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The Loona and Kat Show
If you thought this spinoff was gonna be better than the main show, you're very wrong.
Running Time: 20 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: September 17, 2021 - present
Network(s): HBO Max (US broadcast)
Adult Swim (US syndication)
Fox Showcase (Australia)
Sky Comedy (UK broadcast)
Channel 4 (UK syndication)
Netflix (International)
TV3 (Malaysia)
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Television Distribution (seasons 1-7, 9-present)
Disney–ABC Domestic Television (Season 8, syndication only)
Seasons: 13
Episodes: 426

The Loona and Kat Show is a spinoff of The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation.


Loona and Kat get their own show and spend time with the rest of the group when they are not fighting villains.

Why It Sucks

  1. Much like the main show itself, many of the plots are random, convoluted, and/or lack any originality whatsoever.
    • "Roman Coman" (despite being good) is a rip-off of Looney Tunes' 1968 Daffy/Speedy short "See Ya Later Gladiator", but with a slightly better plot and it's slightly more original.
    • "Loona's Hunting" is a rip-off of Looney Tunes' 1937 Porky Pig/Daffy Duck short "Porky's Duck Hunt".
  2. Most of the characters act way out of character compared to their traditional counterparts, although a few are still likable.
    • Loona became an extremely rude and whiny brat who continuously defends Mr. Kat every time he is called out, even going as far as to beat Fang to death.
    • Mr. Kat became a perverted stalker who has an unhealthy obsession with Loona, to the point where he constantly tries to hit on her. He is also extremely psychotic at times.
    • Daffy Duck while still likable, became slightly idiotic.
    • Nicole Watterson has become a fury volcano mother who mostly screams at random people every time they mess with her. She is also a punching bag, mainly with Blake and Maddie.
    • Felicia has become annoying and is overly talkative that won’t shut up about irrelevant junk such as Olivia Rodrigo, Disney World, San Antonio Spurs, The Pussycat Dolls, HBO Max, and California for no reason at all.
    • Ness became an annoying teenager who spams PK Fire for no reason whatsoever and he harasses people around easily. In season 4, he became a creep who is obsessed with Alisa to the point where he stalks her. He can also tend to be shouty at times
    • Alisa Bosconovitch became brain-dead and a pushover who constantly complains. In Season 4, she became obsessed with Ness as she defends him even if he did something wrong.
    • Quack, although likable in the first two seasons, is somewhat of a punching bag. Starting in Season 3, became more of a bragging moron.
    • Mr. Peabody became even worse than he was in the main show. Not only that but he blatantly killed Sherman in the episode "Sherman Dies 2".
    • Blake is now a French stereotype, despite being British, thankfully this was toned down later on.
    • Patrick Star is now as dumb as a bag of rocks and doesn't even know if he's destroying stuff.
    • Maddie is just as bad as she is in the main show. As she's still an evil psychopath, sociopath and Nazi who is a Thomas hater.
    • Lily, while still likable, is mostly portrayed as an idiot.
    • Peppa Pig is now a punching bag.
    • Mickey Mouse is portrayed simply as an idiot. Although this isn't that much of a problem, as he still has his likable personality.
    • Veruca Salt became an extremely rude and whiny brat who continuously defends Maddie every time she is called out, even going as far as to beat Zane to death.
    • Pop Cat is now a background character with no character development at all.
    • Polite Cat and Amity are now perverts.
    • Naruto and Paddington are Gary Stus and Mean Popular Boys.
    • The characters from U Got 45'd (Brazil, Japanese Empire, Poland, Mexico and Cuba), introduced in season 8, are only in this show for filler.
    • Ireland from Starch Brotherhood (Art's Animations), introduced in season 8, is just a stereotypical, weird and extremely drunk person who takes who often likes beer.
    • Fat Tony, introduced in season 10, became a misogynist mafia boss who abuses women.
  3. Many of the moments are either weird, disturbing, inappropriate, offensive and/or mean-spirited, such as:
    • Loona asking for 50 Big Macs, 100 hamburgers, 150 Chicken McNuggets, and large fries at McDonald's in "Feast of McDonald's". What's even worse is that she became flat-out demanding when the cashier asked her to order less.
    • Felicia dressing up as Nicole Scherzinger in "Roman Coman".
    • Ness spamming PK Fire on the Epic Games headquarters just because they are behind Fortnite in "EarthBound 66".
    • Nicole Watterson accidentally stubbed her paw, causing her to scream in an extremely high pitched voice, which made the window’s glass break in "Uh Oh, So Much Trouble".
    • Beast Boy destroying Mario's pizza tower in "Dead Pizza Guy".
    • Mr. Kat and Loona dress up as Phil Matibag and Jack Colero in "Loona's Nutshack".
    • The running gag of Quack calling Chirp a "dumb pig-licker" in "Chirp Needs Death!".
    • Patrick Star jumping off a cliff in "Uh Oh, So Much Trouble". How did he even survive that fall? He could have been killed!
    • Ness and Alisa Bosconovitch dressing up as Boyfriend and Girlfriend in "Saturday Morning Funkin'".
    • Patrick destroying Paintbrush's sculpture in "The Stupid Star".
    • Nicole Watterson yelling profanities while throwing snacks and soap bars at Gumball because she got fired from the Rainbow Factory in "Nicole Gets Fired from Her Job".
    • SpongeBob calling Squidward "penis-nose" in "Loona's Hunting".
    • Toon Link finding out about Eka's Portal because Black Mamba P3 told him to look it up in "Toon Link's Discovery".
    • Loona throwing a bag of maggots at Maddie in "100 Episodes of Hell".
    • Cyborg urinating on a dead body in "It Screams Loona and Kat!"
    • Ness making out with Alisa Bosconovitch in "The Crappy Love Game", which is pedophilia since Ness is 13 years old.
    • Loona and Kat bullying the Little Einsteins in "The Little Pigsties".
    • Horat destroying Loona and Kat's belongings in "What's a Horat?".
    • Fat Tony burning TWICE stans with a cigar in "Puck in Bristol".
  4. Some of the episodes have terrible morals. Yes, we get that there were made for the use of irony or sarcasm, but some people might take this the wrong way, here are some examples:
    • "Feast of McDonald's" teaches that demanding someone to get you something is okay.
  5. Blatant use of product placement.
  6. It is filled to the brim with bad to mediocre episodes, such as:
    • Loona's Hunting
    • Feast of McDonald's
    • You Have Zero Fans
    • Dead Pizza Guy
    • Loona's Nutshack
    • Uh Oh, So Much Trouble
    • The Stupid Star
    • Nicole Gets Fired from Her Job
    • Chirp Needs Death!
    • Felicia and The Pussycat Dolls' Concert
    • EarthBound 66
    • I'm Richer Than Your Dad
    • Sherman Dies 2
    • Toon Link's Discovery
    • Maddie The Retard
    • Saturday Morning Funkin'
    • Cheesecake Bonanza (one of the worst episodes of the show)
    • Alastor's Filler Shop
    • 100 Episodes of Hell
    • Maddie's Robbery
    • Mickey Mouse at Walmart
    • Veruca Meets Ganon
    • 21st Century Humor (another one of the worst episodes of the show)
    • It Screams Loona and Kat!
    • The Crappy Love Game
    • The Little Pigsties
    • Loona and Luna
    • Chaotic Madness
    • Loona's Birthday Mayhem
    • What's a Horat?
    • The Bullcrap Cheesecake
    • The Cats in Hats
    • Puck in Bristol
    • Majorcan Rhythm
    • Lottery Factory
    • Fenneko Isn't Funny!
    • I'm On The Lamb But I'm Ain't No Ram
    • Flying Cats in the Clubhouse?!"


Redeeming Qualities

  1. As usual, decent animation that captures the original style of the characters.
  2. Some characters are pretty likable or have improved from their portrayal in the main show, such as:
    • Peep
    • Quack (Season 1-2) (for the most part, despite being a punching bag)
      • Speaking of Quack (during Seasons 1-2), he isn't flanderized (for the most part) like he usually is in the main show.
    • Chirp
    • Porky Pig
    • Cherry Cookie
    • Bugs Bunny
    • Daffy Duck (for the most part)
    • Morrigan Aensland
    • Cool Cat (Looney Tunes)
    • Matt
    • Jackie
    • Inez
    • Digit
    • BlakeIsHere (despite his flanderization)
    • Mickey Mouse (despite his flanderization)
    • Lily May (despite their flanderization)
    • Octavia
    • Retsuko
    • Haida
    • Puck
    • Rebel Friend
    • Sometimes, even characters that are flanderized can be likable.
  3. There are some admittedly kind of funny, or good episodes, such as:
    • Roman Coman
    • Quack Goes The Weasel!
    • Mario's Spaghetti Tour
    • Wakko Surfs Away
    • Mickey Mouse’s Picnic
    • Kat's Big Heist
    • Loona for Hire
    • Tako Roux
    • Babs Goes Swimming
    • Ivory Statue
    • Rollerbladin' Ruckus
    • Loona and Kat's Dance Party
  4. It has a decent soundtrack.


Dialogue from the Show


Mr. Kat: Si Papi!


Loona: Can I have 50 Big Macs, 100 hamburgers with anything on them, 150 Chicken McNuggets, and large fries please?
Cashier: Can you order less please? Eating all that you ordered is not healthy.
Loona: Give me what I ordered you stupid bitch!
Quack: But, the cashier wanted you to order les-
Quack: If you eat everything that you ordered, you'll regret it later.
Fang: God damn it Loona, you're acting like a-
Loona: SHUT UP! *stabs Fang*
Quack: *facepalm* Ugh.. fine.. But the cashier is probably disappointed in you.
Loona: Finally!
Quack: Now, can you please shut-
Loona: *punches Quack* Come on Kat, I don't have time for this shit!

Mr. Kat: We get all the McDonald's for ourselves, Loonie! *chuckles*
Episode: Feast of McDonald's (Season 1, Episode 3)

Loona: Hey, piece of shit! I was talking to you!
Episode: Uh Oh, So Much Trouble (Season 2, Episode 7)

Loona: Go fuck yourself, Chirp!
Mr. Kat: Yeah!
Episode: Chirp Needs Death! (Season 3)

Mr. Peabody: Hey, Loona! I'm richer than your dad!
Mr. Peabody: I'm richer than your dad, bitch!
Episode: I'm Richer Than Your Dad (Season 4, Episode 6)

Black Mamba P3: Hey, Toon Link! You should check this website out! It's called Eka's Portal.
Toon Link: Okay! I'll do that! *goes to Eka's Portal* Oh my god! What the hell is all of that?!
Black Mamba P3: *laughs* I made you look up a fetish site!
Episode: Toon Link's Discovery (Season 4)

Loona: That is a lot of cheesecake...
Episode: Cheesecake Bonanza (Season 5)

Loona: Woohoo!
Episode: It Screams Loona and Kat! (Season 6)

Fenneko: Stop making fun of me, bitch!
Loona: Why? Your jokes are so fucking lame!
Episode: Fenneko Isn't Funny! (Season 7)

Lars Alexandersson: Hey Alisa, would you love me like you used to?
Alisa Bosconovitch: Sorry, but Ness is my new boyfriend, Which means that you got friend-zoned! Take That, Lars!
Ness: HELL YES! I'm with Alisa. Now, go find yourself a new girlfriend, or be single for the rest of your life!
Lars Alexandersson: I hate you so much for this! Why I'm I even in this fucking group? Alisa *walks out the clubhouse*
Alisa Bosconovitch: Good, that bitch walked out the clubhouse, now let's kiss!
Brian Griffin: Oh no, you know what's going to happen…
Episode: The Crappy Love Game (Season 8)

Leo: *pulls out a dildo* Hey! That's not my baton!
Loona: *laughs* He noticed! *shows Leo's baton to Kat* I stole it from him and replaced it with a dildo! *laughs*
Mr. Kat: *laughs*
Quincy: Do you know where it went?
Leo: No. All I remember is that someone stole my baton and replaced it with this dildo!
Episode: The Little Pigsties (Season 8)

Maddie: It doesn't feel nice..
Octavian: Because you ate takoyaki.
Episode: Tako Roux (Season 9)

Paintbrush: Hey, Stim- *screams* What the fuck is that thing?!
Stimpy: His name is Horat!
Bloo: What the fuck is a Horat?
Episode: What's a Horat? (Season 9)

Husk: Stop calling me the Cat in the Hat!
Episode: The Cats in Hats (Season 10)

Puck (Animal Crossing): Behave now!
Fat Tony: Suck my cannoli!
Episode: Puck in Bristol (Season 10)

Olivia Birchenough: Why are you drugged out?
Mr. Kat: *nasally* Oh, relax. It will be f- *collapses on the floor*
Episode: Majorcan Rhythm (Season 10)

Episode: Lottery Factory (Season 10)


  • This series is the first media overall that depicted Lily May as a transgender female, as opposed to a cisgender female previously.