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Blog:We're Going to California? (The Crazy-Ass Group Show) (Fake Episode of Fake Show Collab)

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We're Going to California?
What a truly catastrophic trip!
Series: The Crazy-Ass Group Show:The Series, Television Presentation
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: 7
Air Date: November 5, 2021
Writer: Chloe Stone
Matt Pabian
Director: Adriel Garcia
Previous episode: POE-Tan's Lucky Charms!

We're Going to California? is the seventh episode of the third season of The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation and the sixty-second episode overall.


Everyone was packing up to go to California, but they take an airplane flight and they were fine until a lot of chaos happens.

Why It Sucks

  1. To get the cat out of the bag, this episode states that you can do whatever you want with no trouble at all, even if you end up causing drama.
  2. Most of the characters are either just unlikable or at their absolute worst, as they constantly do inappropriate and callous things, yet many of them (with the exception of POE-Tan and GH-Man) haven’t got in trouble for it (until the ending), with Felicia, Nicole Watterson, Ness, Alisa Bosconovitch, POE-Tan, GH-Man, Maddie, and the dancers of Black Mamba all being the worst offenders.
    • Speaking of Nicole, there is an infamous part where she tells most of the characters to "shut their f**king mouths", while she was ordering an Extra Large Buffalo Chicken Pizza with Cheese Stuffed Bread, during the scene where everyone arrived in California, which felt completely unnecessary and unneeded.
    • Maddie is now a dead disrespecter as she says that Wilbert Awdry deserved to die.
    • A pointless cameo of Chacarron working as a concessionaire is only there for meme-bait.
  3. Black Mamba P2 tortured a lot of innocent people for no reason at all. This is especially notable in a scene where she threw a man off a plane, and the scene where she gives a man a glass of water, but it’s later revealed to be bleach.
  4. Speaking of which, many of the characters' actions range from being really bad to FLAT-OUT malevolent and irredeemable, including the following:
    • Nicole slammed Fang's face on a plane window, causing his nose to bleed HARD.
    • Alisa Bosconovitch violently throwing a knife at Build a Babe and Nahuel, causing Build a Babe to scream "f*ck!" on the top of her lungs.
    • Baby Bonnie Hood killing a lot of people.
    • Black Mamba P3 choking a man to death just for hating fetish art.
    • This is another one of the multiple episodes that involve Black Mamba P1 getting shot dead by Baby Bonnie Hood.
    • Felicia twerking to "Loco" by Itzy in front of children. Luckily though, that scene only lasted for 10 seconds.
    • Ness throwing alcohol bottles in the plane, which caused one of them to shatter and cut Gui's eye, which ended up covering half of the plane in blood.
    • Paula Jones playing "Savage" by Aespa on extreme volume, causing everyone’s ears to ring, until she gets called out by Digit.
    • The Dancers of Flash Pose have a food fight with most of the characters on the plane.
    • Black Mamba P2 torturing and hurting a lot of innocent people for no reason at all, as already mentioned.
    • POE-Tan & GH-Man screaming in a very loud voice, causing everyone to be scared.
    • Maddie smashing an original Plarail Thomas to pieces with a sledgehammer.
    • Several scenes involving Mr. Kat and Loona whining for no reason whatsoever.
    • Mr. Kat trying to shoot Tails.
    • Maddie singing the Nazi German anthem.
  5. Most of the time, the dialogue/lines are written painfully beyond comprehension, such as the infamous "We gotta f*ck them all!" line from Alisa Bosconovitch, and even the controversial "Say "Grass" without the G and R, then you might get a surprise" from Nicole.
    • There is also a pointless scene where Mario says his infamous "You know what they say, all toasters toast toast" line during the scene where Mario finds a toaster in the kitchen while everyone arrived at California. Let alone that scene likely being done solely for meme-bait.
  6. The song in this episode, "Smash a Cunt", sung by Nicole Watterson, Alisa Bosconovitch, Larry the Cucumber, Maddie, and Ness, is so dreadful, it is even considered to be the worst song in the entire series. Most of the lyrics in the chorus are "Can't you smash a cunt?" repeated over and over again. The Only Redeeming Quality is the Production.
    • When Nicole sings her parts, her singing is very off-key, and every time she hits the high notes, her voice cracks, as it sounds more like screaming.
    • The second verse and most of the rapping is done by Ness, and he literally takes like 50% percent of the song, making it unfair for the others who wanted to have a solo part.
    • All of the lyrics in Alisa Bosconovitch's part is literally everything related to tobacco, smoking, and drugs.
    • All of the lyrics in Maddie's part make fun of the Thomas fandom, but it is entertaining nonetheless since she is right about how toxic the community is.
    • The saxophone done by Larry the Cucumber is very shockingly cringeworthy. Adding that it doesn't even fit with the pop-rap beat.
    • On top of that, Inez mocked the characters singing and rapping in one scene and said, "Your singing and rapping all look like you are dying inside".
  7. The infamous scene where Black Mamba P2 and Ness bomb India and then laugh at people dying. We don't need to say anything else!
    • There's a similar scene where Maddie bombs Sodor and laughs at people dying.
  8. It somehow received a sequel in season 4 in the form of "Another Trip to Texas?", which is no better.
    • Not to mention, the plot for that episode is the same, but with Texas instead of California.


Redeeming Qualities

  1. Tails, Bugs Bunny, Chirp, Peep, Quack, Cherry Cookie, Ling Xiaoyu, Si'Ha Nova, The Traveler, Ahri, Akali, Kai'Sa, Evelynn, Morrigan Aensland, Demitri Maximoff, Matt, Jackie, Inez, Digit, Blake, Fang, Build a Babe, Nahuel, Thomas, and Porky Pig are the likable characters here, as they ACTUALLY behave during the flight.
    • Speaking of Quack, he isn't flanderized like he usually is.
      • Same with Blake as he is nice to everyone for once.
  2. Not all of the lines written in this episode are bad. Some of them are actually clever and funny, such as when Nahuel says "You know what they say, there’s too much blood on the plane" during the knife scene and when Quack says "I think your "Extra Large Buffalo Chicken Pizza with Cheese Stuffed Bread" got burnt out."
  3. Larry the Cucumber's epic tuba solo, although pointless, it is better than his saxophone in "Smash a Cunt", and it’s a nice callback to where he comes from.
  4. In the ending, the characters actually get karma as they deserved.
    • POE-Tan & GH-Man got banned in California.
    • Thomas tells Maddie to never make fun of his creator ever again.
  5. The concept of this episode was fine, despite the terrible execution.



We're Going to California? was near-universally panned by critics and fans of the show, notably for its disturbing scenes for the sake of shock value, unlikable characters, dialogue, and meme-baiting. It is often considered to be one of the, if not, the worst episode in the show's history.

In addition, Adriel Garcia, the director of this episode, admitted that she wasn't happy with how it turned out and regretted making it.

On IMDb, it got a 3.1/10 rating, making it the lowest-rated episode in the series by viewers.


  • The episode got banned in India due to the aforementioned scene of Black Mamba P2 and Ness bombing India and both of them laughing while seeing people die.
  • Some scenes in this episode spawned internet memes:
    • The face that Nicole makes after seeing her "Extra Large Buffalo Chicken Pizza with cheese-stuffed bread" that she ordered burnt.
    • The scene where Maddie bombs Sodor became an internet meme in the Thomas fandom to make fun of how Mattel ruined the franchise.
    • The Arabic version of "Smash a Cunt".
  • The scene of Maddie disrespecting the death of Wilbert Awdry was cut from international airings as requested by Wilbert's son, Christopher Awdry.