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|Previous episode= Super Mario Taxi
|Previous episode= Super Mario Taxi
|Next episode= SMG4 Runs out of Memes
|Next episode= SMG4 Runs out of Memes
|Writer=Kevin Lerdwichagul|Director=Luke Lerdwichagul}}
'''Not to be confused with the [[Boys vs Girls (Teen Titans Go!)|Teen Titans Go!]] episode of the same name.
'''Not to be confused with the [[Boys vs Girls (Teen Titans Go!)|Teen Titans Go!]] episode of the same name.

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Boys vs Girls (SMG4 Bloopers)
SMG4 Boys vs Girls.jpg
This episode took it too far with how they portrayed the characters, that's for sure!
Series: SMG4
Part of Season: 9
Episode Number: 42
Air Date: November 16, 2019
Writer: Kevin Lerdwichagul
Director: Luke Lerdwichagul
Previous episode: Super Mario Taxi
Next episode: SMG4 Runs out of Memes

Not to be confused with the Teen Titans Go! episode of the same name.

Boys vs Girls is a video created by SMG4. A few days later, it has become infamous in recent memory, surpassing Mario joins the Circus, which was already considered to be the worst episode of the show.


The SMG4 Crew are at war... Who's side are you on?

Why It Sucks

  1. This episode is even more mean-spirited than the already worst episode, due to the fact that Meggy, Tari, and Saiko acted really mean and insufferable to the boys.
    • At this point in SMG4, this makes them severly out of character. Tari, while the least flanderized out of three girls (see WIS #2 & RQ #3), acted more mischievious and unlikeable than her normal sympathetic self.
    • As for Meggy and Saiko, although some may have criticized both for their flawed and unlikeable moments previously, this episode portrays both of them at arguably their worst, with little to no justification on their actions.
    • Axol is also out of character, who instead of being generous and sympathetic, is just as mischievious as Mario and Bowser. His character suffered from the same treatment with Tari in this episode, except worse depending on your point of view as he was willing to participate in the prank activities.
  2. On the subject of the main characters, it should be worth mentioning that Tari was pretty much forced into being unlikeable for the sake of the plot. What doesn't help is that some of her normal character (i.e. her being more anxious and against mischief and violence) is present, yet she is simultaneously made unlikeable for the sake of participating with the other girls. It doesn't work here!
  3. While the idea of a prank battle is acceptable (see RQ #6), the competition is made in a sexist and rather divisive way (hence the title "Boys vs. Girls"). In other words, the competition is centered around something very sensitive.
  4. The girls are incredibly hypocritical. They say that the boys do the worst of things, but nevermind the fact they have done much worse than them in previous episodes.
  5. It should also be worth mentioning that the boys weren't much better either, as they were being mischievious jerks to the girls for the sake of the plot. News flash, neither side was likeable enough to root for in the video!
  6. Shroomy for some reason disappears in the middle of the episode and comes back again towards the end with no explainable reason.
  7. On the subject of minor characters, Peach (who despite playing only a minor role at the very beginning) is also unlikeable, as she forced both the boys and girls to attend the camp (much to the dismay of characters such as Mario, Tari, Saiko and Bowser). In other words, she basically serves as a lame plot device for the plot to even take place.
  8. Saiko and Meggy NEVER apologized to the boys or received comeuppance for their actions!
  9. The scene with Axol getting assaulted by Carl Wheezer depending on your view is pretty disturbing.
  10. Most of the pranks in this episode are usually uncreative, boring and in girls' case it's very harmful and cruel.
  11. Much like The Idea Block and Mario Joins the Circus, the episode is so bad that it got a reception part in the SMG4 wiki.
  12. The infamous "you took it too far" hypocrisy. When the boys attempt to get back at the girls by having a bear attack Tari (who breaks down in tears afterwards), Meggy claims that the boys took things too far and that it's ultimately wrong on the boys' part. Neverminding the cruel and unfunny pranks the girls played on the boys.
  13. An awful ending where the boys have to earn the girl's forgiveness even though it was the girls' fault to begin with.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some funny scenes can be found such as Mario's quote: "Do you guys consider jacking off to be a sport?"
  2. Mario turned into his "Jotaro Kujo" form at one point, which was rather cool. This is actually the first time this happened in SMG4.
  3. Although Tari's character was rather out-of-character in comparison to her other appearances, one could argue that Tari was still in-line with her normal character in this episode. Mainly due to the fact that she more or less just acquiesced to being part of the other girls' schemes. If anything, she was hesistant to even participating at first.
  4. At least all of the characters went back to their original personalities after this episode.
  5. The first few minutes were okay as it feels like a typical SMG4 episode like when the characters are still likable.
  6. The concept of a prank battle is still a good concept, even though this video utilized it in a divisive and unfunny way. Two other SMG4 videos (see "Reception" below) have proven that this concept can be done well.


Despite having more likes than dislikes, the episode was panned by fans and was considered to be one of the worst episodes of SMG4's series. Fans criticized Meggy, Saiko and Tari for being extremely cruel to Axol, Mario and Bowser and how they almost got the boys killed by their numerous pranks and not get their comeuppance, nor apologized for their actions. The scene where the girls told the boys that they've gone too far proved to be quite infamous as many fans noted the girls hypocrisy since the girls were doing far worse to them and not caring what they are going to do with them in the first place. Additionally, some also criticized Axol to be out-of-character in this episode as well (although his character would later be flanderized and unlikeable in late season 10 and onwards, for a totally different reason).

In terms of video comparison, fans have contrasted this video to Mario VS. Sonic: PRANK BATTLE, a season 7 episode. Both involved Mario vs. another character (Sonic) for a petty reason, which to some could be seen as awkward and unfunny at times. However, the main difference is that the episode was not full of unwarranted mean-spirited torture on Mario and the episode did not end on such a sour and cruel note (i.e. the video ended with Mario and Sonic calling a truce and realizing the silliness of their rivalry).

Fans have also compared this video to SMG4: Food Wars (released in the next season, season 10), which also had its fair share of problems and similarities to this video. However, that video was better received since it did not have unwarranted sexism and at least attempted to have Mario and Meggy truce (even though the problem did also end off on a somewhat mean-spirited ending).


  • While this episode has never been part of a continuity (likely due to heavy criticism), this episode was briefly alluded to in a fourth-wall joke in SMG4: Food Wars (one of the SMG4 videos that did the "prank battle" concept better), where Mario called the food fight "Boys vs. Girls". This could possibly hint at the overwhelmingly infamous reception this video had, for how similar the plots were between both videos.
  • The "do you guys consider jacking off to be a sport?" joke in this episode was also briefly alluded to in SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special as well.



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Meggy: Do your worst
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Meggy and Saiko: You guys took it too far.
The boys: Hold on, this whole operation was your idea!

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