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Blog:The Irish Disaster (The Crazy-Ass Group Show) (Fake Episode of Fake Show Collab)

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The Irish Disaster
This episode is truly a disaster!
Series: The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation
Part of Season: 9

The Irish Disaster is an episode of the ninth season of The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation.


Over the past few days, Isabela Madrigal announces a vacation to Cork, Ireland that everyone can go to, as the other members pack up for it. However, following drama over a mess on the plane, everybody starts condemning Dora the Explorer. Meanwhile, Ness, Alisa Bosconovitch, Lili De Rochefort, Baby Bonnie Hood, Loona, Kat, Blake, Rebel Friend and The Wattersons had to fend and care for themselves when they accidentally take the wrong flight, which ends up in Reykjavik, Iceland. Back home, Lilith Aensland, Amy Sorel, and Baby Shark are forced to clean up the entire clubhouse, as well as Ness and Alisa's mansion in Miami.

Why It Sucks

  1. To start off, this episode is infamous for being nothing but Dora The Explorer torture porn, as the other members torture her even when she did nothing wrong.
  2. The episode is also notorious for having way too many filler scenes and having one of the most disgusting moments of the show.
  3. The characters are at their absolute worst here, as all they do is torture Dora for nothing, even worse is that none of the characters (except Darkos, Jayfeen, Black Mamba P3, The Positions Dancers, and The Among Us Characters) get karma for their actions, with Isabela Madrigal herself, Darkos, Raya, Mei Lee, Veruca Salt, Jayfeen, Maka Albarn, Soul Evans, Wrath, The Positions Dancers, Shang Tsung, Ivy Valentine, The Black Mamba Dancers, The Among Us Characters, and Cassandra Alexandra all being the worst offenders.
    • Isabela Madrigal is really unlikable, as she encourages people to harass Dora for nothing, not only that, but when things don't get her way, she starts complaining, proving that she cries over the littlest things.
    • Darkos doxxed Dora on Discord, with Positions P3 and Veruca Salt doing the same thing but on Instagram and Snapchat respectively.
    • Jayfeen is a complete idiot, as he tortured Dora for no reason whatsoever, not only that but he also harassed other people, like attempting to throw Paula Jones-Polestar off the Daly's bridge in Cork (which thankfully failed), and giving Hsien-Ko some boba tea, but the boba is later revealed to be THC infused candy.
    • Raya wanted Dora to wear a playboy bunny suit and visit a strip club with her, even though she is about 7 years old.
    • The Infamous scene where Positions P4 sings a song about why Dora should get tickle tortured with her machine, with Positions P1, Positions P2, and Shang Tsung all nodding in agreement.
    • Speaking of Shang Tsung, all he wants is to make a feet video out of Dora as he sends it to Twitter, what's worse is that he wants to take Dora's shoes off just so he can take a picture of her feet.
    • Ivy Valentine is really cruel, as she wants Dora to believe everything that she sees on the news, even when it's fake, not only that, but she would hit anyone who isn't on her side.
    • Cassandra Alexandra is a whiny brat, as she would cry over the smallest things like she throwing a tantrum over Dora not leaking her nudes on social media.
    • Wrath called Dora a "R*tard" when she tried to call 911 while defending herself.
    • Mei Lee defended Isabela and Raya when they got called out. Not only that, but she also told Dora to "Get the fuck out of this country" when Dora tried to defend herself.
    • Black Mamba P3 is extremely at her worst here, as she leaked private information of Dora on Twitter, slapped Rosalina in the face when she told her to stop and even promoted porn out of kids shows. Which caused her to called out by Kid (Kid Cosmic), not only that, but it also caused her to get slapped in the face by Prince Poo.
    • Black Mamba P1 wanted Dora to gain more weight, by giving her too much McDonald's, while P2 wanted Dora to eat a spicy hot pepper and if she refuses, then she will threaten to rape Dora with a buzzy chainsaw.
    • The Among Us Characters wouldn't stop making jokes about Dora being a "Sussy Baka" which can get old and annoying real fast.
  4. The infamous scene where Isabela Madrigal leaked Dora's nudes on Discord needs no explanation.
  5. The "Lucky Clover" running gag is annoying and gets old really quickly.
  6. This episode is also notorious for having Irish stereotypes, such as the scene where Ivy Valentine states that "All Irish People are drunk".
  7. Even if the subplot of the other members of the group in Iceland is good, it also has its flaws as well.
    • Ness and Alisa act like wild animals when they realize that they are not in Ireland.
    • There is a filler scene where Nicole and Richard Watterson text on their phones.
    • Gumball complaining about the weather in Iceland.
    • The somewhat disturbing scene of people staring at Lili De Rochefort's butt while she was talking a walk in Reykjavik, while she was wearing her original outfit from Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection (as her usual outfit from Tekken 7 was getting washed by Anais). While it is not bad, it can be pretty uncomfortable for some.
    • There is another filler scene where Darwin orders pizza.
    • A 2 minute long scene of Baby Bonnie Hood trying to play online on her Nintendo Switch before finally working.
    • Blake & Rebel Friend making fun of Chuck E. Cheese 2.0, while funny, is only used for filler.
  8. The other subplot of Lilith Aensland, Amy Sorel, and Baby Shark cleaning up the entire clubhouse and Ness and Alisa's mansion in Miami is really boring and only serves as filler. It only involves Lilith, Amy, and Baby Shark cleaning up the mentioned places, and that's it. In fact, you could take out the entire other subplot and nothing would change.
  9. As usual, there are some pointless filler scenes that are only there to pad out the runtime.
    • Bomb masturbating to Agnes porn on the internet.
    • Mira and Selma shopping for K-pop and Anime Merch in Cork.
    • Alastor, Randy Marsh, and Felicia riding a tandem, with Bubbles in a basket.
    • Lucas (Mother 3) watching Disney+ on the vacation rental TV.
    • Mario and Luigi cancelling Peppa Pig on Twitter.
    • The San Antonio Spurs Coyote and Baby Bonnie Hood playing Mario Tennis Aces (via online play).
    • Female Robin (Fire Emblem) teaching Pit how to read while sitting at a bus stop in Cork.
    • Alastor and Randy Marsh dancing to Maple Leaf Rag, with Felicia recording it.
    • Maddie having a bar fight with the Starch Brotherhood.
    • All Engines Go! Thomas looking for Team Doki in Brazil.
    • Inkling Girl (Splatoon) and Ann Takamaki having a dildo fight.
    • Nina Williams, Pikachu, Ryu, Ken Masters, and Captain Falcon arguing over Monopoly. Fortunately the scene is only 1 minute long.
    • The Disney Princesses having a Pizza Fight with the Junior Eurovision Participants.
    • South Korea (Art's Animations) getting an iPhone 13.
  10. There is an unnecessary amount of inappropriate scenes in this episode.
    • The already mentioned scene of Isabela Madrigal leaking Dora's nudes on Discord.
    • Raya defending 13 Reasons Why.
    • Darkos attempting to sexually assault Dora, which led him to getting called out by Loona (on a phone call).
    • Ness screaming while taking a bath in the subplot (albeit off-screen). While the water is too cold, his painful screaming sounds like he is getting murdered.
    • Isabela recording Luz and Amity having sex and sending it to Dora via texting.
    • Pepee harassing locals over dictatorships.
    • Amy Sorel beating up Mario all because she wasn't allowed to go to Ireland.
    • The close up of Nina Williams' butt during the argument.
  11. There are a few plot holes here and there.
    • How can Isabela gain access to Dora's social media accounts?
    • How did Darkos leak Dora's IP address?
    • How can Nicole Watterson text on her phone if she's bad at using them?
    • How did Nina Williams, Pikachu, Ryu, Ken Masters, and Captain Falcon get into a argument?
  12. Aside from Darkos, Jayfeen, Black Mamba P3, The Positions Dancers, and The Among Us Characters, none of the characters get comeuppance for their actions making them all Karma Houdinis.
  13. The episode is just forgettable in general, as it is just torture porn for Dora the Explorer, even when she did nothing wrong.


Redeeming Qualities

  1. The Wattersons, Ness, Alisa Bosconovitch, Lili De Rochefort, Baby Bonnie Hood, Blake, Rebel Friend, Princess Zelda, Josie Rizal, Katarina Alves, Ling Xiaoyu, Talim, Jigglypuff, Morrigan Aensland, Coraline Jones, Paula Jones-Polestar, Prince Poo, Alice (Alice in Wonderland), the Japanese Empire, Peru (Starch Brotherhood), Rosalina, Ness' Mom, Tracy (EarthBound), Tony the Tiger, Mira, Rakel Colt, Selma (Snøfall), Lincoln Loud, Princess Mulan, Kid (Kid Cosmic), Hilda, Sara James, Si'Ha Nova, Rose (Street Fighter), Matt (Cyberchase), Marie Rose, Grøh, Little Mac, Kirby, Meta Knight, Odo, Claire Emmett, SpongeBob Squarepants, Cricket Green, Dolores Madrigal, Camilo Madrigal, Mickey Mouse, Tyler Nguyen-Baker, and Boun are likable characters, as they not only behave during the flight, but they were also not involved with the drama.
    • Dora the Explorer is sympathetic, due to Isabela Madrigal, Darkos, and many others in Ireland treating her like crap.
    • Alastor, Randy Marsh, Loona, Kat, Mario, Luigi, Kumatora, Ninten, Jeff Andonuts, Lucas (Mother 3), Female Robin (Fire Emblem), and Pit are also alright, despite their flanderizations.
    • Even some of the filler worthy characters, like Nina Williams, Pikachu, Ryu, Ken Masters, and Captain Falcon are also okay. Even though the argument scene made them a bit unlikable.
      • Speaking of Captain Falcon, he has his original personality and therefore isn't portrayed as a Pedophile.
    • Ness and Alisa are more tolerable here than usual.
    • This episode also introduces Rosie Mayfield, who is still her likable self. Not only that, but she tells Isabela and her allies to stop and that she felt sympathy for Dora.
  2. There are some funny one-liners that became Internet memes.
    • Where the fuck are we? this isn't Ireland! (Ness)
    • Ivy Stinks! (Marie Rose)
    • Noooooo! Lili! Why!? (Talim)
    • Welcome to the Ultimate Relaxation Sensation. (Matt)
    • Il Fait Trop Froid! (Lili)
    • Y'know what else I have a problem with along side Chuck E. Cheese 2.0? HOW THIS SHOW HAS BEEN FILLED WITH ART'S ANIMATIONS CHARACTERS RECENTLY! (Rebel Friend)
  3. At the end of the main plot, some of the unlikable characters finally get the karma they deserve.
    • Darkos, Positions P3, and Black Mamba P3 all get arrested for sexual harassment.
    • Positions P1 and P2 both get their iPhones taken away.
    • Positions P4 gets grounded for 3 months.
    • The Among Us characters and Jayfeen both get banned from visiting Ireland.
  4. The subplot of the aforementioned members in Iceland is good and arguably way better than the main plot.
    • In fact, the episode ends with Ness, Alisa, Lili, Loona, Kat, Baby Bonnie Hood, Blake, Rebel Friend, and The Wattersons looking at the beautiful Icelandic night sky outside their vacation rental.



  • The episode was banned in Ireland due to the stereotypes and disturbing scenes, especially the infamous aforementioned scene of Isabela leaking Dora's nudes on Discord. This scene also nearly got the show banned in Pakistan.
  • The scene where Isabela Madrigal leaks Dora's nudes on Discord was cut in international airings as requested by Dora's voice actor, Fátima Ptacek. It was replaced with a scene where Lucas (Mother 3) and Marie Rose take a walk around in The Blarney Castle & Gardens.
  • This is one of the few episodes where Alisa Bosconovitch is wearing her original Tekken 6 outfit instead of her usual Tekken 7 outfit.
  • This is also one of the few episodes where Ness' outfit is different. His shirt is red and white, his shorts are green, and he is wearing a white and red cap (which is one of his alts in Super Smash Bros.), as opposed to his usual blue-striped yellow shirt and blue shorts with a red and blue cap.
  • Some scenes spawned Internet memes.
    • Loona's face when she realized that she went on the wrong flight has been used as a reaction macro.
    • Dora's reaction when she saw Isabela Madrigal send Luz and Amity having sex to her.
    • The scene of Ness finding out that he ended up on the wrong flight became a popular Internet meme in the Mother/EarthBound community, especially the line, "Where the fuck are we? This isn't Ireland!".
  • The title is different in some countries.
    • ირლანდიის მოგზაურობა (Georgian) / The Irish Trip
    • Ireland
      • 愛爾蘭 (Cantonese)
      • Irlanda (Brazilian Portuguese)
      • Èirinn (Scottish Gaelic)
    • Katastrofāls Piedzīvojums Īrijā (Latvian) / Disastrous Adventure in Ireland
    • The Awful Trip to Ireland
      • الرحلة الفظيعة إلى أيرلندا (Arabic)
      • 可怕的爱尔兰之旅 (Chinese)
      • 可怕的愛爾蘭之旅 (Taiwanese Chinese)
      • De Vreselijke Reis naar Ierland (Dutch)
      • Chuyến đi đáng kinh ngạc đến Ireland (Vietnamese)
    • The Disaster in Cork
      • Fatkeqësia në Kork (Albanian)
      • Катастрофа в Корке (Russian)
    • The Irish Catastrophe
      • Իռլանդական աղետը (Armenian)
      • Irlannin Katastrofi (Finnish)
      • Die Irische Katastrophe (German)
      • Ирландиялық Aпат (Kazakh)
    • The Vacation to Ireland
      • Ваканцията в Ирландия (Bulgarian)
      • Odmor u Irskoj (Croatian)
      • Vacanta in Irlanda (Romanian)
      • Одмор у Ирску (Serbian)
    • Visiting Ireland
      • ביקור באירלנד (Hebrew)
      • بازدید از ایرلند (Persian)
      • Zwiedzanie Irlandii (Polish)


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