise (a second-rate national park) is purely incidental.

IGN's Jesse Schedeen felt the show did not live up to Comedy Central's past animated efforts, deeming it "a slap to the face of that legacy [... In South Park], there's always an underlying sense of humanity to offset the humor. Brickleberry lacks that." The series creators acknowledged the influence, saying: "Family Guy and South Park paved the way for us."