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Blog:The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation (Fake Show Collab)

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The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation
The Crazy-Ass Group Show print logo.png
It's crazy indeed, but not in a good way, perhaps it might be horribly crazy.
Genre: Comedy
Black comedy
Off-color humor
Slice of Life
Dramedy (Season 9B)
Running Time: 21-25 minutes
43-48 minutes (double-length episodes, Season 4)
126 minutes (S07E01)
Country: United States
Release Date: February 12, 2021 - present
Network(s): HBO Max (US broadcast)
Adult Swim (US syndication, 2022-present)
FOX (US, Poland, Spain, Turkey)
Comedy Central (US syndication, 2022-present)
Disney+ (US, Australia, NZ, Japan; S1-7)
Star+ (Latin America, Brazil)
Fox Showcase (Australia)
Sky Comedy (UK broadcast)
E4 (UK syndication, 2021-2)
Channel 4 (UK syndication, Feb 2022-Jun 2022)
E4 Extra (UK syndication, Jun 2022-present)
Netflix (International)
HBO & Télétoon (Canada)
SCTV & NET TV (Indonesia)
AT-X (and TV Tokyo by extension), WOWOW & all independent TV stations (Japan)
Astro Warna, TV3 & TV9 (Malaysia)
Warner Channel (Latin America, 2021-22)
2x2 (Russia; S1-5, 12-)
REN TV (Russia; S6-11)
IRIB TV1 & SorenVHS (Iran)
CCTV-1 (China)
TTV (Taiwan)
Created by: Ryan Corbeil
Casey Alexander
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Television Distribution (seasons 1-4, 8-present)
Disney–ABC Domestic Television (seasons 5-7, syndication only in seasons 6-7)
Starring: Charles Martinet
Owen Wilson
Samantha Kelly
Roger Craig Smith
Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Tress MacNeille
Sarah Natochenny (season 2-present)
Dave Mitchell
Erin Matthews (season 5-7)
Billy West
Frank Welker
Jason Marsden
Wally Wingert
Eric Bauza
Tara Strong (Season 1-the first Movie)
Maile Flanagan
Debi Derryberry
Jeff Garcia
Rob Paulsen
Jess Harnell
Tom Hanks
Seth MacFarlane
Neil Morrissey
Rob Rackstraw
Kate Harbour
David McCormack
Melanie Zanetti
Jim Cummings
Tom Kenny
Morgan Berry
G.K Bowes
Teresa Gallagher
Lacey Chabert
Eden Sher (Season 2-present)
Beyoncé (season 2-present)
Ariel Winter (Season 2-present)
Anna Akana (Season 2-present)
Lucas Blake Ashton (Season 2-10)
Tawnee Bunker (Season 2-10)
Quin Darwin (Season 2-10)
Joseph May (Season 2-present)
Amelie Bea Smith (Season 2-present)
Liam Ternlund (Season 2-present)
Cristina Vee (Season 5-present)
Diane Guerrero (Season 5-present)
Adassa (Season 5-present)
Rhenzy Feliz (Season 5-present)
Emma Berman (Season 5-present)
Rosalie Chiang (Season 5-present)
Hyein Park (Season 5-present)
Tristan Allerick Chen (Season 5-present)
Sarah Rhodin (Season 5-present)
Bibi Lenhoff (Season 5-present)
Ana Sani (Season 7-present)
Aaron Dismuke (Season 9-present)
Casey Mongillo (Season 9, Season 11 ("Wrath's Revenge" only))
Johnny Yong Bosch (Season 9-present)
Laura Bailey (Season 9-present)
Micah Solusod (Season 9-present)
Jenna Warren (Season 9-present)
Justin Briner (Season 9-present)
Bryce Papenbrook (Season 10-present)
Chris Patton (Season 10-present)
Juliet Simmons (Season 10-present)
Meg Ryan (Season 11-Present)
Seasons: 13
Episodes: 416

"How can a frickin' streaming service stoop this low by having a show that represents everything wrong with television? Curse you, AT&T!"
Tom Holland
"The Crazy-Ass Group Show... is an INDEED crazy crossover cartoon that feels like Drawn Together meets Teen Titans Go! on crack."
"This has to be the worst adult animated series of all time! Hell, Modern Family Guy and Mr. Pickles are more enjoyable than this shit!"
"Look, I'm not trying to be an egomaniac here, and I know dark and edgy is all the rage these days, but come the hell on! When your series that calls Thomas The Tank Engine an "Evil Amtrak Train" and has crazy-ass ambitions to rival Bowser Junior Almost Goes to Sleep Forever!/Bowser Junior Almost Dies! makes John Wick, The Boys, Invincible, the DC Extended Universe, and the most hyperviolent and melodramatic of CW shows look like frickin' Spidey and His Amazing Friends, by comparison, you might want to step back just a teeeeeeeeeeeny tiny bit."
"I can’t even believe Adult Swim and HBO Max would actually agree to air this crap! This makes Modern Family Guy look like Citizen Kane by comparison. Definitely would not recommend this one."
"This show is a hot mess. It makes The Red Ape Family look like the magnum opus of animation!"
"Quick question: Since we finally got the Titanic-slash-The Godfather of bad animation, can we at least give Shrek the Third and Surf's Up 2: Wavemania a long-deserved apology? I mean, it's not that f(dolphin chip)cking hard."
Schaffrillas Productions
"This is what happens when your show tries way too hard to be the next South Park, but instead feels like if it was written by edgy teenagers who don't know whatever the hell they're doing."
Just Stop
"The Crazy-Ass Group Show is by far my least favorite adult animated series, hands down. Maybe it will start to improve later on, but for now, I doubt that it's ever going to happen."
LS Mark

The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation (or simply just The Crazy-Ass Group Show) is a French-American-Canadian adult animated black comedy television series created by Ryan Corbeil and Casey Alexander. The series officially premiered on HBO Max on February 12, 2021 and made its linear premiere on Adult Swim on September 5, 2021.


In the present day, a big group called The Crazy-Ass Group, filled with many people in it, roams around the city of San Los AngelAntonioyorkytro, Oregon to protect people from ruthless villains and prevent any tom-foolery happening while doing random things during their spare time.

Why It's Crazy Indeed, But Not In a Good Way

  1. Many of the episode ideas are either random, convoluted, or/and lack any originality whatsoever. "The Conker Stays in The Picture" is one example. "The Gambull and Dawrin Adventure Hour" is another one (despite being good), and even "The Fat Red Circle". In fact, this show acts way too similar to other shows such as Teen Titans Go! (which is already bad enough), Drawn Together, Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?, Family Guy, The Simpsons, The Brady Bunch, and even Team Fortress 2: Meet The Team.
  2. The title sequence is a bunch of characters doing random things such as dabbing, flossing (which is already somewhat an outdated trend), twerking, and doing all sorts of ridiculous dances. Hell, even the "Delivery Dance" too, which somewhat comes off as very weird. Not to mention it rips off the 2005 intro to Channel 5's children's block, Milkshake of all things!.
  3. Quantity over quality: The show has just premiered last year in 2021, and there's already over four hundred episodes so far, along with eight spinoffs, and two movies, which only adds to the annoyance of it. It's as if this show hasn't become one of the cash cows of the networks that air this show.
    • There are even times when the show tries to release more than one episode a day. Because of this, some of the episodes feel rushed (which would explain a lot).
  4. Just about everybody (as in the characters of this show) acts out of character compared to their traditional counterparts even though a few are still likable. Here’s a huge list of examples:
    • Mario is mainly portrayed as a stereotypical Italian stereotype, as he's often obsessed with pasta and pizza like his brother, Luigi, despite being more likable than others.
    • Speaking of Luigi, he became an immature, annoying and clumsy idiot who doesn't think twice before doing something. He’s also obsessed with spaghetti and even would bash on Americans who are not from Brooklyn.
    • Wario is an edgy and nasty slob who manipulates and blackmails people to do disgusting things for him like trying to fart loud in the clubhouse in one scene from an episode.
    • Waluigi, like Luigi, became an even more annoying idiot than before, treats tacos as if they were a religion, and mostly acts like a Mexican stereotype despite being Italian.
    • Yoshi, while still likable, starting in Season 5, is now a punching bag.
    • Princess Peach, while still a nice character, is an overly naïve princess who keeps falling for other people's (mostly Roger's) tricks like scams, and sometimes she can't defend herself.
    • Toad, while likable, is practically nothing more than the show's punching bag. He isn't treated as badly as Yoshi, though.
    • Bowser is very annoying and perverted to the point where he’s no longer taken seriously as an antagonist. He even admits to wanting to sleep with Mario and Peach (and everyone else), most likely without consent.
    • Princess Daisy is now an annoying and moronic princess who has constant fights with people and wouldn't stop messing with others, not only that but she can tend to be a major pervert sometimes.
    • Sonic is portrayed as a rad rowdy hedgehog who fights too much with Mario and keeps on saying that his company, Sega, is a lot better than Nintendo. He's still a somewhat tolerable character compared to Amy and Knuckles, though. He significantly improved in Season 12 however, mainly due to not only getting his original personality back but also becoming a huge foil to Ash Ketchum (hence why he was ranked #1 in the fandom's "Season 12's Character Portrayals" list).
    • Amy became a hippie and a sulky jerk who is madly obsessed with Sonic that she refuses to help others but him and acts way too modern and trendy.
    • Knuckles is even more short-tempered and mean-spirited than his original incarnation, as he also constantly tells people in the group he doesn't like to shut up and even goes as far as making people cry on purpose and break the law.
    • Eggman is no longer an entertaining and intelligent villain but instead an old drunk with anger issues. He's also a major butt-monkey. However, he is a much better antagonist than Bowser.
    • Ness became an annoying teenager that spams PK Fire for no reason whatsoever. Not to mention that he is involved in multiple inappropriate activities despite only being 13 years old. Him being involved in such things at a low age makes this pedophilic. In Season 1, he acted like a Russian stereotype who is obsessed with Vodka despite never being confirmed to be Russian. Luckily, in Season 5, he stopped being a Russian stereotype. Also, for some reason, he has an unhealthy relationship with Alisa Bosconovitch. He also has a strong sexual desire in Season 5-present. In fact, his recurring gag is literally him getting drunk.
    • Paula Jones-Polestar is portrayed as a toxic Aespa fan who condemns people that don't like the South Korean girl group. She is also obsessed with blasting random k-pop songs on the speakers seen during the Season 5-present.
    • Jeff Andonuts, for some reason, now hates India and is disrespectful towards Hindus. He even threatens to kill Motu and Patlu just because the show they came from is made in India.
    • Prince Poo, while a tolerable character, is mostly portrayed as a smart Asian stereotype who always gets an A+ on his tests.
    • Pokey Minch became a "fuckboy" that wants to touch any ladies' private areas, wants to sleep around with the perverted characters, and has a disturbing addiction to pornography. He is also too profane, always dropping a couple of F-bombs within a sentence. He even teams up with Captain Falcon (who is from the F-Zero game series).
    • Felicia became a toxic Olivia Rodrigo and Pussycat Dolls stan who has constant fights with people and is overly talkative that won't shut up about irrelevant junk for no reason at all. Somehow, in Season 11, she became a target for feet jokes, mainly with Donovan Baine.
    • Hsien-Ko is now the dumb one that has the IQ of a roach, she also has an unhealthy obsession with hacking Roblox accounts as well as vandalizing many pages on Wikipedia. She is also a vegan that believes in Fox News despite their controversies.
    • Nicole Watterson became a constantly enraged woman that mostly screams at random characters every time they cause trouble, make a mess, get bad grades, prank her or do anything else that she hates. She is also obsessed with the South Korean girl group Dreamcatcher as well as going to malls, watching Korean dramas, going to a nightclub and ordering pizza. Not to mention that she also slaps her own rear end daily. In Season 2 & 3, she was overused, and in Season 4, she started turning into a punching bag mainly with Blake and Maddie.
      • Speaking of Season 2, she became way overused to which she was the character who got the most screen-time in Season 2 aside from Roger.
    • Richard Watterson, while likable, mostly listens to ABBA nonstop (his favorite is Dancing Queen). He also keeps on saying that there is something wrong with his wife, but at least he does more good than bad unlike Nicole such as when he donated charity to families that relocated to Houston in "Saving Lifes", which was heartwarming. In Season 4, he turned more unlikable as Buttons P2 forced him to cheat on Nicole just for her. However in Season 7, he improved once again, but it depends on the writer.
    • Gumball Watterson, despite retaining his original personality, can be perverted at times.
    • Darwin Watterson treats Italy like it's some kind of religion, and that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.
    • Anais Watterson became a Generation Z stereotype who likes to do cringeworthy TikTok trends, in rare cases, she is also a punching bag.
    • Alisa Bosconovitch became a drug addict who is obsessed with drinking and driving at the same time as well as selling certain illegal things. In the movie, her Flanderization was dialed up to eleven, as she not only became more of a drug addict but she is also homophobic and if somebody criticizes her, she will threaten to kill anyone with her chainsaw appendages. Oh god!. For some reason, in Season 5, she became obsessed with Ness and she defends him even if he did something bad.
    • All dancers of Black Mamba (Extreme Version), who are introduced at the end of Season 2, don’t act anything like their original incarnations (Please note that it’s not clear if any Just Dance character has a personality, but it’s said here that they have personalities in the show).
      • P1 is mostly portrayed as an idiot who just wants to visit Texas and has a fat fetish. She is also treated as a butt monkey. In multiple episodes, she gets killed by a random character (usually by Baby Bonnie Hood) much like the Kenny McCormick death gag from South Park.
      • P2 became a Karma Houdini who tortures people and gets off scot-free all the time. For instance, in "The Ultimate Randomfest!", she paralyzed Fang and didn’t get in trouble for it.
      • P3 for some reason is now a weirdo who has an obsession with looking at fetish art on DeviantArt and other websites (mostly blueberry inflation fetishes) and she would condemn people who hate fetish art. She is also overused in Season 4.
    • Build a Babe, introduced in Season 3, and despite being tolerable, is only treated as a punching bag much like Toad and Fang.
    • Baby Bonnie Hood, despite still being an evil psychopath like she was in the games and remaining her original personality, mostly just kills random people for no reason at all.
    • Motu does nothing here other than to be for comedy.
    • Patlu is like Motu, but he has a very bad temper comparable to Shizuo Heiwaijima from Durarara, and he gets really angry when the other members joke about his mother.
    • Toon Link, introduced in Season 2, is mostly portrayed as a stereotype of a "9-year-old boy". He also mostly gets his Roblox account hacked by Hsien-Ko.
    • Pit, much like Hsien-Ko, is the dumb one that believes in lies. He also falls for scams such as the "Free Robux!" scams or the "Win a Free Trip" type scams.
      • In fact, in literally almost every episode that he appears in, there will be a recurring gag where he never learned how to read, though to be fair, this is a reference to a line where he falls during chapter 17.
    • Palutena is mostly portrayed as a "mean girl" stereotype. In "Beauty Doesn’t Lie", she said that you need to be beautiful and even told Nicole Watterson that she would need to reach that requirement to visit a nightclub which sends out the wrong message.
    • The Numberblocks (One, Two, Three, Four, Five) became one-dimensional and existed just to be filler characters.
      • One became a stereotypical generic bully who for some reason, blasts lasers at others and has no reason to cause trouble to everyone.
      • Two, despite being the most tolerable out of them all, is a punching bag just because he wears GLASSES.
      • Three (arguably the worst out of all of the flanderized Numberblocks), believe it or not, became a poorly written comic-relief character who does nothing other than crack jokes. The jokes are overused and generic too.
      • Four can be considered a reskin of Tom's Owner from Gene Deitch, as he abuses his pet, Squarey, even going as far as to kill him.
      • Five, for some reason, likes to blast random music out of nowhere. What’s worse is that her actions were basically for nothing, and no one did something bad to her, so they didn't deserve it.
    • Ren Höek is portrayed as a ruthless jerk who constantly tricks Stimpy into doing bad things and pins the blame on others for his wrongdoings rather than simply just learning from them.
    • Jon Arbuckle became more of a bumbling fool than he was in Garfield and Friends, though less than that show's successor as he doesn't pin his faults on Garfield and Odie too much. But still, he just doesn't think twice before doing something and seems stuck in his dream world, such as car-speeding in the middle of the street thinking he's playing a game of Grand Theft Auto, and smashing a fire hydrant which got him arrested.
    • Dannan O'Mallard is just a generic "know-it-all" goody-two-shoed character and a stubborn jerk.
    • Bucky Katt is portrayed as a grump who lacks any sense of humor and almost barely smiles.
    • Sheen Estevez, who is just as bad as his Planet Sheen incarnation, acts rather like an annoying, aggravating, and unfunny comic relief without any interesting personality.
    • Grimmy the Dog, although being likable, is portrayed as a childish idiot who treats Ralph poorly and often annoys Attila on occasions.
    • Speaking of Attila the Cat herself, while she’s also being likable, she can behave pretty snooty and haughty towards Grimmy.
    • Ralph, while also somewhat likable, became an even more dumb and slow-minded slacker who treats modern technology like it's some type of religion and constantly says things to get himself into trouble.
    • Quack The Duck became a more narcissistic bragging character who almost can't go one episode without talking about ducks and will condemn people who aren't one, especially Chirp to where he's one of the most unlikable and annoying characters in the entire series next to Sheen. He was also at his absolute worst in "The Awful Gold Rush". Thankfully, he improved in Season 4. In the movie, however, he started to become more unlikeable.
    • Chirp, while likable, is often portrayed as a snobbish and sulky bird even though this can be justified since Quack is the one being rude to her, but still.
    • Patrick Star is portrayed as an immature moron who's as dumb as a bag of rocks, and only has the purpose of telling too many corny and unfunny jokes in the series.
    • Squidward is even more of a grumpy and mean-spirited wing nut than he was in the series he came from, making him very unlikable.
    • Goat is portrayed as an outright crazy control freak who takes things way too seriously and would snap whenever things don't go his way or when people don't pay attention to him.
    • Roger Smith is more of a sociopath, who is more sadistic, murderous, and irredeemable than he was in Seasons 8-11 of "American Dad!".
      • He also gets more screentime in Season 2 to where he becomes an overused character like Randy Marsh in Season 23 of South Park.
    • Fang The Sniper, while likable for the most part, is another punching bag like Toad. He even got beaten up by Jon Arbuckle in one episode.
    • Mighty acts like Knuckles, but also goes as far as to throw Ray out of a window in "The Fat Red Circle", which caused him to get arrested.
    • Mr. Kat became a perverted stalker who has a very unhealthy obsession with Loona who he constantly tries to hit on. It doesn't help that he also assisted Beast Boy with harassing some attractive young women on the beach in "The Fat Red Circle".
    • Loona is even more rude and short-tempered than she was in "Helluva Boss". Not to mention she’s completely oblivious to the fact that Kat constantly tries to hit on her and continuously defends him when people say he's a stalker. She also acts extremely whiny at times.
    • Pororo, while he mostly reverts back to his likable personality, still scornfully taunts people.
    • Crong is now more of an obnoxious moron than his original incarnation and even the bad three seasons of Pororo the Little Penguin.
    • Loopy's Flanderization has been taken up to eleven in this show, becoming even more of a hot-headed sociopath who always gets into fights with people and even threatens to cook them on her stove for a small setback or mistake. Jesus!
    • Harry retains his Flanderization from Season 4-6 of Pororo the Little Penguin and his singing still sucks and could possibly be worse than Justin Bieber's (at least during the early-2010s).
    • Tony the Tiger is portrayed as a childish bumbling idiot a la SuperMarioLogan, although this isn't a technically bad Flanderization as he still has his likable moments.
    • Male Robin and Female Robin from the Fire Emblem series are just horny for everything.
    • Ash is a complete jerkass and a drug dealer.
    • Pacster from PMtGA is somehow worse than he was before, as he now promotes illegal activities. Also, due to executive meddling, he sounded like Lincoln Loud in the 1st season. He was then voiced by Sarah Natochenny when Ash was introduced, which actually sounded closer to what he sounded like PMtGA until they properly got Erin Matthews into the show around Season 5 to voice him until his unexplained disappearance in Season 7.
    • The Among Us characters do absolutely nothing here other than to make lame Among Us jokes, presumably telling that they are only used as comic relief characters. They also only speak in Amazon Polly/Oddcast text-to-speech voices, which seems to be pretty much a lazy way of doing voices. Luckily, they don't appear in many episodes and they are given real voice actors in the movie.
    • Captain Falcon is now, we kid you not, a pedophile that stalks children (mostly Anais and Ness). He is also obsessed with grabbing onto women’s (mostly Nicole’s) private areas like the groin (where the vagina is located). He even teams up with Pokey Minch as mentioned before.
    • Mickey Mouse is portrayed simply as an idiot. Although this isn’t that much of a problem as he still has his likable personality.
    • Bob the Builder is now overly strict to the machines for no reason at all, often resorting to anger whenever they are not focusing on the job to the point where it feels like he acts too harsh on them. He got even worse in Season 2, in which his strictness is exaggerated to where he goes as far as to yell at the machines.
    • Wendy also suffers the same Flanderization that Bob does, however, her Flanderization is not quite as severe as Bob's and is still likable for the most part.
    • The Can-Do Crew are no better either as all of them are all completely stupid and they never focus on getting the building job done. Each of them even has their distinctive Flanderizations above that one too:
      • Scoop is more arrogant and more of a show-off to an extent where he has a massive ego and never shuts up about how "he is better than everyone else".
      • Muck is now reduced into a fanboy of toilet humor and acts way more piggish. Whilst he did have an obsession over getting muddy in the original series, here, he has an obsession with dumping garbage over him.
      • Dizzy now seems to be a stereotype of people with ADHD, as her excitement is always exaggerated to the point where she never calms down.
      • Roley is now maddeningly obsessed with 70s rock music and is a toxic fanboy of Queen, often forcing Bob to buy different albums made by the band.
      • Lofty now seems to be more bipolar than he used to be. At times, he can be an overly happy person who thinks that life is great and that nothing can go wrong, but then other times, he can be really depressed and even contemplates suicide at points.
    • Isabelle from Animal Crossing is portrayed as the exact opposite of how she normally is portrayed in the games. She is now an annoying person who nags everyone all the time for no reason whatsoever and is constantly rude and arrogant to everyone.
    • Pikachu is now a psychopath who shoots electricity at anyone for no reason at all. He is also rarely used, and only appeared in the first season, although he did return starting in "Sweet Home Trip To Alabama!".
    • Thomas the Tank Engine, while still having his old personality, is now a butt-monkey being constantly abused mainly by Maddie.
    • Team Doki has been flanderized too.
      • Doki became a mean popular boy and a Gary Stu.
      • Fico is portrayed as a person that is so stupid that we can't tell if he has a brain.
      • Gabi became a huge Mary Sue.
      • Anabella is a party animal.
      • Oto is so sadistic towards Mundi that makes Chris McLean from Total Drama look like a nice guy.
      • Mundi became a butt-monkey and she died at least 10 times.
    • The Heeler family from Bluey have all turned into clones of the Pig family from Peppa Pig:
      • Bluey became a Karma Houdini, a Mary Sue, and a huge spoiled brat who is incredibly rude to her family and friends. Hell, she's even worse compared to Peppa Pig's original counterpart.
      • Bingo, despite still being likable, has turned into a crybaby who obsesses over teddy bears and she always gets picked on by Bluey in every episode.
      • Bandit is just a generic punching bag who is Bluey's chew toy since he gets tormented and bullied by her to the point where it feels extremely unsatisfying and it makes the viewer feel sorry for him.
      • Chilly is just a bland mother stereotype with no personality whatsoever, she also never punishes Bluey for being rude to others aside from telling her not to do it.
    • Jayfeen is arguably the worst character of the entire series. He is a shameless ripoff of Jeffy, however even worse. He cares nothing for anyone else, never apologizes or owns up to his mistakes, and often tries to kill everyone just so that he doesn’t get grounded. He also needlessly says the c-word just because he thinks he's cool. For the longest time unlike Jeffy, he had no likable moments and/or qualities, but he thankfully had his smart moments at times, particularly in Season 12.
    • Meggy from SM64 is now a cowardly little girl, much like Tails in Sonic Forces. Also, the Sunset Paradise version of Meggy is considered her evil doppelganger in this show and has a certain rivalry with Yoshi. It doesn't help that her theme is the Horni Jail theme, which, ironically enough, is used in Yoshi's Cookie.
    • Huggy Wuggy became a monopathic character who can only be happy. Additionally, he shows his teeth which is gross as according to Hal from Angry Birds, and the latter character also said that he never cleaned his teeth since he first ate something.
    • The dancers of Flash Pose, introduced in Season 3, like the other flanderized Just Dance 2022 coaches, don’t act anything like how they used to act in Just Dance 2022. (Read the note in the 21st bullet in WIS#3 if you seem confused.)
      • P1 is short-tempered, and gets angry over the simplest of things as they even torture certain characters, most commonly Blake.
      • P2 is a crybaby that watches Elsagate videos as well as throws a temper tantrum over small things.
      • P3 is a British stereotype that is obsessed with tea and crumpets, watches BBC, and is very polite. She even talks in a stereotypical British accent.
    • Luz is now a gay stereotype that has sex with Amity, and... Yeah, that's pretty much her only gag, even with her saying “harder daddy” for no reason whatsoever. She even had an orgy with Sadie Miller, Charlie Morningstar, and Amity once.
      • Amity is the same as Luz.
      • Eda is now a prostitute.
      • King is now a mass murderer.
      • Willow changed her last name to Smith for no reason other than to be "hip with the youngins" and is now a toxic fangirl of Eminem, even recreating his song Stan with Erin of the Erin show.
      • Gus is known as a token black character that acts like Black Yoshi from SuperMarioLogan.
    • Kirby, despite still being likable and cute, is now a glutton who likes to eat literally everything that he sees and likes to tell several jokes related to such. He is also a punching bag in extremely rare cases.
    • King Dedede is now a lazy bum who just wants to sleep and bothers others because of this.
    • Hello Kitty is nothing more than a happy-go-lucky Mary Sue who never has to suffer through any problems whatsoever, is always bragging about how her life is better than everyone else's, and can be somewhat rude to her friends and family at some points.
    • Gui appears to be stupider than usual, but at least he DOES have some likable moments including the time he tried to stop the group from committing crimes in "The Fat Red Circle".
    • Estopa is probably even dumber than Patrick, SO dumb in fact, that nobody even wants to be near him.
    • Croquete is REALLY whiny, especially in "And The Loser Is...". She appears to be even whinier in "Gender Neutral Potato".
    • Classic Tails mostly is profane despite being pretty young.
    • Loser became an idiotic friend who tries to eat his best friend, Cake, and is destructive as well. Though he greatly improved in Season 5.
    • Peter Griffin is now idiotic to the point where he has zero bit of common sense. He is so dumb that he could be comparable to Patrick Star, though he does have his occasional smart moments.
    • Lois Griffin's Flanderization has been dialed up to eleven to the point of becoming an angry kaiju in "Batshit Alastor".
    • Meg Griffin is now completely unsympathetic and is just a horrible human being, arguably even worse than Peter Griffin in modern Family Guy. She now acts even more depressed than she usually is and often has psychotic thoughts and wishes that she could kill her family.
    • Beast Boy became even more perverted and obnoxious than he was in "Teen Titans Go!". Not to mention that he’s more prone to doing disgusting acts. It doesn't help that he harassed some young women on the beach with the help of Kat in "The Fat Red Circle".
    • Blake, Lily, and Maddie, introduced in Season 2, act completely different than they usually do:
      • Blake in Season 2 & 3 is a racist who has a huge hatred for Americans. Although he was redeemed in Season 4, in the movie, however, his personality was ruined becoming a nostalgia-t*rd who blames everyone born in 2009 and later for the Elsagate generation. Although this depends on the writer as he is likable in a few episodes. After season 7, he became likable again for good, he also is aware of the show's problems and flaws, although he constantly says the H-word.
      • Lily, while tolerable, is portrayed as an idiot.
      • Maddie is one of the worst characters in the series and is a psychopath who likes causing trouble, harassing others, and starting drama.
    • The dancers of Buttons, introduced in Season 4, don’t act anything like how they used to act.
      • P2 became a bossy girl that has an unhealthy obsession with Richard. She even made Richard cheat on Nicole for her in "Maddie And The Evil Amtrak Train", how rude!
      • P1 is now a pervert that mostly wants 99% percent of the group to perform oral sex on her.
      • P3, despite being the most tolerable of the dancers, is very shy and overall doesn't hang around much. However, she has several good qualities.
    • Caillou, introduced in Season 2, became even more unlikable than he was, as he is a troublemaker who likes to cause trouble, not only that, but he also causes a lot of pointless drama in the group. In rare cases, he is also a punching bag, usually with Baby Bonnie Hood and Felicia.
    • Elmyra became an even more dumb and annoying girl than she was in Tiny Toon Adventures and has a creepy obsession with Furball out of any other animal in the world.
    • Speaking of Furball, while he’s still cute, became a huge punching bag like Fang, Build a Babe, Caillou and Toad.
    • Katie Ka-Boom's personality was dialed up to eleven in this show, becoming an even more threatening, callous, and destructive psychopath than she was in Animaniacs in which her Flanderization is on-par with Nicole's.
    • Shirley The Loon is just a typical Gen Z teenage girl whose sole purpose is to be hip and trendy while doing cringeworthingly stupid Tik-Tok trends.
    • Sweetie Bird, while not being as bad as Elmyra, constantly harasses Furball typically for no justifiable reason.
    • Cigarettes the Cat still retains his likable personality, but he's also another punching bag.
    • Dirty Dog's already aggressive character has been dialed up higher in this show, where he gratuitously abuses and treats Cigarettes and Bugs Pussy like absolute trash and completely has a big ego to where he doesn't even care about the conflicts happening in the group and even outside it. Not even Ren is THIS bad!
    • Peppa Pig, introduced in season 2, is now a huge punching bag like Fang, Build a Babe, Kirby, Caillou, Furball, Toad, and Yoshi, also mainly with Maddie.
    • Sprinkle is a sadist who is obsessed with abusing Nicole.
    • Pencil and Match became mean popular girls who bully Wild Woody because Pencil said he ripped off her. Ironically enough, Wild Woody was introduced in 1995, while Pencil and Match were introduced in 2010 (Though Match was created in 2008 and Pencil probably in the same year).
    • Golf Ball became a mean bully to Tennis Ball and she even enslaved him for no reason other than for the sake of having someone to work for her.
    • Starfire is portrayed as an annoying moron. It doesn't help that she rarely shuts up about Paintbrush's gender in "Gender Neutral Potato".
    • Mr. Peabody became a knife-wielding maniac who doesn't even CARE about Sherman's safety or anyone else's for that matter.
      • In fact, in the episode "Sherman Dies", he once tried to KILL Sherman. We aren't joking. Sherman survives in the end, fortunately.
    • Bloo is portrayed as a pervert who is obsessed with looking at breasts, watching porn, and having sex.
      • It doesn't help that his rivalry with Kat is unexplained in the episode "Foster's Home for Dirty Partners", other than that they constantly fight over random pictures of women's breasts.
    • Alastor, introduced in the movie, is now a maniac who is obsessed with filler.
      • What doesn't help is that he is sometimes shoehorned into scenes for no reason, sometimes to the point where he hogs the spotlight from the other characters.
    • Mega Man, introduced in the movie, while still likable, is constantly tortured by Blake and his sisters.
    • Boyfriend from FNF, introduced in Season 4, likes to scream in loud noises with his so-called "beep voice". Even his friends hate this.
    • Dave & Bambi from the FNF mod of the same name are now huge punching bags like Fang, Build a Babe, Two from Numberblocks, Kirby, and many others, mainly with Blake.
    • Dagget Beaver is now a very lazy beaver who refuses to help and makes racist comments toward everyone.
    • Norbert Beaver became a Gary Stu.
    • Jin Kazama, while still likable, commonly gets tormented by the other members of the group.
    • Kazuya is now a generic edgelord that is barely happy and listens to rock, metal, and rap music.
    • Anna Williams is just here for panty shots and fan service at its finest.
    • Lili De Rochefort, introduced in the movie, became a female version of Perfect Peter from Horrid Henry, also she can tend to be perverted and weird sometimes.
    • Julia Chang, introduced in the movie, for some reason, now has autism, although she was never confirmed to be autistic in Tekken. While the idea isn’t bad, the problem is that the themes of her autism are not explored very well. Making it a pointless addition to her personality.
    • Zafina, introduced in the movie, is portrayed as an arrogant girl that makes inappropriate and racist comments toward Nicole Watterson and sings Cupcakke remixes of other songs. She also has a hatred for Disney because she thinks that Princess Jasmine rip-offed her even though Aladdin came out in 1992 while Tekken 6 (the game that Zafina originated from) came out in 2007.
    • Lucky Chloe is portrayed as an annoying jerk that always won’t shut up about everything that she likes and she will lash out at anyone who tells her to stop. She also has a running gag where she interrupts some scenes of the show with her dialogue. Although not as bad as Alastor and Marinette, she was also overused in Season 5.
    • Eliza from Tekken became an Amber Heard defender. What else is there to say?
    • Asuka Kazama is now a stereotype of a modern teenage girl that tries too hard to be hip and trendy by making cringeworthy Tiktok dances.
    • Miguel Caballero Rojo isn't an angry Spaniard who wanted revenge against Jin after he killed his sister, but rather a generic butt-monkey who gets forced by people to do stuff for them.
    • Marshall Law is now a femboy who is obsessed with Disney Princesses and would also crossdress.
    • Leo Kliesen is now obsessed with causing drama for some reason and would often get into a fight. They are also obsessed with Maroon color.
    • Marinette is flanderized as a girl that loves putting animals inside clothing, she's also highly overused in season 5, appearing in nearly every episode.
    • Baldi, introduced in the movie, is a rude teacher that wants the characters to do math all the time and if they fail math then he will hit one of the characters with a ruler.
    • Pocoyo is only here for filler as he just stands there doing nothing at all, not even a single word. He stopped being used in Season 8 although he returned in "The Expendabros" with a major role. Still, by then he gained a reputation among the show's haters for supposedly being the only "normal one".
    • Yuki Yoshida, introduced in the movie, became a heartless jerk and a suck-up bum who always makes people cry.
    • Donkey Ollie is just here for clout.
    • Gelatin, introduced in Season 3, is arguably one of the worst, if not, the worst characters in the show. He likes to hurt others by throwing forks at them (mainly at their eyes) for no reason. Fortunately, he becomes tolerable in Season 4 onwards.
    • The Narrator, introduced in season 3, is extremely annoying and always states the obvious. It doesn't help that he's also voiced by John Sparkes, the voice of the narrator from Peppa Pig. He rarely appears, however, and was removed by the end of Season 8.
    • Fan became a jerk to Matilda (from Angry Birds) and always tries to kill her to get her egg, due to him losing his egg. Simply because he lost his egg does not mean it's the end of the world, why would he do that?
    • The Angry Birds, introduced in Season 4, aren't safe from Flanderization either.
      • Terence from Angry Birds became a glutton who loves eating food for no reason other than for the sake of becoming overweight. He even crushed Yellow Face when he ate one of his fries.
      • Chuck from Angry Birds became like the Hare from "The Tortoise and the Hare" who likes to pick on others by running faster than them.
      • Bubbles already had an unhealthy diet in his home series, but in this series, his unhealthy diet is cranked up to 100. He drinks cola, eats junk food, killed off Wii Fit Trainer in Season 3 when she tried to teach him to eat healthily, and at the end of Season 4B even jumped into a volcano of BEER, which caused him to get drunk for 10 episodes before finally returning to normal in the first episode of season 5.
      • Bomb became a generic idler with no personality other than stealing stuff from others, especially ice cream. He also went as far as to commit CHILD ABUSE CRIMES over such food.
      • Red became like the Angry German Kid (aka Leopold Slikk) because he always gets angry whenever he loses anything, which can also make him a bad sportsmanship too.
      • Matilda became a punching bag to Fan.
      • The Blues became cowardly crybabies that overreact over small things.
      • Ice Bird became a whiny brat who once even attempted SUICIDE in the Season 4 finale simply because he could not find the pair of shoes he wanted.
    • Angry Kid, is now a THOUSAND TIMES more annoying and mean-spirited than how he was in the original show. It's to the point where he's only in the movie just to heckle or annoy everybody.
    • Coiny and Firey, for some reason, despite being enemies in the original show, became friends... and no, not in a good way. They even went as far as to literally get MARRIED, which is very creepy and weird.
    • Raya has become an arrogant Mary Sue who never has to suffer any problems whatsoever and can tend to be rude to everyone sometimes.
    • Sisu became a bad comic relief character whose jokes mostly consist of fetishes and cringy Instagram humor.
    • Isabela Madrigal has turned into a selfish entitled princess who hates getting her clothes painted.
    • The Minions are only in here for comedy.
    • Gio Compario is only used for pointless subplots, some of which take up more time than the main story itself.
    • Zane always dies in the show.
    • Bufo from Wolfoo is just here to reference memes.
    • Naruto and Paddington are now stepbrothers for some reason, who are obsessed with women and fight over them.
    • Pop Cat is now a Grammar Nazi who has a very unhealthy obsession with Polite Cat. To the point of stalking her.
    • Doge, while still likable, is obsessed over Grand Theft Auto and eating Takis. He also has a crush on Polite Cat, which is weird, considering that he's a dog and she's a cat.
    • Polite Cat is now a whiny spoiled brat. She's no better than Amity!
    • Amity is just like Polite Cat, except way worse.
    • Mei Lee has been flanderized to a girl who is obsessed with twerking, getting her butt tickled, and cursing. She also loves sex and will want to have sex with anything that moves.
    • Mira from Mirakel, introduced in Season 5, is now a Koreaboo who is obsessed with k-pop, Korean Dramas, and Tteokbokki despite being Swedish.
    • Veruca Salt became an extremely rude and whiny brat who continuously defends Maddie every time she is called out, even going as far as to beat Zane to death.
    • Abby Park has turned into a berserk girl who is hard to get a hold of.
    • Bocchi Hitori became a short-tempered girl who hates furries.
    • Alice from Alice in Wonderland (1951), introduced in the movie, while still likable, can tend to be a coward sometimes, especially in Seasons 9 and 10.
    • The Disney Princesses, introduced between Seasons 5-8, are also butchered beyond relief. They were also overused in Seasons 7-9.
      • Snow White is now a boring dingus with no personality and also the show's main target for sugar rush jokes. She is also crazily obsessed with East German army and German socialist music and often begs for her friends to purchase songs from both categories (specifically from deceased singer Ernst Busch).
        • Her only gag is that she would eat any apple that she sees, which causes her to go through sugar rush-esque hyper trips, especially in filler scenes where she is apple-bobbing.
      • Cinderella, introduced in Season 7, became a boring loon with almost no personality who is also obsessed with her blue pedicure, her lipstick, her glass slippers, fashion, and taking feet pics of herself. She also became a punching bag with Mr. Kat. Thankfully though she stopped being a punching bag halfway through the season, and gained her original personality back in Season 8.
        • What doesn’t help is half of her screen time in Season 7A is just other characters staring at her glass slippers, complete with the visibility of her nails. Speaking of her Glass Slippers, her only gag is that she loses them in nearly every episode she's in and unknowingly becomes barefoot after that, although this would be toned down in Season 10.
      • Aurora became a stereotypical complete know-it-all Mary Sue who thinks she is better than anyone, and would often complain about anything that didn't meet her high standards, as well as having an obsession with getting manicures and the color pink. She's often considered to be an unlikable and jealous jerk whose jokes mostly consist of overdone and dated Instagram humor.
      • Ariel is becoming an example of toxic positivity, a stereotypical bossy teenage girl who groans every time she is told to do something that she doesn't like, a terrible best friend to Jasmine, and for some reason treats Denmark as some kind of religion despite being a native Greek speaker, which is really strange and out-of-character of her.
      • Belle retains her Flanderization from her third film, where she is an extremely insecure and over-sensitive crybaby who blames herself for everything that happens in front of her. She also became another bipolar stereotype who is either too happy or a crybaby, as well as a clumsy idiot who doesn't think twice before doing something.
      • Jasmine became a self-absorbed, pretentious, egotistical, and an overbearing ultra-feminist SJW who tells lies to get male members of the group to either simp for her, have sex with her, or in rare cases, getting raped by her, and would also bash on anyone who is not from Iraq, with the lattermost essentially making her a political soapbox for Arab nationalism.
        • She is also shown to be a toxic supporter for incumbent Syrian president, Bashar Al-Assad, and would fight with anyone who criticizes him in the slightest, proving even more that she is a political soapbox.
      • Pocahontas suffered the worst flanderization out of all the Disney Princesses, where she became a really arrogant, incredibly selfish, very manipulative, and an extremely argumentative jerk who doesn't care about anyone but herself, she also causes misery to many of the people around her and rarely feels caring towards her friends, especially Snow White, who she has shown a great deal of disrespect towards her and even "pranks" her via attempted poisoning on several occasions.
      • Mulan, while still a great character with occasional plot relevancy, has been slowly devolving into a comic-relief character since Season 9. Though at this point, she is often referred by the show's haters as the "role model".
      • Tiana is now a stereotype to hip and combative African American women. She also became a moronic comic relief who is obsessed with "being the goat" and "being a material gworl", meaning she is just there not only for the sake of comedy but also for cheap laughs and to appeal to the latest generation of internet memes.
      • Rapunzel, introduced in Season 7, while still likable, became nothing but a tomboy and/or teenage girl stereotype who is obsessed with fashion and also posting her feet pics on Instagram. Like Cinderella, she also became a punching bag with Mr. Kat. Thankfully though she stopped being a punching bag halfway through the season, and gained her original personality back in Season 8.
        • What doesn’t help is she and Cinderella are overused in Season 7, though not as bad as Alastor and Randy. Her only gag is people staring at her feet in every episode in Season 7 due to her being a barefooter. This would thankfully stop in Season 8 when she gained purple flat shoes as part of her redesign.
      • Merida, introduced in Season 5, has become a short-tempered, immature, and sociopathic Scottish girl, who acts like she has control over her friends and is now a political soapbox for Scottish separatism. Basically, she is the show's new Nicole. Though she would become a lot more tolerable starting in Season 8.
      • Moana, introduced in Season 6, has become a short-tempered and psychotic girl who has a hatred for Italy just because they changed her movie's name to Oceania and her name into Vaiana, as well as having an addiction to TikTok where she would often post random dance videos on the site. Although she significantly improved in Season 9.
    • Judy Hopps has become a prostitute.
    • Nick Wilde is a perverted fox who wants to grope the butts of other people (Especially Judy's butt).
    • Hiro Hamada has become an anime trap that's obsessed with sex and would often crossdress. He's also an Internet troll.
    • During the later episodes, they introduce two new characters to the show (Jon Jon and Tommy) from different shows, and both of them are very unlikeable.
      • Jon Jon lost his charm from the RDCWorld1 videos as he now acts like a complete jerk and always tries to fight anybody and always brags about him beating up a Pitbull which destroys the importance of his character.
      • Tommy is very annoying and even worse in the SML videos, and he always acts like a nuisance 24/7 and his voice will get on your very last nerves. And the worst part is that he never shuts up.
    • Randy Marsh, introduced in Season 5, is now a psychopath who constantly gets upset when he doesn't get "enough screen time". He would also become a creator's pet, along with Alastor.
    • Yumeko Jabami, introduced in Season 5, is now a toxic Happy Tree Friends fangirl. She brags about HTF every single time.
    • Molly McGee is now an SJW who supports Political correctness and condemns everyone who disagrees with her.
    • Scratch (The Ghost and Molly McGee) is now a generic so-called "unhappy" ghost who rarely smiles.
    • The characters from U Got 45'd are only in this show for filler, they also became overused in Season 6 and 7, although they had stopped being used since Season 9.
      • Brazil became more of a pervert than he was. He is also really, really obsessed with raping, looking at the Japanese Empire's nudity on the internet, and loves having sex with too many minors, despite being a 17-years-old.
      • The Japanese Empire/Empire of Japan is now addicted to people touching her breast and sending nude photos of her, despite her being a 17-years-old.
      • Nationalist China has no personality and is the most filler character of the U Got 45'd crew.
      • South Africa is now a stereotypical ball, who has a strange crush on Nationalist China when she hates him and says racist slurs more.
      • Kingdom of Greece became more annoying than she was in the series and she is just a copy of Pinkie Pie.
      • Poland is still a Gray-Stu.
      • Mexico remains her British stereotypical personality who became a huge drama queen.
      • Like Poland, Cuba is still a Mary Sue.
      • Yugoslavia now likes to make TikTok compilations just for views and he hates anyone who doesn't like TikTok.
      • British Raj and Nepal, introduced in season 8, are extremely obsessed with fighting each other and start way too many battles.
      • The Philippines, introduced in season 8, is now a raping fangirl.
    • Delgado is now a Gary Stu who throws a tantrum over little things.
    • Daisy is nowadays just too much of a hyperactive Mary Sue who only appears just for filler scenes with Polite Cat. She also will kill anyone who even thinks about Delgado.
    • Dolly from 101 Dalmatian Street is now an antagonistic jerk who barely appears in episodes (despite getting a fair amount of screen time.)
    • Dylan from 101 Dalmatian Street is now a party pooper with a major identity crisis who only cares about demolishing fun with a mallet.
    • Michael Jika (a.k.a. ThatGuyOnTwitter) is now obsessed with Discovery Cube and the U Got 45'd franchise to the point where he won't stop talking about them. He also hates Marinette, Alastor, and Lucky Chloe just because they are overused.
    • The Dancers of Positions from Just Dance 2022 unlimited, introduced in Season 5, became Flanderized.
      • P1 (aka The Water) became a racist Japanese stereotype who eats sushi, watches anime (mostly hentais), reads manga, and is obsessed with cosplays.
      • P2 (aka The Fire) became a very short-tempered girl who gets angry all the time over small things. In "Batshit Alastor" she got incensed just because she didn’t see a moon in the Sky to the point where she became a monster.
      • P3 (aka The Earth) is now a whiny brat who throws tantrums over tiny things. Not only that but her crying can be irritating to listen to. She can also tend to be very egotistical and spoiled at times.
      • P4 (aka The Air) became a creep who wants to get tickle tortured by anyone, and encourages people to do such. She is also obsessed with The Fairly OddParents.
        • What doesn't help is that she is commonly used whenever there is a joke related to tickle torture.
    • Follow the White Rabbit from Just Dance 2022 Unlimited, introduced in Season 5, became a crazy moron.
    • Kelly from K-12 is now an annoying self-titled princess who likes listening to 60's music, getting naked at the pool, and pole dancing.
    • The Buc-ee's beaver is now a short-tempered beaver who has a hatred against The UK.
    • The San Antonio Spurs Coyote was reduced to a fanboy stereotype.
    • Lucas from Mother 3, introduced in Season 3 as a minor character, and as a supporting character in Season 6, is now a whiny brat who watches Toy Surprise Videos on YouTube most of the time.
    • Kumatora is a crazy party animal.
    • The Starch Brotherhood, introduced in Season 6, are now hypocritical Gary-Stus who are always obsessed with potatoes.
      • Belarus became an unlikeable leader of the brotherhood, as he always like to tell unfunny or even offensive jokes.
      • Ireland became more of an alcoholic person than he was in his original counterpart, before leaving the group in Season 9.
      • Starting from Season 8, he does way too many references to dead memes and is obsessed with Discord.
      • Latvia is now hypocritical, very obnoxious, and very addicted to potatoes to the point where he wants to marry it.
    • Dora the Explorer, introduced in Season 6, is now a punching bag like Fang, Build a Babe, Two from Numberblocks, Kirby, Caillou, Furball, Thomas, Toad, Peppa Pig, Dave, and Bambi, mainly with Ness and Alisa.
    • Flora from Winx Club, introduced in Season 6, is now a rude egotistical fairy who is obsessed with going to Las Vegas, listening to 2000s music (her personal favorites are Nickelback and Ashlee Simpson), watching Burlesque shows, and gambling. She also hates Alastor, Randy Marsh, Ness, and Alisa Bosconovitch just because she thinks "they're noisy and annoying".
    • Sunny Bridges became an immature man who is obsessed with throwing stuff and going to Chick-Fil-A as well as doing more stupider stuff.
    • Little Audrey from Harvey Girls Forever is now a whiny egotist who constantly complains over the simplest things and when things don’t get their way, she throws a tantrum.
    • A few characters from Animal Jam, introduced in Season 6, are poorly written and mediocre.
    • Darkos from Arthur and the Invisibles trilogy, introduced in Season 6, is now a pedophilic, alcoholic, and a complete Jerk towards Loona. In "Damn it, Randy!", there was a mention that he tried to sexually assault three children.
    • Fenneko from Aggretsuko, introduced in Season 7, is extremely obsessed with TikTok and likes to insult people on social media.
    • Not even some of the Soulcalibur characters are safe from getting flanderized.
      • Siegfried Schtauffen looks so mixed, as he can't decide if he wants to be a serious character or a comic relief who makes jokes about cinnamon rolls.
      • Heishiro Mitsurugi, in a similar fashion to Patrick Star, became a dumbass who is as dumb as a bag of rocks as he doesn't know how to spell correctly and what 2+2 is. In the episode Platinum Instruments, he said that knives count as instruments when they are not.
      • Nightmare became a heartless jerk who likes to make children cry on purpose, even when they did nothing at all. He is also obsessed with raping people for the sake of it.
      • Sophitia is now a lazy brat who can’t even do a single thing without someone’s help, refuses to clean up, and would scream whenever she sees a cockroach.
      • Voldo basically does nothing other than to provide fetish filler, not only that, but he somehow speaks in this show, despite not having any spoken dialogue in any title in the series.
      • Taki, while still likable, tries to sympathize with the viewer due to how bad she's treated but then becomes somewhat of a dramatic coward.
      • Seong Mi-Na became a crazy woman-child who yells random things whenever she gets called out by a member of the group. She is also obsessed with Squishmallows.
      • Ivy Valentine is now an obnoxious SJW who has online arguments with people most of the time about how she’s "right" and she would rage at anyone who disagrees with her.
      • Kilik is now a Diary of a Wimpy Kid fan, for some reason.
      • Cassandra Alexandra is now a, get ready, a porn star who encourages people to leak her nudes on social media and such things, not only that, but she also has a habit of erotically moaning all the time, which can get extremely annoying at times. Not even Black Mamba P3 is this bad!
      • Chai Xianghua is now a bad generation Z girl who likes to record TikToks of her dancing to whatever song is currently popular and uploading pictures of her on social media. Not only that, but the concept of Soulcalibur characters having a TikTok is nonsensical because of anachronism.
      • Hwang Sung Kyung became a creepy and perverted man who likes to hang around women most of the time and always goes to a strip club on a daily basis.
      • Talim is now a sassy teenager who gets on her iPhone most of the time, listens to 2020s pop music, and likes to verbally roast people. She is also Lili De Rochefort's best friend. Starting in Season 9, she has a really bad habit of bullying 13-year-olds on Zepeto.
      • Cervantes de León became a toxic MAGA supporter.
      • Zasalamel became a man-child who does childish things all the time and also doing more stupid stuff, to where he acts like Cyborg from Teen Titans Go! (But a little worse).
      • Setsuka became a toxic Red Velvet stan who has constant fights with other people on music-related treads on Twitter and Reddit most of the time.
      • Hildegard von Krone is mostly profane. As profane as Kenny McCormick from South Park.
      • Patroklos Alexander's personality was dialed up to 11, as he became even more whiny, spoiled, and rude than he was originally.
      • Amy Sorel, introduced in Season 9, became a very rude and whiny brat who is Lilith's slave, as she is obsessed with abusing Ness and Alisa in every way possible, and she defends Lilith Aensland even if she did something wrong, to the point where she has a very bad habit of repeating inappropriate slurs from Lilith. When things don't get her way, she starts throwing a tantrum like a child.
    • The Fruit Winders gang (Blabber, Sorbabe, and Booster) introduced in Season 7, are nothing but sadists who are obsessed with Murdering other fruits and turning them into confectionery. Not only that, but they are also rude and Arrogant towards most of the group members.
    • Zoki Poki, introduced in Season 7, while tolerable, is now obsessed with destroying stuff, as well as visiting IKEA, and playing video games.
    • Vi became a one-note disrespectful diva with all of her personality traits set back to square one.
    • P.I.X.A.L. is now a psychopathic murderer who caused most of the deaths in season 7.
    • Sam Snow and Kit Casey from The Creature Cases, introduced in Season 7, are only used for filler. They are also obsessed with swearing and watching Yugoslavia's TikToks.
    • Several Mortal Kombat characters have their fair share of character derailment, even though they don't get much screen time.
      • Scorpion became a jerkass "badass" who spurts out dark humor thinking it's funny and goes around injuring and killing people on the double.
      • Sub-Zero can't decide if he wants to be serious and a dissident or be whimsical and make ice-puns, he ends up sucking at both.
      • Johnny Cage is now a manipulative sociopath who gets people to do what he wants because he's a celebrity, he also uses his nut-punch move way too often.
      • Kano now gets himself into arguments over the pettiest of reasons, such as the toilet seat being wet, and would try even to RAPE those who aren't on his side.
      • Liu Kang went from being the Shaolin champion to being a racist Chinese stereotype who speaks bad English in an exaggerated accent, eats cat and dog meat, and makes the annoying Bruce Lee wanna-be noises from the first Mortal Kombat game.
      • Sonya tries to be a woke character who'll snap at people for not knowing about stuff like Tertiary Attraction, but constantly misgender non-binary characters like Paintbrush, making Sonya a massive hypocrite.
      • Reptile now acts like how he does in Djclyve's "Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Reptile", being obsessed with pot and saying obnoxious gibberish.
      • Jax is portrayed as a Neutrality Sue, meaning he's the kind of person to rescue an injured mother from a burning house one second and beat up her kids the next, with no contradiction to character, this means that he's prone to backstabbing characters, and boy he sure is.
      • Kitana, while still likable, became a masochist who tries to turn on the viewer, but comes off as fetish retardant, especially with the kiss of death move.
      • Mileena, in a similar fashion to Bingo Heeler, is now an overly sensitive womanchild who gets picked on by Scorpion, who she has a crush on, her teddy bear obsession is Flanderization based on mission 20 of the MK9 Challenge Tower, titled I Hate Teddies.
      • Jade became your average self-centered alpha bitch who thinks that everything bad that happens to her is unjustified.
      • Emerald, a rumored MKII character, became the polar opposite of Jade, as she is very nice and open to criticism.
        • A character like this would normally be considered good, but due to the racist undertones, she is not.
      • Ermac, or at least a whitewashed version of him, became a strawman for people who fake Dissociative Identity Disorder, mainly mocking those who are made of entirely LGBTQ alters or those who want to get DID on purpose just for the aesthetic, the latter being more justified to be mocked, but still.
      • Cyrax, Sektor, and Smoke became rip-offs of the Transformers that do more harm than good, and the fact they can transform between human and cyborg form contradicts Mortal Kombat lore.
      • Sheeva has also become fetish retardant, albeit to a worse degree, and what's even worse is that she'll get extremely pissed whenever people are turned on by her, yet she acts seducing on purpose, this has been confirmed by the producers to be making fun of rape victims.
      • Sindel became a toxic Trump supporter, need I say more?
      • Chameleon and Khameleon's personalities are now composed of anime cliches, such as acting "kawaii", fighting generic samurais, and, here comes the squick, having tentacle sex on-screen.
      • Shang Tsung became a sexist womanizer who wants to seduce all the ladies and steal their soles (as in feet) instead of their souls, meaning he has a severe foot fetish.
      • Raiden, Baraka, Kabal, and Stryker are basically like their DashieXP counterparts if you took away what made them likable in the series.
      • Goro now lies about being disabled (even though he's way beyond capable of working) and even acts disabled by throwing temper tantrums and chewing on stim toys to receive money from the welfare system, he even murders disability fraud investigators in a gory fashion.
      • Kintaro now has a nonsensical mean-spirited rivalry with Tony the Tiger, he plans to end Tony's life and replace his role as the mascot of the Frosted Flakes cereal.
      • Shao Kahn's self-centeredness has gotten so drastic that it takes away his good traits and even gets to the point where it's downright sorrowful.
      • Pantherk, a Mortal Kombat Project character, popularized by Vinesauce, does nothing but shout his name and throw punches at random people.
    • Doomslayer from Doom, introduced in season 7 went from a hero to a villain, he slaughters people just because he feels like it, swears in every sentence he speaks, and sometimes threatens to brutally rape people and flash seizure-inducing colors at the screen, in a similar fashion to Terry Wads.
    • Corvus from Heretic went from being a competent fighter to a wimpy geek who begs people to play Dungeons & Dragons with him, getting angry whenever things don't go his way while playing, and often ends up rage-quitting and running away crying.
    • Maulotaur became a mediocre douchbag who makes sex jokes about "mauling" people's parents in bed and accusing people of racism, just because it's funny to him.
    • D'Sparil now acts like a cheesier version of Emperor Zurg who is mean-spirited (literally) towards Corvus and only Corvus.
    • The three playable Hexen characters and their evil counterparts have been radically changed.
      • Baratus became a biphobic homosexual who thinks bisexuality is an act of desperately wanting to "get it on" and that bis need to pick a side.
      • Parias became a homophobic bisexual who thinks MLM relationships are only okay if they continue the bloodline by reproducing with women.
      • Daedolon became an overall queerphobe who uses Leviticus 18:22 as an excuse for his repulsive behavior.
      • Zedek is now a poorly-written large ham who takes mundane activities really seriously and shouts even more if told to quiet down.
      • Traductus, while likable, now has a really bad habit of lying about the bible for whatever reason, such as making up bible verses or misinterpreting them.
      • Menelkir is now a mockery of polytheists, as he believes in multiple religions that contradict each other, such as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, etc.
    • Crusader, Paladin, Necromancer, and Assassin from Hexen II all became a barbershop quartet who sing unpleasantly, they'll even sing songs that wouldn't make sense being sung by quartets, such as "Shake by IShowSpeed", and frankly, the concept of Hexen characters singing a barbershop quartet doesn't make sense because of anachronism.
    • Demoness from Hexen II became a radical JoeyFloppaist who is obsessed with hating every country that isn't America and yellow video-game ghosts, to make matters worse, she loses her cool in an instant when she comes across a minority of any kind and will do everything in her power to eliminate them.
    • Eidolon from Hexen II is now a dodgy used car salesman who exploits people unknowing of his illegal schemes.
    • Strifeguy from Strife was decent at first, but now bores the characters in-universe with boring monologuing, and very rarely has his action moments anymore.
    • Chex Warrior from Chex Quest got Flanderized to the point where his only trait is advertising Chex cereal and nothing else, no action, no humor, NOTHING!
    • FreeDoom Guy from, well, FreeDoom, became a cartoonish cheapskate who complains whenever he is forced to buy something remotely expensive.
    • Ranger from Quake turned into a stereotypical young boy stan on Twitter who claims he never takes an L and that all his ratios are successful, spoiler alert, they are not.
    • Square from The Adventures of Square now takes his hatred for circles way too seriously, to the point it's not far off from fascism, he won't even tolerate anyone whose body shape resembles that of a circle, making him a square nationalist.
    • Captain 0 from The UnAnything Wiki, while making infrequent cameos now and again, acts more like Captain 1 or the Anything Wiki "version" of Captain 0 rather than his original enchanting self, as he makes attempts to unleash unspeakable pain onto BlakeIsHere just because Blake got banned from the UnAnything Wiki, and Captain 0 would blatantly lie about his wrong-doings, even if it meant others would get harmed because of it.
    • Even Greeny Phatom characters are getting the Flanderization treatment.
      • Little Guy keeps his original personality, but this is a bad thing because he was an abysmal manipulative scumbag who discriminated against Russians back in his show.
      • Little Guy 2 is basically identical to Little Guy besides the different colored shirt, and he is only used when LG1 has too much screen time.
      • Little Girl became a white knight for all the trouble Little Guy causes just because the two are brother and sister, and Little Girl is aware of what Little Guy does.
      • Dr. Beanson is no longer smart and became an enabler for Little Guy's criminal activity, even joining in.
      • Geo Guy now does the bad things his author (Geoshea) did, such as drawing child porn, sending people pictures of his semen, masturbating to minors in voice chats, trolling people on the Internet, starting flame wars, and more.
      • Green Bob became way too forgiving, as he's only angry at Geo Guy and Little Guy's disgusting antics for half a minute before forgiving them.
      • Gree Guy, Santed Sailor, and Doctor are common punching bags for the rest of the Greeny Phatom crew, regardless if they're doing something good, something bad, or nothing at all.
      • Gangster Sailor is now a Karma Houdini who is usually the reason why the three punching bags get punched, at least most of the time.
    • Talking Tom's undiplomacy has escalated to an unreasonable amount, where he'll even be discourteous at his girlfriend's funeral if he could.
    • Talking Ben now barely does anything but sit on his chair answering phone calls, only saying yes, no, ugh, and "hohoho", likely to ponder to iShowSpeed's fans.
    • Talking Ginger is also Flanderized, his mischievous attitude became problematic and even illegal, which may remind you of Norman Prince.
    • Talking Hank became a mix of Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons and Peter Griffin from post-season 8 Family Guy, except missing a lot of the redeeming qualities of the two characters, especially Comic Book Guy, and with no limits on his abusive side, he even gives Carl a run for his money.
    • Talking Angela is now an ax-crazy who'll do anything in his will to have Talking Tom stay as her boyfriend, even stalking potential BF-stealers, coming to their house, kidnapping them and torturing them for hours on end until they die, not even children or Tom's friends are safe.
    • Ghost is simply a gag machine with his constant gag of him being assaulted by Elderbug being the butt of most of the jokes.
      • Speaking of, Elderbug is also a very one-note predator who is extremely similar to Herbert from Family Guy.
    • The REAL Talking Angela (the aforementioned one is a robotic clone with little men in its eyeballs, a reference to the Talking Angela scandal) is not as bad as the fake one, but she has her naggy personality from seasons 1, 2 and 4 perspectively, albeit having worse songs.
    • Randy the Mouse from Randy Learns Science became a "cis non-binary supremacist" who would boast about the fact he's a hermaphrodite to Paintbrush and Ruby the Mouse.
    • The pets from BitBuddy don't have anything wrong with their personality, but they aren't on-screen long enough to be considered likable, their main gimmick is that if they are left alone with nobody in a 20 feet radius, they die, similar to the BitBuddy game where closing the window kills them, but they're treated like punching bags as a result, so often that they will get left alone on purpose, or even tossed out the window.
    • Captain Novolin from the game of the same name embodies every negative stereotype of people suffering from diabetes, he is now morbidly obese instead of muscular, and any food with a high enough amount of sugar will cause him to pass out in a very frail manner. He is picked on for his poor life choices of continuing to exist and being a burden on people even though he is a type 1, he only ever eats healthy food, etc.
    • Big from Big & Small doesn't have the charm he did in the series, now he's an indolent buffon obsessed with fondling his stuffed dinosaur, he also makes useless machines and occasionally advertises Fruit Winders and Premier Inn, also did I mention he has his ugly beta design?
    • Small's Flanderization made him into an absolute crackhead who drives around in a little car throwing sticks of dynamite at random things and blowing them to smithereens to stop his delusions of there being a "gwelf" on the loose.
    • Ruby the Mouse fetishizes intersex people, and has a crush on Randy the Mouse because of that, she has no intent on having a relationship, she just wants to have sex.
    • Twiba is portrayed as the embodiment of evil, very casually, she is seen committing mass homicide and rape with dig-it armies but the other characters make no attempt at stopping her, and they usually get dig-its up their butt because they failed to do so.
    • Orel Puppington went from a mildly naive but well-meaning child to an absolute dim-wit who'll do anything he thinks God wants him to do, even if it contradicts the bible.
    • Clay Puppington's alcoholism, family trauma, or relationships are not addressed (leading to plenty of missed opportunities for more character development) and he is treated as a comic-relief character, even when he tries to be serious. As a laughing track plays whenever he says almost anything, Clay even acknowledges it and mentions he even hears it in his sleep, poor guy.
    • Bloberta Puppington was Flanderized to an overly obsessive neat freak that will constantly be on the lookout for that one speck of dirt lying around somewhere, she'll even freak out if someone says "that" twice in a row.
    • Joe Secondopinionson's sociopathic tendencies were exaggerated, and now he'll even make attempts at human trafficking in exchange for small bags of candy.
    • Tux the Linux mascot is portrayed as a naggy anti-proprietary activist who will nag non-stop at anyone using proprietary software (Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, etc.), and even if they don't use proprietary software, he'll still keep nagging because the person uses Ubuntu or a Linux distro using the systemd software suite or stuff like that.
    • Scratch Cat is now a raging control freak who kills anyone who hates Scratch. Thankfully he only appears in 5 episodes.
    • Gummibär went from being a carefree energetic party animal who loves to dance to the beat to being an inconsiderate glutton that sees other people as no more than walking bags of money, he still sings songs from his albums, but they are cut off very shortly.
    • Vibri from Vib-Ribbon is now addicted to crack cocaine, and is almost always high, likely poking fun at her unusual eye design.
    • Amusement Arrow, the YouTube self-insert OC of Andrejus Dovidaitis is now, as the incel wiki would describe him, an Autistcel, he also became a sociopath, a conservative, a fetish white knight, and a sex offender, mainly towards Bubble and Vibri.
    • Minty and Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony G3 became mediocre and crazy fangirls.
    • Izzy Moonbow, introduced in Season 7, became crazier than she was, she also became a psycho who always wanted to kiss Pipp Petals.
    • Killer Moth, while slightly tolerable, is much more idiotic than he was in the original comics. For instance, in one episode he killed the president of Italy. (Please note that this personality is based on his personality from the Lego games)
    • Inkling Boy (Splatoon) has become an annoying Karma Houdini who splats Inkling Girl (Splatoon) from time to time in a similar vein to the Inkling section of the Everyone is Here Smash Video.
    • Marie has become grumpier than she was on the original Splatoon to the point of assaulting Callie in multiple episodes
    • Pearl (Splatoon 2) has become more loud-mouth than she was in the original Splatoon 2 and she became a pervert too where she gropes Marina in multiple episodes.
    • Marina is no better Than Pearl (Splatoon 2) she became short-tempered.
    • Octoling Girl has become strict and short-tempered to the point of telling Marina to "fuck off" and calling Pearl (Splatoon 2) a midget like Agent 8 from Nerdy Nom Nom.
    • Ninten from EarthBound Beginnings, introduced in the spinoff, "The Ness and Alisa Funtime Show", became a sociopath who wanted revenge just because he didn’t make it into Smash.
    • Ryder, Chase, Marshall, Skye, Rocky, Rubble, Zuma, Everest, Tracker, Cap'n Turbot, and Robo-Dog, all from Paw Patrol are just here for filler.
    • Happy The Happy Meal is nothing but a Gary Stu who is happy all the time, claims that his life is perfect and never has any flaws whatsoever. He can also tend to be a bit annoying at times.
    • Rosemary from High Guardian Spice became even more unlikable than she was, she would threaten to kill anyone who hates her show, even going as far as cause a shooting, proving she can't handle criticism. She has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.
    • Lynn Loud Jr is now a bigger try-hard than she was to the point where in some episodes she tries to be too extreme at times.
    • Sayori from Doki Doki Literature Club!, is now a stereotype of people with PTSD. She has bad thoughts about herself and refuses to feel happy. Sure, she did commit Suicide in the game, but this is going too far.
    • Princess Shokora became a toxic Billie Eilish stan who gets into fights with people on music-related Twitter threads, and would bash on anyone who hates her music.
    • Sunny (aka Omori) is now a depressed emo stereotype who is mostly shy, listens to hard metal music, and makes sad edits on social media most of the time. Not only that, but he also acts insensitive towards everyone as a result.
    • Canada and Germany from Art's Animations, introduced in Season 7, as for Canada, is now a horrible comedian who doesn't care about her family at all, she also remains her psychopath personality. While Germany became extremely money hungry and loves torturing Greece too much to the point where he even brutally abused her, as a punishment for not paying debts.
    • Pearl (Steven Universe) became a salty jerk who hates Pearl (Splatoon 2) because she shares her name even going as far to send her a cease and desist.
    • Horrid Henry, introduced in season 8, became a stereotype for intermittent explosive disorder. He physically abuses his family to whenever they call him horrid.
    • Tea Kettle, introduced in Season 8, is now a drug addicted maniac who would threaten to kill anyone if they don't give her any drugs. However, she only appeared in two episodes as of now.
    • Perfect Peter is now a veganism-obsessed narcissist to the point where he shoves vegan propaganda down people's throats.
    • Some of The Street Fighter Characters, introduced in Seasons 7-10, are not safe from character derailment.
      • Ryu, while still likable, can tend to feel out of character sometimes, especially when he is feeling emotional.
      • Ken Masters became a poorly written comic relief who does nothing but make dad jokes nonstop. Even his peers hate this.
      • Chun-Li became a weirdo who is obsessed with harassing people for fun. She is also obsessed with twerking and going to a local strip club daily. Plus, she can tend to be a pervert at times.
      • Cammy White now has a extreme obsession with Twitter, and barley gets her hands off it. She is also obsessed with Junior Eurovision and Squid Game, for some reason.
      • Guile became a toxic anime and K-Pop hater, as he would beat up anyone who likes those things, going as far to have fights with certain people on the Internet.
      • Dhalsim is now an idiot who likes to hit people with his arms, even when they don't deserve it.
      • Blanka became a maniac who is obsessed with pulling pranks (usually nature related ones) on everyone that he hates.
      • Zangief became a ultimate political, homophobic, and psychopathic SJW who tries to teach viewers to not marry the same gender and he would hate anyone who is not from Russia, making him a political soapbox for Russian propaganda.
        • He is also shown to be a toxic supporter of Russian president Vladimir Putin, even though he is known to be controversial, not only that, but he also insulted Luz and Amity in one episode just because they are both the same gender. Making him even more of a political soapbox for Russian propaganda.
      • Dee Jay became a racist Jamaican stereotype who is addicted to smoking weed, listens to reggae music, and doesn't know how to speak English. He is also obsessed with using memes in several episodes.
      • Vega became a pervert who wants to seduce the ladies and have sex with them. He is also now obsessed with looking at bikinis.
      • Fei Long, for some reason, became another creep with a foot fetish who wants to sell people's shoes on the Internet, just so he can take a picture of their feet.
      • Rose, while still likable, has been slowly developing into a coward starting in Season 10, and starting in Season 11, became a target for Butt/Toilet jokes.
      • Juri Han, introduced in Season 8, for some reason is now a coffee addicted lunatic who drinks coffee on a daily basis and she would yell at anyone who doesn’t buy her coffee. She also has a massive hatred for sodas, though she does like tea (especially teh tarik, as shown in Madness in Malaysia), which is just weird and very out-of-character for her.
      • Karin Kanzuki, introduced in Season 9, became a destructive moron who breaks everything, like glass and jewelry and also interrupts other characters in the group.
    • The rest of the mane 5, Sunny, Pipp, Hitch and Zipp, introduced in season 8, is only used for filler.
    • Fluttershy has been flanderized to a pony who has an obsession with Brazil and will make people go there.
    • Rarity now has an unexplained hatred for spoilers and will scream "NO SPOILERS!" at the top of her lungs.
    • Katsuki Bakugo is even more short-tempered than he already was in My Hero Academia but he is passable.
    • Tenya Ida has become a boring-ass Social Justice Warrior.
    • Fanny is way more mean-spirited than she already was on BFDI and has a hatred for Fan.
    • D.Va, introduced in Season 8 as a major character, became a toxic vegan who claims that using animal products are cruelty. To the point where she tries to shove veganism down the viewers throats, and forced her dog to be vegan (Note: Keep in mind that she never had one in Overwatch).
    • Link is now a short tempered person who hates Alastor and Randy Marsh with a burning passion just because they are overused a lot.
    • Giygas, introduced in Season 8, is now a perverted alien who encourages Ness to send him porn, and is obsessed with going to strip clubs. Not only that but he is somehow friends with Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo despite the fact they were enemies as they defeated him in EarthBound.
    • Emperor Belos, introduced in Season 8, is nothing like his original counterpart. He is affable, cares for his brother, and is very incompetent. To make things worse, he's supposed to be the big bad of Season 8, but has only showed up once and is a bad choice.
    • Some of the Junior Eurovision contestants, introduced in Season 8, are here for nothing more than filler.
      • Solea became even more profane and unlikeable, she also nags all the time. She even teams up with Brazil from U Got 45'd.
      • Helena Meraai is just here for pointless Belarusian and Russian propaganda and politics that nobody asked for.
      • Tess Gaerthé is now a SJW and a short tempered girl who hates anime, and k-dramas.
      • María Isabel remains her Japanese stereotypical self. She also became obsessed with smacking for some reason.
      • Melani Garcia is now a perverted participant who has a weird fetish.
      • Polina Bogusevich has arguably one, if not, the worst derailment from the Junior Eurovision franchise. She is now a whiny brat who would hate anyone who is not Russian and is also a satanist that disrespects the decreased.
      • Isea Çili is now just a useless participant who is obsessed with Petunia from Happy Tree Friends since they both have a severe case of OCD. She would never stop nagging about HTF.
      • Ioana Anuța became a crazy Friday Night Funkin fan girl who obsesses with FNF nonstop. In one episode, she got exhausted from playing FNF all night.
      • Sona Azizova is just a brain dead and bumbling fool who does nothing but harass other people a lot.
      • Arina Pehtereva serves no purpose other than to be hip and trendy with the crowd.
      • Olena Usenko is still her Puerto Rican stereotypical self, who also mostly gets into fights with people.
      • Valentina is just a generic "know it all" participant and also a annoying jerk.
      • Anja Veterova became even more stupid and clumsy than she was originally.
      • Mimmi Sandén is a Mary Sue with no personality at all.
      • Sophia Patsalides, as usual, is obsessed with twerking. She is also obsessed with Cotton Candy Ice Cream for some reason.
      • Anastasiya Petryk became even more of a toxic Mother/EarthBound fan than she was, she nags about EarthBound all the time and also is a Ness main in Smash Bros who wouldn't stop spamming PK Fire. Not to mention every time as plays Smash Bros she would harass people over opinions.
      • Karina Ignatyan is basically the most filler character. She is obsessed with Florida and wouldn't stop talking about it.
      • Maléna Fox, who is a anthropomorphic raccoon, is just rude to her peers all the time (especially Valentina) and likes to sing Cupcakke versions of other songs.
      • Bella Paige is now a sex-crazed psycho who caused most of the deaths in Season 8, she is also obsessed with raping boys.
      • Lidia Ganeva became a neo-Nazi, what else do I need to say?
      • Marta Viola, while likable, is just another punching bag.
      • Ike and Kaya became annoying Elsagate-creators who dress up as Spider-Man and Elsa as they make perverted acts in their videos.
      • Anica Cvetković (The Lead Vocalist of Ništa Lično), introduced in Season 9, is now a whiny jerk who cries over the tiniest of things, like the toilet seat being hot.
      • Sofia Tarasova became an edgy meme-lord who thinks she is "the dankest member of the entire group".
      • Ayana Voss is now a crazy drug addict who smokes on a daily basis.
      • Anna Kearney became obsessed with Nickelodeon cartoons to the point where she worships them like it's a gift from god.
      • Sandra Gadelia became a idiotic freak who will yell at people who doesn't know about LGBTQ+, but she will misgender certain characters like Paintbrush.
    • Popee, introduced in Season 8, is still a sadist, still attempting to kill Kedamono and whatnot.
    • Papi, also introduced in said season, was flanderized into an ever more disgusting pervert.
    • Drift is now a lamppost-obsessed freak.
    • Kyle Broflovski is now extremely short tempered to the point he says "There so much short tempered people" making him a hypocrite
    • Flower despite being likeable she has an obsession with Japanese Culture, Anime, And Japanese Voice Actors
    • The characters from Persona 1-5 are way worse than their original personalities.
      • Makoto Yuki is now an edgelord who has a pointless rivalry with Makoto Nijima just because they share the same name.
      • Kotone Shiomi despite being likable she's just a punching bag for example she will be told to shut up by Makoto Yuki because he finds her cheerful personality annoying.
      • Fuuka Yamagishi wants to get tickled by anyone in her sight.
      • Ren Amamiya has an obsession with penguins and will team up with Pingu.
      • Makoto Nijima is now a "save the planet" nuisance who has a rivalry with Makoto Yuki.
    • The Jambassadors, introduced in season 8, are only used for filler.
      • Galaxymintz is now a red panda fangirl who salutes on them everyday.
      • Verface hates her name because everyone keeps calling her face. She is now a potato lover alongside Latvia.
      • Empyera is now a stereotypical, crazy and immature fox.
      • Hamstery hates anyone who hates hamsters, that likes to cry over the littlest thing.
      • Azure became a alcoholic fox who even teams up with Ireland from Starch Brotherhood.
      • Queen Wolf is now a pervert and a sex offender who is very irresponsible and sometimes whiny.
    • Ronnie Anne is now reverted to being a bully mostly to Lincoln Loud.
    • Maddie from Back to the Outback is now obsessed with killing people who even teamed up with Canada from Art's Animations.
    • Lilith Aensland, introduced in Season 8, became a whiny spoiled brat and straight up dum-dum to other members in the group. She is rude, arrogant, and egotistical, as when things don't get her way, she starts crying, even over the smallest of things. She also has rivalry to Ness and Alisa Bosconovitch, as going as far to make the former cry.
    • Christie Monteiro, introduced in Season 8, became obsessed with internet trends and never stops talking about them.
    • Hebereke characters, introduced in Season 9, has also suffered flanderization:
      • Hebe became a rude asshole who is never nice to anyone.
      • Oh-Chan is now obsessed with TikTok and drugs, the latter being caused by too much spending time with Vibri.
      • Sukezaemon became obsessed with dabbing.
      • Jennifer wants everyone to turn into aligators. What kind of personality is that? Plus, he was influenced into it just by viewing one, single piece of fetish art.
    • The characters from Cookie Run: Kingdom, introduced in Season 9, are badly flanderized:
      • GingerBrave is now a perverted teenager.
      • Pure Vanilla Cookie is portrayed as an unfunny, laughable and really offensive cookie.
      • Espresso Cookie is now a Madeleine Cookie fanboy who won't stop simping over him.
      • Sea Fairy Cookie is now a whiny brat who cries over the littlest things.
      • Strawberry Cookie is now a punching bag who hates Countryballs.
      • Cocoa Cookie is a jackass who treats everyone around her in horrible ways.
      • Hollyberry Cookie became obsessed with South Park.
    • The Castle Cats, introduced in Season 9, are only used for filler.
    • Marie Rose from Dead or Alive, introduced in Season 9, while likable, became crazy and moronic.
    • Dark Magician Girl (or Darina Maggiolina, as she is named here), introduced in Season 9, became an over-competitive anti-hero who tries to one-up her rival Cinderella in every way possible.
    • 2B, from the video game Nier: Automata, introduced in Season 9, is now a serial killer.
    • Selma from Snøfall, introduced in Season 9, is now an annoying weeaboo, as she tells the other members of the group to buy anime, Sanrio, and Japanese Nintendo merch, just for her, and also tries to "speak" Japanese, despite being Norwegian. She even teams up with Mira.
    • Wrath from the 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist anime, who first appeared in season 9, is for some reason a demiboy who embodies negative stereotypes of them (though this was greatly toned down in his appearances starting in season 9B, as well as in The Ness and Alisa Funtime Show), and also wants nothing more than wanting Alphonse to have sex with him (greatly enraging all of the Al/Wrath shippers who came before his appearance in the series in the proccess), as well as constantly being targeted by the fetishists. He also shares Lynn Loud Jr.'s voice actor for some inexplicable reason in his debut episode and sounds irritating as a result, though he was recast to Casey Mongillo, who does a much better job at voicing him. Eventually, he was taken out of the show at the start of season 10, put into The Ness and Alisa Funtime Show for a few episodes, and never appeared in any installment for some time (well, at least outside of the few dozen hatefics that sprung up on the Internet after his temporary removal from the franchise) before returning one last time in Wrath's Revenge, which turned him into a flanderized version of his canon self (post-Red Stones and before Conqueror of Shamballa).
    • Maka Albarn became a crybaby who would throw a fit when she gets hated.
      • Her boyfriend, Soul Evans became an asshole who is rude and is never nice to anyone (except for his friends).
    • Crona became a coward who would yell at anyone whenever something doesn't go their way.
    • Death the Kid had his obsession with symetry cranked to annoying levels.
    • Allen Walker becomes a brat who refuses to defend himself and doesn't care about the others except for his allies. He also claims that he is "a Knight" when he is not.
    • Alphonse Elric became a rude person who can't stop getting into fights with random people (both of which go against his personality in his home series), he is also obsessed with having sex with Wrath.
    • Edward Elric became a generic mean popular boy who would bully and harass others for nothing (except for his friends)
      • If there's any silver lining, it's that all of the characters mentioned above (besides Wrath, though he did become likable for a few episodes in season 9B) all regained their original personalities towards the end of season 11.
    • Pepee (who is a Turkish rip-off of Pocoyo), introduced in season 9, became a rabid supporter of Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the point where he worships him to death.
    • The rest of the Art's Animations characters, introduced in season 9, are also flanderized:
      • Russia is now a serial killer for no reason, alongside Canada.
      • South Korea became a cringe-worthy TikTok fangirl to the point where she won't take her hands off the app, which is probably the reason why she has a phone obsession.
        • South Korea is known to be crying over the littlest thing, such as a scene where she cries because the opening theme of The Nutshack was on.
        • She also hates J-pop music because she thinks the genre is a rip-off of K-pop.
      • Estonia, while likable, is a punching bag.
      • Poland (upside down) is now a Gary Stu who is always perfect.
      • The United States became really obsessed with Russia for no reason at all.
      • Italy is now an Animal Jam hater who takes his hatred on it too far.
      • Colorado became obsessed with TilleyParis' intro song to the point where he won't stop Shazamming it.
      • Japan became really obsessed with Squid Game.
      • Australia is now a weirdo who hates anybody who doesn't like memes.
      • Czechia is a Roblox fanboy.
      • The United Kingdom, while a bit likable, is useless and a terrible parent to Canada, Australia and the United States, who punishes them for no reason, but never punish them when they do sometime bad.
      • Kazakhstan is now a Christmas lover for some reason.
      • Brazil now hates Animal Crossing for some reason.
      • The Netherlands and Jamaica became obsessed with smoking.
      • Egypt is only used for filler.
    • Roald (Animal Crossing) became a pyromaniac for no reason.
    • Leli and Liko (Leliko) both became destructive kleptomaniacs who side with Ivy Valentine for no reason at all.
    • The Telechobis (Mexican rip-offs of the Teletubbies) all became stereotypes of dysphoria to the point they attack others with crowbars.
    • Niloya became a spoiled brat who complains over the simplest of things and only cares about herself. She is also rude to almost everyone regardless of their actions.
    • The characters from Star Fox, introduced in Season 9, became flanderized:
      • Fox McCloud became a dumb pilot who keeps on forgetting on how to use the airwing to the point where he crashes it.
      • Falco Lombardi became a short-tempered jerk who gets into constant fights with people.
      • Slippy Toad's personality was dialed up into 11, as he became even more stupid than he was.
      • Krystal became fetish retardant, and will seduce people on purpose in any way possible.
    • Anne Boonchuy, although likable from seasons 2 to 8, became a modern stereotypical moron who is addicted to TikTok in season 9 and onwards.
    • Sprig became addicted to drugs for no reason.
    • Polly became a Mary Sue who always does perfect.
    • Hop Pop became an lazy asshole who refuses to join along whatsoever.
    • Marcy Wu somehow has became a toxic fangirl of Undertale, and would always make bad fanfics out of it on the internet.
    • The Mouse from Die Sendung mit der Maus, introduced in Season 9, became a greedy idiot who doesn't even care about everyone and will annoy everyone in every way.
    • Malware from Els Biters became a whiny manchild who abhors children.
    • Leamon Puppy now wants to become a Jambassador, despite that she never wanted to become one.
    • Jon Talbain became a mean asshole who messes with almost everyone in the group and is never nice.
    • Lord Raptor became a toxic K-pop hater and rock elitist who wants to kill BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE, EXO, and any other K-pop group that exists (including those that have fallen off the radar, such as Girls' Generation). He also has nonsensical rivalry with Mira all because they both have different music tastes.
    • Rikuo likes to splash water on everyone that he hates.
    • Bishamon became highly obsessed with killing.
    • Donovan Baine for some reason, is now a creep with a foot fetish, just like Shang Tsung. He wants to seduce the ladies and masturbates to bare feet all the time. In one episode, he was obsessing over Felicia's feet.
    • Anakaris is now obsessed with torturing people for fun, even when they don't deserve it.
    • Victor von Gerdenheim became a grumpy jerk who only cares about himself and doesn't even care for anybody else.
    • Sasquatch is only in this show for filler.
    • Huitzil, while likable, became a punching bag, like whenever someone hits him, he gets broken into pieces.
    • Q-Bee became a dramatic coward who yells at everyone for no reason at all, even for the smallest of reasons and things don't get her way, she starts a fight with someone. Like for example, yelling at someone for spilling the water on the floor.
    • Jedah Dohma became a pervert who is extremely obsessed with looking at porn on the internet, visiting strip clubs, and having sex with people.
    • Mai Shiranui became fetish retardant, and also is a target for butt and breast jokes. She is obsessed with twerking, posting pictures on Instagram, and visiting nightclubs. To the point of seducing people on purpose just for the sake of it and also uses her Ryu Enbu move too often.
    • Kody from Animal Crossing, introduced in Season 10, became a toxic Ariana Grande stan who despises Roley.
    • Niss, who is a robotic clone out of Ness created by Lilith, is just nothing but a idiotic robot who wants to kill Ness and Alisa. He is also a annoying comic relief who makes nothing but crack jokes nonstop.
    • Puddles (Animal Crossing) became a toxic LE SSERAFIM stan who emotionally abuses people.
    • The coaches from BOOMBAYAH act nothing like they used to in Just Dance 2022.
      • P1 (Kyung) is now a racist psychopath who will go as far as KILLING PEOPLE IN THE MOST GRUESOME WAYS POSSIBLE if they're not Korean.
      • P2 (So) is now a whiny brat who will repeatedly scream if something doesn't go her way. Over time, her screaming can even get increasingly ear-grating to the point that viewers would turn the TV off straight away. She's also a toxic LOONA stan.
      • P3 (Hea) is now a creepy pedophile who obsesses over children and makes porn fan-art out of them. She even goes out of her way to seduce these children at times!
      • P4 (Bong), while partially likeable, is now a punching bag who is repeatedly abused by Kyung, So, and Hea. Keep in mind that it's not only them who abuse Bong all the time, but a good number of the other derailed characters as well, to the point that she literally considers suicide in one episode.
    • Pogo (Live a Live) is now an Amber Heard wannabe who falsely accuses Morrigan Aensland.
    • Yolanda Artemisia from Style Savvy: Styling Star became a moronic coward who complains most of the time over small things to the point where start starts fights with people for no reason at all. She is also a toxic ITZY stan.
    • All of the Digidestined from the Digimon Franchise have been flanderized.
    • All of the Cures from the Pretty Cure franchise have been heavily derailed and are nowhere near as good as they were in their home series.
      • Nagisa Misumi/Cure Black is now an overdramatic maniac who has the tendency to yell at random characters for, if any, no particular reason at all.
      • Honoka Yukishiro/Cure White is now a weirdo who has somehow been given a foot fetish and tries to snap pictures of random characters' bare feet for her own pleasure in multiple episodes.
      • Hikari Kujou/Shiny Luminous is only used for filler.
      • Saki Hyuuga/Cure Bloom/Cure Bright is now a selfish brat who will do anything to make the smallest things benefit for herself. She's also a Karma Houdini in some episodes, as some characters get in trouble for her schemes, and she gets off scot-free!
      • Mai Mishou/Cure Egret/Cure Windy became a stereotypical modern moron who is obsessed with TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat, among other social media services, just like Anne Boonchuy in season 9 and onwards.
      • Nozomi Yumehara/Cure Dream is now a toxic Kyary Pamyu Pamyu fanatic whose main hobby is cyberbullying others.
      • Rin Natsuki/Cure Rouge is now a bully who beats up random characters as a hobby, mostly for filler.
      • Urara Kasugano/Cure Lemonade is now a Classic Caillou wannabe who cries over the littlest things, which can get annoying over time.
      • Komachi Akimoto/Cure Mint and Karen Minazuki/Cure Aqua are now lesbians who are dating each other for some weird reason, even though they are just friends in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and its sequel series. They also have sex in multiple episodes, in a similar fashion to Luz and Amity.
      • Milk/Kurumi Mimino/Milky Rose is no better than her original counterpart. She is even greedier and more selfish than in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, even going as far as murdering people who don't give her what she wants, with the assistance of Coco and Nuts.
      • Love Momozono/Cure Peach was very empathetic back in Fresh Pretty Cure, but she's the complete opposite here. Now, she gives no care for other characters' feelings, and swears a lot when tipped over the edge, which is very out-of-character for her.
      • Miki Aono/Cure Berry is now a Mary Sue who always brags about her traits, which is overused many times throughout the series, most prominently in season 10.
      • Inori Yamabuki/Cure Pine is a heavily toxic 2NE1 hater who will stop at nothing to kill all the former members of the disbanded girl group and their fanbase, which is just too far.
      • Setsuna Higashi/Cure Passion acts almost as she was when she was still Eas and worked for Labyrinth: stubborn and prideful. But this series takes it up to eleven, as now whenever she's too good at something, not only will she not stop, but she will also lash out at others, and in the worst case scenario, do gruesome things to them.
      • Makoto Kenzaki/Cure Sword is now a bland, cynical person who dislikes positive things.
      • Iona Hikawa/Cure Fortune is also grumpy and cheerful hater
      • Haruka Haruno/Cure Flora is even more of a punching bag than she was in her home series.
      • Kirara Amanogawa/Cure Twinkle is now a monopathic person who can only feel happiness.
      • Manatsu Natsuumi/Cure Summer is now a stereotype for people with PTSD.
      • Asuka Takizawa/Cure Flamingo is now a stereotype with intermittent explosive disorder.
      • Kaido Minami/Cure Mermaid became a stereotypical modern teenage girl who is obsessed with shopping and Starbucks.
      • Yukari Kotozume/Cure Macaron became a racist who sings KKK songs and says racist slurs to people a lot (especially the n-word).
      • Laura La Mer is now an angry girl who will kill anyone who says mermaids are not real. oh my god!
    • Most of the characters from the Virtua Fighter franchise, introduced in Season 10, act nothing like how they did.
      • Akira Yuki became a very rude jerk who is a complete asshole to everyone, not only that, but he is also obsessed with using dark humor.
      • Pai Chan became a whiny spoiled brat who cries over the smallest things, as then things don't get her way, she starts throwing a tantrum like a baby. She is so whiny that she can be comparable to classic Caillou.
      • Kage-Maru became a unfunny comic relief who does nothing but make repetitive jokes nonstop.
      • Sarah Bryant became a Hardcore Social Justice Warrior who gets triggered by mostly everything. She is also a feminist who provides nothing but political correctness.
      • Jacky Bryant became a Gary Stu with no personality and is always perfect.
      • Wolf Hawkfield, became a, we believe or not, a pedophile who is obsessed with children to the point of seducing and even promoting porn out of them.
      • Jeffry McWild is now a dramatic moron who complains over the most tiniest of things to where he yells at anyone, even when they did nothing.
      • Lion Rafale became a creepy man who likes to text girls with disturbing messages, not only that, but he is also obsessed with looking at half-naked women on the Internet.
      • Shun Di is now a stereotypical old man.
      • Aoi Umenokoji for some reason, now has a pregnancy fetish, as she has a bad habit of looking at such on the Internet, including art websites and YouTube videos (yes, even the Elsagate ones).
      • Brad Burns became a pervert who is obsessed with seducing woman, just to have have sex with them. He is also obsessed with raping people.
      • Goh Hinogami became a stereotype of introverted people, as he rarely joins in with the rest of the group, and gets annoyed by the other members most of the time.
      • Lei-Fei is only used for filler.
      • Vanessa Lewis became a weirdo, as well as fetish retardant who always encourages people to do sexual activity with her. Especially, sometimes she can used for nothing but filler.
      • Eileen is now a stereotype of people in multiple fandoms who make weird fanfictions on multiple websites, especially ones on the more popular sites.
      • El Blaze is now a man-child who causes chaos in front of the other members and mostly yells at others very crazily.
    • Elsa from Frozen is now a pervert who encourages people (mostly her sister Anna) to make porn out of her and have sex with multiple people. To the point where she has a horrible recurring gag of her telling Anna to grope her.
    • Anna also from Frozen, is now a perverted sister who makes Porn videos out of Elsa and upload the videos to some Porn hosting site.
    • Tad (Animal Crossing) became a horny teen who masturbates to Nicki Minaj.
    • Ana from EarthBound Beginnings is now a so called "perfect" Mary Sue who thinks is better than everyone else. Not only that, but she is also rude to certain members at one point.
    • Athena Asamiya is now a whiny pop music fan who has a bad habit of complaining over music choices for no reason.
    • Some characters from Zeurel's Monkey Wrench act nothing like they do.
      • Shrike Sanchez became a person obsessed with tacos and filler.
      • Tyneen is now more aggressive and violent.
      • Scratch became a mentally ill narcissist who tortures Morrigan Aensland.
      • Beebs became a overly-happy glutton who eats chicken wings.
      • Ricket is now a toxic LE SSERAFIM hater who plots to bomb the members.
      • Norbert became a Gary Stu who would shove communist propaganda down anyone's throats.
    • Frobert (Animal Crossing) became a Olivia Rodrigo sasaeng who worships her.
    • A few of the Victorious cast have become unlikable.
      • Tori Vega became a destructive person who would abuse Ness for no given reason.
      • Tori's sister Trina Vega became a overly emotional punching bag to Leli & Liko.
      • Cat Valentine is now a mentally deranged opium addict.
      • Andre Harris became a cowardly wimp.
      • Robbie Shapiro became a pervert who harasses Lilith Aensland.
      • Mr. Sikowitz became a marijuana enthusiast.
    • Korra became a short tempered psychopath who would force people to do stuff for her and she would get angry whenever things don't get her way. She also has a unexplained rivalry with Talim for some reason.
    • Rouge the Bat is now a porn star who wants to get tickled in the breasts.
    • Unikitty became a maniac who is obsessed with drugs.
    • Poppy (Trolls) is now impatient, short tempered and aggressive with everybody.
    • Ayas (RGG Ayas) is now a toxic ITZY hater who is loyal to Lord Raptor.
    • Pisi (Dusyeri's Pisi) became a weeaboo who would pee on anyone who calls her out.
    • Some of the Shopkins Shoppies act nothing like they did in the source material.
      • Jessicake became a psychopath who wouldn't stop harassing others for no given reason, making her rude to everyone.
      • Bubbleisha became a poorly written comic relief who mostly makes bubblegum puns and sometimes jokes about chewing gum.
      • Popette is now a whiny woman-child who keeps on constantly complaining over small things, and she would cry whenever something doesn't go her way.
      • Peppa Mint became yet another Gen Z stereotype who tries to be "hip and trendy" by doing TikTok dances, as well as unfunny skits. She is also a toxic Weeekly stan.
      • Donatina became a pervert who is obsessed with masturbating to Cardi B and having sex with other people.
      • Rainbow Kate is now a extremely hyper and energetic girl who is mostly crazy.
      • Pam Cake is now an abuser who harasses Ness, Morrigan Aensland, and Shy Guy most of time.
      • Sara Sushi had the worst character derailment in all of Shopkins Shoppies. She is now an egotistical, selfish, and spoiled person who is never nice to anyone, as she keeps on harassing others even when they don't deserve it, and even attempted to murder both Grace Thomas and Prince Poo when they called her out.
      • Pineapple Lily became a Slavaboo who would scream at someone whenever she gets called out.
      • Gemma Stone became a egotistical "queen" who refuses to do things she is asked to do, not only that, but she wants everyone in the group to treat her like the queen of England.
      • Kirstea became a toxic AESPA Stan who would slap anyone who doesn't like their music and constantly annoys Roley overtime, which can get tiring. Not even Paula Jones-Polestar was this toxic!
      • Pirouetta is now a bland moron with no personality. She is also obsessed with taking selfie's, and posting such on social media.
      • Lippy Lulu is now a whiny dingus who somehow has an unexplained hatred for Nintendo, as well as whining over the smallest things.
      • Polli Polish became just another creep with a foot fetish who wants people to send her toe pics on discord. Not only that, but she wants to steal pedicures as well as wanting others to take their shoes and socks off, meaning that she has an extreme fetish for feet.
      • Daisy Petals is now obsessed with Australia to the point where she treats it like a religion, which makes no sense and is really out-of-character for her.
      • Lucy Smoothie became a modern Generation Z stereotype who constantly makes unfunny jokes overtime, just for the sake of pandering to 21st century humor.
      • Cocolette became fetish retardant, as she wants to get tickled everywhere, even her privates. She is also obsessed with watching pornography and having sex (mostly with Donatina).
      • Bridie became a toxic fangirl, as she is obsessed with K-Pop, Nintendo, and Olive Garden. She will also yell at someone whenever something doesn't go her way.
      • Tiara Sparkles became a toxic NMIXX Stan who has arguments over their songs to the point where she plays their songs on loud volume at public.
      • Rosie Bloom is now a toxic 2NE1 stan who would spit on anyone every time someone calls her out, she also abuses Dora The Explorer a lot.
      • Tippy Teapot became a stereotype of people with Schizophrenia.
      • Pretti Pressie is now an overly excited "happy-go-lucky" shoppie who never stops talking about how her life is perfect and is obsessed with money.
      • Macy Macaron somehow gained a furry fetish, as she is now addicted to watching furry porn on the internet all the time to the point of forcing any furry to have sex with another.
      • Spaghetti Sue became a meme-obsessed maniac who likes to watch meme compilations all the time and upload unfunny shitposts on the internet.
      • Marsha Mello, introduced in Season 11, became a cringeworthy loon who would beg for people to play video games with her and if they don't play with her, she would start complaining. She is also a toxic fanbrat of Kingdom Hearts.
      • Rosa Piñata, also introduced in Season 11, became a perverted girl who would ask people to go out with her to a strip club, watch pornographic movies, or, in some cases, have anal sex with her. She is also with visiting nightlife all the time, and not only that, but she would bash on anyone who is not from Mexico and/or of Mexican descent, with the latter making her a political soapbox for Mexican politics.
    • Biskit (Animal Crossing) became a simp who masturbates to Holly Willoughby all the time.
    • Goomo (Jelly Jamm) became a stereotype for epilepsy who would scar others for life with his seizures.
    • Momone Momo became a toxic ENHYPEN stan who would abuse Lord Raptor and Ayas with murderous intent.
    • Yuzuha Oda (Girls2) is now a butt monkey to Shrike Sanchez.
    • Huxley Pig now has grandiose delusions to the point he has psychosis.
    • Bop (Brave Bunnies) became a toxic Plotagon user who would make grounded videos.
    • Michiru Kagemori (BNA: Brand New Animal) is now a perverted teenager who is treated like a punching bag.
    • Rita (Jelly Jamm) is now a toxic NewJeans stan who will cut people's wrists for no reason.
    • Some characters from Xenoblade Chronicles 3 don't act anything like they did.
      • Mio became a huge jerk who bullies anyone.
      • Sena is now a toxic Belieber who tortures Ness.
      • Eunie became a SJW who will cry and scream when criticised.
      • Noah became a short tempered person who will yell and scream at anyone everytime he gets called out.
    • Krusty the Klown is now a cigar addict and a Jimmy Savile wannabe.
    • Some characters from the Italian dub of Miracle Tunes became flanderized.
      • Julie Summers became a pervert who seduces other members.
      • Emily Taylor is now a toxic TWICE stan who will manipulate everyone to stan Nayeon.
      • Sophia became a obsessive anti-SJW who will torture Ivy Valentine.
      • Charlotte became an stereotype for people with hebephrenia.
    • Sam Puckett is even more aggressive than before.
    • Paige Olvera (Bizaardvark) is now a SJW with a big ego.
    • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all became "fuckboys" who sexually harasses everyone a lot, and have sex with people.
      • Leonardo became a pervert who masturbates all the time.
      • Raphael is now obsessed with looking at women's breasts. He also has constant fights with people over such.
      • Donatello is now a creepy pedophile who obsesses over children to the point of stalking them and even promoting porn out of them.
      • Michelangelo is now a DaddyOFive wannabe who abuses children nonstop, he is also a pervert who is obsessed with looking at porn on the internet.
    • April O'Neil became a boring moron with no personality, who also has an obsession with Computer games, shopping, posting random pics on Instagram (mostly ones of her cleavage), and watching television, as well as a punching bag towards the Ninja Turtles (despite the fact that she was friends with them in her media of origin) and Pokey Minch.
      • What doesn't help is that she is a target for breast jokes, since her design in the show is based on her 1987 design (which is also her design that she uses in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl), in which most of her screen time is just some of the characters staring at her breasts, and to make matters worse, it uses jiggle psychics, yes really.
        • In some cases, she can be used for nothing but filler.
    • Sofya Plotnikova (Now United) became a punching bag to The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Not only that, but in many episodes involving her, she would even get kidnapped and abused by the turtles.
    • Spirou became a butt monkey to Bubbleisha's annoying puns.
    • Meramus is now a perverted wizard.
    • The Characters from Oddity (Formerly Mother 4), introduced in Season 10-12, also became flanderized.
      • Travis Fields became an idiot who is obsessed with making Porn graffiti, as well as having a bad habit of looking at Rule 34 on the internet.
      • Meryl Hinton is now a psycho who forces Ness to ditch Alisa in favor of her. She is also a pervert who is obsessed with people touching her private parts and twerking. Basically, she is the show's female counterpart of Fan.
      • Floyd became a whiny pervert who watches Elsagate and grooms children all the time.
      • Leo is now an idiot who pees on store shelves.
      • Zack Fields became a cringeworthy comic relief.
    • Most of the Half Life 2 characters (Except for Dog Barney and Wallace) are unlikeable and does not have there original personalities;
      • Gordon Freeman is now a punching bag and a coward who would be scared if he saw an animal.
      • Alyx Vance became an unlikable brat who would throw a temper tantrum if nobody helps her.
      • G-Man is now a Gary Stu.
      • Judith Mossman became a aggressive woman and a big jerk.
      • Eli Vance became a pedophile who would rape and sexually harass a young girl.
      • Isaac Kleiner is now an annoying smart nerd who would tell a fact when someone walks by.
      • Father Grigori became a toxic hunter who hunts people if they didn't like him for hunting animals.
    • Most of the Chikn Nuggit characters do not have their original personalities;
      • Chikn is now no longer cute but vulgar, profane and violent and has an obssesion with beer.
      • Cheezborger doesn't have a personality and screams a lot.
      • Iscream is the opposite of his original persona he's good, nice and loves cute things and hates graphic content and he's a boy.
      • Hawt Saus is now a worse rehash of Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa from Kamen Rider Faiz.
      • Slushi is now obsessed with hentai and Rule 34 to the point of telling Gumball to draw porno out of her.
      • Fwench Fwy is now an emo girl who hates Iscream.
      • Sody Pop is now way too dumb to function.
      • Cofi is cheerful and hates cringe the opposite of her cannon self.
    • The Land Of Boggs Characters are also flanderized
      • Boggo is obsessed with Japan and Korea and has a hatred for China
      • Boe is used for Boi Jokes
    • Pingu doesn't have a personality and is used for filler.
    • Koharu Rikka became a toxic Meowbahh stan who would assault other members.
    • SeeU is now a crazy dingus who is obsessed with throwing a party and is overly excited most of the time to the point of screaming a lot for no reason.
    • Some characters from Nekopara don't act anything like they used to.
      • Cinnamon became a toxic and moronic Kep1er stan who would cry every time she gets called out. She is also obsessed with harassing others over opinions.
      • Maple is now a toxic Kep1er hater who beats up Cinnamon frequently to the point Cinnamon whines.
      • Azuki is now a whiny brat who watches Cocomelon.
      • Coconut is now a bumbling moron who is constantly happy.
    • Pudge (Animal Crossing) became a toxic NMIXX hater who has constant fist fights with people.
    • Tuxedosam, Chococat, and Pochacco (from Sanrio) now stand on graves frequently for some reason. (Though they are not unlikable.)
    • Bluebear (Animal Crossing) is now a generic rich girl who bullies people.
    • Lovepyoco (Lovepatrina), introduced in Season 11, is now a overly annoying rabbit who purposely gets on people's nerves.
    • Peri Lomax (Hollyoaks) became a toxic Irris stan who harasses Lord Raptor.
    • Most of The Ninjago Characters (Except for Antagonists) introduced in Season 11 act nothing like they were before;
      • Kai is now a Gary Stu who has barely has any personality and got every he wanted in his first episode.
      • Lloyd Montgomery became dumb and stupid.
      • Jay Walker is now a big asshole who would yell at someone if they call his name.
      • Cole became a butt monkey and a complete punching bag to Zane.
      • Nya became a hypocrite and a coward.
      • Master Wu became a SJW just to be the oldest person to be one.
      • Zane became a generic bully who would beat up Cole if he sees him.
      • Misako became a huge jerk to his son.
      • P.I.X.A.L. just like Lloyd became stupid and dumb.
    • Moconyan (MagimajoPures) is now a alcoholic who constantly abuses Spot Helperman.
    • Lalanyan (MagimajoPures) became a wimp and a butt-monkey.
    • Mr. Baffled (Go!Go!Go!) became a very dumb professor with brain damage.
    • Fluffalope (Go!Go!Go!) is now obsessed with absinthe and cocaine.
    • Bridget from Guilty Gear, introduced in the episode, "Wild Freaks", is now an immature spoiled brat who always harasses others over certain things, and they would cry when things don't get their way. Not only that, but they would also throw stuff at people every time they cause drama.
    • Anastasia (Or Anya) from the 1997 movie of the same name, also introduced in "Wild Freaks", became a Sociopathic, egotistical, and rude psychopath who cares about literally nothing but herself, not only that, but she is also now a prankster who likes to trick multiple people, but it's not funny. Hell, she went as far to put cocaine in Nicole Watterson's glass of milk and Sofya's cookies. She is even Meryl Hinton's best friend.
    • Croque (Animal Crossing) is now a French stereotype who eats snails everyday.
    • Kumachii (Phantomirage) became obsessed with Rastafari, smoking weed and reggae.
    • Himenyan (KiramekiPowers) is now an bumbling moron who blackmails Ness.
    • Even the characters from Vibrant Venture (who were introduced in Season 11) aren't safe from flanderization.
      • The Vibrants (Cardinal, Azura, Pistachio, and Banana) initially had infamous changes, including having a then-unexplained rivalry towards the Heroes of Maple. This rivalry would later be explained in Season 12.
        • Cardinal went from a skillful and brave fighter to an overly competitive, violent, and annoying sore loser who would pick fights on random people for no reason. He was also a raging alcoholic who swears like a sailor.
        • Azura became nothing more than a Gen Z and Twitter stereotype, although in the original game she was shy and intelligent. She was previously obsessed with trying to cancel people on Twitter just for her entertainment. Not to mention, she also had an unhealthy addiction to Super Doomspire, Splatoon, and MapleStory. Azura also worshipped the 2000s like it's her religion.
        • Pistachio was more of a Mean Popular Girl and a Mary Sue. She was also a girly-girl stereotype who acts sickeningly cute to emotionally manipulate people. However, she still has some likable moments.
        • Banana, despite being the most likable of the gang, became a butt-monkey.
        • However, they all retain their original personalities in Season 12.
      • Violastro went from a mischievous intergalactic magician to an overpowered ghetto stereotype and a Villain Sue who almost speaks entirely by rapping. He also overuses Gen Z lingo as if it's his entire vocabulary, most notably "devious lick." Unlike the Vibrants, his personality worsened in Season 12, where he became a perverted pimp. However, he has slightly improved in Season 13, where he's portrayed as a more menacing antagonist, but that's not saying much.
    • Speaking of the Heroes of Maple, despite their name, they (except Evan) have become sociopathic and destructive villains who have an unexplained rivalry towards the Vibrants. They were also introduced in Season 11.
      • Mercedes is another Mean Popular Girl stereotype and a spoiled brat. She has also became an incredibly bossy leader and a misandrist. As of Season 12, she glorifies South Korea and disregards its flaws.
      • Aran has become addicted to cocaine and abusive towards Eunwol/Shade. Not only is she cocaine-addicted and abusive, she also has an obsession with breakcore and gabber, and loves to blast her music in random places, even in quiet environments. Out of this group, Aran is the most annoying one because she screams all of her lines.
      • Phantom is more of a psychopathic thief and a spoiled rich man who likes to harass people of lower income just to assert his dominance. Not to mention, he is a Karma Houdini who harasses Luminous. He even went as far as to make a 500-page callout on him just for existing!
      • Luminous, despite being mistreated by Phantom, is no better than him. In fact, he is much worse thanks to his extreme bigotry and offensive remarks. Just like Aran, he always harasses Eunwol/Shade and makes fun of his burdens, even going as far as to shout "wrist check!"
      • Eunwol/Shade has been flanderized into an emo stereotype who complains about his life on a regular basis. He can also come off as emotionally manipulative.
      • Unlike the Vibrants, who have all improved as of Season 12, the Maple Heroes stayed the same.
    • Clanosuke (Miracle Tunes) now has his whining and brattiness cranked up to 11, making his tantrums annoying.
    • The Lolirock Princesses (From the French TV series Lolirock) became a huge joke of feminism, as they became literally just pandering girls to the point where they shove feminist SJW propaganda down the viewer's throats.
    • Poppun (Miracle Tunes) became brain-damaged to the point he says pun constantly.
    • Rocky (Miracle Tunes) now constantly rages at anyone who calls out Clanosuke.
    • Sopra (Miracle Tunes) is a stereotype for dysthymia who abuses substances.
    • Boo (Brave Bunnies) is now a huge brat who makes Ness cry.
    • Warupyoco (Lovepatrina) became a bumbling villain who is addicted to sugar.
    • Phoebe Thunderman is now a generic Mary Sue with psychotic tendencies.
    • Chicken Little from the 2005 movie of the same name is an annoying moron who has no purpose to be in this show and is only used for filler.
    • Pippi (EarthBound Beginnings), introduced in Season 12, became a supporter of poaching.
    • The Characters from The GrubHub Delivery Dance, like Chicken Little, have no purpose whatsoever and they're only used for filler.
    • Racist Mario from the infamous YouTube video of the same name became worse than he was and his personality was dialed up to 100, as he keep on sexually harassing people, brutally hurts everyone, saying racist slurs, and even attempts to murder someone. He is so bad that he makes Sara Sushi look tame in comparison.
    • Makkulala (KiramekiPowers) is now a huge jerk towards Alm.
    • Dr. Livesey is now addicted to rum and filler.
    • The band Your Favorite Martian isn't safe from flanderization either;
      • Puff Puff Humbert is now a smug jerk whose only purpose is to make mom jokes.
      • Benetar is now a punching bag.
      • DeeJay is now an offensive African American stereotype.
      • Axel Chains is now a rehash of Knuckles from Sonic Boom.
    • Princess Elena (from Elena of Avalor) introduced in Season 12, became a spoiled and whiny princess who doesn't even think twice before doing any action, and is also for some reason, a whiteknight of Meryl and Anastasia/Anya, as she defends them every time they both get called out.
    • Otomachi Una is now addicted to Zoloft, much to the annoyance of Ness.
    • The Monster High Ghouls also became flanderized as well.
      • Frankie Stein became a arrogant ghoul who would play music in front of people, and would torture anyone even when they didn't do something wrong.
      • Draculaura became a mean jerk who would throw things at people when she gets criticized, not only that but she would cuss at anyone when she doesn't get anything she wants.
      • Clawdeen Wolf became a moronic loon who is mostly obsessed with New York Street fashion, Taking pictures on Snapchat and makeup, as well as making cringe Instagram jokes.
      • Cleo de Nile became a pervert who would visit a strip club on a daily basis and would ask men to have sex with her. To the point of having an obsession of asking others to have sex with her.
      • Ghoulia Yelps became an annoying Mary Sue who would post pictures about how she loves her life on Instagram and would brag about how her life is perfect, which makes no sense as in the source material she can only speak in moans and groans yet in this show she talks. She also became a generic "mean popular girl".
      • Lagoona Blue became an horrible portrayal of depressed people, as she doesn't like her life and mostly listens to sad music, not only that but she is barely happy to the point where she refuses to join in.
    • Holli Would from the movie, Cool World, became an rude, selfish, and pure asshole to everyone, as she would ask people to have sex with her and if they refuse, then she would sexually harass that person on purpose, not only that, but she would throw a tantrum every time she gets called out.
    • Martin Prince (Simpsons) is now overly obsessed with AKB48.
    • Piper (Animal Crossing) became a psychotic Nayeon stan who would slap people.
    • Blue Executive (Super Doomspire), introduced in Season 12, became an obsessive simp over Miku Hatsune, to the point where he would go as far as threatening to commit genocide on her hatebase. His materialistic personality is still present, but it's cranked up to eleven here.
    • The Investors (Super Doomspire) are all wasted potential of becoming major antagonists. Instead, they have all become male counterparts to Karens, enabling and even supporting Blue Executive's actions.
    • Keaton (Animal Crossing) became a snooty and racist asshole who tortures Motu.
    • Some of the characters from Breaking Bad who were introduced in Season 13 act nothing like they did:
      • Walter White became a manchild who always cries when something he does fails.
      • Hank Schrader is now a corrupt D.E.A Agent who kills innocent people and arrest them for no good reason.
      • Marie Schrader despite being likeable is turned to a butt monkey and is only used for filler.
      • Skyler White became an incompetent and problematic wife.
      • Todd Alquist became a Gary Stu who always wins everytime he joined a contest or an event.
      • Hector Salamanca is now a Twenty One Pilots fanboy for some reason.
    • Scu Scu (Gailearai Scu Scu) is now a paranoid crack addict who defends Small for no reason.
    • Gearoid (An Siopa Ealaine) became a incompentent jackass who pepper sprays Mira and Kody.
    • Bruno (All Engines Go) became a spoiled brat who would spit at anyone.
    • Gakupo became a fart-joke enthusiast who drinks cider.
    • Yellow (Colourblocks) became an huge citrus addict who would kick people in the face.
    • Gamzee Makara, introduced in Season 12, is even more of a murderous zealot than he was in Homestuck. For some reason, he's friends with Violastro despite them having almost little to nothing in common aside from their purple motif and being based on entertainers (a clown and a magician respectively).
    • The Resistance (MapleStory) are also completely out of character.
      • Claudine now has a BDSM fetish, and forces the other members of the Crazy-Ass Group to join in on her sexual acts.
      • Checky is now angry all the time, and it's rare for them to show happiness.
      • Brighton became a perverted necrophile who would crack incredibly disturbing jokes, mainly involving deaths and real-world tragedies.
      • Belle now glorifies PETA and harasses Checky for being a furry.
      • Elex, despite having good intentions (wanting to eliminate pedophiles on-sight), became a misogynistic gay stereotype who can easily change his emotions on the flip of a dime, making him a horrible stereotype of people with bipolar disorder.
    • Daisy O'Brien (Chica Vampiro) became a very toxic One Direction fan who ruins childhoods.
    • Kenzie (Game Shakers) now became a energy drink addict who farts constantly.
  5. A lot of the humor in this show is either disgusting, offensive, inappropriate, cringe-inducing, crude, or overly random as it mainly consists of very low-brow humor, toilet humor and edgy jokes with an innumerable amount of pop-culture references being thrown in.
  6. Like The Wacky World of Tex Avery, the second season of George of the Jungle, Scaredy Squirrel and the dark age of SpongeBob Squarepants, there are way too many moments that are either weird, nonsensical, mean-spirited, disturbing, inappropriate or just serves no purpose to the plot whatsoever other than to pad out the runtime... and yes, we do mean WAY TOO MANY to even list. Examples include:
    • Roger constantly threatens to murder people, scam others for his own benefit and even kill people in multiple episodes, mostly involving him & Princess Peach (who he tricks into doing stuff for him).
    • Chowder throwing up a tennis ball at Dr. Mario's mouth in multiple episodes involving the latter.
    • Ren Höek burns a local bank down to find himself some gold for the group in the episode "The Awful Gold Rush". Couldn't he, at least, get himself a job instead of doing that?
    • Waluigi fat-shaming Quack, Richard Watterson, Pokey Minch, Motu, and Garfield in multiple episodes.
    • Maddie destroying Apple products in various episodes since Season 2.
    • Black Mamba P1 being shot dead by Baby Bonnie Hood in several episodes since Season 2.
    • Caillou & Peppa Pig getting grounded Vyond-style in multiple episodes.
    • Pokey Minch abusing Anais Watterson in multiple episodes.
    • Buttons P1 telling 99% of the group to suck her, eh, you know what I mean.
    • Loona constantly defended Kat even when he did something wrong.
    • Tokkori eating the Blues alive because he thought they were easter eggs.
    • Larry the Crocodile stalking Zebra in a KFC restaurant in the episode "The Fat Red Circle".
    • Peppa Pig blowing up in "Black Mamba P3’s Big Fetish!".
    • Yoshi pooping chocolate eggs in public at the park disgusting many children hunting for Easter eggs in the episode "Stimpy and the Golden Egg".
    • Alisa Bosconovitch kink-shaming Black Mamba P3, Captain Falcon, and Pokey Minch in "Nicole's Difference".
    • Ness pulling out his middle finger, and telling Nintendo to “suck on it” just for not releasing his game on Nintendo Switch Online in the episode, "The Good, The Bad, and The Jeff".
      • To add something, this would later become outdated a few months later, as EarthBound came out on Nintendo Switch Online in February 2022.
    • Felicia is seen twerking to "Loco" by Itzy in the episode "We’re Going to California?".
    • Black Mamba P1 telling 95% of the characters to have sex with her in Texas, as seen in the episode, "Make It Stop!".
    • Dizzy says the N-word multiple times in "The Hungry Games".
    • Alisa Bosconovitch sells illegal drugs to Ling Xiaoyu in "The Fat Red Circle", although Ling Xiaoyu refuses.
    • Nicole Watterson telling Black Mamba P2 to "get a fuckin’ life", screaming in an extremely loud voice (so loud that it can destroy your ears and speakers) after kicking her rear intensely, also seen in "The Good, The Bad, and The Jeff".
    • A random person (later turning out to be Roger as one of his personas) hitting Grimmy with a car, making him fly into the sun, also in the episode "The Fat Red Circle".
    • Wario, in a very vile way, gruesomely attacks a bunch of rabbits who are just minding their own business in the same episode titled "Stimpy and the Golden Egg". Yes, this happened.
    • Mr. Kat brings a hornet nest into the clubhouse in the episode "Playing with Hornets".
    • Motu and Patlu hosting a circus in "The Ultimate Randomfest", with Felicia working as a lion tamer, Ness working as a magician, Alisa Bosconovitch working as a jester, the dancers of Black Mamba working as acrobats, and Nicole Watterson working as a clown, while this song plays in the background.
    • Grimmy and Attila snorting cocaine in the school's bathroom (albeit off-screen), which got them expelled from school in the episode "Problems with PSAs".
    • Nicole Watterson declares herself to be "the evilest member of the group in the history of this crappy Show". Sure she may be bad, but there are actually more characters that have done worse things than her. Let alone in some episodes where she doesn't even do anything evil, making the scene pointless.
    • Bomb abusing a child who had ice cream and even killed his parents. They called him a bastard afterwards.
    • Hsien-Ko vandalizing several pages on Wikipedia in multiple episodes.
    • Flash Pose P2 throwing a temper tantrum in various episodes since Season 3.
    • In the episode "The Conker Stays in The Picture", Squidward impenitently called SpongeBob "cringe" (which made him cry) about an internet meme.
    • Paintbrush finds out that they gained weight while Mr. Kat laughs at them in "Big Fat Brush". What's worse is that almost everyone tries to make them gain even more weight or make fun of them for that while they try to lose weight.
    • Ice Bird committing suicide by falling on top of Firey to melt himself.
    • Felicia saying that the show should've been more family-friendly in "Nicole‘s Difference". Unfortunately that is really hypocritical since she is just a naked cat-woman with fur covering her breasts and legs. Not only that but the show isn’t even meant for children, so what's the point?
    • The ongoing gag of Nicole Watterson and Ness singing "Anaconda" by Nicki Minaj every time they look at Paintbrush’s rear in "Big Fat Brush". Also, Ahri tells them to stop singing the song, but they refuse to do so. It’s a bit disgusting when they sing this.
    • The aforementioned scene of Kat and Beast Boy sexually harassing some young women on the beach in "The Fat Red Circle".
    • Mighty starting a fire, stealing a vehicle and even trapping Nermal in a lion's cage in "Kitty Catastrophe". C’mon man, too far!
    • Nicole Watterson threatened to murder one of the members of the group (later revealed to be Ling Xiaoyu) even going as far as trying to go on a killing spree just because she found bones in her Detroit-style pizza in "Nicole’s Pizza Order". However, she fails and couldn't murder Ling. She even admitted that she regretted doing that.
    • A scene very similar to the infamous potions scene from Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed where Blake throws unknown science formulas, in "Black Mamba P3’s Big Fetish!".
    • The infamous scene of Felicia telling the group to leak her nudes, even going as far as to show Morrigan Aensland and Demitri Maximoff her OnlyFans video of where she is getting her breasts tickled by Banana Joe in "The Ultimate Randomfest!".
    • Hello Kitty calls Caillou "cancerous" for being bald and also claims that he is "so bald that she could recreate the opening of 2001: A Space Odyssey with his bald head" in "The Hungry Games".
    • There is literally an entire episode dedicated to toilets, called "Harry's Big Toilet Adventure", and the episode itself is just very tasteless and spells nothing more than filler.
    • Kumatora leaves everyone else behind in "A Very Shitty Halloween", just to become a member of Morning Musume where she dresses up as the Liseberg-Bunny.
    • Loona and Kat shoot up a school and then set it on fire in "Kitty Catastrophe". If that wasn't bad enough, they also attempt to get Fang killed by putting him in a pit with tigers.
    • Paintbrush being treated like a punching bag by the group in "Gender Neutral Potato". If that wasn't bad enough, Starfire attempted to cut their penis off on several occasions, just so she could mail it to Toad!
    • The infamous scene in "Toaster Bathtub" where Mr. Kat placed a toaster near the bathtub while Fang was taking a bath.
    • Nicole Watterson told most of the characters to "shut their fucking mouths", while she was ordering an Extra Large Buffalo Chicken Pizza with Cheese Stuffed Bread in the Episode "We’re Going to California?", which felt unnecessary.
    • A very disgusting scene in "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?" involving Meg Griffin shooting up an elementary school and killing 10 innocent 1st-grade students, 4 innocent kindergarten students, and 3 teachers, which makes it worse when you find out that the episode was released on December 14, 2021, which was on the 9th anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre, as matter of fact, the episode even acknowledges it by having Meg Griffin yell out "This is for you, Adam Lanza!".
    • Bubbles jumping into a volcano filled with beer to get himself drunk.
    • Bluey claims that she doesn't care that Bingo got shot at the Elementary School in "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?".
    • Maddie says that Wilbert Awdry deserved to die also in the episode, "We’re Going to California?", which is disrespecting the people who passed away, in other words, the dead.
    • Loona throwing a temper tantrum all because Chirp tied Mr. Kat to the roof of the clubhouse in "The Kat on the Roof", even going as far as to throw Chirp off a balcony.
    • Numberblock 1 firing a laser through Meta Knight thus killing him.
    • Nicole Watterson sniffing cocaine and claiming it to be "cane sugar" in "Nicole is High?".
    • Quack opening a theme park in which everything is ducks in "Quackland".
    • Mario and Luigi diving in a pool of spaghetti in "Mario and Luigi Time!".
    • Mr. Kat and Bloo fighting over a picture of Frankie Foster's breasts in "Foster's Home for Dirty Partners".
    • Ness accidentally drinks a potion that Boss Witch made, causing him to transform into a girl, in "The Girl Potion".
    • The very infamous scene with Bobby Blimper and the POE Heroes having their fetishes and enjoying it causes Quack to run away in "Bobby Blimper's Balloon Fetish".
    • Nicole Watterson inflating into a blueberry after accidentally chewing blueberry gum, which filled Richard in disgust, seen in "Black Mamba P3’s Big Fetish!". Fortunately, she reverts back to normal at the end of the episode.
    • Mr. Kat becomes pregnant in "Pregnant Kat". If that wasn't bad enough, the scene where he gives birth in Loona's car is incredibly disturbing.
    • Donkey Ollie trying to become a meme in "The Ultimate Randomfest!".
    • Flash Pose P1 throwing Caillou off a skyscraper in Hong Kong, over an accidental remark in "The Ultimate Randomfest!". Which is too far!
    • Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo, along with Toon Link and Anais Watterson, go to McDonald's and order 20 happy meals, with Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo playing Among Us during their meal, while Toon Link and Anais get trolled in the play place by Ronald McDonald in "The EarthBound Chosen Four, Toon Link, and Anais' Funtime!".
    • Katie Ka-Boom set her fellow club members on fire in various episodes.
    • Mr. Kat is badly tormented in "Suicide Kat". What's worse is that the scene where he commits suicide is one of the most disturbing moments in the entire show.
    • Pokey Minch creating a strip club, and hiring several girls in "Pokey Minch’s Strip Club". Here, Anais Watterson (who mostly gets abused by him), gets spanked in the club, which is gross, and pedophilia considering that she is only 4 years old.
    • Mr. Kat and Loona have a tea party with Elmyra, Furball, and Sweetie in "Tea with Elmyra".
    • Nicole Watterson somehow turns hyper after drinking coffee in "Nicole is High?".
    • Red rage quit on the first level of Super Mario Bros NES and then drives a chainsaw through Spongy (BFDI) and Wolfoo when they came for the "Big Cola Drink", even going as far as to eat their organs.
    • Ness committing arson with PK Fire at a Korean BBQ restaurant in "Super Smash Bros: Crap Edition".
    • Buttons P1 singing "Liar" by Bigklit in "The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Musical".
    • Mr. Kat and Loona twerking to a bird in "The Ultimate Randomfest!".
    • Nicole Watterson dressing up as a belly dancer and slapping her butt in front of Kirby in "Another Trip to Texas?".
    • Paintbrush destroying a rabbit hutch and then killing all of the rabbits in "The Ultimate Randomfest!".
    • Mr. Peabody always trying to constantly kill Sherman. There's an episode even dedicated to this called "Sherman Dies".
    • Patrick asks Catrina for an iced latte with breast milk in "Paintbrush's Sister".
    • Lili De Rochefort wearing a playboy bunny suit in the public and twerking in front of Aang in "Macaroni Feloni".
    • Fan pushing an anvil on Matilda while she was sleeping, just to get an egg, which instead killed both of them (because Matilda exploded) and they never returned until 2 episodes later.
    • Zafina steals Nicole Watterson’s TV and Refrigerator while singing "CPR" by Cupcakke, only for Nicole to scream "You’re in so Much Trouble!" in a very loud voice in "Batshit Alastor".
    • Ness and Alisa Bosconovitch role-playing as Spider-Man and Elsa in "Ness and Alisa’s Roleplay".
    • Paintbrush vomiting in "Buttons P1's Bigger Fetish!".
    • Isabela Madrigal blowing an airhorn in Dolores Madrigal's ears in "Batshit Alastor".
    • Paintbrush making out with Blood Moon in "Paintbrush Loves Blood Moon", which is incest and necrophilia because Blood Moon was one of Paintbrush's distant ancestors.
    • Naruto and Paddington panting and howling every time they see Loona’s breasts in "Paintbrush Loves Blood Moon".
    • Chris McLean making everyone else jump off a cliff in "Chris McDick".
    • Paula Jones/Polestar blasting "Dreams Come True" by Aespa on the speakers in "Batshit Alastor".
    • Fan cutting off his own penis and mailing it to Matilda in "Matilda Sucks!" in a similar fashion to Peter cutting hs penis and mailing it to Brian.
    • Ness forcing Fang, Build a Babe, and Caillou to step on glass barefooted while Kirby is getting tickled by Alisa in "FuckBound".
    • There is literally an entire episode dedicated to the "Bruce, it's been five years, you still owe me 16 dollars." meme. Titled "The 16 Dollars".
    • Alastor and Randy Marsh fighting about who should get the most screentime in "Screentime Battles!".
    • Mira dressing up as Taeyeon in "Macaroni Feloni".
    • Ness and Alisa getting high after drinking coffee from Dutch Bros in "FuckBound".
    • Flash Pose P2 fights with Yumeko Jabami over Elsagate and Happy Tree Friends in "Elsagate VS HTF".
    • Randy and Alastor getting drunk in "Ass Out".
    • Mira hitting Caillou with a BTS Light Stick in "Mira’s Game".
    • Nicole Watterson stealing everyone’s Peeps and Cadbury Eggs in "A Very Stupid Easter".
    • Loona getting almost publicly assaulted sexually by Darkos at KFC in "Loona vs. Darkos".
    • Darkos devouring Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, Private and Short Fuse in "Darkos, Seal and Penguins".
    • Alastor calling Iggy Pop "stupid singer butt" in "Who's Iggy Pop?".
    • Ness and Alisa shouting "It’s Ness Time!".
    • In one episode, Jayfeen murders 2 elderly men. He stabs one and suffocates the other with a liquid cloth.
    • In the 2-hour special, it is shown that most of the characters (or at least most of them) routinely go to Dr. Eggman’s house to drink, party, vandalize the walls, and have sex. This caused Eggman to try to destroy the Earth in hopes they would die with it, though he did abandon the idea at the end of the special.
    • There is literally an entire episode dedicated to the "What comes after 69? Mouthwash" joke called "Bullcrap Math Answer".
    • Mr. Kat shows Cinderella and Rapunzel's feet pics (that he leaked) on the big projection screen in front of the entire Crazy-Ass Group assembly in "Mr Mouse Down Bad".
      • The entire episode is basically dedicated to Mickey Mouse obsessing over Cinderella and Rapunzel’s feet, which is, surprise surprise, one of the many gross-out episodes of the series.
    • The scene of Minecraft Steve fishing for "lost Netflix DVDs" in "Shrek Gets Booted From Netflix".
    • Patrick Star making a wrecking-ball in "Destroying the Fourth Wall".
    • Ness attempts to kill the roach with his baseball bat but failing multiple times while Lili and Talim are talking about the roach being gross, in "Lili vs. The Cockroach".
    • Ireland brutally killing Belarus and poisoning Latvia by tricking him into thinking that’s fresh potatoes, in "Another Filler Episode".
    • Killer Moth assassinating the president of Italy while the group was in Italy, in "The Italian Lockdown".
    • Alastor getting a rat for Randy and Randy naming him "Hot Bacon" in "Randy's Pets". Later on, Paintbrush ends up eating Hot Bacon.
    • Brazil having extreme sex with the Japanese Empire, in "Another Filler Episode".
    • Brazil defending Starch Brotherhood: The Series in "Cutaway Runaway".
    • The running gag of Tea Kettle snorting drugs (especially cocaine, meth, and phencyclidine) in "Who's that Crack Lord? It's Tea Kettle!".
    • Juri Han asking a Dutch Bros employee for 30 Caramelizer Dutch Freezes, 25 Annihilator Dutch Freezes, 20 Americanos, 15 Cotton Candy Dutch Frosts, 10 cold brews, and 5 kicker Dutch classics in "How Many Coffee did Juri Han Drink?".
    • Ness calling Prince Poo "Mr. Shit-Head" in "For Crap's Sake, Ness!".
    • A rather controversial scene from the episode "Sneakily Aggravated Mr. Kat and an Idiotically Mischievous Caillou in: “The Curse of the Early Summer Meal Gathering” + Mario and Luigi" in which Blake and Helen Henny (shown in her Cheerleader design) are heard erotically moaning, followed by a scene of Blake saying to Chuck E. (in his Avenger design) that he just had sex with his girlfriend, implying that Blake engaged in bestiality.
    • The episode "Black Mamba P3's Turn" is dedicated completely to blueberry fetishes, yes, it is.
    • Lynn Loud Jr. throwing a baseball at a hotel in Atlanta in "Electric Boogaloo: A Crappy Night in Atlanta".
    • Papi leaking Popee's nudes on Twitter in "The Nudes", which is not only pedophilia, but it got not only this episode, but the entire show banned in Ukraine.
    • Randy and Alastor getting high on weed in "Tegridy Radios".
    • Baseball showing his penis to random people in "How Big is Baseball's Dong?".
    • Lilith Aensland saying the f-word and abusing Alisa Bosconovitch over 200 times in "Babysitter Alisa".
    • Lili De Rochefort and Talim getting drunk at a Irish pub in "Sweet 200".
    • The infamous scene in "Prison Kinda Sucks" where Kabbu eats Leif's feces for 30 seconds straight. We aren't joking. Obviously (and fortunately), it's censored in all airings of the episode.
    • The running gag of Karin Kanzuki breaking everything (especially glass and old fragile stuff) in "Karin Breaks Everything!".
    • Beast Boy whining all because Paintbrush ate his giant strawberry in "A Very Hungry Paintbrush".
    • Randy and Alastor finding an old school bus in "Randy and Alastor's School Bus".
    • Lilith Aensland and Amy Sorel abusing Ness and Alisa Bosconovitch in "The Amy and Lilith Hour".
    • Zorak sexually harassing Paintbrush in "Zorak Likes Hermaphrodites".
    • Wrath struggling to type out the episode title on a slider phone (i.e. a T-Mobile Sidekick) at the start of "The Adventure Truly Begins: Part 1".
    • South Korea and Japan doing "Don't Be Suspicious" on Belarus' iPhone when Belarus said no in "Wah and Tacos".
    • North Korea and South Korea doing a cringe-worthy Friday Night Funkin' battle.
    • The notorious scene in "The Yiff with Rattata Kid" where Black Mamba P3 made a video of her, Rattata Kid, and Alisa Bosconovitch erotically moaning in the bathroom, then telling Ness (in his Black and yellow outfit) that she "fucked" his best friend.
    • Baby Shark vandalizing Ness and Alisa's statue in "Shitty Shark".
    • Donovan Baine taking pictures of Felicia's feet and even sending it to the entire Crazy-Ass Group Discord server in "Donovan Loves Felicia's Feet".
    • Ness getting drunk on Vodka once again in "FuckBound 6: Getting Drunk on Vodka 2.0".
    • Cassandra Alexandra stripping naked on stage while TWICE was preforming in "Concert Catastrophe".
    • Silver Spoon dressing up as Adolf Hitler in "Hitler and the Klansmen".
    • Lilith Aensland singing "The Fat Controller" in "Lilith Fucks Up Again!".
    • Bloo, Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo, Pokey Minch, Brad Burns, and Donatina arguing over a picture of April O'Neil's breasts in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Perverts".
    • Positions P4's tickle torturing people in her factory in "Positions P4's Tickle Factory".
    • Stumpy urinating on a bird nest in "Alastor is Batshit Again?!".
    • Meryl Hinton stripping naked and going crazy in "Wild Freaks".
    • Waluigi making taco flavored cotton candy in "Taco Cotton Candy".
    • Violastro performing "devious licks" by destroying random places with his magic back in Season 11, all complete with the sped-up version of Lil B's Ski Ski!
    • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles using Midnight Bliss on literally everyone in the entire group in "Raped By The Midnight Bliss".
    • There's an episode dedicated to things related to Apples and Bananas, yes, that's literally the plot, It's called "Apples and Bananas Day".
    • Travis Fields making Porn graffiti in "Horny for Graffiti".
    • Cardinal randomly beating up innocent people for no reason back in Season 11.
    • Phantom and Luminous harassing people who they would consider "poor" by calling them offensive slurs.
    • Palutena throwing a bag of cockroaches at Iris (Lolirock) in "Ness is Batshit?!".
    • Yin Yang vandalizing places in "Tao Vandals".
    • Ness drinking a growth potion in a bottle in "Ness Becomes a Giant".
    • The Black Mamba Dancers treating Ness as a punching bag and telling him to gain more weight in "Fat Ness".
    • Ness and Bubbles having a drinking contest to see who gets more drunk in "The Drunk Contest".
    • Anna (from Frozen) recording a video of Elsa having sex with 15 other characters, including minors and uploading it to YouTube, in "Elsa and Anna Makes a Porno".
    • Racist Mario sexually harassing and being racist to several members in the group in "Racist Mario Hates Everyone".
    • Stimpy drawing Ness naked in "PK Toaster Penis".
    • Yin Yang, and Cheri Bomb, along with Travis Fields vandalizing things with inappropriate graffiti in "The Three Vandals of Graffiti".
    • Ness diving into a pool of vodka in "It's EarthBound Time!".
    • Holli Would trying to shove a stake up in Paintbrush's butt in "Holli Would If She Couldn't".
    • Fan worshipping Osama Bin Laden on his birthday (which is the same day the the September 11 attacks occurred) on "9/11 Birthday Disaster". Sure, some people's birthdays is on September 11th, but just because your birthday is on that date doesn't mean you can do that!
    • The Buc-ee's beaver saying the r-slur in "Crona is Gone!".
    • Blue Executive forming a Miku Hatsune cult and forcing people with blue hair to join in the Season 13 episode "Cult of the Miku."
    • Gamzee Makara (and rarely Violastro) going on a murder spree in several episodes.
  7. Like Teen Titans Go! and Scaredy Squirrel, many of the morals and life lessons are just downright terrible. Yes, we get that these are meant to be satire, or have the use of irony or sarcasm, but there is still a fair chance that some people may take these out of context. This includes:
    • "The Awful Gold Rush", "Don Weaso" and "Stimpy and the Golden Egg" teaches that robbing/stealing is okay.
    • "The Conker Stays in the Picture" teaches that framing people for a crime that they didn't commit can make you popular.
    • "The Fat Red Circle" teaches that legal laws don't mean anything and it's okay to break them.
    • "Problems with PSAs" teaches that doing drugs is okay.
    • "Don Weaso" & "Roger Goes Up!" teaches that scamming patrons can help you earn a quick profit.
    • "The Good, The Bad, and The Jeff" states that complaining constantly is fine.
    • "U-Ass-A!" teaches that being racist/xenophobic is only a harmless joke.
    • "Puzzling Reports" teaches that you don't need to solve any problems or help anyone because they just want attention. What if there's a fire at a restaurant and the owner desperately needs someone to put it out before it gets destroyed, are you just going to ignore them?
    • "The Rat Pack" teaches that gangster activity, including bullying, is completely fine.
    • "And The Loser Is..." teaches that it's OK to commit hit and run, just because you came 2nd place in a Go-Kart race.
    • "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?" states that if you are bullied and/or are suffering from depression and/or anxiety, then you should start a school shooting.
    • "Gender Neutral Potato" blatantly encourages sexism and teaches that gender equality doesn't exist, let alone the episode being flat-out offensive.
    • "Ducks 4 Life" literally states that ducks are the only good things on Earth, while everyone else is evil.
    • "The Awful Gold Rush" and "What a Gift" shows that threatening people/throwing temper tantrums can get you what you want.
    • "Nobody's Dirtier than Mr. Kat" teaches that sexual harassment is okay.
    • "Big Fat Brush", "Maddie the Fat Bitch", and "Fat Ness" all state that fat-shaming is okay.
    • "We’re Going to California?" states that you can do whatever you want with no trouble at all, even if you end up causing drama.
    • "Nicole’s Pizza Order" teaches viewers that it’s okay to blame people for something just because you got the wrong Pizza order even though they did nothing wrong.
    • "Make It Stop!" tells viewers that if you like K-pop then you are an idiot, and if you hate K-pop, you can get millions of dollars, which sounds rather far-fetched. It’s okay if you like or dislike K-pop, but not when it’s put out like this.
    • "Playing with Hornets" teaches that it is okay to play with dangerous insects.
    • "Nicole's Difference" teaches that kink-shaming is okay.
    • "Elon Gated Grandpa Tables" shows that disrespecting your elders is okay.
    • "Maddie and the Evil Amtrak Train" teaches viewers to harass people for no reason even though they didn't do anything wrong.
    • "Suicide Kat" teaches that it is okay to torment someone to the point of committing suicide.
    • "Back In The Days" teaches that the past is much better than the present.
    • "Loona vs. Darkos" teaches that being an asshole towards someone who is an asshole towards you helps.
    • "Karin Breaks Everything!" teaches that breaking stuff is fine.
    • "The Great Las Piñas Hoarding" shows and teaches the audience that hoarding is good for you.
    • "Horrid Henry's Festival" teaches that you should torture people because they reject your ideas.
    • "Elsa and Anna Makes a Porno" encourages that making pornography out of others is good for you.
    • "Rock 'n Roll McDonalds Mall Adventure!" encourages the audience to harass minimum-wage workers and store patrons, along with over-eating unhealthy food and destroying property.
    • "SM Moms of Asia" and "Long Live the Queen" shows that disrespecting the dead is okay
  8. Some of the episode titles are either lazy or face-palming stupid, especially the aforementioned "The Gambull and Dawrin Adventure Hour", in which the names look more like typos.
  9. This show often panders to audiences, trying desperately to be hip and trendy with the use of TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, as well as overrated (if not dead) memes.
  10. Blatant use of product placement, such as the aforementioned TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Coca-Cola, Vevo, Juicy Juice, Chuck E. Cheese, Happy's Pizza, HBO Max (a streaming service from Warner Bros, which distributed this), Nintendo, Windows XP, Disney, JCPenny, DeviantArt, Raising Cane's, Dutch Bros, Hilton, BB's Tex-Orleans, Buc-ee's, Chick-fil-A, Olive Garden, Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21, Cinemark, KFC, Taco Bell, Tesco, Walmart, Monster Energy, Jack Daniel's, Pringles, Haribo, Javy coffee, Target, Doritos, Sony (and by extent PlayStation through cameo appearances of their older consoles, Orlin Home uses Sony Alpha cameras and vintage Trinitron TVs can be seen all over San Los AngelAntonioyorkytro), Anker, Raid Shadow Legends, Samsung, Tesla, Apple, Uniqlo, Balmuda, Goodwill, Nissan, Lay's, Arby's, Pixiv, Asus, GameStop, Ben Shaws Drinks, Breyers, Totino's, Dunkin', Wingstop, Big Red, Starbucks, Dairy Queen, Hallmark, Discovery Channel, Panda Express, and more.
  11. The action scenes, in a few episodes, can be rather lackluster at best, as some of the villains are pretty weak and do lots of stupid moves that are more groan-inducing than cool.
  12. Over-usage of ethnic stereotypes, including Mexican, Italian, Brazilian, Russian, British, Chinese, and Japanese ones, which can be very offensive to people who are of either the ethnic figures mentioned earlier.
  13. Poorly-written dialogue for the characters. See below.
  14. While the voice acting is decent, it can get really hammy at times. Some of the dubs aren’t that great either.
    • In June of 2022, a cancelled British English dub was leaked online, which was later discovered to be an ongoing production since as early as when Season 2 was still broadcasting in the U.S as a direct-to-video production. The dub itself is very mediocre as it recasts every single character (with a few exceptions). While it works perfectly on some characters such as Thomas, the Fireman Sam characters and the Can-Do Crew, it should be worth noting that more than 95% of the characters do not have a separate UK voice actor in their home franchises.
  15. It even managed to get its own video game out of all things, and it's just as bad (some even say it's worse) as this show.
  16. A good majority of the soundtrack is usually just copyrighted songs, mainly an unhealthy mix of songs from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, and the 2010s, with there being usages of songs just for the sake of the show being known for having them in there, some songs include "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Take On Me", "Never Gonna Give You Up", "Karma Chameleon", "I Will Always Love You", "I Will Survive", "Like a Boss", "Bring Me to Life", "Total Eclipse of the Heart", "You're The First, The Last, My Everything", "My Heart Will Go On", "Mr. Blue Sky", "Tubthumping", "Ice Ice Baby", "We Are The Champions", "All About That Bass", "Marvin Gaye", "Barbie Girl", "YMCA", "Macarena", "Baby", "Gangnam Style", "Firework", "Poker Face", "U Can't Touch This", "Danza Kuduro", "Gasolina", "Black Beatles", "Take It Easy", "Stoner", "Ballin'", "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)", "Baby Shark", "Party Rock Anthem", "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)", "Rock Lobster", "Sweet Child O' Mine", "Caramelldansen", "Smooooch・∀・ (and without permission from Kors K to boot!)", "Numb (though in such a way that disrespects Chester Bennington)", "Welcome to the Black Parade", "Sugar, We're Goin' Down", "Down With the Sickness", "Sky 2 High", etc. This would be toned down heavily by season 5.
    • Speaking of which, some episodes with these songs also have really pointless guest appearances of various singers and songwriters, and they're only there to promote one of their aforementioned songs. Some examples include Brian May, Jeff Lynne, Elton John, Rick Astley, Meghan Trainor, Charlie Puth, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Vanilla Ice, Fall Out Boy, etc.
  17. This show tends to shove some unnecessary political stuff and propaganda, while most of it is done for satire and comedy, some of it is propaganda and is overall unneeded. An example of this are the Lolirock Princesses, who are just a huge joke of feminism.
  18. As stated earlier, Season 2, while way better than Season 1, was more focused on Roger, as he got the most screen-time and episode plots, though this would later be toned down by the next season.
    • Besides Roger, Nicole was the character who got the most screen-time and episode plots in Season 2.
    • It also introduced new characters who are more unlikable than Quack and Sheen, the POE Heroes (POE-Tan, GH-Man, Bobby Blimper, and Archi-Man). Yes, really, who are nothing but sadists who love to torture almost everyone (especially Quack and Peep).
      • Likewise, the POE Heroes are said to be superheroes but rarely save anyone and mostly cause chaos instead. They never even get any consequences for the destruction they've caused.
        • Also, isn’t POE kinda inactive nowadays? Didn’t it die down sometime recently?
    • Similarly, Season 4B (and to some extent, season 5) was more focused on Maddie, as she got the most screen-time and episode plots, although this was toned down in season 5 because she got her own spin-off series.
    • As we already mentioned, season 5 heavily overuses characters from Disney/Pixar movies, as well as Marinette, Alastor, and Lucky Chloe as they appear in nearly every episode. Although, this is understandable for the former, as Disney-ABC Domestic Television had co-produced the show in season 5-7. The show itself even points this out with a scene of Blake complaining about it in "Maddie The Fat Bitch" and a scene of Blake saying that if he sees Alastor, Lucky Chloe & Mei Lee one more time, he would leave the group in "Matilda Sucks!". Seasons 6-11 as well as Season 13 also heavily overuse Alastor and Randy Marsh. Season 12 also heavily overuses Ness, as well as The other EarthBound/Mother characters.
    • An infamous issue with the series is that are WAY too many Art's Animations characters, especially since season 7. This has gotten to the point where some viewers have nicknamed season 9 "Oops! All Art's Animations Characters!", though they were all removed by season 10.
  19. This show is filled to the brim with bad to mediocre episodes, such as:
    • The Conker Stays in the Picture
    • The Fat Red Circle
    • The Awful Gold Rush
    • Stimpy and the Golden Egg
    • Problems with PSAs
    • Don Weaso
    • U-Ass-A!
    • Puzzling Reports
    • The Rat Pack
    • Roger's Club
    • And The Loser Is...
    • Rats!
    • The Good, The Bad, and The Jeff
    • Gender Neutral Potato
    • Ducks 4 Life
    • What a Gift
    • Nicole's Pizza Order
    • Nobody's Dirtier than Mr. Kat
    • Kitty Catastrophe
    • Harry's Big Toilet Adventure
    • Roger Goes Up!
    • Big Fat Brush
    • POE-Tan's Lucky Charms!
    • Toaster Bathtub
    • We’re Going to California? (one of the worst episodes of the show)
    • Make It Stop!
    • A Crappy Thanksgiving
    • Nicole's Difference
    • Quackland
    • Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? (another episode that is considered to be one of the absolute worst)
    • Sherman Dies
    • The Hungry Games
    • The Kat on the Roof
    • Bobby Blimper's Balloon Fetish (also counts as the worst)
    • Playing with Hornets (which started season 4 on a bad note)
    • The Ultimate Randomfest
    • Black Mamba P3’s Big Fetish!
    • Maddie and The Evil Amtrak Train (another episode that counts as the worst)
    • Sixty-Nine Below
    • The Crazy-Ass Group Special: Maddie's Sicko Festival (arguably the worst episode of the show)
    • Suicide Kat
    • The Quarrel (yet another episode that counts as the worst)
    • Maddie's Game Show
    • Who Shot The God-Pigeon, Walter!?
    • Run Away with Me, Furball
    • When I Get Trolled by Some Random Normies
    • Pokey Minch’s Strip Club (one of the most controversial episodes, which also caused the whole show to be banned in Turkey)
    • Another Trip to Texas?
    • The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Musical
    • A Very Crappy Christmas
    • One Year Of Chaos (which ended season 4 on a terrible note)
    • Paintbrush's Sister (which started season 5 on a poor note)
    • No More Trains (an episode that is mostly filler)
    • Macaroni Feloni
    • Buttons P1's Bigger Fetish!
    • Ness and Alisa’s Roleplay
    • Animals Inside Clothing
    • The N is for Nicole
    • Ness Da Best
    • Buttercrap Lucky Chloe
    • Skyward (mainly Gio Compario's subplot since it takes up way more time than the main plot)
    • Everyone I Don't Like is a Cretin
    • Batshit Alastor
    • Breast And Butt Tickle
    • Back In The Days
    • Meg Destroys Kat
    • Corned Beef
    • Doki Goes to Pizza Hut
    • Chris McDick
    • Paintbrush Loves Blood Moon
    • Maddie the Fat Bitch (mainly the main plot)
    • Sherman Dies 3
    • Nicole Finally Goes Away (a mostly pointless episode)
    • Loona's Crapfest!
    • Shuffleboarding
    • Matilda Sucks!
    • Team Doki Gets Kicked Out
    • FuckBound
    • Teen Titans Go! is Problematic
    • She's Finally Gone (A Misleading episode claiming about Maddie's last major appearance in the main show, when it's not)
    • Shut Up, Loona!
    • Mighty and Knuckles
    • Screentime Battles!
    • Elsagate VS HTF
    • Please Stop spamming PK Fire, Ness!
    • Just Buy a New Prius!
    • Randy's School
    • Paula’s Epic Aespa Merch Tour
    • Pinky's Whopper (which ended Season 5 on a poor note)
    • Ass Out
    • One Crappy Evening
    • Today’s Special: Patrick’s a Prick
    • The Crappy Awards Ceremony
    • Mira’s Game
    • The Randy Days
    • It’s Ness Time!
    • Nicole’s Bullcrap Adventure
    • The 16 Dollars
    • Patrick at Taco Bell
    • Elon Gated Grandpa Tables
    • The Mira at the Block
    • A Very Stupid Easter
    • Randy and Alastor's Dance
    • Loona vs. Darkos
    • Onceler and Pedros Grand Demise
    • Darkos, Seal and Penguins
    • Damn it, Randy!
    • Die, Disney! (another filler episode, which ended season 6 on a terrible note in US airing order)
    • Crazy-Ass Group 2-Hour Season Premiere (Which started Season 7 on a poor note)
    • Bullcrap Math Answer (which almost got the show banned in Thailand, also considered to be one of the worst episodes of the show)
    • The Disappearance of Black Mamba P3
    • Finders Sweepers
    • Alastor and Randy Go to Toys "R" Us!
    • Two Darkos'
    • Rubber Banana
    • Alastor Breaks His Leg
    • Coco Has the Bandicooties!
    • Bouquet Fight
    • Mr. Mouse Down Bad (Yet again another episode that counts as the worst)
    • Shrek Gets Booted From Netflix (another filler episode)
    • Destroying the Fourth Wall
    • Cypriot Ganders
    • The Overside in Albania
    • Paintbrush Gets Diarrhea! (Mainly the main plot)
    • The Italian Lockdown (once again, another episode that counts as the worst)
    • Lili vs. The Cockroach
    • Randy's Pets
    • Cutaway Runaway
    • Roley vs. K-pop Stans
    • Another Filler Episode (the title says it all, also one of the worst episodes of the show)
    • Paintbrush's Junk
    • Kit Casey's Malice in Larnaca
    • Lost in Montenegro
    • All the Hype in Macedonia
    • Splatoon For Idiots
    • The 200th Episode Festival
    • Prague Party
    • Alastor and Randy's Premiere (which started Season 8 on a mediocre note)
    • Roger Goes Shopping
    • Keys to the Clubhouse
    • Roley vs. Billie Eilish Stans (sequel episode)
    • Who's that Crack Lord? It's Tea Kettle!
    • Of Creator's Pets and Flanders
    • S.O.S Bratislava
    • Felicia's Night in Portugal
    • How Much Coffee did Juri Han Drink?
    • To RandyWorld We Go!
    • Kpop And Earthbound Fanatic's SNES Heist
    • Giygas Meets The Crazy-Ass Group
    • Problematic Chat
    • Bakugou vs. Nicole
    • The Clubhouse is on Fire!
    • Gooey D.W
    • Beast Boy's Addiction
    • Meet the Emperor
    • Suction Cup Joke
    • The Crazy Group Babies
    • Juri Han's Coffee Shop
    • Sneakily Aggravated Mr. Kat and an Idiotically Mischievous Caillou in: “The Curse of the Early Summer Meal Gathering” + Mario and Luigi
    • Party2Brighton
    • For Crap's Sake, Ness!
    • Randy and Alastor's Ice Cream Truck
    • Paula vs. The Internet
    • Black Mamba P3's Turn (the episode with the worst dialogue in the entire show, also one of the worst episodes of the entire show)
    • Scratch In A Nutshell (the second half's plot)
    • Electric Boogaloo: A Crappy Night in Atlanta
    • Lynn Loud Jr. vs Josie Rizal
    • Ness the Idiotic TWICE Stan
    • Splatoon For Idiots 2 (also known as Splatoon For Idiots: Octo Expansion)
    • A Boring Day on a Nostalgic-Ass Playground (which nearly got the show banned in France, also one of the worst episodes of the entire show)
    • Yellow Canary Mine
    • The Nudes (which got the show banned in Ukraine)
    • Juice that Makes your Dick Explode
    • Splatoon For Idiots 3
    • Terrance Invasion
    • So Many Pigeons!
    • Lucky Chloe goes to the Restroom (Mainly the main plot)
    • FuckBound 2: Ness Visits Starbucks
    • Randy's Pizza Delivery
    • In Concert We Trust
    • Spoiled Spoon
    • Raging Marinette Red Revenge
    • Who is High on Sugar?
    • Tegridy Radios
    • Golden Spilled Crap
    • Cube's Trip To Exeter
    • Horrid Henry Against Aespa Stans
    • Fuck the Classic Titans!
    • How Big is Baseball's Dong?
    • Fish Per Anger
    • Randy & Alastor's Corn Dog Bus
    • Babysitter Alisa
    • Randy Goes to the Con
    • Ness at Raising Cane's
    • Sweet 200
    • The Return of Team Doki
    • Sweet Home Trip to Alabama! (which nearly got the show banned in Sri Lanka, also one of the worst episodes of the entire show)
    • The Menopause of Chabwick
    • Paula's Rainbow Tunnel
    • Love for Life in San Antonio
    • Randy Gets Eaten
    • Randy and Alastor's School Bus (which ended Season 8 on a poor note)
    • The Crazy-Ass Group Mobile (which started Season 9 on a mediocre note)
    • Randomness Of Hebereke
    • Philomelian Zorkazoid Lester Crest
    • Artless Dodgers
    • Karin Breaks Everything!
    • New Shoes, Who This
    • A Very Hungry Paintbrush
    • The Vengeful Dissaperance of Wendy’s
    • Uncanny Strides
    • Giygas Scares Lilith
    • Blake Goes Back Home (a Blake torture episode)
    • Lily Tries To Get Helen
    • I Was a Teenage Countryball
    • Üblen Meatball
    • Causeway to Nowhere
    • The Amy and Lilith Hour (infamous for being Ness and Alisa torture porn)
    • Zorak Likes Hermaphrodites
    • An Awful Trip to Mexico!
    • Ness vs. Setsuka
    • Lynn Loud Jr.'s Order
    • Roadside Diners Per Mile
    • Tea Kettle and Silver Spoon's Crap Day
    • Glow on the Green
    • Lyle Loopty Mania
    • The Adventure Truly Begins (which is considered by fans to be the most boring episode of the series)
    • Who Wants to Go to the Nutshack?
    • Embers of Winterbourne
    • Pancreas Partying
    • Sleepover At Maka's
    • Who Ate All of the Detergent Pods? (a cancelled episode leaked on June 29, 2022 which was shelved for fairly obvious reasons)
    • Euphoric Freemasons
    • Halloween In July
    • Randy & Alastor's Pub
    • Whoops, All Ribbons!
    • Kebab President
    • How to Stub Your Toe 2.0 (which is just that)
    • Lessons About Building Levels Epicly
    • Lili's Ultimate Night
    • Caravan Voyage
    • My Crappy Wedding
    • The Irish Disaster (which nearly got the show banned in Pakistan, also considered to be one of the worst episodes of the show)
    • Bye, Bye, Darkos!
    • A Shitty Night at Houston
    • Getting The Cucumber Relish Out
    • The Way Powder Goes
    • What's the Clutch, Alastor?
    • Pop on Hop
    • Trinity Valley
    • Crazy in Shit
    • Glorrieta Dungeon
    • Ivy Meets the President
    • Paula at Starbucks
    • The Yiff with Rattata Kid
    • Occupy Thorney Toll
    • Shitty Shark
    • Sid Samamel The Supus Sitadel
    • Anakin's Knee Extender
    • Kpop Fanatic in The Fetish Room
    • Seaglass Trigger
    • Fairly Odd Losers
    • Words Speak Louder than Actions
    • Quack's on the Stage
    • The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Musical, The Sequel
    • M̀urderStein
    • Humid Loona
    • Is That a Pigeon?!
    • Mario and Luigi's Giant Meatball
    • Mandaluyong's Crazy MegaMall
    • Trapped in the Mall
    • The Harlem Shakedown
    • Ivy Messes With Ness
    • Fruit Diner
    • The Great Las Piñas Hoarding
    • Ain't South Korea Getting of That? (which started the adoration status of the Art's Animations characters)
    • SM Moms of Asia (Which disrespected Henry Sy's death, also one of the worst episodes of the show)
    • Attack of the Telechobis
    • Maddie The Racist (a Starch Brotherhood torture episode and the episode that ruined Maddie's character completely)
    • Ireland Lost His Powers
    • Ioana Anuța's FNF Night!
    • Junior Eurovision Randomness
    • Ireland Gets Pranked
    • Staled Glass
    • Wario Strikes Back
    • Gabriels Blighted Eternity
    • Maddening Apex
    • I Don't Need Money, For I Have Family (which serves as an insult towards fans of the older Fast and Furious movies)
    • Stuck in The Dutch Bros Drive Thru
    • Jerry & The Heap of the Thousands
    • Ireland Leaves
    • Neckbeard Pal
    • Paul's Mayhem
    • Roley vs. Ariana Grande Stans
    • Secret Mountain Fort Awful
    • Nobody Cares About Sophitia
    • Blakes, Colorados and King Dededes are Flying Around the Airplanes
    • Ultimate Vacation to the Netherlands!
    • One Man's Treasure is Another Man's Trash
    • Ramming of the Vegans
    • Sky Hanched
    • Risen of The Hundreds
    • The Problem Causerz
    • Idiot Fox
    • Buckaroo Pipe
    • Getting High at BCS
    • Paella Land
    • U Got 45'd Gang Gets Kicked Out
    • Hell Fire: Over the Flames Racing
    • Wren Around the World (which ended season 9 on a mediocre note)
    • The Big Show! (which started season 10 on a mediocre note)
    • Heat Bondage
    • Master of Hypocrisy
    • The Black Mamba Dancers Get Kicked Out
    • Randy and Alastor's Welsh Cake Factory
    • Lord Raptor Destroys Loona Stans
    • Roley vs. Olivia Rodrigo Stans
    • Rhythm2Penzance
    • Within Our Gates
    • Don't Come Back, Darkos!
    • The Randy Radio House
    • Detective Kumatora!
    • Alastor at the Drive Thru
    • The Lunatic Gang
    • The Clicky Mouth
    • Anvils Per Chaos
    • Cube's Trip to Venice
    • Glowing Mansion
    • Tegridy Radios 2: Mega Tripping
    • The Vengeful Return of Wendy’s
    • Stupid Things
    • Elevens Army
    • Steve That
    • Nicole and The Awful BBQ
    • Early Morning Randy
    • Felicia's Vacation in Oklahoma
    • The Price is Wrong
    • Randy & Alastor's Cherryade Machine
    • Come Down to South Park!
    • Nicole's Dick Hunt
    • Donovan Loves Felicia's Feet (yet again, another episode also considered to be the one of the worst)
    • Randy & Alastor's Lemonade Stand
    • An Lime's Sting
    • Back to U-Ass-A!
    • Roley vs. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Stans
    • FuckBound 6: Getting Drunk on Vodka 2.0
    • Pantherk Ruins Concerts
    • Riveted Cause
    • Hog's Arches
    • Is it Meg or Randy?
    • Stupid Bitch of The West
    • Peter Griffin Pizza
    • The Rupture of Drift
    • Polina Destroys Americans (Also considered to be one of the worst episodes)
    • Randy & Alastor's Opera House
    • Wasp Eating Paintbrush
    • Uppercut Nightlight
    • Bimbo Friend
    • Hotel Alastor
    • Ivy Goes To Premier Inn
    • Ryuko Matoi Appears!
    • Water Sauna
    • NMIXX At Late Night
    • The Shitty-Ass School Bus
    • Roley vs. PURPLE KISS Stans
    • Kabuki Nightmare
    • Palutena Goes to the Zoo
    • Randy & Alastor's Paintball Arena
    • Igloo Factory
    • Shrike's Shell Franchise
    • Pepsi With Nuts
    • Kpop And Earthbound Fanatic goes Fishing
    • AESPA at 2AM
    • Ness & Alisa's AirBNB
    • Sandcastle Fortress
    • Concert Catastrophe
    • Lemon Stinger
    • Randy & Alastor in IKEA
    • Wacky Parlor
    • Lilith's Energy Mints
    • Rampant Wolves
    • Invasion of the JellyBean Stans
    • Cory in the Clubhouse
    • Cicada Milk
    • Ness & Alisa Visit Konzum
    • Beach Patrol Alastor
    • Talim's Job
    • Maximum Barricade
    • Lili's Texaco Franchise
    • Another Crappy Day
    • Trouble in Tbilisi
    • Blowfish Wars
    • Tremors On Stage
    • Roley vs. Weeekly Stans
    • The Azerbaijani Accident
    • Mira's TotalEnergies Franchise
    • Party4Ibiza
    • Randy & Alastor's Whisky Bar
    • Chrono Marks
    • The Anime Osaka Tour
    • Hostile Corps
    • Who Wants Liquor?
    • Diesel on Ice
    • Sand Dungeon
    • Disband The Lunatic Gang!
    • Another Kat?
    • Ness & Alisa's Tavern
    • Forest Patrol Alastor
    • Randy & Alastor's CEPSA Service Station
    • Twin Berries
    • Fukuoka Alleys
    • Lili's Casino Machine
    • Post Office Warfare
    • Roley vs. Lucky2 Stans
    • Fruit Graveyard
    • Hitler and the Klansmen
    • Kirstea's AESPA Concert
    • Ice Trebuchet
    • Shrike's Roadside Guerilla
    • Ness & Alisa in BILLA
    • Dirty Buses
    • Lucas' Lemonade Stand
    • Grandiose Circus
    • Mira Visits Auchan
    • Park Ranger Alastor
    • All Aboard the Opium Express
    • Randy & Alastor's Coach House
    • The AESPA Stooges
    • Ness and The Gang goes to Arizona
    • Paintbrush's Body Pictures
    • Crazed Coaches & Hemp Horses
    • Kody & Mira Visit Biedronka
    • Buffalo Malice
    • Wolf Hawkfield's Brothel
    • Firefools
    • Ness & Alisa in Kaufland
    • Worms Teat
    • Randy & Alastor's Liver Disc
    • The Arctic Heist
    • Felicia Visits Penny Markt
    • Raging Cow Disease
    • Krusty's Boszoku Limo
    • Lili Visits Colruyt
    • Duo Fruit
    • The Cyberprank
    • Norwegian Snow Guerilla
    • Randy, Alastor, and the Newcastle Toon Army
    • Aqua Round
    • Lord Raptor vs. ITZY
    • Melani Garcia's on Camera
    • Roley vs. MrDweller Stans
    • Eren and Mikasa Go To La Union
    • Lilith Fucks Up Again!
    • Teenage Mutant Ninja Perverts
    • Mega Gross Babies
    • Shrike's Wisteria Fort
    • Curry Minigun
    • Jamaican Shenanigans
    • Lilith & Amy Visit Eroski
    • Icicle Groyne
    • Randy & Alastor's Rice Wine
    • Hallucination of Hell
    • Ness & Alisa in Telepizza
    • Mickey Mouse Goes Shopping
    • Fruit Market
    • Positions P4's Tickle Factory
    • Luxembourg Palaver
    • Ness & Alisa in Albert Heijn
    • Half What?
    • Sewer Torture
    • Demoman's Scrumpy Warehouse
    • Mira Visits Corfu
    • Gordon Lockman
    • Springtrap Gets Stuck on a Spring
    • This Man Buff Man
    • The Ditching Friend Game
    • Roley vs. Meowbahh Stans
    • Shrike's Nandos Addiction
    • Ganja Control
    • Sandvich Shop
    • Ness & Alisa in Carrefour Vineyards
    • Randy & Alastor's Corn Dog Stand
    • Randy's Coat
    • Potion Morons
    • Steel Veggies
    • Lili Flies to Kos
    • Alastor is Batshit Again?!
    • Electric Bean
    • Ness & Alisa Visit Cape Verde
    • Roadside Idiocy
    • The TMNT in: "The Ruined Greek Vacation" + Lilith and Amy
    • My Friend Grigori
    • Exorcism for Beginners + Ichigo, Allen and Maka featuring Alucard from Hellsing
    • Sweetums The Candyman
    • The Sins of Wallace Breen
    • Baby Bonnie Hood Goes to Korea
    • The Dummkopfs of Ullapool
    • Randy & Alastor's Sun Dial
    • Meryl's Tinder
    • FuckBound 7: Weed Heist
    • Revenge of the Black Mamba Dancers
    • Kody & Mira's Butter Cookies
    • Ivy vs. Royal Mail
    • Harsh Grover
    • Jerky Diner
    • Human Become Detroit
    • Multipower of Electricity
    • Alyx Service
    • Buzzard Cornucopia
    • Randy & Alastor's Reggae Cove
    • Roley vs. Girls' Generation Stans
    • Honk Tronk
    • Team Treehouse
    • Jeff Andonuts vs. Twitter
    • Neapolitan Lava
    • Ness & Alisa's Lager Fortress
    • Wrath Fans Suck… (which ended Season 10 on a mediocre note)
    • The Bahamas Disaster
    • Randy & Alastor's Banana Beer
    • Dodo Slice
    • Pokey Minch & The Ninja Turtle's Strip Joint
    • Postal Dude Goes to The Fetish Room
    • Stomachache Ranch
    • Shrike's Pet Skua
    • Ness & Alisa's Squid Soba
    • The Mega RandomLand!
    • Nettle-Eating Paintbrush
    • Ransack Bulls
    • Seafood Wars
    • Felicia, Rose, and April vs. The Web
    • Randy & Alastor's Cigar Bar
    • Shrike's Weapons
    • Nuclear Seagull
    • iAm Gonna Break the Law
    • Elixir Dummkopfs
    • The Faroese Failure
    • Theremin Band
    • Back2Chelmsford
    • Ness & Alisa's Gin House
    • Mole Vermin
    • Randy & Alastor's Cigarillo Store
    • Spud Aliens
    • Running of the Skuas
    • Loona's Roadside
    • It's Ness Time Again!
    • Alastorcopter
    • Valencia Ecstasy
    • F U Fullmetal
    • Randy & Alastor's Champagne House
    • Sine Curry
    • Wrath's Revenge (which nearly got the show banned in Brazil, also considered to be one of the worst episodes of the show)
    • Tour-Thru Paintbrush
    • Alastor's Inca Whistle
    • Randy and Alastor Are Finally Dead!? (a very, very misleading episode claiming Randy and Alastor are dead when no such thing happens in the episode)
    • Wild Freaks
    • The Saint Kitts Travesty
    • Emerald Disc
    • Randy & Alastor's Biplane
    • Ness & Alisa in Torremolinos
    • Rampant Hummingbird
    • Konzum Again
    • Izaya Strikes Back Again!
    • Meryl Becomes Rich
    • The Vodka Fountain
    • Pit and Palutena at Carrefour Store
    • Junkyard Scramble
    • Horrid Henrys Festival
    • Azores Heist
    • The Malevolence of Lilith
    • Randy & Alastor in St. Vincent and the Grenadines
    • The Edinburgh Legend
    • Taco Cotton Candy
    • Pathetic Femmes
    • Roley vs. Irris Stans
    • The Skeleton Roasters
    • All-Night Champagne
    • Ness & Alisa in Zakynthos
    • Rastafarian Tokes
    • Lili in Skiathos
    • Trip2Gloucester
    • Annoyance Day
    • Crucify Lilith!
    • The Saint Lucian Conondrum
    • Trio Fruit
    • Ivy in Hesburger
    • Prosecco Carnage
    • Shrike's Brothel Mansion
    • Raped By The Midnight Bliss
    • Rum Drone
    • The Liverpool Stooges
    • Rock 'n Roll McDonalds Mall Adventure!
    • Roadside Waltz
    • Suicide's a Stupid Idea! (which makes fun of suicidal people)
    • Wensleydale Wreckers
    • Ness & Alisa in Pingo Doce
    • Walled Alastor
    • Apples and Bananas Day
    • Horny for Graffiti
    • Randy & Alastor's Cream Soda Emporium
    • Off2Wigan
    • Floppy Point
    • Penis Lasagna
    • Spotlight 4 Vodka (which started Season 12 on a poor note)
    • Retrobright Korma
    • The Grenada Idiocy
    • Ness & Alisa's Grog
    • The Crazy Ass Clip Show
    • Postal Dudes Weapon Parlor
    • Ness is Batshit?!
    • The Green Thunder
    • Ivy vs. An Post
    • Whiskey Manor
    • Folie a Deux Clanosuke
    • Ness Goes to SexyLand
    • PK Lettuce
    • Bipolar Randy
    • Amulet Trebuchet
    • Ness & Alisa in Alcampo
    • Fun Center!
    • Oddity of Idiocy
    • Fat Ness
    • Tao Vandals
    • Alisa's Shopping in Rimi
    • Misaligned Anpan
    • Village Patrol Alastor
    • An Idiot in Disguise
    • Yam Throwing
    • Psychopath Lilith
    • The Dummies in Isle of Wight
    • Lucas At Sam's Club
    • 3 Nesses?!
    • Ness becomes a Giant
    • Issac Kleiner The Wall
    • Tender Venison
    • Groceries from Maxima
    • Ness & Alisa's Banana Milk
    • Myles Platedish
    • The Vanautu Abomination
    • Clamp Crystal
    • Amy's Carolina Reaper
    • Meryl The Pop Singer
    • Chef Ness
    • Isea Cili Visits Seattle
    • The Drunk Contest
    • Veal Post
    • The Mole Whackers
    • Lili in Kotipizza
    • Bullcrap Graffiti Day
    • Ridiculous Ladytrash
    • Taco Intonance
    • Randy & Alastor's Duty-Free Shop
    • Circus Guerilla
    • Ness Is So High!
    • Lucas Works At H-E-B
    • Elsa and Anna Make a Porno (which got the show banned in Zimbabwe, also considered to be one of the worst episodes of the entire show)
    • Junk Tronk
    • My Little Crow
    • Paula Won't Stop Crying!
    • Ness and the Gang Gets Cheesy
    • Claus and Pokey's Shitty Day
    • Racist Mario Hates Everyone
    • Ness and The Gang goes to Binley Mega Chippy + Lucas
    • Liqueur Insanity
    • Ness & Alisa in SuperValu
    • Weekend at Granada
    • Ness and the Ducks
    • Go Postal!
    • Level of Stupidity: 100
    • Suite Machine
    • Ness' Communion Wafer
    • The Roscommon Clover
    • Ness Gets Hyper!
    • The Lucas Weeks
    • Crona Goes Apeshit
    • Booze-by-the-Sea
    • Alisa's Tawny Owl
    • Nocturnal Lucas
    • PK Toaster Penis
    • Ness Goes to a Library
    • Allen Gets Booted Off The Crazy Ass Group
    • How To PK Fire your Friends 101
    • Occupy West Meon
    • Maximum Nessdrive
    • Woolly Curry
    • Not My Nanny
    • Ness and Alisa's Space Rum
    • Send Off the Clowns!
    • Monsoon Absurdism
    • PK Trash Can
    • Meryl and Anastasia's Strip Party + Princess Elena
    • Livesey vs. Ness
    • Madras Slayer
    • Lyrebird As A Pest!
    • Rat Pack Lucas
    • Lili Visits Dunnes
    • Randy & Alastor's Tandoori Place
    • Monster High Bullcrap
    • When Cheerleaders Attack the Clubhouse!
    • Grilled Grandeur
    • Alastor's Blueberry Wine
    • Telechobis Invade Again!
    • Ness and The Gang Goes to Malta
    • Ness Becomes a Millionaire!
    • Izaya's Return
    • The Three Vandals of Graffiti
    • Alastor in Sligo
    • Sour Berry
    • Ness's Euro Heist
    • Long Live the Queen (which disrespects the death of Queen Elizabeth II)
    • Holli Would If She Couldn't
    • Lucas' Shopping Spree in Lagos!
    • Better Flunk Tronk
    • The Glasgow Disaster
    • Jerky Damnation
    • Alisa in Centra
    • Clover Trigger
    • It's EarthBound Time!
    • 9/11 Birthday Disaster
    • Drinking Vodka 'till the End (which ended Season 12 on a poor note)
    • A Randy Dance (which started Season 13 on a mediocre note)
    • Bullet Sarnie War
    • The Trip to Aarhus
    • Curry Nevermore!
    • Village Idiot Lucas
    • White and Nerdy
    • Amish Paradise
    • Bucky's Lost Doll
    • Randy & Alastor in County Roscommon
    • Wimpy Shrike
    • Forfeited by Mail
    • Sea Turtle Wars
    • Ninten Goes Hunting for Oreos!
    • Nightlight Randy
    • Mira in Marshall Islands
    • Sandwiched Farm
    • Hostile Polar
    • Ness & Alisa in County Longford
    • Manor Drone
    • Honey, I Enlarged the Cindy
    • Drippin Jimmy
    • Armagh Tavern
    • Randy & Alastor's Chinese Takeaway
    • Zingy Fork
    • The Death of Black Mamba P3
    • Western Citrus
    • The Fools of Basingstoke
    • Lili's Golf Zone
    • Married with… Sadness
    • Oh no, I shrunk Sofya!
    • Ness and The Gang Goes to Las Vegas
    • Bulleta Gets Blocked on Fandom (yet another filler episode)
    • Crona is Gone!
    • Agapanthus Twitch
    • Lucas in Crete
    • Randy & Alastor's Supermacs Franchise
    • Eastern Citrus
    • Uncut Royal
    • Ness & Alisa's Boxty Factory
    • Krusty's Testarossa
    • Lilith in Rennes
    • Kosher Kings
    • The Buffoons in Four Marks
    • Glass Chip
    • Snow Warfare 2.0
    • Lucas the Watery Bitch
    • Ness and the Gang goes to Disney World
    • Underzealous Fruit
    • Randy & Alastor's Spicebag
    • The Return of Sucko
    • Choco Away!
    • This Show Will Never End
    • Allergic To Sanity (another episode considered to be one of the worst episodes of the entire show)
    • Hock Out!
    • Cult of the Miku
    • Pirates of Aquamarine
    • Duo Note
    • The Twits of Wigan
  20. Its spinoff, "The Loona and Kat Show", is just as bad, if not worse than the show itself.
    • Its other spin-off, "Maddie's Epic TV Series", is even worse than both shows.
    • Another one of their spin-offs, "The Ness and Alisa Funtime Show" is no better, however, has improvements to "Maddie’s Epic TV Series".
    • "The Randy and Alastor Shenanigans" is one of the worst spinoffs of this show, considering that Randy and Alastor are still heavily overused.
    • Yet another one of their spinoffs, "Isabela's Wack Show" is arguably the worst spinoff of this show. It was most likely made as a joke, and it got cancelled after only 26 episodes.
    • "Girl's Night Out" contains outlandish plots and may retain some flanderization like the main show. Thankfully though, it is a 13-episode mini-series.


Redeeming Qualities

  1. The animation is quite good and does a pretty decent job capturing the original style of the characters.
  2. The voice acting is decent, with most voice actors reprising their roles as their respective characters, as well as new voice actors that do a pretty good job at giving their character a unique and fitting voice and some even matching the character's original voices. Andrea Libman, for example, was the perfect casting choice for Isabelle.
    • Another example of this is Liam Ternlund's voice for Leif, which is flat-out perfect.
    • As mentioned above, Casey Mongillo does a great job at voicing Wrath, to the point some FMA fans prefer them over Luci Christian (his original dub voice). Their performance as Crona was also praised.
    • Not to mention that Ariel Winter, Beyoncé, and Anna Akana all do a great job at voicing The Black Mamba Dancers (P1, P2, and P3 respectively).
    • Another example of perfect casting is Jonathan Banks for the character General Tronk who did a really a great job voicing him.
    • Yet such another example of this is Juliet Simmons, who does an amazing job at voicing Meryl Hinton.
    • An such yet another example of this is Morgan Berry, who does a great job at voicing Ness, as well as Lili De Rochefort and Baby Bonnie Hood.
    • In some dubs like the Japanese and French dubs, just about everyone reprises their roles, with only a few exceptions.
  3. Some episodes are admittedly kinda funny or/and actually pretty good, such as:
    • The Pizza Plant (a decent way to start the series)
    • The Gambull and Dawrin Adventure Hour
    • Here Comes Porky
    • So Lucid Dreams
    • My Friend Hippo
    • The Boys Are Back In The Underground
    • That's Amore (the highest rated episode on IMDB)
    • The K/DA Reunion
    • Quack vs. Nicole
    • Mailbox Flowers
    • Ling Xiaoyu’s Birthday Bash!
    • Blake Goes To Hell
    • Kat Goes Mining (arguably the best episode)
    • A Very Lazy Title Episode
    • Love Lofty
    • The X-Feathers
    • Fang Hits the Spot
    • Wakko's Subway Episode
    • The Sea Creature Wikipedia
    • Careless Whisker
    • Cherry's Vacation
    • Saving Lifes
    • The Un-Amazing World of Nicole
    • King of Spaghetti
    • Blake's Crazy Adventure Special Deluxe Edition 2.0
    • Nicole Gets a Raise
    • Alastor's Collection
    • The Other Wybie
    • Happy Toad Day (which started Season 6 on a decent note)
    • Cameo Talk
    • Another Pointless Episode (which ended season 6 on a high note in international airing & production orders)
    • Secret Mafia
    • Inkling Boy in Uber Eats
    • Molly Mabray in the Shadow
    • Kat Spies
    • Buster at Michaels
    • The Neverending Loop of Cube
    • The Great Thrift Store Treasure Hunt
    • I Can't Believe It's Not Ness!
    • Vertical Causeway
    • The Crazy-Ass Group Photo
    • The Return of Izaya?
    • Dorset Trip
    • What's New?
    • Randy & Alastor vs. Baby Shark
    • Karlie & Cube Visit Nando's
    • The Ballad of Michael Rosen
    • Late Night Helen
    • Rosie Mayfield Goes to New Orleans
    • Klonoa's Crosshairs
    • Brokeback Fenland
    • Green Grotesque Gary
    • Madness in Malaysia
    • Plum Chewing
    • Downward Spiraling
    • Who The Fuck is Misogi Kumagawa?
    • The Grand San Francisco Dealership Heist
    • The Crazy-Ass Pool Party
    • Jack Pack
    • Digital Matrix
    • Cornwall Voyage
    • Jammin' in Jakarta
    • The Return of Belos
    • To Ikebukuro We Go!
    • Devon Coastal Trip
    • 50 Degree Freezer
    • Chabwick Goes To Madrid
    • Camping at Thrussington
    • Fighting in Florida
    • Submerged Causeway
    • Albanian Bullworm
    • Cinderella, Rapunzel & Merida in: "Girl's Night Out" + Randy, Alastor and the Angry Birds
    • Ness, Alisa, Lili and Baby Bonnie Hood's Ultimate Hour! + Talim
    • Randy Learns Piano
    • Odo & Claire's ESSO Franchise
    • Trigger Happy Veggie
    • Morrigan Goes to Bangkok
    • Cambridgeshire Road Adventure
    • Choco Alastor
    • Karlie & Cube Go To Antwerp
    • Roley vs. Dream Stans (Arguably the best episode in the "Roley vs. Stans" mini-series)
    • Oscar the Cowboy
    • Odo & Claire Visit SPAR
    • Zen Mode Kristie
    • Somerset Roadtrip
    • Musical Shrine
    • Seaglass Fortress
    • The Cereal Camp
    • Karlie & Cube's Spanish Villa
    • Baguio Days
    • Seagull Roundup
    • Donut Alastor
    • Sussex Voyager
    • Palutena's Milk and Cookies
    • Four Orchids
    • The Arrival of Holly Willoughby
    • Aang vs. Lilith
    • The Crazy-Ass WRC Rally
    • Bubblegum Randy
    • Portsmouth Fun Trip
    • Honeydews Be Gone
    • Spyro's TF2 Match
    • Southampton Spree
    • True Love in the Streets of Guanajuato
    • Randy Beats Ryuko
    • Odo & Claire's Game Night
    • Alastor vs. Cashier Erzsi
    • Essex Shenanigans
    • Karlie's Coffee Bean
    • Surrey Air Trip
    • Kristie's Yoga Arena
    • Roasted Hogs for Dinner
    • Shopping in Conad
    • Ikari Funny
    • Platinum Instruments
    • Odo & Claire in Lanzarote
    • Kristie's Forest
    • Cereal Alastor
    • Rollerblades vs. Skateboards
    • Marie Rose at Ross
    • Ellie Thorsby is Here
    • No Limits
    • Odo & Claire's Hibiscus Hunt
    • Norfolk Vacay
    • Barney Calhoun vs. Barney the Dinosaur
    • Sniper's Aussie BBQ
    • Suffolk Roadtrip
    • Rattata Party!
    • Meditate Mode Kristie
    • Yorkshire Trip
    • Demoman's Homegrown Malt
    • Karlie & Cube Visit Newquay
    • Evelynn's Cat Cafe
    • Spy & Rosa's Murco Franchise
    • Better Off Alone
    • Mumble ৳ster
    • Send In the Shearwaters!
    • Just Don't Stop Taking Photos
    • Kristie & Chabwick's Maid Cafe
    • The Expendabros
    • Rebel Friends
    • Crash of The Titans
    • Crypto Hater
    • Puzzling Defromities
    • Kpop And Earthbound Fanatic's Festival
    • Stargazy Pie Delivery
    • The Pizza Plant Helps (which started Season 11 on a high note)
    • Odo & Claire's Trip to Fuerteventura
    • Signal Bee
    • Karlie, Cube & Kristie's Day Out
    • The Day When the Moon Stood Still in San Los AngelAntonioyorkytro
    • What Thunderstorm?
    • All Animatronics, Fight!
    • Anime vs. Corporate Memphis
    • Red Leicester Alastor
    • Odo & Claire's Magic Horse
    • Snow Trebuchet
    • Chabwick the Genius
    • Star Mode Anna Knight
    • Ellie & Holly's Pet Moth
    • Today's Special: Buster Saves Loona
    • Binaural Mode Kristie
    • Trip2Margate
    • The Terrible Batch
    • Fajita Dinner
    • Dream BBQ
    • My Little Chinchilla
    • Al Waleed Tower
    • General Chabwick
    • Odo & Claire in Gran Canaria
    • Quacking Boots
    • Morrigan Visits El Corte Ingles
    • The Vengeful Return of the Dream SMP Stans
    • Mr. Molino
    • Undo the Healer
    • Benevolent Wakko
    • Ploughman Stand
    • The Sentient Hospital Bed
    • Blocked Busters
    • Vacation at 120 Days from Sodor
    • Crona's Not-So-Crappy Day
    • Two Quarters
    • Sleepless in Singapore
    • Honey Bunches
    • The Crazy-Ass Formula E Special
    • Excursion2Devizes
    • Odo & Claire in El Hierro
    • Imperfect Peter
    • Sea to Plane
    • Small Fry Lili
    • Saving for the Community
    • Tour of Studiopolis
    • Ladybug Returns
    • Quadruple Whammy
    • Perfectionists Are Losers, and Stage Magicians Are Morons
    • Skyfallen Parkour
    • A Dish Served Cold
    • Kpop And Earthbound Fanatic vs. Anastasia
    • Seira in Gibraltar
    • Roley vs. Rebecca Black Stans (which ended the "Roley vs. Stans" saga on a decent note)
    • Hail Bob Saget! (which ended Season 11 on a high note)
    • Ellie & Holly's Arctic Pudding
    • Rum Guerilla
    • Animatronic Raid
    • Job Finder
    • Odo & Claire in Llucmajor
    • Dipping Bison
    • Not My Pico
    • Criminal Elements
    • Warped Method
    • I Don't Need a Hero
    • Nothing Really Matters
    • Try Not to be Afraid of the Dark
    • Dot Works at KFC
    • Gallivanting Off to Castle Cary
    • Karlie & Cube's Stroopwafel Empire
    • Ethanol Ghosts
    • Odo & Claire in Santa Eulalia
    • Schold Play
    • RAF Airfield Camping
    • Kokomi & Saki's Pinball Machine
    • Tronky Funky
    • Seira's Pet Oyster
    • Today's Special: Nahuel's Helping Hand
    • Krusty in R-Kioski
    • Circulation X
    • Kristie's Vapor Machine
    • Tracy's Build-a-Bear Workshop Heist
    • Pleasant Liquor
    • Odo & Claire's Open Beach
    • Happy Anniversary, EarthBound!
    • Uppsala Winter
    • Karlie & Cube's Brewers Fayre Pub
    • Whos This Reggie Kid?
    • Gonedon Freegone
    • Ikea Tower
    • Attack of the Letterbomber
    • Speed2Marbella
    • Seira in Falklands
    • A Sad Day for the Crazy-Ass Group
    • Odo & Claire in Pagham
    • Horned Bourbon
    • Runt's Steak
    • Kristie's Speckled Hen
    • Jimmy!
    • Fly2Worcester
    • Honoka & Koyuki Meet Odo & Claire
    • Peridot Disc
    • Kristie's Sensory Deprivation
    • Brian Griffin's Badass Birthday Bash
    • Solitude in Cowdray Manor
    • Night Sirens
    • Nocturnal Yakko
    • Investment Crazy
    • Lucas vs. Racist Mario
    • My Bologna
    • Driven to Lose
    • Odo & Claire in Isle of Man
    • Ariku's Birthday
    • Welcome Home, Homura!
    • Karlie & Cube in Tarmonbarry
    • Bad News Imps
    • Journey to the Center of the Mind
    • Kristie & Seira Visit Crossmolina
    • Aurora Lights
    • Odo & Claire's Flower Daze
    • Indigo Wasp
    • Chabwick in Aldwick
    • Raggy Doll District
    • Ellie & Holly in Svalbard
    • Leap2Telford
    • Tonic Odie
    • The San-Los Citadel Tour
    • Karlie & Cube in Ballaghaderreen
    • Urushi's Wine Party
    • Pauline's Vacation in Philadelphia
    • Kristie's Sixth Sense
    • Gin Rain
    • Odo & Claire in County Kerry
    • Happy Birthday, Laru!
    • Peterborough Trip
    • Mirth Observation
    • The Unliked 8
    • Ellie & Holly in Azores
    • Clover4Edgeworthstown
    • Delete This Tweet
    • Get the Lock Out
    • Bello!
    • Monster Jam
    • Honoka, Karlie & Cube in Ballinalack
    • Koyuki & Kristie's Emo Oil Franchise
    • Champagne Perception
    • Galaxy Notes
    • Winking
    • Freed Birds
    • Screw Political Correctness
    • What's Up, Watanuki?
    • Aro's Garden
    • Odo & Claire in Rathowen
      • On top of that, there are a few funny moments here and there that can be considered so bad, it's good.
      • In season 5, the sexual humor was toned down and it was given an original soundtrack, which can help improve the show a bit.
  4. There are some characters who are still likable or improved from their original counterparts, such as Mr. Know-It-Owl, Jimmy Neutron, Carl Wheezer, Garfield, Nermal, Odie, Arlene, Two, Tails, Shadow the Hedgehog, Silver the Hedgehog, Ray, Stimpy, Tennis Ball, George Liquor, Mr. Horse, Cigarettes the Cat, Bugs Pussy, Piggy Winks, Pig, Rat, Zebra, Satchel Pooch, Foodar, Chubby Hugs, SpongeBob, Sandy Cheeks, Morrigan Aensland, Demitri Maximoff, Peep, Chirp (despite her flanderization), Quack (Season 4), Conker, Banjo and Kazooie, The Powerpuff Girls, Spyro, Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny, Wendy (despite her flanderization), Lofty (despite his flanderization), Plucky, Hamton J. Pig, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, The Goodfeathers, Furball (despite being a punching bag), Rita, Runt, Slappy Squirrel, Wild Woody, Matilda, Skippy Squirrel, Walter Wolf, Minerva Mink, Jin Kazama (despite his flanderization), Heihachi Mishima, Nina Williams, Ling Xiaoyu, Paul Phoenix, Lars Alexandersson, Claudio Serafino, Earthworm Jim, Madoka Kaname, Hilda, She-Ra (Adora), Glimmer, Bow, Yakko, Wakko, Dot, Pinky, The Brain, Stewie Griffin, Brian Griffin, Stan Smith, Francine Smith, Hayley Smith, Steve Smith, Klaus Heissler, Jeff Fischer, Woody Woodpecker, Chilly Willy, Jigglypuff, Meta Knight, Poppy Playtime, The Banana Splits (including Snorky), Chuck E. Cheese, Jasper, Helen, Munch, Pasqually, Leafy, Eraser, Bubble, Pen, Richard Watterson (despite his flanderization; Seasons 1-3 & depends on the writer in Season 7-present), Mickey Mouse (despite his flanderization), Fireman Sam, Elvis Cridlington, Penny Morris, Station Officer Steele, Norman Price, Clock Tower, Ahri, Akali, Kai'Sa, Evelynn, Ness' Mom, Tracy (Ness' little sister), Tony (EarthBound), The Runaway Five, Nahuel, Pororo (despite his flanderization), Tony the Tiger (despite his flanderization), BlakeIsHere (Season 4, despite his flanderization & depending on the writer in seasons 5-6), Thomas the Tank Engine (despite being a punching bag), Poby, Petty, Charlie Magne/Morningstar, Vaggie, Angel Dust, Nifty, Husk, Stella (Angry Birds), Rakel Colt, Coraline Jones, Kid (Kid Cosmic), Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, Private, Short Fuse, Blinky from Tales of Arcadia (despite barely being in the show), Alita from Battle Angel Alita, Wybie Lovat, Odd Couple from The House: Then Lost is Truth that Can't be Won (despite being background characters), Molly Mabray, Rudy Tabootie, Spot Helperman, The Goose from Untitled Goose Game, Grace Thomas from American Girl, Peru from Starch Brotherhood, Odo, Mr. Crocker, Tira, Grøh, Kung Lao, Nightwolf, Motaro, B.J. Blazkowicz, Strifeguy (despite his character derailment), Traductus (despite his flanderization), Becca Sparkles, Maurice Claremont, Shapey Puppington, Reverend Putty, Clippy, Mojibri, Retsuko, Japanese Empire/Empire of Japan (sometimes), Lola and Mila (from the Serbian TV series of the same name), Princess Zelda, Zipp (sometimes), María Isabel (sometimes), Nikoloz Kajaia, Sara James, Gaia Cauchi, Matheu Hinzen, Kedamono, Lincoln Loud, Marie Rose (despite her flanderization), Little Mac, Ukraine (from Art's Animations), Estonia, Rosie Mayfield, Misogi Kumagawa (in all of his cameo appearances), Ireland (Starch Brotherhood; occasionally), Peppy Hare, Anita (Darkstalkers), Yugi Muto, Jaden Yuki, Michiru Kagemori (from time to time), Helena Douglas, Tommy Pickles, Pauline (from Super Mario), Duster (Mother 3), Akko Kagari, Homura Akemi, Shivani Paliwal (Now United), Sayaka Miki, Kyouko Sakura, Mami Tomoe, Nagisa Momoe, Iroha Tamaki, Yachiyo Nanami, Tsuruno Yui, Sana Futaba, Felicia Mitsuki, Rena Minami, Kaede Akino, Momoko Togame, Ai Enma (the titular Hell Girl of her series), the Yorozuya Trio from Gintama, Kimihiro Watanuki (from xxxHolic), Kinesis (MapleStory), Kain (MapleStory), Cadena (MapleStory), Nepeta Leijon, Aradia Megido, etc.
    • Thomas the Tank Engine is also very sympathetic due to Maddie treating him like crap throughout the show.
    • Despite his flanderization, Lofty is still a likable and relatable character like he was in the original show, and most fans can still feel empathy towards him.
    • Stewie Griffin and Brian Griffin are likable and still have wonderful chemistry, Brian Griffin has also redeemed himself from modern Family Guy and has become way more likable.
    • All of the Fireman Sam characters have thankfully been reverted back to their original personalities from the first five seasons and are still likable.
    • Matt, Jackie, Inez, and Digit, introduced in Season 2, were thankfully not flanderized, as they retain their original personalities from Cyberchase, and are therefore still likable.
    • Nicole Watterson (Season 4-present) despite still being unlikable is very sympathetic due to her getting tortured in several episodes.
    • Even the flanderized characters can be funny and enjoyable at times, like Quack (during Seasons 1-3 and 5-present), Richard Watterson (Seasons 4-6), BlakeIsHere (seasons 2, 3, & 5-present), or Lily May.
    • Dolores Madrigal, Camilo Madrigal, Giulia Marcovaldo, Boun, Tyler Nguyen-Baker, Remy, Giddeon Grey, and Miguel Rivera still have their charm from "Encanto", "Luca", "Raya and the Last Dragon", "Turning Red", "Ratatouille", "Zootopia" and "Coco" respectively.
    • Both introduced in the movie, Nicholas Perry and Orlin Home are thankfully no longer fat mukbangers who constantly fight with each other, but rather a calm and healthy couple with Nicholas having his affection for playing his violin and Orlin having an interest in going outside a lot (along with photography). Although, some flaws remain, such as Nicholas' shushing and over-the-top demeanor, which while justified, can get annoying at times.
    • Alice from Alice in Wonderland (1951), introduced in the movie, is still her likable self and is one of the only Disney heroines to not have character derailment.
    • The Clock Tower from Epic Mickey still has his original personality, and he looks more like the actual "It's a Small World" facade.
    • Nahuel still has his original and likable personality from Nahuel and the Magic Book.
    • Rakel Colt still has her original personality and charm from Mirakel.
    • Ness' Mom, Tracy (Ness' little sister), Tony, The Runaway Five, and Duster are likable and still remain their original personalities from EarthBound and Mother 3.
    • Spot Helperman is more likable than he was in Teacher's Pet.
    • Odo, from the Polish-British series Odo, is still his likable self.
    • All of the Original Trilogy Star Wars characters were not flanderized and are still likable.
    • Inkling Girl (Splatoon), Inkling Girl (Splatoon 2), Inkling Boy (Splatoon 2), Callie, and Octoling Boy are likable as well.
    • The 2003 Teen Titans are likable, despite rarely appearing.
    • Mulan is the only Disney Princess to never have her personality butchered, and is still likable.
    • Cube is a positive portrayal of PDD-NOS.
    • Kabbu and Leif are still pretty funny and likable.
    • Marlon, Rocky and Bluey (Avenger Penguins) are still likable.
    • Estonia, Ukraine, China and Peru from Art's Animations and Starch Brotherhood are likable, self-aware and somehow quiet.
    • Pirata and Capitano are still their likable selves.
    • Rosie Mayfield not only still has her original personality from Style Savvy: Styling Star, but she is also very likable, respectful, and mostly isn't involved with any drama. However, she still has her flaws, such as being quite clumsy.
    • Nikoloz Kajaia, Sara James, Gaia Cauchi, and Matheu Hinzen all retain their original personalities from the actual Junior Eurovision Song Contest, are very self-aware, and have no perverted moments.
    • Elain Llwyd, introduced in Season 10, still retains her likable personality.
    • Tsubaki Nagayama, introduced in Season 10, is still her bitter-melon obsessed but likable self.
    • Rodney Trotter (Only Fools & Horses) is very sympathetic due to Inori Yamabuki/Cure Pine treating him like a dog.
    • Most of the Live a Live characters (except Pogo) are still likable.
    • A few of the Victorious cast has improved and/or still likable.
      • Jade West became kind, self-aware and helpful.
      • Beck Oliver is still his likable self.
    • Lily (Animal Crossing) is a positive portrayal of those with panic disorder.
    • Tracer, Mercy and Lucio are likeable.
    • Sasha Waybright is very self-aware, and on some occasions, she actually calls out anybody when they do bad actions.
    • Shy Guy is sympathetic, due to Pam Cake abusing him overtime.
    • Toa Harada (Girls2) is now a smart, confident and reserved person.
    • Jasmine (Miracle Tunes ITA) is still likable.
    • Rosa (Rosa fra Rouladegade) still retains her personality.
    • Taion (Xenoblade Chronicles 3) not only retains his personality, but he is very kind.
    • Chocola and Vanilla from Nekopara remain their personalities and still their likable selves.
    • Vesta (Animal Crossing) is still likable and is now loyal to Claire Emmett and Odo.
    • Haida (Aggretsuko) is still likable.
    • Fuzuki 1-gou is still his likable self.
    • Miku Hatsune is still a lovable and kind singer. She can also be sympathetic due to Blue Executive harassing her.
    • Shyna Nera Shyna, Marina Liteyears, and Rayman are all a great heroic trio.
    • Alm (Miracle Tunes) is very likable and is loyal to Holly Willoughby.
    • Some characters from KiramekiPowers are still likable.
    • Yuzuki Shimori (KiramekiPowers) is still her kind self.
    • Koyuki Aoba (KiramekiPowers) is now self-aware.
    • Honoka Akahoshi (KiramekiPowers) became a kind soul.
    • The Tankmen (mainly Captain and Steve), Evan (MapleStory), and Banana (Vibrant Venture) still retain their likable personalities.
    • Neasa (An Siopa Ealaine) still retains her personality.
    • Clara Murray (RTEjr) is still her kind self.
    • Shivani Paliwal (Now United) is still a likable and nice music artist who is kind and respectful to Ness and Alisa. Not to mention that she also defends herself every time something bad happens.
    • As of Season 12, the Vibrants gained character development and returned to their likable selves again.
    • Kirari Momose (KiramekiPowers), introduced in season 13, is still likable.
    • Maire Treasa (Gailearai Scu Scu) is still a likable presenter who befriends Odo & Claire Emmett.
    • Bridin Ni Mhaoldomhnaigh is still likable.
    • Jesse Pinkman, Mike Ehrmantrout, Saul Goodman and Gus Fring, introduced in Season 13, are still likable than before.
    • Una Ni Fhaltharta (Ar Sceal) is hilarious as well as likable.
    • Kimihiro Watanuki is just as likable as he was in xxxHolic, and then some (he stands up for the punching bags of the show, for example).
    • The pre-scratch kids from Homestuck (John Egbert, Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider, and Jade Harley) are all likable, retaining their original personalities. Same goes for their post-scratch counterparts (Jane Crocker, Roxy Lalonde, Dirk Strider, and Jake English).
  5. In relation to WIS#11, the action scenes can also be entertaining to watch.
  6. Seasons 2-11 were an improvement from Season 1, even though Season 2 was where Roger got the most screen-time and episode plots.
    • Season 2, 3, & 5 also introduced Cherry Cookie, Star Butterfly, Porky Pig, Si’Ha Nova, The Traveler, Matt, Jackie, Inez, Digit, Tweety, Cricket Green, Dolores Madrigal, Camilo Madrigal, Giulia Marcovaldo, Boun, Tyler Nguyen-Baker, Remy, Giddeon Grey, Miguel Rivera and Sunset Shimmer who are their usual selves, and some of the only likable characters.
    • The movie also introduced Starfy, Aang, Katara, Toph, Sokka, Zuko, Rosalina, Katarina Alves, Josie Rizal, Sven Höek, Nicholas Perry, Orlin Home, Calimero, Pepe Le Pew, Penelope, Alice (Alice in Wonderland), and The Pirate Captain (The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!), who yet are their usual selves once again and some of the only likable characters.
    • Despite their flanderizations, Dr. Eggman, Bowser, and Violastro do have moments where they work well as antagonists, mainly Eggman.
    • While it has some of the worst episodes of the show, season 3 is still better than season 1 and is considered the best season of the show.
  7. The voice-over outtake episodes released on Dailymotion (which are usually released just before a new season premieres and serve as sneak peeks for them) are much better.
  8. While a good majority of the episodes teach bad morals, not all of the morals and lessons are toxic. These include:
    • "No Limits" reminds us that even our close friends have limits on what they can accept.
    • "Looking Back" tells us that we should forget our terrible past and move on from what has happened before.
    • "Undo The Healer" and "Criminal Elements" both say that we shouldn't accuse someone just because they have a bad reputation.
    • "The Sentient Hospital Bed" shows us that objectophilia is bad.
    • "Honey Bunches" and "Delete This Tweet" both show that it is perfectly fine to have different opinions from one another.
    • "Sea To Plane" teaches us that it is unacceptable to take advantage of someone.
    • "Ladybug Returns" shows that you should not pry on someone's life.
    • "Job Finder" and "Whos This Reggie Kid?" both tell us that trying to scam someone is unacceptable.
    • "Schold Play" teaches that you should stand up yourself to the bullies.
    • "Ikea Tower" shows that you shouldn't play and misbehave all the time.
    • "Driven to Lose" tells us that games aren't about winning (even if that message is somewhat cliche in recent years).
    • "Monster Jam" says that you should be honest about yourself.
    • "Freed Birds" tells us that big brands aren't as innocent as one thinks.
      • On top of that, Season 11 started teaching more and more good morals.


Dialogue from the Show


Mario: You know what they say, all toasters toast toast!
Luigi: Mamma-mia…
Wario: Wario #1!

  • I WAH-NT TO GO TO SMASH!!! (Seasons 1-3)
  • Good job for me! (Season 4–present)

Ash Ketchum:

  • Let's [insert method of tormenting here] Yoshi!
  • I wanna get naked! (sometimes)


  • Talking trains are fucking satanic! (Seasons 2-4A)
  • All trains should get scrapped! (Seasons 4B-8)
  • Ha-Ha! You fell! (Season 9-present)

Mr. Kat:

  • Meow! (Seasons 1-6)
  • Want to see some of Cinderella and Rapunzel's feet pics? (Season 7A)
  • I don't give a damn! (Season 7B-present)

Loona: Mr. Kat is not a stalker!
Gumball Watterson: What the what?!
Darwin Watterson:

  • Italy is the best country change my mind! (Seasons 1-11)
  • What the damn? (Season 12-present)

Nicole Watterson: You are in so much trouble!
Brian Griffin: Woah, ass ahoy.

  • Ugh! (Seasons 3)
  • I'm non-binary! (Season 4-present)

Black Mamba P1:

  • The cities of Houston, Spring, Conroe, and Katy, texas rules! (Season 2-5)
  • I believe it or not, Everyone should be fat! (Season 6-present)

Alisa Bosconovitch:

  • I like doing drugs! (Seasons 1-4)
  • What do you mean? Ness did nothing wrong! (Season 5-9A)
  • Everything can be messy, even this group, but it's alright. (Season 9B-11)
  • Are you really fucking kidding me? (Season 12-present)

Black Mamba P3:

  • Fetishes are love, fetishes are life… (Season 2-5)
  • Ah Yes, I love blueberry fetishes, and other fetishes as well, I would masturbate all day long to them! (Season 6-present)

Buttons P1: C'mon guys, suck my motherfucking vagina! / ¡Vamos chicos, chupad la puta vagina de mi madre!
Buttons P2: Hey, that's mine, dumbass!
Buttons P3:

  • I really want P1 to stop being such a pervert… (Seasons 4-6)
  • What the hell is wrong with you, guys!? (Seasons 7-8)
  • Oh Crap! (Season 9-present)

Positions P1: Hey, do any of you want to fuck me?/ ねえ、私と性交したい人はいますか?
Positions P2: Oh My God! You just dropped all of my marbles! Now leave me alone!
Positions P3: No, just gimme that, Please don't take it away, I want it! / Non, donne-moi ça, s'il te plait, ne l'enlève pas, je le veux ! *cries*
Positions P4: Tickle Torture me right now! Just Go ahead, fuck me harder, bitch! /Cosquillas Tortúrame ahora mismo! ¡Adelante, fóllame más fuerte, perra!
Bob the Builder: We need to fix this shit!
Roley: I LOVE QUEEN!!!
The Blues:

  • We're blue, if we were green, we will die! (Season 7-present)


  • Where's my vodka?! (Seasons 1-4, 12-present)
  • Leave me & Alisa alone, you bitch! (Season 5-9A)
  • Over the next time, it's going to be PK Rockin'! (Season 9B-11)
  • Okay! (Sometimes)
  • I Can't believe it! I'm so drunk! / Я не могу в это поверить! Я так пьян! (when he gets drunk)

Paula Jones-Polestar:

  • I love Aespa and any other Kpop groups as well! (Seasons 2-6)
  • OH NO! (Season 7-present)
  • Aw, damn it! (When Ness gets Drunk)

Jeff Andonuts: I hate India so much!
Prince Poo: Oh Crap, What the hell is happening?!
Lucas (Mother 3):

  • I Just want to watch YouTube videos! *cries* (Season 6-9)
  • Holy fucking PK Freeze?! (Season 10-present)
  • No! (Sometimes)

Pokey Minch:

  • Spankety, spankety, spankety! (Season 3-6)
  • I don't fuck with you, You fucking piece of shitty ass! (Season 7-9)
  • Do Any of You want to see pictures of April's Breasts and Rose's Butt? (Season 10-present)

Morrigan Aensland: Shall be a pleasure there?

  • Yay to Olivia Rodrigo and The Pussycat Dolls! Boo to BLACKPINK! (Seasons 1-7)
  • It's going to be so much fun! (Seasons 8-10)
  • All because I am barefoot doesn't mean you can stare at it, now stop looking at my feet, Geez! (Season 11-Present)

Baby Bonnie Hood:

  • Shut the fuck up! (Season 2-6)
  • Thanks a lot, Nobody cares. (Seasons 7-9A)
  • I Lost my way, Seriously! (Seasons 9B-present)

Bubbles: Oh really? You're telling me to eat healthy? GO FUCK YOURSELF!
Captain Falcon:

  • I love little girls, and little boys too! (Season 1-6)
  • Yes! (Season 7-present)

Pit: I never learned how to read!

  • All girls should be pretty… (Season 2-6)
  • What the fuck, Pit? (Season 7-present)

Ling Xiaoyu: I'm ready for whatever you got!
Mira: I Love Korean Culture! / Jag älskar koreansk kultur!

  • Oh fucking snap! (Seasons 2-5)
  • What the actual hell?! / What the hell is going on right now?! / Oh lord, what the hell have I done?! (Seasons 6-8)
  • Why are there sooo many Art's Animations characters in this shitshow?! (Season 9)
  • DAMN IT! (Season 10)
  • Aw hell nah this is bullcrap! (sometimes)

Yakko: Good night, everybody!
Elmyra: I love kittens, I love kitties, squeeze them into itty bittys!
Alastor: I don't like filler, I love filler!
Lucky Chloe: Hi! I’m Lucky Chloe! and I love music, and anime!
Randy Marsh: This is my screentime!! / Until this show ends, me and Alastor will get the most screentime out of everyone in this group!
Dylan: OH MY DOG!!
Daisy: And if you even THINK about touching Delgado…
Nick Wilde: I NEED THAT ASS!
Coraline: Wow! Interesting!

  • Oh my god, I'll be damned. (Season 6-10)
  • This is paradise. (Season 10-present)

Lili De Rochefort:

  • No, No, No! I don't wanna! (Season 5-9A)
  • Honestly, it's alright! Everything will be fine! (Season 9B-present)

Zafina: I can't believe Princess Jasmine rip-offed me, that's it, I'm going to sue Disney for this!
Darkos: Ah shit! It tastes so good!
Alastor and Randy Marsh (together): Until this show ends, we will get the most screentime out of everyone in this group!

  • You like my blue pedicure? / Stop staring at my glass slippers! (Season 7A)
  • Not right now, I'm taking a feet pic! (Season 7B)
  • Things just take a little time to cool down... (Season 8–present)
  • (Gasps) Oh dear! Those are mine! (whenever she realizes her glass slippers are missing upon seeing them)


  • Stop staring at my feet! (Season 7A)
  • (Excitedly) You take feet pics too, Cindy!? (Season 7B)
  • My time has begun! (Season 8–present)
  • Cindy! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! (occasionally)


  • Say one bad thing about Scotland... and I will FUCKING MURDER YOU!!! (Seasons 5-7)
  • Where's my bow? (Season 8-present)


  • I FUCKING HATE ITALY! (Seasons 6-8)
  • You're welcome! (Season 9-present)

Ariel: ALL HAIL MARGRETHE II OF DENMARK! / Χαίρε τη Μαργκρέθη Β' της Δανίας!
Jasmine: Stop all men from harming women! / هل يريد أي منكم أن يمارس الجنس معي؟ (Do any of you men want to have sex with me?)
Mulan: It will be an honor! / 这将是一种荣誉!
Belle: I am such an idiot! (sobs)
Pocahontas: All of you get the hell out of my face!
Tiana: I am the goat, no cap!
Aurora: You dumb BABOOOOOOOONS!!!
Elsa: Can you guys make Porn and Elsagate videos on the internet out of me?
Anna (Frozen): The Internet is definitely for Porn, Assholes!
Shrek: Aye, Donkey…
Minecraft Steve: Chickens!

  • Hey, you're a piece of trash! Hah! (Season 7-9A)
  • Don't Worry, it is just fine the way it is. (Season 9B-Present)
  • Noooooo! Lili! Why!? (Sometimes)

Ivy Valentine:

  • Idiots, did you realize that everything I say is true?! You morons!
  • Travelodge should be closed down, for Pete's sake! (Sometimes)

Cassandra Alexandra: Oh, fuck me harder daddy!
Scorpion: Get over here!
Reptile: Pot! Pot! POT!
Shang Tsung: Your sole is mine!
Pantherk: PANTHERK!!
Doomguy: Rip and tear, until it is done.
Square: Nobody puts square in the corner!
Captain 0: Hey you, GET OFF MY CLOUD!
Little Guy: I'm Little Guy, the king of 123 Greeny Phatom!
Geo Guy: I'm Geo Guy, the king of 123 Geo's World!
Gree Guy: I'm Gree Guy, the king of nothing!
Santed Sailor: Have a shippy shippy shippy shippy day!
Dr. Beanson: I'm Dr. Beanson, the one of a kind soldier that brings you this message!
Small: Wowasarus!
Clay Puppington: Orel, I'll see you, in my study!
Tux: I'd just like to interject for a moment...
Ireland: I love fucking beer! It’s the best thing I’ve ever drank! Also, fuck anyone who hates beer.
Belarus: Shut up, Latvia!
Latvia: How about I should marry a potato!

  • I'm the best out of the entire group! (Seasons 5-7)
  • Ah, yes! I love watching porn. I cannot get my hands off this! (Season 8-present)

Japanese Empire: I hate everything, I hate earth and I hate this group, why can't I leave already?
Killer Moth: The light, the light...
Kit Casey: You just have to fucking deal with it, Sam!
Canada: Well… I will give you a chance, but you need to kill my brother…
Germany: Come on, Greece, pay does fucking debts!
Kpop And Earthbound Fanatic: Look at all those pigeons!
Fluttershy: You're... going to BRAZIL!
Solea: No, no, no. I'm the Queen of the entire group, nobody can beat me!
Helena Meraai: There's peaceful protests in Belarus and there's no war happening, also, Google News is shit.
María Isabel: Kon'nichiwa here! Stop messing with me for crap's sake, Baka.
Valentina: Damn it, Solea!
Anastasiya Petryk: I Love EarthBound! It's the best game ever made! / Ти трахаєш мене за те, що я граю за Несса? (Are You Fucking me for playing as Ness?)

  • SILLY OLD CAR! (Seasons 2-9A)
  • What'll I do? (Season 9B-present)

Galaxymintz: Ga-lass-xy! Gal-lass-xy!
Marie Rose: What the hell?
Dark Magician Girl: I am the dark magician… Darina Maggiolina!
Lilith Aensland: Fuck Ness and Alisa! If those 2 leave the group, then I could live a happy life!
Amy Sorel: FUCK YOU!
Edward Elric: Don't you dare call me small!
Alphonse Elric: Can we all just calm down for a minute or two?
Maka Albarn: Objection!
Soul Evans: Here we go again.
GingerBrave: Shit! Don't make me do that face! I'am absolutely not doing it in front of the fucking group!
Onion Cookie: *cries* No, please!
Milk Cookie: Fuck this shit. Don't make us cookies go in the oven!

  • OMG, it's Al! (Season 9A)
  • Grind my gears and I'll snap you! (Season 9B)
  • Fuck everyone! This group fucking sucks! (Season 11; Wrath's Revenge only)

South Korea: Hey you! Give me back my iPhone! *cries* I won't be addicted to it again!
Brazil (Art's Animations): *whispers* South Korea, why?
Estonia: You know, Belarus, you can just steal it.
Michael Rosen (whose voiceclips are taken from YTPs): *lip smack* Nice.
Russia: Canada, we can do this!
Colorado: Why won't Shazam recognize the intro song?!
Peru: *sighs* Could things get any worse…?
Japan: I wish to become an actual Countryball… not a furry ball.
Rebel Friend:

  • I wish that there were less Art's Animations characters... (Season 9)
  • I wish Pocahontas would stop being an asshole... (Season 10-present)

Fox McCloud: Oh shit! I don't know how to control the airwing!
Donovan Baine: I Really Love Felicia's feet!
Anita (Darkstalkers): What the heck is wrong with you, Donovan?
Rodney Trotter: I never was a dog.
Ayas: I'll aim for a leg..
Jessicake: Hey, please don't touch my hair!
Popette: No, please don't! *cries*
Sara Sushi: Get the fuck away from me, you fucking piece of shit!
Kirstea: Stan AESPA!
Polli Polish: Send me toe pics!
Lucy Smoothie: I'm definitely a material gworl!
Bridie: You guys act like fucking CHIMPANZEES!
Shy Guy: I wish Pam Cake would stop treating me, as well as 2 others like crap…
Holly Willoughby: That's just lovely.
Shrike Sanchez: Oh, shut up Yuzuha.
April O'Neil: Stop staring at my breasts!
Rose (Street Fighter): Can you please stop staring at my butt? It's too disturbing!
Sofya Plotnikova:

  • Don't worry, It's fine. Things will be okay.
  • For fuck's sake! I need help! *cries* (whenever she gets kidnapped and abused by the TMNT)

Fenneko: *laughs* So funny.
Michiru Kagemori: You're dumb…
Vi: I ain't doin' that for free.
Anastasia/Anya: All of you, get the fuck out of my bubble, dumbasses! / Вы все, убирайтесь из моего пузыря, тупицы!
Bridget: No! No! No! *sobs*
Tommy Pickles: A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do!
Helena Douglas: Anything can be lousy, and this group is no exception.
Myles Standish: I want those turkeys!
Rosie Mayfield:

  • This is unacceptable! (Season 9-10)
  • I really want Anastasia to stop being an asshole… (Season 11-present)

Allen Walker: Tally ho, everyone!
Meryl Hinton: Fuck you, Alisa!
Princess Elena: Don't you dare mess with Meryl and Anya, you little dipshit!
The Vibrants:

  • Cardinal: Come on, Vibrants! It's time to go on a Venture!
  • Azura: I can't wait to see what the world has to offer!
  • Pistachio: So true, besties!
  • Banana: As long as we're together, nothing can stop us!


  • Behold, my most devious lick! BWEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!! (Season 11)
  • Sup, bitches and peons! Y'all's reality really needs some shakin' up! Bweheheheh! (Season 12-present)

The Heroes of Maple:

  • Mercedes: Out of my way, you foolish peasant!
  • Aran: YAY! BRAND NEW BANGERS!!!!!!
  • Phantom: Yes, I am indeed rich!
  • Luminous: Wrist check!
  • Eunwol/Shade: Damn, my life sucks!
  • Evan: I wish you guys weren't assholes.

Shivani Paliwal: Let's take the wheel. / मैं अपना बचाव करने जा रहा हूँ (I'm gonna defend myself)
Wallace Breen: Life's good with a little protection!
Blue Executive: You leave Queen Miku out of this!
Jesse Pinkman: YEAH! BITCH!
Ai Enma: What brings you here?
Racist Mario: I can do whatever I want, fuckheads!


Quack: This pizza is so.. Awesome at best!
Episode: The Pizza Plant (Season 1, Episode 1)

Squidward Tentacles: You're cringe, SpongeBob!
Episode: The Conker Stays in The Picture (Season 1, Episode 4)

Beast Boy: *smells Stimpy's fart* Rotten eggs.
Episode: Stimpy and the Golden Egg (Season 1, Episode 5)

Loona: You can't just scam patrons like that!
Episode: Don Weaso (Season 1, Episode 6)

Grimmy (off-screen): *snorts cocaine* Where we are going?
Atilla (off-screen): *snorts cocaine* To the paradise!
Episode: Problems with PSA’s (Season 1, Episode 7)

Beast Boy: *looks at the sign* Stupid Nazis trying to take away our rights!

Beast Boy: Hey hottie!
Mr. Kat: Meow!
Woman #1: Look at them! They're so cute!
Woman #2: Oh my gosh! Really?
Episode: The Fat Red Circle (Season 1, Episode 8)

Roger Smith: Oh boy, it's well to say! Good morning U-ass-a!
Episode: U-Ass-A! (Season 1, Episode 9)

Starfire: Do you have a penis, or a vagina?
Paintbrush: That is none of your business!

Loona: So, how are we going to find out what Paintbrush's gender is? Do you have any suggestions?
Starfire: We should look between it's legs.
Loona: Without looking at their junk.
Patrick Star: We could use a potato.
Beast Boy: That's a good idea, Patrick!
Mr. Kat: *gives a thumbs down to Patrick*
Loona: The potato idea sounds stupid. So Kat and I are gonna find other ways to find out Paintbrush's gender.

Nicole Watterson: What about you can compare Paintbrush’s hips to mine~
Flash Pose P3: Or look at Paintbrush's butt!

Starfire: Honestly, the best way to know what gender Paintbrush is, is to look between-
Fang: Will you SHUT UP?! They're gonna commit hit and run if you look between their legs.

Paintbrush: Starfir, what are you doing??
Starfire: Cutting your dick off.
Paintbrush: Y-you can't do that! I mean, I could die!
Starfire: Sorry Paintbrush. But it needs to go, otherwise, it could destroy the world!

Starfire: Now, I'm going to perform a very important procedure on you!
Paintbrush: Let me take a wild guess! You're gonna cut my dick off!
Starfire: How could you guess? *attempts to cut Paintbrush's penis off*
Paintbrush: I never thought I'd ask you, but why are you constantly trying to cut my penis off? And don't use the "it will destroy the world" excuse! You have to tell the truth!
Starfire: I was going to mail your penis to Toad.
Episode: Gender Neutral Potato (Season 3, Episode 4)

Mr. Kat: *growl and hisses* (You will never touch Loona again! Understand?)
Episode: Nobody's Dirtier than Mr. Kat (Season 3, Episode 5)

Cherry Cookie: TURN OFF THAT LIGHT!! Wow, never thought that could work.
Episode: POE-Tan's Lucky Charms! (Season 3, Episode 6)

Maddie: Wilbert Awdry deserved to die!

Nicole Watterson: Say "Grass" without the "G" and "R" and you might get a surprise.

Nicole Watterson: SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTHS! Also, can I have an "Extra Large Buffalo Chicken Pizza with Cheese Stuffed Bread"?
Ling Xiaoyu: Why would you tell us that? That was a bit rude, can't you say "be quiet" instead?
Nicole Watterson: Ling Xiaoyu, I’m trying to order a Buffalo Chicken Pizza!
Quack: I think your "Extra Large Buffalo Chicken Pizza with Cheese Stuffed Bread" got burnt out.
Episode: We're Going to California? (Season 3, Episode 7)

Black Mamba P3: Paintbrush should get fatter!
Ness: Woah! You got a huge butt! It’s bigger than Nicole’s!
Nicole Watterson: Ness, I feel insulted by what you said, but can we sing "Anaconda" by Nicki Minaj, since Paintbrush has a huge ass that is bigger than mine?
Ness: Okay, but we might have to sing it later, I have homework to do.

Patrick Star: Hey Paintbrush. Did you grow titties?
Paintbrush: They're not really breasts, Patrick! The reason I have them is that I'm fat. But I'm trying to lose that extra weight.
Patrick Star: Would you like to go to McDonald's?
Paintbrush: Unless you want me to gain more weight and develop some serious health issues, no!

Ness: *looks at Paintbrush’s butt* his anaconda don't want any unless you got buns, hun
Nicole Watterson: Oh my gosh, he has a big ass, oh my gosh, look at his as-
Ahri: Okay, can you please stop singing that? That song is disturbing and disgusting. Also, just because Paintbrush has a big butt doesn’t mean you get to sing that. They are just fat, chill.
Akali: I had to join in, but, Nicole and Ness, Paintbrush is a They/Them, not a He/Him.
Nicole Watterson: Paintbrush has a nutsack, and a dick!!

Alisa Bosconovitch: Hey Paintbrush, do you want to visit Candytopia with me? It’s where you look at the exhibits of Candy while you actually eat Candy!
Paintbrush: No. Go ask someone else, Alisa!

Nicole Watterson: Fuck those skinny bitches, fuck those skinny bitches in the club! I wanna see all the big fat-ass bitches in the-
Paintbrush: *scratches Nicole*
Nicole Watterson: Ow! Why the fuck did you do that?!
Paintbrush: Because you and Ness wouldn't stop singing that repulsive song every time you looked at my ass!

Paintbrush: I've been running for about a minute and a half, and already I-
Patrick Star (off-screen): *knocks on the door*
Paintbrush: Ugh! Who could be interrupting my exercise?! *opens the door* Of course, it's you Patrick! What do you want? Can't you see I'm running on the treadmill right now?
Patrick Star: I'm here to give you your McDonald's, Paintbrush.
Paintbrush: I don't want McDonald's, Patrick! I asked you to go to the grocery store and get some fruit!
Episode: Big Fat Brush (Season 3, Episode 15)

BlakeIsHere: Let's all go to hell!
Maddie Cástano: I hope there are no talking trains there.
Thomas the Tank Engine: What did you just say?!
Maddie Cástano: Go get scrapped!!!
Episode: Blake Goes To Hell (Season 3)

Quack: Mr. Kat's on the roof? It was kinda like the time I saw a duck on a tree!

Loona: Say goodbye, Chirp!
Chirp: You can't do this, Loona! You know Mr. Kat tried to kill Stimpy!
Loona: *throws Chirp* And don't talk shit about Mr. Kat!
Chirp: *screams*
Wario: *laughs* This is so hilarious, I think I'm gonna die from laughter!
Fang: Let's throw Mr. Kat off the roof next!
Loona: *knocks out Fang* How about we save Mr. Kat instead!

Beast Boy: Oh, look! Butt-face woke up from his beauty sleep!
Fang: Beast Boy, I had a concussion because of Loona! And Loona, I am sorry that I suggested that we threw Mr. Kat off the roof, but you should know that he is a stalker!
Loona: Mr. Kat isn't a stalker! I keep telling others this, but they don't listen!
Episode: The Kat on the Roof (Season 3)

Paula: Wait for a second, Nintendo announced the games that are coming to Switch Online.
Ness: Is Earthbound coming?
Paula: I’m sorry for this, but no.
Ness: Suck my nuts, Nintendo!

Black Mamba P2: *kicks Nicole Watterson’s butt*
Black Mamba P2: I don’t give a fuck!

Jeff: Ugh... Indian people are so autistic!
Motu: ...and you are so racist! Hmmpph!
Episode: The Good, The Bad, and The Jeff (Season 3)

Fang: Y'all are fucking stupid. Why am I even in this so-called group anyway?
Episode: Make it Stop! (Season 3)

Quack: Look at me, I have a hornet nest on my head! How does it look?
Nicole Watterson: It looks stupid!
Episode: Playing with Hornets (Season 4, Episode 1)

Shulk: Are you ready for your feet tickling, Pyra?
Pyra: Please don't!
Rex: Too late!
Shulk and Rex: Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle...
Pyra: *laughs* STOP IT, THAT TICKLES!
Fang: Y'all nuts, dammit...

Camilla: Cut it out, Lucina. Don't grope me because your's are flat.
Female Byleth: Snap out of it, brother!
Male Byleth: But I'm not your brother.

Lucina: Aw yeah, I'm rich, boy. I got 99,999 bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I'm so rich, I had to add extra bells to the ABD.

Male Robin & Female Robin: Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle...
Male Corrin & Female Corrin: *laughs*
Shulk: Man, these guys are relatable.
Rex: Those Robins.

Nicole Watterson: *chewing* Mmm… I like this gum, it has a very strong blueberry flavor…
Richard Watterson: No, no, no! You’re not supposed to chew that, didn’t you realize what can happen to you?
Nicole Watterson: I don’t believe in that, that shit’s just a- *starts turning more blue, bigger, and fatter* Oh, no! I’m turning more blue, bigger, and fatter than usual!
Morrigan Aensland: This is just so gross, I wonder if Ben Bocquelet is aware of this show…
Nicole Watterson: *muffled voice* Richard was right, I wasn’t supposed to eat that, now I’m a blueberry.

Richard Watterson: What the flying Texas flag hell? How did my wife get so big?! That is so disgusting!
Fang: *pulls out a nail* Let's pop Nicole!
Morrigan Aensland: Or better yet, find a cure to turn her back to normal?
Fang: No! Nicole needs to get popped as soon as possible!
Ray: This is a certfied-
Black Mamba P3: No! I want Nicole to stay as a blueberry! Forever!
Blake and Menchie: Too late, we are going to call the ambulance.
Blake: Morrigan Aensland, you know what to do!
Morrigan Aensland: *calls the ambulance on a phone call*
Nurse: Hello, is there anything for medical help?
Morrigan Aensland: Hello, This is Morrigan here, so, one of the members of the group, Nicole Watterson, originally from Gumball, has accidentally chewed gum and somehow inflated it into a blueberry, do any of you have a cure?
Nurse: We will have to see if there’s a cure. Anyways, thanks for calling! We are on our way to see you in 5 minutes! Bye! *stops phone call*

Nicole Watterson: *yells* Why would Fang-
Nurse: *Comes in the house to cure Nicole*
Nicole Watterson:*reverts back to normal* Wait, what the hell was what? Wait, I was that big? How? Why am I always treated like shit? *starts crying* Thank You so much! I’m finally cured!
Black Mamba P3: Wait? She’s not a blueberry anymore? DAMN IT! I WANTED NICOLE TO BE A BLUEBERRY EARLIER!

Black Mamba P2: *kicks Fang in the balls* You bastard…
Fang: *grabs Black Mamba P2's leg and throws her at the wall*
Episode: Black Mamba P3’s Big Fetish! (Season 4)

Mr. Kat: *groaning*
Loona: I really hope we get to the hospital soon... *notices a lot of traffic in front of her car* Hey! I have someone giving birth with me here! So move it!
Episode: Pregnant Kat (Season 4)

Gui: Are you fucking kidding me right now? Why are y'all so scared of Nicole?
BlakeIsHere: Because she's gay!
Nicole Watterson: Seriously? I did nothing wrong to you! Also, I’m not gay, I’m straight!
Among Us Crewmate #1: No, it's not that, Nicole Watterson, you’re sus! *starts laughing*

Quack: Now, THAT'S a filler scene.
Episode: Maddie and the Evil Amtrak Train (Season 4)

Evelynn: Woah, you need to slow down…
Nicole Watterson: *singing voice* I’M SO HIGH ON SUGAR COFFEE! THESE BITCHES IN THE HOUSE!
Kiwi: What the actual fuck?
Blake: Yeah, I know.

Blake: Menchie, do you have Frozen Yogurt blood?
Menchie: What are you talking about?

Narrator: Meanwhile in Nicole’s bedroom…
Mr. Kat: That's not cane sugar, you moron! That's cocaine!
Loona: Kat's right, Nicole! You sniffed cocaine, not cane sugar!
Ling Xiaoyu: I have to agree with Kat and Loona! That so-called "cane sugar" was actually cocaine.
Nicole Watterson: Holy Shit, Crybaby 101 came back from her doctor’s appointment! ALSO, THAT’S CANE SUGAR, NOT COCAINE!
Ling Xiaoyu: No! That was cocaine, not cane sugar. Also, I felt like you insulted me by calling me "Crybaby 101", otherwise, you need to calm down!

Build a Babe: What are you making that sound for? Also, why are you in my hotel room at Hilton?
Nicole Watterson: *opens a window and throws Build a Babe* WOOOO! THIS IDIOT NEEDS TO GET DOWN DOWN!
Build a Babe: *screams*
Alisa Bosconovitch: *laughs* That is so funny, I laughed my ass off!
Ness: I just recorded it on my phone, and now I'm going to post it on TikTok.

Nina Williams: Bro, Ling Xiaoyu literally texted me that you are too hyper, when will you calm down? Please?
Nicole Watterson: Ling is a crybaby, and she can suck my-
Nina Williams: NO! Get a chill pill!
Mario: When will Nicole ever calm down?
Nina Williams: I don’t know. Maybe I will just give her some medicine to calm her down.
Ling Xiaoyu: Yep, she’s crazy as hell! Give her a chill pill! Maybe she’s singing a song at the Karen Demirchyan Complex in Armenia…

Narrator: Meanwhile at the Karen Demirchyan Complex…
Mr. Burns: This is the worst song I ever heard, why is Nicole screaming?
Mario: I had no idea, but I heard she got hyper, just by drinking coffee…
Crowd: *covering ears*
Nicole Watterson: *singing voice* I WILL FOREVER LOVE YOU, BECAUSE I DON’T CARE~! *glass breaks*
Crowd: Boo! *throws snacks and soda*
Nicole Watterson: I Don’t care because I will forever be high- oh gosh, I look like a woozy face emoji, and I’m just so tired… I don’t want to be high anymore!
Ling Xiaoyu: Wait, you’re asleep? *pulls out gummy medicine* here, have this
Nicole Watterson: *chews the gummy medicine*

Loona: Me and Kat know who made Nicole hyper! We saw it with our own eyes!
Mario: Well, who is it?
Loona: It was Maddie Càstano! She was the one who gave Nicole the coffee, thus making her hyper!
Mr. Kat: *meowing* (This is no joke! Both me and Loona saw what she did!)
Episode: Nicole is High? (Season 4)

Elmyra: Who wants tea?
Mr. Kat: *raises his hand*
Episode: Tea with Elmyra (Season 4)

Episode: Quackland (Season 4)

Teacher #1: Meg Griffin, what are you doing here?
Hello Kitty: Um, Meg, what is taking out of your pocket?
Norman Price: It's a gun!
Meg Griffin: This is for you, Adam Lanza!
Episode: Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? (Season 4)

Sheen Estevez: Do you wanna fuck this Loona doll?
Mr. Kat: *meowing* (Nah. I'd rather do that with the real deal!)
Episode: Bobby Blimper's Balloon Fetish (Season 4)

Bloo: *sees a picture of Loona naked* Those titties are mine!
Mr. Kat: *cocks a gun at Bloo*
Episode: Foster's Home for Dirty Partners (Season 4)

Doki: Loona, fuck off. We don’t have time for this shit.

Nicole Watterson: Alright boys, hold my gun. I got some killing to do
Richard Watterson: I got some tiddies to lick.
Loona: And I’ve got some Richards to take to the hospital.

Paintbrush: Y'all are fucking nerds if you think you’re gonna win this fight..... WITHOUT ME!!!!
Ness: Hold up. I will be hitting people in the balls with my baseball bat…

Mr. Peabody: *stares at Sherman*
Sherman: Hey Mr. Peabody! Come join us for a game of spin the bottle!
Mr. Peabody: *grabs knife* *laughs* I DON'T EVEN LIKE SPIN THE BOTTLE!!!
Maddie: Yeah, go Mr. Peabody! We don't need Sherman!

Paddington: *strips naked* That’s a question you have to figure out yourself.
Episode: Sherman Dies (Season 4)

Catrina: Welcome to Starbucks! How may I take your order?
Patrick Star: Catrina, can I get an iced latte with breast milk?
Catrina: Uh, what did you say?
Bloo: Patrick asked if he could have an iced latte with breast milk.
Catrina: What do you mean by breast milk?!
Bloo: He means your breast milk, Catty.
Catrina: Oh great.. I have a stupid star and his perverted friend asking me to put breast milk in their lattes! Anyway, I'll have your lattes done in a minute.
Paintbrush: Patrick, why?!
Patrick Star: I don't know.
Catrina: *comes out of the door while panting, with the two lattes*
Paintbrush: Catrina, are you okay?!
Catrina: No I'm not! Because of those... Tit lovers!
Paintbrush: Thanks a lot, Patrick! And you too, Bloo for doing this to my sister!
Episode: Paintbrush's Sister (Season 5, Episode 1)

Marinette: Grr! What is all with these fetishes? Tickling, inflation, foot fetish, they all suck! Animals inside clothing are the superior fetish!
Black Mamba P3: Well, you're wrong! Blueberry inflation is the superior fetish!
Marinette: No, it's animals inside clothing!
Black Mamba P3: No! Blueberry inflation!
Marinette: Animals inside clothing!
Black Mamba P3: Blueberry inflation!
Marinette and Black Mamba P3: GRR!
Paintbrush: Animals wearing clothes is not a fetish, Marinette!
Marinette: No! Animals inside clothing, not wearing clothing!
Paintbrush: That would just be stupid.
Marinette: Guess I'll jump off this cliff! *jumps off a cliff*

Loona: Me and Kat found some clothes for you to put on this Umbreon.
Giulia Marcovaldo: Great! But The Umbreon should wear Green, White & Red. You Know, all'Italiano!
Isabela Madrigal: No! The Umbreon Should Wear Red, Yellow & Red Again! The Color Of Spain!
Giulia Marcovaldo: The Umbreon should wear Green, White & Red
Isabela Madrigal: No! The Umbreon Should Wear Red, Yellow & Red Again!
Giulia Marcovaldo: Green, white, and red!
Isabela Madrigal: Red, yellow, and red again!
Giulia Marcovaldo: Green, White & Red!
Isabela Madrigal: Red, Yellow & Red Again!
Giulia Marcovaldo: Green, White & Red!
Isabela Madrigal: Red, Yellow & Red Again!
Giulia Marcovaldo: GREEN, WHITE & RED!
Isabela Madrigal: RED, YELLOW & RED AGAIN!
Giulia Marcovaldo & Isabela Madrigal: GRR!

Marinette: Wanna see something cool?
Camilo: No.
Marinette: *puts a squirrel inside Isabela's dress*
Marinette: S.I.M.P.
Isabela Madrigal: *Laughs hysterically*
Marinette: Best fetish ever.
Camilo: Fetishes are not ok! They're sick, gross, and disgusting! Please stop this for once.
Marinette: I would, but without it, we wouldn't have a squirrel in my pants which stands for simp! Isn't that funny?
Camilo: Yes, but not the fetish. It isn't a comedy, you should know.
Isabela Madrigal: *laughs* GET THE FUCK OUT! *pulls the squirrel out of her dress*
Camilo: I can't see this ending well.
Marinette: Because I can, woman.

Marinette: Hey, do you want a surprise?
Ness: Yes, I love surprises, you know!
Rocket Raccoon: Oh, what the heck are you doing?
Marinette: Shh… don’t say anything. *puts Rocket Raccoon inside Ness’ shorts*
Ness: *screams* Ow! Dear God, why would you put Rocket Raccoon inside my shorts?!
Marinette: This is the funniest thing I ever saw, I will take a picture of it! Try it, Captain Falcon *hands him Stimpy*
Stimpy: Hey, hey, hey! What's cooking, Cap'pin?
Captain Falcon: Oh, nothing... *puts Stimpy inside Nicole’s skirt*
Nicole Watterson: *laughs and growls* You’re in so much trouble! I’m calling the cops.

Alisa Bosconovitch: Hi, Julia
Julia Chang: Hello, Alisa
Alisa Bosconovitch: Do you want some Cajun Food, I went to BB's Tex-Orleans to get some?
Julia Chang: Oh Sure!
Nobert Beaver: Why are you holding me?
Alisa Bosconovitch: Shush! *puts Nobert Beaver in Julia’s shorts*
Julia Chang: *Laughs* Please stop, it tickles so much!
Episode: Animals Inside Clothing (Season 5)

Doki: What? WHAT DID YOU SAY?!
Nicole Watterson: Don't rage, i only said "no".
Doki: Bu... Bu... BUT I WANT TO GO TO PIZZA HUT! *cries*
Narrator (John Sparkes): Oh dear, Doki is throwing a temper tantrum because he was not going to Pizza Hut.
Episode: Doki Goes to Pizza Hut (Season 5)

Paintbrush: We must stop everything we can to stop harm on earth.
Sherman (in the background): Is this harming the earth? *puts oil on a flower*
Paintbrush: YES, ASSHAT!
Episode: Sherman Dies 3 (Season 5)

Loona: Ever heard of that one man who diddled with his grandpa.
Sherman: But... that's incest.
Loona: Well, thanks for ruining the joke, you cunt.
Isabela Madrigal: Can you tell me the joke?
Loona: Oh umm.. yeah about that…
Sherman: It was about a man who-
Episode: Paintbrush Loves Blood Moon (Season 5)

Raya: Are you ready for your feet tickling, Mei?
Mei Lee: Just shut up and tickle my feet already!
Isabela Madrigal: With pleasure!
Raya and Isabela Madrigal: Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle...
Mei Lee: *laughs* DON'T STOP, IT TICKLES!
Camilo: You guys are sickos! Why am I in this group to begin with?!
Loona: This is just horrendous. Mei told Raya and Isabela to tickle her feet, which is just stupid!
Mr. Kat: *nods in agreement*
Blake: Disney characters need to stop appearing in the show!
Mundi: Yeah. It makes no se-
Raya: Shut your mouth, you fucking incel!

Paintbrush: Oh my god! What is with all of those fetishes?! I think I'm gonna- *vomits on the ground*
Episode: Buttons P1's Bigger Fetish! (Season 5)

Nicole Watterson: This is my real voice.
Giulia Marcovaldo: I don't hear a difference.
Nicole Watterson: [In Penny Fitzgerald's voice] How about now? Do you hear that? [In Six's voice] What about now? Sound different? Huh? [In Dashi's voice] What about now? [in Milli's voice] Or now? [In Mater's Computer' voice] Or now? [In Azami's voice] Or even now?
Giulia Marcovaldo: Now, that just all sounds like the same person.
Episode: Shuffleboarding (Season 5)

Paintbrush: I told you to write down a shopping list, not draw Kat fucking Loona while I'm being raped!
Robin: I can't write worth shit!

Robin: Fuck you, classic me!
Robin (Teen Titans): That is not very nice!
Robin: Well, I don't give a single fucking shit!

Male Robin: Eat a dick, Robin!
Female Robin: Yeah, go fuck yourself!
Robin (Teen Titans): Seriously?!

Robin (Teen Titans): For god's sake The WB! Give them comeuppance!
The WB: No.
Episode: Teen Titans Go! is Problematic (Season 5)

Fan: Matilda can suck my dick!

Matilda: *opens the package to reveal Fan's penis* *screams* What the hell is that?!
Fan: *laughs* What did you think was in the box? *laughs* Hope you... I don't feel so good... *passes out from blood loss*
Episode: Matilda Sucks! (Season 5)

Doki: Fuck you, Loona! You can't kick us out! We will return!
Episode: Team Doki Gets Kicked Out (Season 5)

Cosmo: Fuck everyone here! I will destroy this shitty clubhouse!!
Episode: Cosmo's Had Enough (Season 6)

Isabela Madrigal: I'm going to okay?
Episode: The Crappy Awards Ceremony (Season 6)

Odo: I just walked in and you're doing that?
Loona: Aren't you supposed to be fucking NOCTURNAL!!?!
Episode: A Polish Owl's Arrival (Season 6)

Brian Griffin: Woah, Milo, Are you okay?
Milo Black Cat: Never better, I bloody love being high on Cadbury's Caramel whilst lovingly looking at pictures of Taylor Lautner. *destroys a trophy*
Brain Griffin: Maybe you should be more careful.
Episode: Miloffinity: SOS Liverpool (Season 6)

Superman: Bruce, it has been 5 years, and you still owe me sixteen bucks.
Batman: Fuck off. Remember when you got a terrible video game on the Nintendo 64?
Robin (comics): Bruce, what the fuck are you on about?
Alastor: Did someone mention 16 dollars?
Episode: The 16 Dollars (Season 6)

Darkos: What the fuck are you?
Skipper: We are Penguins of Madagascar!
Darkos: First of all! Penguins don’t live in Madagascar! Second of all! The fuck is this pug doing here?!
Short Fuse: I’M NOT A PUG!!! I’M A SEAL!!!

Skipper: What?
Episode: Darkos, Seal and Penguins (Season 6)

Darkos: I have-
Loona: You have what? No bitches?
Ren Höek: *Laughs* I can’t! *Laughs*

Loona: Ah shit! Here we go again.

Loona and Darkos: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

Darkos: So, can I lick your vagina?
Loona: No! *kicks Darkos’ crotch*
Episode: Loona vs. Darkos (Season 6)

Ness: Yes baby! It’s just me and Alisa! Cause it’s my time now!
Alisa Bosconovitch: Ayy! Definitely, it’s Ness Time!
Rakel Colt: What the hell are you doing?
Ness: Shut up, you stupid!

Alastor: Hello, Ness!
Randy Marsh: We have a very special gift for you!
Episode: It's Ness Time! (Season 6)

Lofty: Why is Cinnamoroll smirking at me like I'm a fucking depressive joke?
Cinnamoroll: Okay, jesus christ.
Episode: Weeb Valkyrie (Season 6)

Juf Roos: Hello children, Would you like to sing along?
Loona: Hell no!
Episode: Loona Meets the Dutch (Season 6)

Eggman: Excuse me, is this thing on? Ugh, I’m too drunk for this shit. Anyway, I’m here with an important announcement. So, last night, I was checking my Twitter and I saw that every member of the Crazy Group went over to my house, drank all my beer, spray-painted “fuck da police” on my walls, and had a massive gang bang on my bed. I’m not happy about it, especially since this happens every week! So you know what? Look at the moon. Do you see how unbelievably huge it is and its creepy smile? Well, I went to Thanos and used the infinity stones to turn that moon into a monster that eats planets. You all have 24 hours to get out of here and move to a different planet, or that thing will end your lives. As for the Crazy-Ass Group: FUCK YOU!!! Fuck Mario! Fuck Sonic! Fuck those two lesbian Harry Potter ripoffs! Fuck The Wattersons, Fuck the EarthBound Chosen 4! Fuck That one Russian Gynoid from Tekken! Fuck Mr. Kat! Fuck Loona! Fuck the overused duo! Fuck all of them! I hope you all die! Except for the U Got 45'd crew & the Starch Brotherhood, you're great. Now back to our previously scheduled program. Thank you for listening.
Episode: Crazy-Ass Group 2-Hour Season Premiere (Season 7, Episode 1)

Milo Black Cat: Do you want a pint of Carlsberg and some Lyons Maid?
Maddie: Who the hell is Lyons Maid?
Milo Black Cat: Ice cream.
Loona: Oh fuck yes!
Mr. Kat: *nods*
Odo: Oh, shit.
Episode: Lyons Misfits (Season 7)

Woman: Please forgive me, I’ll get you the money you want in just two days.
Mario: Shut the fuck up, bitch! Momma Mia, we didn’t start loan sharking and drug dealing to-a listen to whiny little whores.
Woman: Aren’t you guys supposed to be good guys?
Mario: This is-a just temporary, see, Marinette wasted a-half our money on dog sweaters, Mr. Peabody used some on sharp knives to kill Sherman, and everything else was on porn and drugs. So, me and Luigi are doing what Italians usually do to raise money.
Woman: Oh.
Mario: Now get our money back in one day, or I’ll send my friend Captain Falcon to your kids’ schools. That may not sound like a threat, but trust me, it’s a threat.
Episode: Secret Mafia (Season 7)

Olivia Birchenough: What is this place?
Alastor: This place is a red-light district, now take your clothes off, you whore.
Episode: Alastor's Red Light (Season 7)

Baldi: So Class What comes after 69?
Ness: Oh, Oh, Oh!
Baldi: Yes Ness? *points at Ness*
Ness: Mouthwash!
Entire Class: *laughs*
Baldi: *laughs* GET THE FUCK OUT!
Ness: Aw, fuck!
Episode: Bullcrap Math Answer (Season 7)

Milo Black Cat: Well, I admit, Lyons Maid ice cream brings in the charm.
Stewie Griffin: It's so damn better than what the fat man gives us.
Loona: Fuck yeah.
Mr. Kat: *nods*
Olivia Birchenough: Oh, bollocks. They taste cold and sweet..

Alastor: Does anyone want some Friendly's ice cream?
Randy Marsh: It's free!

Ness: I'm going to get myself some Caramel flavored Ice Cream, what about the rest of you?
Alisa Bosconovitch: Definitely Mint Chocolate Chip for me!
Nicole Watterson: Not gonna lie, Gelato is so delicious and so is Mochi.
Episode: Keepers' Loona (Season 7)

Dizzy: Make me, old man fucker!
Kristie Inglethorpe: Could you quiet, please? It's 3 in the morning.
Episode: Sociopath Dizzy (Season 7)

Paintbrush: Where has Black Mamba P3 been? Do you have any answers?
Loona: No. I haven't seen her. And neither has Kat.
Mr. Kat: *shakes his head*
Nicole Watterson: She disappeared, morons!
Episode: The Disappearance of Black Mamba P3 (Season 7)

Lofty: I must be hypomanic.
Rakel Colt: I feel your pain.
Bob the Builder: But he-
Episode: The Night Acanthus Glowed Blue (Season 7)

Lili Rochefort: Ugh, Ness and Alisa, what the hell are you two doing?
Ness: This is me and Alisa's secret hideout.
Alisa Bosconovitch: Yeah, We're currently playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch.
Ness: Now go ahead and take your shoes off, bitch!
Lili Rochefort: Yeah, whatever...
San Antonio Spurs Coyote: Hey guys, would you like some chicken wings?
Ness: Oh hell yes!
Alisa Bosconovitch: Absolutely.
Episode: Finders Sweepers (Season 7)

Odo: Now, you go to the drive-in theatre and get food.
San Antonio Spurs Coyote: Anything to satisfy your lust.
Kristie Inglethorpe: Ugh, bollocks!
Alastor: Come on Kristie, Drive-in theatre food won't hurt you.
Kristie Inglethorpe: But-
Alastor: Trust me.
Episode: Starfites: Patron Drive-ins And Run (Season 7)

Darkos: *burps* Whisky?
Darkos (Arthur and the minimoys TV Series): I prefer to drink gloop!
Darkos: You drink glue?! *laughs* I prefer whisky and jackfire.

Alastor: It's okay, Darkos! I know how to deal with this loser! *snaps his fingers to make the other Darkos disappear*
Episode: Two Darkos' (Season 7)

Doodle: Hi, y'all.
Odo: This is Doodle, my best friend.
Mr. Kat: *smirks*
Doodle: What's so funny?
Loona: Your fucking name.

Alastor: Hey there! I would like to introduce myself! I'm Alastor, and the man next to me is Randy Marsh!
Ness: Welcome here! if you are wondering, I'm Ness, and the gynoid girl right by me is Alisa Bosconovitch!
Alisa Bosconovitch: Hi~!
Episode: Doodle Arrives (Season 7)

Alastor: Randy! Look! It's Toys "R" Us!
Episode: Randy and Alastor Go to Toys "R" Us! (Season 7)

Cinnamoroll: Oh, is that a cinnamon bun?
Roley: Yes..
Roley: It comes with a Queen CD.
Cinnamoroll: AWESOME!!
Brian Griffin: My god, you're so damn fluffy.
Bob the Builder: GET TO WORK, ROLEY!
Cinnamoroll: It's Roley's day off, you son of a bitch!
Dizzy: Silence, old man!

Randy Marsh: Wanna CD? Alastor found it!
Episode: Cinnamon and the CD (Season 7)

Alastor: Me and Randy have something to show you!

Kristie Inglethorpe: The more the merrier.
Anna Knight: Of course.
San Antonio Spurs Coyote: May I rub your beautiful bodies?
Olivia Birchenough: Oh piss off, you perverted furry!
Episode: Rubber Banana (Season 7)

Alastor: Help!! I broke my leg!!
Episode: Alastor Breaks His Leg (Season 7)

Alastor: Wait a minute, where's Randy?
Episode: Where's Randy? (Season 7)

Coco: Why do I have the Bandicooties?
Roley: Maybe a Freddie Mercury lamp will help?
Episode: Coco's Got The Bandicooties (Season 7)

Loona: I got the bouquet!
Tails: Actually, there is more than one bouquet, Loona.
Episode: Bouquet Fight (Season 7)

Odo: Oh crap.
Maddie: Did this satanic train enrage you?
Claire Emmett: He did?
Episode: Trainfools (Season 7)

Brian Griffin: Now that's oughta blow his reputation!
Episode: Mr. Mouse Down Bad (Season 7)

Netflix Executive: We're booting your stinky ass!
Shrek: Make me!
Episode: Shrek Gets Booted Off Netflix (Season 7)

Alastor: Hello, my dear viewers! Me and Randy have something for you!
Randy Marsh and Alastor: *point their middle fingers at the screen*

Patrick: The fourth wall's demolished.
Episode: Destroying The Fourth Wall (Season 7)

Kristie Inglethorpe: This feels so oddly silent.
Thomas The Tank Engine: We're in Dublin, Ireland.
Anna Knight: I got Tayto.
Olivia Birchenough: I purchased Supermacs.
Mira: I'll have Guinness beer.
Anna Knight: No, don't-
Episode: Destanation: Dublin (Season 7)

Mr. Know It Owl: This isn't the woods!
Claire Emmett: We're in Ayia Napa, Cyprus.
Stewie Griffin: Oh, fuck! Sunburn!
Claire Emmett: Thank god we have suncream.
Brian Griffin: She's right.
Odo: Ummm, Claire, What are Randy and Alastor doing?
Alastor: Wanna hug?
Cypriot Local: No thanks!
Randy Marsh: Then we'll shit on your flag.
Claire Emmett: You two need to stop!
Episode: Cypriot Ganders (Season 7)

Pit: This place has too much colors!
Ness: We're in Tirana, Albania.
Lili Rochefort: I'm currently craving some Fërgesë right now…
Ness: Maybe I need to ask Nicole if she can take you to a restaurant.
Lili Rochefort: While before going, we will go shopping!
Alisa Bosconovitch: Ayy! Definitely, I'm going to get myself some Homemade Ceramics!
Rakel Colt: Or we can visit Skanderbeg Square.
Ness: Hey Nicole, can you take us to a restaurant?
Nicole Watterson: Hmm… I will but maybe later..
San Antonio Spurs Coyote: While we wait for our food, I’m going to be walking around the The Grand Park of Tirana.
Rakel Colt: So, I’m wondering what Darkos is doing…

Darkos: Hey, girl do you want to have sex with me?
Albanian Local: Eww, no! Go away you perverted freak!
Episode: The Overside in Albania (Season 7)

Paintbrush: *stomach gurgles* Why did I eat sugar-free gummies? My insides are hurting!
Brian Griffin: How can you be so god damn stupid, Paintbrush?

Maddie: Is someone giving birth in the bathroom?
Alastor: Hehe, this is so funny!
Episode: Paintbrush Gets Diarrhea! (Season 7)

Squidward: Ah, Menorca, So peaceful, SpongeBob is in Ibiza probably on ecstasy.
Starfy: I know.
Maddie: Tranquil at last without these damn satanic things.
Santed Sailor: Have a shippy day!
Menorcan Local: Quiet, "sailor".
Starfy: Wanna buy food at Lidl, Eroski and Mercadona?
Maddie: Sure.
Episode: Menorca Vibe (Season 7)

Lili Rochefort: *screams* There’s a cockroach in my hotel suite! Ness, you should go ahead and kill it!
Talim: Eww! It’s big and it's gross!
Prince Poo: Bro, stop screaming. It’s not going to hurt you or anything as of matter!
Fang: I agree, I think you guys should stop overreacting.
Lili Rochefort: Shut Up!
Ness: *Tries to hit the roach with an baseball bat*
Lili Rochefort: Did you kill it?
Ness: Nope, It… flies…
Lili Rochefort: *panics and runs away*
Episode: Lili vs. The Cockroach (Season 7)

Odo: I brought back a friend.
Danielle Hannam: Hello everyone.
Cosmo: She's cute!
Danielle Hannam: Well, thanks.
Claire Emmett: Welcome Danielle!
Episode: Friends With Compasses (Season 7)

Randy Marsh: Alright, Hot Bacon! I got you your- Jesus Christ! What the hell happened here?!!
Alastor: Randy! Is something wrong?
Randy Marsh: Hot Bacon is missing!
Paintbrush: Your rat? Well, I hate to tell you, but I ate it.
Episode: Randy's Pets (Season 7)

Mr. Know It Owl: Aren't you so bland?
Roley: Shut up, you fucking annoyance!

Alastor: Jesus Christ! This is worse than the time we got drunk with Mr. Turner!
Ness: Oh, did I scream after eating S'mores?
Episode: Cutaway Runaway (Season 7)

Danielle Hannam: What is going on you two?
Paintbrush: Roley punched me all because I wanted Blackpink on.
Roley: Blackpink is for babies!
Blackpink Stan: Go kill yo-
Danielle Hannam: You're not helping.
Blackpink Stan: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!
Mira: Yeah!!! Only old people listen to 70's Rock.
Episode: Roley vs. K-pop Stans (Season 7)

Paintbrush: Just face it, you misgendering freak! I have both a penis and a vagina! There is no way around it!
Episode: Paintbrush's Junk (Season 7)

Kit Casey: Do you want me to kick you in the balls?
Elvis Cridlington: You cannot do that.
Brian Griffin: You okay?
Elvis Cridlington:: I'm good..
Odo: Get out, Kit.
Kit Casey: Make me!
Claire Emmett: Kit, Leave or we'll call the police.
Danielle Hannam: Yes!
Stewie Griffin: She's being arrested.
Cypriot Police: Get in the car, Kit!
Episode: Kit Casey's Malice in Larnaca (Season 7)

Gree Guy: Why are we in Montenegro?
Muck: Because your fucking drunken antics in Kosovo made us!
Geo Guy: Ugh..
Episode: Lost in Montenegro (Season 7)

Liz Gillies: Hello, isn't Bulgaria fascinating?
Claire Emmett: Yes, everything is clean and futuristic.
Odo: Unlike Romania.
Lili de Rochefort: Yes, it was so damn dirty.
Bulgarian Local: Thank you visitors!
Liz Gillies: Anytime, darling.
Kiril Petkov: How would you visitors like to stay in the richest mansion in Sofia?
Claire Emmett: It will be an honor.
Episode: Bulgarian Mansion (Season 7)

Nicole Watterson: Alright people, we're in Skopje, North Macedonia, so get ready-
Ness: *screams* The wait is over!!
Pit: Woah, was that really necessary?
San Antonio Spurs Coyote: Pit, I don’t even think so. Anyways, Do you guys want to stay at a hotel?
Alisa Bosconovitch: Hell yeah.
Josie Rizal: This is Zoki Poki, say hello to him.
Zoki Poki: Hi.
Nicole, Ness, Pit, San Antonio Spurs Coyote, Alisa, Leo, and Josie: Hello Zoki Poki!
Zoki Poki: It's nice to meet you here.
Leo Kliesen: I think I’m about to get some cookies.
Nicole Watterson: Don’t worry Leo, you still have some time.
Episode: All the Hype in Macedonia (Season 7)

Rouon Aro: That's some delightful cevapcici you got.
Dizzy: Yes, Thank my god fucking damn stars that Bob never came.
Brian Griffin: It appears that we're in Zagreb.
Dizzy: Croatia?
Brian Griffin: Exactly.
Superteta: Bok, everyone!
Danielle Hannam: This is Superteta, Croatia's TV star for kids.
Rouon Aro: Hi.
Kristie Inglethorpe: I'll get Coca-Cola Light.
Brian Griffin: Okay, take your time, Kristie.
Episode: A Croatian Trip Without Bob (Season 7)

Spyro: Who inked me?
Inkling Girl (Splatoon 1 & 2): Inkling Boy From The Original Splatoon!
Inkling Boy (Splatoon): Oh That's Real nice.
Episode: Splatoon For Idiots (Season 7)

Poupenka: I welcome you all to Prague.
Lofty: Why are there so many Skodas?
Poupenka: Well, because it is a national car of Czech Republic.
Stistko: Even I own it.
Odo: Thanks for Kofola.
Poupenka: Much obliged.
Krtek: Dig?
Poupenka: Later.
Alastor: Bring back communism, bitches!
Randy Marsh: Wanna fight?
Poupenka: Please behave.
Episode: Prague Party (Season 7)

Randy Marsh: I never knew this day would come. The Crazy-Ass Group Show has 200 episodes now!
Alastor: 200?! I know what we should do in honor of 200 episodes of this shit show! We should have a festival!
Episode: The 200th Episode Festival (Season 7)

Alastor: Hello! Everybody! Me and my best friend, Randy are having a big premiere tonight!
Randy Marsh: So make sure you are at the theatre by seven o'clock at night!
Episode: Alastor and Randy's Premiere (Season 8, Episode 1)

Randy Marsh: *finds an old school bus* Alastor! Alastor, look what I found!
Alastor: Really? What is it?
Randy Marsh: It's a school bus!
Alastor: Can I have a look? *looks at the school bus* That gives me an idea!
Episode: Randy and Alastor's School Bus (Season 8, Episode 41)

Ness: Take it all off, you whore!
Anais Watterson: *sobs* D-don't..!
Alisa Bosconovitch: You heard Ness, TAKE YOUR DAMN CLOTHES OFF!
Olivia Birchenough: NESS, ALISA, WHAT THE FUCK?!
Brian Griffin: Oh boy..
Episode: Electric Black (Season 8)

Roger Smith: Are these marijuana brownies?
Claire Emmett: Yes, but don't eat them all or you get-
Roger Smith: Too late!
Claire Emmett: High.. Damn it!
Odo: If he sells them to kids, they'll be high like Snoop Dogg.
Episode: Roger Goes Shopping (Season 8)

Yusuke Kitagawa: That looks delicious.
Ann Takamaki: *Points gun at Yusuke* Hey! if you want food ask my permition got it?!
Yusuke Kitagawa: Yes Geez.

Ann Takamaki: Around the park one more time, Alessandrine.
Inkling Girl (Splatoon): Ann listen, I'm not your chauffeur with an exotic name.
Ann Takamaki: Not for long with that attitude, Alessandrine!
Inkling Girl (Splatoon): Oh My Cod...
Ann Takamaki: Ah, this is living, Alessandrine. I feel like I'm in a Rolls Royce!
Inkling Girl (Splatoon): That's because you are in one.
Ann Takamaki: Oh.

Inkling Girl (Splatoon): Hey, look, there's Isabela.
Ann Takamaki: Yeah. Honk the horn.
Isabela Madrigal: Oh, hi, Ann and Inkling Girl!
Ann Takamaki: Yeah! Ram her.
Inkling Girl (Splatoon): What?
Ann Takamaki: I SAID RAM HER!
Inkling Girl (Splatoon): I'm not ramming Isabela!
Ann Takamaki: Do it or I won't pay you!
Inkling Girl (Splatoon): Oh, for squid sake. *rams Isabela*
Isabela Madrigal: What the fuck?!
Ann Takamaki: YES! Now shoot her tires out!
Inkling Girl (Splatoon): What?!
Ann Takamaki: You got a gun?
Inkling Girl (Splatoon): Well, yeah. Every cabbie carries a gun but i bringed an original Splattershot and a real gu-
Ann Takamaki: Give me the gun! and i mean the real one.
Inkling Girl (Splatoon): *sighs and reluctantly gives Ann the real gun*
Ann Takamaki: *shoots the tires out*
Ann Takamaki: I Was Just Going With The Flow.
Isabela Madrigal: Going with the flow?! I'll SHOW YOU GOING WITH THE FLOW!
Isabela Madrigal and Ann Takamaki: *get into a fight*
Inkling Girl (Splatoon): Can't say i didn't see this coming
Episode: Ann's Taxi (Season 8)

Poupenka: I've come for a visit.
Paintbrush: How the hell are you? *hugs*
Loona: Who's she?
Odo: This is Poupenka, She's from Czech Republic.
Episode: Delirious Kat (Season 8)

Lola and Mila: We're very big fans of this group. We can play some games, can we join?
Lili De Rochefort: Wait, Who are they?
Odo: They're Lola and Mila originally from the TV series of the same name. They're from Serbia.
Ness: I met them before…
Episode: Keys to the Clubhouse (Season 8)

Horrid Henry's Mum: Don't be horrid, He- OW!!
Horrid Henry: DON'T FUCK WITH ME!!!
Alastor: Yeah!
Kristie Inglethorpe: Oh, crap.
Episode: Abusive Henry (Season 8)

Roley: Billie Eilish is for teenagers.
Balanel: *nods*
Miaunel: *nods*
Billie Eilish Stan: SHUT UP!
Princess Shokora: Yeah!
Episode: Roley vs. Billie Eilish Stans (Season 8)

Tea Kettle: Try some crack!
Rakel Colt: No.
Tea Kettle: You'll fucking try it!
Ossian: NO!

Tea Kettle: Behold! Mount Meth! *runs up to the large drug pile*
Loona: That is one of the craziest drug addicts I have ever seen..

Orel Puppington: Oh heya Tux, I just wanted to say thanks to introducing me to this Linux stuff, it sure is great!
Tux: I'm glad you like it, what distro are you using?
Orel Puppington: It's Ubuntu Christian Edition, now I can praise the lord even better with a keyboard and a mouse!
Tux: I'd like to interject for a moment-
Orel Puppington: Ugh, what now?
Tux: That Ubuntu is a very slow and buggy distro, first of all, it's filled with lots of bloatware, in the sense that the distro comes with unnecessary features that make the computer run much slower, even features that are used, such as the desktop environment-
Shapey Puppington: MINE!
Tux: THE PC WASN'T YOURS IN THE FIRST PLACE! But now that I got Orel to install-
Orel Puppington: Listen here you agnostic penguin, I'm willing to worship God and Jesus Christ no matter how much it holds back technology!
Tux: Well you can have your cake and eat it too by programming Artix Linux Christian Edition
Bloberta Puppington: But Orel doesn't know how to code!
Tux: Well luckily for him, I came prepared! *brings in a huge pile of Linux coding books*
Orel Puppington: Gosh, this makes the Bible look like a Haiku!
Clay Puppington: In the sense that the Japanese make things harder for us while they think it's easy? *cue laugh track*
Orel Puppington: Uh, yeah, I guess?
Tux: Oh, and another thing, DO NOT, COMPARE LINUX, TO HAIKU, EVER!!
Orel Puppington: Why?
Tux: It's, a long story, and for that reason I refuse to associate myself with BeOS folk, now START READING!
Episode: Who's that Crack Lord? It's Tea Kettle! (Season 8)

Ned Flanders: Howdy-diddly-
Balanel: Shut your fucking hole! *cocks gun*
Miaunel: Yeah!

Randy Marsh: Flanders. Can you please just leave for a bit? You're stealing the screentime of me and Alastor!
Ned Flanders: I think you lost your mind. I-
Alastor: This is our screentime!!
Episode: Of Creator's Pets and Flanders (Season 8)

Tanculienka: How are you friends enjoying it in Bratislava?
Odo: Great.
Claire Emmett: Amazing.
Anna Knight: What are Randy, Alastor and Henry doing?
Duhalka: Oh boy.
Alastor: Bring back the communist party!
Randy Marsh: Janos Kadar rules!
Slovak Citizen: Horrid idiots.
Smejko: Call the police.
Tanculienka: Of course.
Episode: S.O.S Bratislava (Season 8)

Maddie: Why is Barney here?
Barney: I love you!
Ness: Oh, shut up.
Episode: Eradicate All Purple Dinosaurs! (Season 8)

Anna Knight: As we know by now, Mira is shoving K-pop down old folks' throats.
Prince Poo: Oh come on, really?
Norman Price: Indeed, we must stop Mira!
Episode: Mira Tortures Old People (Season 8)

Juri Han: I like lots of coffee.
Claire Emmett: Oh god.
Lofty: I don't think that's good-
Lofty: *sobs* No! Stop!
Juri Han: Ugh... fine! I'm going to Dutch Bros!
Alice (Alice in Wonderland): Okay, it depends on how much you behave, and I'm going to take you there.

Dutch Bros Employee: Hello! Welcome to Dutch Bros, how can I help you?
Juri Han: I would like 30 Caramelizer Dutch Freezes, 25 Annihilator Dutch Freezes, 20 Americanos, 15 Cotton Candy Dutch Frosts, 10 cold brews, and 5 kicker Dutch classics?
Dutch Bros Employee: Can you please order less? Too much coffee is not healthy for you.
Alice (Alice in Wonderland): Drinking everything you ordered will you make you have Anxiety, Insomnia, and other Heath risks. You will regret it.
Alice (Alice in Wonderland): Ok, geez. But the worker is going to be disappointed.
Juri Han: Yes! Finally!
Alice (Alice in Wonderland): Oh my- can you be Quiet?
Juri Han: Shut your mouth, you thot!
Episode: How Much Coffee did Juri Han Drink? (Season 8)

Felicia: This is absolute fun!
Station Officer Steele: I hope you're not drunk.
Stewie Griffin: She is.
Episode: Felicia's Night in Portugal (Season 8)

Motor Mille: Welcome to Copenhagen!
Quack: Ace.
Loona: Fuck yes.
Episode: Shove A Dane (Season 8)

Randy Marsh: I've started a new theme park.
Odo: Did you have planning?
Randy Marsh: Yup.
Claire Emmett: What about safety?
Randy Marsh: Guaranteed! We have burgers and hot dogs!
Perfect Peter: Fuck off you meat-eating white privileged men!!
Alastor: Fuck off, you piece of shit Gary Stu!

Randy Marsh and Alastor: Squadala! We're off to RandyWorld!
Alisa Bosconovitch: It's going to be so much fun at RandyWorld!
Ness: Yeah! I'm so excited! Way better than Disney World!
Episode: To Randyworld We Go! (Season 8)

Stimpy: I really despise feminists.
Molly McGee: I'll kill you!
Stimpy: *farts loudly*
Episode: Stimpy in the Drain (Season 8)

Horrid Henry: Out of my way, worms!
Ivy Valentine: Stop assuming genders, horrid nerd.
Horrid Henry: TIME TO DIE!
Kristie Inglethorpe: Oh, will you two stop arguing?
Episode: Henry vs. Ivy (Season 8)

Giygas: I'm going to meet and scare the members of the Crazy-Ass group. It will be fun!

Alisa Bosconovitch: This view of Miami Beach is nice, I wonder if we could relax over there.
Ness: I agree, I like the view! It's relaxing as fuck!
Paula Jones/Polestar: We could host a party there.
Jeff Andonuts: As long there are no Indians here.
Prince Poo: Jeff, Don't be racist!
Ness: Wait… What the fuck?
Giygas: Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness.
Ness: Ugh, why are you here? Didn't we just defeated you?
Giygas: Yeah, but I came back to life and I want to meet you!
Alastor: Oh, guys, an Alien came in…
Lili De Rochefort: *looks at Giygas* *screams*
Brian Griffin: Oh Gosh.
Stella: Y'all act like 5-year olds...
Episode: Giygas Meets The Crazy-Ass Group (Season 8)

Fluttershy: You're... going to BRAZIL!
Sunset Shimmer: *Sigh* The meme is dead. Stop saying that we're going to Brazil, Fluttershy.

Ness: Hey, I'm going to start a lyric chain. Creeper...
Alisa Bosconovitch: Aw Man!
Felicia: So we're back in the mine
San Antonio Spurs Coyote: Got our pickaxes swinging from side to side.
Positions P1: Side, side, to side.
Lili De Rochefort: I want some burgers.
Episode: Problematic Chat (Season 8)

Vaggie: The clubhouse is on fire! Get out immediately!
Episode: The Clubhouse is on Fire! (Season 8)

Claire Emmett: Since when did you get a jukebox and start making katsu burgers?
Roley: Nostalgia purposes.
Horrid Henry: Katsu burger? Yum. Thanks, Roley.
Episode: Skyfallen Katsu (Season 8)

Beast Boy: May I have 500 energy drinks?
Kristie Inglethorpe: No, you cannot. It'll send your heart to a cardiac arrest.
Odo: No.
Claire Emmett: It will make you insomniac.
Kristie Inglethorpe: *sigh* No energy drinks.

Cyborg: Don't you think you've had enough?
Beast Boy: I'll tell you when I've had enough!

Blake: No more energy drinks!
Episode: Beast Boy's Addiction (Season 8)

Bowser: Who are you?
Emperor Belos: I’m Belos, nice to meet you!
Eggman: How did you get in here?
Emperor Belos: Broke a window, but how would you like to kill the Crazy-Ass Group?
Eggman: You broke what?! That was a $5,000,000 window, you ASSHOLE!!!
Episode: Meet The Emperor (Season 8)

Suction Cup Man: I'm Suction Cup Man!
Alastor: *snickers*
Randy Marsh: *snickers* What a joke!
Episode: Suction Cup Joke (Season 8)

Josie Rizal: Wait… we transformed into babies?
Pit: Yep, and even then I Can't read. Not even the Alphabet song helps.

Nicole Watterson: I somehow like this leap pad.
Felicia: Same. It's fun.
Toon Link: Why is there no Roblox on this leap pad?
Nicole Watterson: Roblox would be a questionable choice for a leap pad. That's why.

Josie Rizal: So, Why is Ness crying? *points at Ness*
Ness: *cries* I WANT MILK!

Blake: What's that sound coming from?
Maddie and Brazil: We don't care!
Blake (in a British accent): Y'know what'? You're both going to tim' aut'!
Maddie and Brazil: *cries* NO! I WILL BE GOOD THIS TIME!

Ness: SILLY OLD CAR, SILLY, SILLY! *cries very loudly*
Narrator (John Sparkes): Oh dear, Ness is in a very bad mood, because he is in time out.
Blake: Oh, shut your mouth, Peppa Pig narrator!
Episode: The Crazy Group Babies (Season 8)

Olivia Birchenough: That will be great. *drinks boba tea*
Mira: Of course.
Claire Emmett: What's that?
Odo: Oh.
Sammie Lewis: Here's the motherfu-
Sniper (TF2): *slaps Sammie* Piss off, you annoying whore!
Episode: Bovine & Boba Shop (Season 8)

Juri Han: Buy my coffee!
Liz Gillies: I would like Diet Pepsi.
Episode: Juri Han's Coffee Shop (Season 8)

McDonalds employee: Welcome to McDonalds; what can I get you?
Bowser: Yes, I would like a couple of stuff off your menu; I just gotta remember what it is…

Narrator: Mr. Kat and Caillou go under the table where they see hundreds of shoes between them, unoccupied. Cinderella and Rapunzel take their shoes off and become barefoot. Mr. Kat swaps their heels and runs. Cinderella tries to put one of her glass slippers back on, but because it’s actually one of Rapunzel’s flats, her foot nearly gets stuck in it.
Cinderella (quietly): Ouch! Why do my feet hurt!?
Rapunzel (quietly): Hold on, why do my flats feel oversized all of a sudden?
Narrator: They struggle with their shoes as Rapunzel’s flat dangles from Cinderella’s foot, and Rapunzel constantly rubs her toes against Cinderella's glass slippers.
Caillou: *laughs*
Narrator: Caillou crawls away as Cinderella and Rapunzel realize they have to be forced to continue going barefoot for the rest of the day.
Horrid Henry: Wait, haven’t I done this before?

Blake: Hey Chuck E., I just fucked Helen.

Narrator: Cinderella and Rapunzel point their soles against the camera as they hold each other's shoes.
Cinderella: Wait, why are you wearing my glass slippers?
Rapunzel: Wait, why are you wearing my flats?
Cinderella: Aren't you a size 7?
Rapunzel: Aren't you a size 9?
Shang Tsung: *moans in relief*
Episode: Sneakily Aggravated Mr. Kat and an Idiotically Mischievous Caillou in: “The Curse of the Early Summer Meal Gathering” + Mario and Luigi (Season 8)

Alastor: Much obliged to be in Brighton.
Randy Marsh: Yeah!
Drift (Animal Crossing): Let's make love to a lamppost in Old Steine.
Jo Tarr: Don't even think about doing that!
Drift (Animal Crossing): Too late!
Episode: Party2Brighton (Season 8)

Danielle Hannam: Why did you put crystal meth on children's ice cream?
Alastor: Err.. It was an accident!
Child: I, the prophet shall salvage peace! *demolishes house with his bare hands*
Danielle Hannam: *screams*
Episode: Randy and Alastor's Ice Cream Truck (Season 8)

Olivia Birchenough: What the fuck is wrong with you, Ness? Why did you force Homer to have Red Bull?
Ness: Because he's lazy.
Alisa Bosconovitch: And fat.
Claire Emmett: Red Bull can actually kill you, so you two need to get Homer off it.

Ness: Hey you, hello Mr. Shit Head!
Paula Jones/Polestar, Jeff Andonuts, Lucas (Mother 3), and Alisa Bosconovitch: *laughs*
Prince Poo: What the fuck did you just say about me, Ness?!
Episode: For Crap's Sake, Ness! (Season 8)

Jo Tarr: It's nice to be drinking ramune.
Mr. Kat: Same.
Loona: Fuck yes.
Mr. Kat: Silence, narc.
Episode: Ramune Hour (Season 8)

Paula Jones/Polestar: There can only be two genders.
Episode: Paula vs. the Internet (Season 8)

Black Mamba P3: My turn!
Kristie Inglethorpe: Nope, please don't.
Black Mamba P3: Oh… shut up, you son of a bitch! *kicks Kristie Inglethorpe in the face*
Kristie Inglethorpe: Ow!
Black Mamba P3: Now have this *gives Kristie Inglethorpe a piece of gum*
Kristie Inglethorpe: *chews the gum* I feel so weird… what is happening? Wait- Why is my skin turning blue? And why I'm I inflating?
Black Mamba P3: *laughs* That's what you get, you dumbass.

Ness: Oh gosh, I feel so weird…
Toon Link: Same. Why are both of our skin blue?
Episode: Black Mamba P3's Turn (Season 8)

Scratch Cat: Make projects!
Tux: Err, nope.
Episode: Scratch In A Nutshell (Season 8)

Cube (Animal Crossing): Where birds?
Loona: Awww!
Ivy Valentine: You're adorable!
Odo: I know!
Claire Emmett: Let's hug.
Cube (Animal Crossing): Miladies.
Alisa Bosconovitch: He's fucking annoying.
Episode: Cube's Arrival (Season 8)

Drift (Animal Crossing): Wanna ride?
Atlanta Prostitute: Anytime, sugar.
Mr. Know It Owl: Please don't.
Episode: Electric Boogaloo: A Crappy Night in Atlanta (Season 8)

Roley: Nope, never.
Nayeon: Yeah, I don't think he's a ONCE.
Roley: I think he's too unhinged.
Episode: Ness The Idiotic TWICE Stan (Season 8)

Rapunzel: What’s that noise?
Merida: It appears de rest of de group is headin' straight fo' us!
Caillou: Operation N.O.S.T.A.L.I.Q.U.E is on full command!

Maddie: You know, the problem isn’t our fun, the problem is that you are a complete sociopath with a very inconsistent mental state. If you and your friends hate us partying so much, then why don’t you 12 GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS STATE?! Come on everyone, let’s continue our enjoyment, since we all learned there’s some mean people out there.
Cinderella: *sobs* Okay, I will. *runs off crying*
???: Hey!
Maddie: Ugh, what?
Mulan: Don't you ever talk to her like that AGAIN! *throws Maddie to the side, knocking her out quickly*
(cue cheering noises)

Bomb: Yes, I have!
Bomb: Don’t you DARE, call me TNT again you triangular Lisa Simpson knock-off!
Episode: A Boring Day on a Nostalgic-Ass Playground (Season 8)

Lynn Loud Jr.: Oh, fuck off you moron. Let's have fun! *throws a football at Josie*
Josie Rizal: *catches Lynn's football* Lynn, when will you stop being such a try hard? Maybe you should take a break.
Lynn Loud Jr.: Oh, I don't need a break… try me bitch!
Josie Rizal: No I'm done! *starts running away*
Lynn Loud Jr.: You're not going anywhere! *starts chasing Josie*
Mila (Lola and Mila): For Crap's Sake, when will you two stop fighting?
Episode: Lynn Loud Jr. vs. Josie Rizal (Season 8)

Kiki Sato (Lucky2): Don't you think that you overworked these poor canaries?
Bob the Builder: I don't care.
Canary: Please, I have a wife and kids.
Claire Emmett: Poor canary.
Episode: Yellow Canary Mine (Season 8)

Ren Amamiya: This sushi is pretty good!
Konata Izumi: I know right?
Darwin Watterson: *Slaps the sushi out of Konata's hand* DON'T EAT THE SUSHI!
Ren Amamiya: Darwin, what the fuck?!
Episode: Sushi Rules (Season 8)

Ren Höek: Who's at my door now!? *opens his door*
Randy Marsh: It's your pizza!
Alastor: We hope you enjoy it!
Episode: Randy's Pizza Delivery (Season 8)

Kabbu: Who loves Arby's? I love Arby's!
Vi: Oh, stick your horn up your ass.
Episode: Prison Kinda Sucks (Season 8)

Lucky Chloe: Um… I need to use the restroom.
Nicole Watterson: Okay. Don't take too long.

Lucky Chloe: Finally arrived- oh my goodness!
Lili De Rochefort: Ow… It hurts so bad! Now I’m gonna… *makes a crap and the toilet explodes*
Lucky Chloe: This restroom isn't normal…
Kumatora: *realizes the toilet is broken* What the actual fuck?
Episode: Lucky Chloe goes to the Restroom (Season 8)

Ness: I'm on stage with Red Velvet! *moons audience*
Audience: *gasps*
Red Velvet Stan: He's cancelled!
Claire Emmett: I'll call security.
Irene & Seulgi: Yes!
Episode: In Concert We Trust (Season 8)

Silver Spoon: I wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese's! *cries*
Felicia: For the last time, Silver! Knuckles said no!
Silver Spoon: Take me to Chuck E. Cheese's right now!!
Episode: Spoiled Spoon (Season 8)

Lili de Rochefort: Try my crushed-up sugar!
Claire Emmett: No, absolutely not.
Odo: Me neither.
Episode: Who Is High On Sugar? (Season 8)

Randy Marsh: Hey, Al! How's the weed?
Alastor: It was great!
Randy Marsh: *chuckles* We're so high, we forgot where we are!
Episode: Tegridy Radios (Season 8)

Positions P4: You fucking piece of shit, tickle me right now or else I’m going to rape your cat!
Prince Poo: How many times have I told you? I'm not going to tickle you, besides, I don't have a pet cat.
Positions P4: You Dumbass! Forget You! Tickle Torture me right now!
Prince Poo: For crap's sake, I'm not going to tickle you!
Ness: What the fuck?!
Paula Jones-Polestar: Um… *screams*
Episode: Golden Spilled Crap (Season 8)

Cube (Animal Crossing): Huzzah!
Karlie Dell: What're you doing?
Ness: Pissing.
Karlie Dell: YOU WHAT?!
Episode: Cube's Trip To Exeter (Season 8)

Horrid Henry: Aespa can't sing.
Akari Mori (Lucky2): Oh, err.
Claire Emmett: Woah, calm down.
Episode: Horrid Henry Against Aespa Stans (Season 8)

Beast Boy: Look who came to fuck around with us!
Cyborg: It's fuckin' classic us! *laughs*
Episode: Fuck the Classic Titans! (Season 8)

Baseball: Does anyone wanna see my big red cock?
Episode: How Big is Baseball's Dong? (Season 8)

Lilith Aensland: I want to go to California Pizza Kitchen, So take me there right now!
Alisa Bosconovitch: For Crap's sake, Ness said no.
Alisa Bosconovitch: How many times did I told you? Ness said no.
Ness: How could you… *cries*
Leo Kliesen: See look what you had done? you made Ness cry.
Loona: Yeah! You should be ashamed of yourself, Lilith!
Lilith Aensland: I don't fucking care, Ness is a piece of shit, and Alisa is such a big fat meanie, so fuck you all!
Alisa Bosconovitch: Big Fat Meanie?! *Draws herself poorly* As if I really look like this!
Episode: Babysitter Alisa (Season 8)

Doki: Hey! Bitchbag! You're the one who kicked us out! We came for revenge!
Loona: What the- Doki! How the fuck did you and your group of brats find us?!
Fico: We followed the stupid red plumber as he went back to your stupid clubhouse!
Episode: The Return of Team Doki (Season 8)

Chabwick (Animal Crossing): I'm sweating...
Kristie Inglethorpe: I think it might be menopause.
Alastor: What's menopause?
Episode: The Menopause of Chabwick (Season 8)

Paintbrush: Stupid rat boasting about being a hermaphrodite in front of me, also a hermaphrodite! But, he's in my stomach now, and I hope he doesn't try to escape! *burps* Excuse me...
Randy the Mouse: I thought I was going in your vagina!
Episode: Randy Gets Eaten (Season 8)

Skipper: Hey! You! Where's Darkos?
Nicole Watterson: He got banned from Florida. Now he lives somewhere in Alaska. He send me photos of his Alaskan shithole.
Skipper, Rico, Kowalski, Private, Short Fuse: WHAT!?
Nicole Watterson: He got banned cuz he wanted to leak nudes and pornography of me on social media platforms, he showed the pornographic video of me that he made to the entire mansion and blamed it on Prince Poo etc.
Skipper: It can't be real.
Nicole Watterson: I'm sorry but it is real.
Episode: Nicole, Penguins and The Seal (Season 8)

Randy Marsh: You may remember that last night, Alastor and I found this old school bus! Now, we are gonna fix it up, and we're gonna need a lot of help!
Alastor: So we will appreciate it if you all can fix it with us!

Randy Marsh: We're on the road, everyone!
Alastor: *presses on the gas pedal*
Eggman: *flosses* The Crazy-Ass Group is gonna die!!
Alastor: *looks at Eggman* Fuck you, Robotnik!
Episode: The Crazy-Ass Group Mobile (Season 9, Episode 1)

Ivy Valentine: Close down Travelodge!
Claire Emmett: Don't close it down.
Odo: It'll upset the locals and travellers.
Fontwell Local: I'd rather not let it close.
Episode: Artless Dodgers (Season 9)

Karin Kanzuki: This is so much fun! *breaks lamp*
Alisa Bosconovitch: W-what the hell, how could you?
Chun-Li: That cost 800 dollars.
Baby Bonnie Hood: Yeah, it was not cheap!
Ness: For crap's sake, What the fuck is wrong with you, Karin?
Karin Kanzuki: Oh, nothing! *breaks window*

Loona: Are you fucking insane?! That piano was worth 6,400 dollars!

Anna Williams: Ugh! Why is Karin breaking everything, even if it's not her property?
Prince Poo: Oh my goodness, when will it stop?
Marie Rose: Agreed! Karin needs to stop!
Karin Kanzuki: No! It was all an accident! *breaks glass bottle* oops…
Anais Watterson: Yeah, definitely… She broke it on purpose. *facepalms*
Episode: Karin Breaks Everything! (Season 9)

Ralph Wiggum: Happy Uh-oh Day! *spins Alastor*
Kristie Inglethorpe: Calm down, please.
Ralph Wiggum: NEVER...
Kristie Inglethorpe: Oh, god...
Episode: New Shoes, Who This (Season 9)

Beast Boy: Someone ate my giant strawberry! *cries*
Episode: A Very Hungry Paintbrush (Season 9)

Anna Knight: Please don't dance in a road.
Loona: Make me, you whore!
Mr. Kat: Anna's right, You should not dance on asphalt.
Loona: Ah shut-*gets hit by car*
Chabwick (Animal Crossing): *screams*
Episode: Uncanny Strides (Season 9)

Lilith Aensland: Ah Yes, a nice relaxing day on the beach. No Ness, No Alisa, just a nice peaceful-
Giygas: *enters the beach*
Lilith Aensland: *screams* What?! What is this weird swirly thing? Can you get out? You're scaring me!
Giygas: Too bad!
Lilith Aensland: *runs away* *cries* STOP!
Giygas: *starts chasing Lilith* Nope, you're not going anywhere! You whiny brat!
Ness: *laughs* This is so fucking funny!
Alisa Bosconovitch: I know right!

Lilith Aensland: When will you stop chasing me, you creepy red swirl?!
Giygas: Until I say so! This is what you get, you whiny spoiled brat!
Episode: Giygas Scares Lilith (Season 9)

Beast Boy: Forget you, cunt!
Blake: Why forget me?!
Episode: Blake Goes Back Home (Season 9)

SpongeBob SquarePants: Sit on me, Miss Puff!
Miss Puff: No way, you perverted fuck!
Episode: Lustful SpongeBob (Season 9)

Lilith Aensland: Ugh! I can't believe I got scared by some weird swirly thing or whatever that shit is! Hey, come here!
Amy Sorel: Hi there, it's nice to meet you!
Lilith Aensland: Thanks! So, I have a plan. There's 2 people I'm sick off. One is a human with psychic powers, and the other is a robot from Russia. I'm FUCKING SICK OF THEM. I CAN'T LIVE A HAPPY LIFE WITH THE TWO.
Amy Sorel: Is it that one annoying kid from Smash Bros and the robot that is worse than Lucky Chloe?
Lilith Aensland: Yes. It's time *hugs Amy*

Lilith Aensland: Hey, You. You're a fatty that eats burgers from the trash!
Amy Sorel: Yeah! And your friend is an asshole!
Ness: NO! Please stop! *cries*
Lilith Aensland: Look what we have right here, a cry baby.
Amy Sorel: Cry baby, cry. You should've gone back to watching Cocomelon.
Alisa Bosconovitch: Stop it! You two whiny brats are making Ness cry on purpose!
Amy Sorel: Shut up, you whore. Lilith is not a brat!

Lincoln Loud (in a British accent): That's it you're both going to time out!
Lincoln Loud (in an Australian accent): Nah, mate! You two are going to time out, right here, RIGHT NOW!
Lilith Aensland and Amy Sorel: *start crying*
Episode: The Amy and Lilith Hour (Season 9)

Loona: What are your interests?
Zorak: Having sex with hermaphrodites, duh!
Episode: Zorak Likes Hermaphrodites (Season 9)

Odo: This town is vibrant.
Claire Emmett: I know.
Karlie Dell: This is Arundel, and it is vibrant.
Chabwick (Animal Crossing): May we enter the Ye Olde Sweet Shop?
Karlie Dell: Yes.
Cube (Animal Crossing): Drop your drones!
Episode: Causeway to Nowhere (Season 9)

Alastor: Estupido!
Maruca Galindo: Why did you say that?
Randy Marsh: We're drunk!
Episode: An Awful Trip to Mexico! (Season 9)

Marlon (Avenger Penguins): Oh please don't order that many burgers, Lynn.
Smashburger Employee: Marlon's right.
Episode: Lynn Loud Jr.'s Order (Season 9)

Setsuka: Your move, bucko.
Ness: OH YEAH?! It's on.
Rocky (Avenger Penguins): Don't...
Episode: Ness vs. Setsuka (Season 9)

Juri Han: Whereabouts are we?!
Danielle Hannam: This is East Horndon services and be on your best behavior.
Juri Han: No.
Episode: Roadside Diners Per Mile (Season 9)

Tea Kettle: Do you wanna get high?
Silver Spoon: Fuck yes! Let's go to McDonald's after that!
Episode: Tea Kettle and Silver Spoon's Crap Day (Season 9)

Karlie Dell: Did you just dump nuclear waste and flip me off?!
Lili De Rochefort: Yes.
Karlie Dell: Odo, get the FBI.
Odo: Much obliged.
Episode: Glow on the Green (Season 9)

Claire Emmett: Cube, I hope you're fine.. *gets choked up*
Odo: *nods*
Ness: I can't believe Cube's in a coma.
Wrath: Me neither...
Episode: The Neverending Loop of Cube (Season 9)

Loopty Goopty: Look what me and my partner built! It's called a Bonerbot!
Randy Marsh: Its face looks stupid!
Randy Marsh and Alastor: *laugh hysterically*
Episode: Lyle Loopty Mania (Season 9)

Alastor: *starts stepping on the gas in the bus* We're gonna smoke your ass, itasha van-guy!
Randy Marsh: The bitch on your door's so ugly!
Saburo Togusa (in his head): Ignore them, Saburo. This van's got way better handling than their big hunk of metal.

Izaya Orihara: I am the most threatening villain around! *laughs*
Episode: The Adventure Begins: Part 1 (Season 9)

Alastor: Izaya, you son of a-
Izaya Orihara: What do I see in all of you? You're all a bunch of whiny, selfish little piles of shit. This "city" you live in is the very definition of a living hellhole. If I were any of you, I'd stay away from here within a 500 mile radius. I bet all of the residents you keep pissing off feel the same way.
Episode: The Adventure Begins: Part 2 (Season 9)

Egg Boi #87: Can we go to the Nutshack, boss?
Sir Pentious: No! We are not going to the Nutshack!

Randy Marsh: Where the hell are we going?
Alastor: I have no idea, Randy..
Egg Boi #42: We're taking you to the Nutshack.
Soul Evans: Oh, crap.
Maka Albarn: Not the Nutshack!
Egg Boi #67: *grabs out a cassette tape of The Nutshack intro and starts playing it on his Walkman*
South Korea: I hate going to the Nutshack, I really despise it! Just turn it off! *cries*
Ichigo Kurosaki: I went to the Nutshack once, and the residents were such terrible people! Chita and Jack were alright, though.

Loona: I really want to go back...
Episode: Who Wants to Go to the Nutshack? (Season 9)

Karlie Dell: What are you doing?
Roald (Animal Crossing): Setting the cathedral on fire.
Cube (Animal Crossing): WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!
Episode: Embers of Winterbourne (Season 9)

Alastor: The fight with Izaya didn't traumatize anyone! Well, except you, Maka, the Elric brothers, and Wrath.
Randy Marsh: And Allen Walker too! Cause you six are whiny babies!
Randy Marsh and Alastor: And total cowards!

Ness: Izaya wasn't even that threatening, he was just a total piece of crap.
Alisa Bosconovitch: Yeah, how did he traumatize anyone if he was just shit? He only traumatized you, your friend Soul, The Elric brothers, Wrath and Allen Walker.
Ness: Why? Because they are scaredy cats!
Ness and Alisa Bosconovitch: *laugh hysterically*
Michael Rosen: *shows up out of the blue* Will you go to bed?!
Episode: Sleepover at Maka's (Season 9)

Kristie Inglethorpe: *nervously* Uh, why is Maddie on opium and being euphoric?
Thomas The Tank Engine: I don't know.
Soul Evans: Oh, shit. Here we go again.
Episode: Euphoric Freemasons (Season 9)

Alastor: Want more alcohol, barfly?
Demoman (TF2): *slurred speech* Yes..
Claire Emmett: Uh, that would kill him.
Odo: Including the liver.
Demoman (TF2): Mutts. Fucking wee mutts!
Episode: Randy & Alastor's Pub (Season 9)

Rosalina: Found this vase at the thrift store, I bet it's worth $800.
Lincoln Loud: Awesome. Hey, can we go look for the hidden treasures there?
Episode: The Great Thrift Store Treasure Hunt (Season 9)

Paula Jones-Polestar: Aww, this is so cute!
Rosalina: No, please don't touch it, you know what's gonna happen…
Paula Jones-Polestar: Shut up- OH SHIT!
Episode: Whoops, All Ribbons! (Season 9)

Lilith Aensland: *picks up Barbie doll dressed as Alisa Bosconovitch* Look at this asshole I found! She has shrunken!
Amy Sorel: Wow, that is so amazing! What to we do next?
Lilith Aensland: Hmm, let's put it in the fire! *throws the Barbie doll dressed as Alisa Bosconovitch in the fire pit*
Ness (Robotic Clone): NO! You can't do that! She's my best friend!
Lilith Aensland: Shut up, you crybaby!
Alisa Bosconovitch: *laughs* Lilith and Amy must've been dumb enough to think that is the real Ness.
Ness: Yep! You said it!
Episode: I Can't Believe It's Not Ness! (Season 9)

Pepee: Would you support Erdogan?
Ivy Valentine: W-what? No.
Pepee: Then pay with kofte meat!
Claire Emmett: Please don't...
Odo: Who the heck is Erdogan, by the way?
Episode: Kebab President (Season 9)

Karlie Dell: Am I the one that becomes a emotional wreck?
Laura Knowles: Maybe..
Alastor: Well, yeah.
Randy Marsh: Maybe a pizza will brighten our spirits?

Alastor: There it is, everyone.
Randy Marsh: Where it all started, the Arti Causeway.
Episode: Vertical Causeway (Season 9)

Orlin Home: Smile for the camera, everyone!
South Korea: Yay! I love photos! I'm definitely going to smile!
Episode: The Crazy-Ass Group Photo (Season 9)

Ness: Ow, my toe!
Episode: How to Stub Your Toe 2.0 (Season 9)

Lili De Rochefort: I shall make you all envy me by drinking absinthe.
Odo & Genji: Don't-
Claire Emmett: That drink is deadly, Lili.
Lili De Rochefort: FUCKING SHUT IT!
Episode: Lili's Ultimate Night (Season 9)

Ness: I'll blast Jake Paul!
Alisa Bosconovitch: *starts playing It's Everyday Bro*
Kennford Local: Shut that awful noise off!!
Kennford Local: It's 3 o'clock in the morning, you know!
Episode: Caravan Voyage (Season 9)

Ness: Uh oh. We've got a troll on our tail.
Alisa Bosconovitch: Not Izaya! He was so stupid for a villain!
Loona: Even Robotnik is more threatening than Izaya.
Episode: The Return of Izaya? (Season 9)

Capitano: We strongly advise you not to have flakka.
Jo Tarr: Capitano's right.
Ivy Valentine: I DON'T FUCKING CARE!
Leli & Liko: Yeah.
Episode: The Way Powder Goes (Season 9)

Alastor: This is the last time that the stupid yellow shark annoys me or Randy! I will put an end to this madness once and for all, with the power of filler!
Episode: What's the Clutch, Alastor? (Season 9)

Maddie: What's going on?
Thomas The Tank Engine: I don't know.
Cube: *panics*
Karlie Dell: Muck, stop bullying Cube.
Episode: Trinity Valley (Season 9)

Anna Knight: How's my sand sentry?
Engineer (TF2): Looking good.
Episode: Dorset Trip (Season 9)

Rattata Kid: Can you please shut the fuck up, Fetish Queen?
Black Mamba P3: Fuck no, I can talk all I want! So, back off, moron!

Black Mamba P3: Hey Ness, I fucked your best friend.
Episode: The Yiff with Rattata Kid (Season 9)

Mira: We all have to get pancakes.
Mr. Kat: Genius idea.
Odo: Ugh..!
Episode: Occupy Thorney Toll (Season 9)

Claire Emmett: What's new, Odo?
Odo: One time, I saw a whelk do a dance.
Orlin Home: I even caught him on video!
Episode: What's New? (Season 9)

Alastor: Get the hell out of our sight, you bastard!
Baby Shark: NO WAY!
Episode: Randy & Alastor vs. Baby Shark (Season 9)

Michael Rosen: Oh no, this is horrible! *faints*
Mario: He's dead.
Misogi Kumagawa: It's not my fault, I promise!
Episode: The Ballad of Michael Rosen (Season 9)

Cube: This chicken is delicious, milady.
Karlie Dell: Yes, indeed.
Episode: Karlie & Cube Visit Nando's (Season 9)

Kabbu: You're selling yourself for money?! HAVE YOU FINALLY LOST YOUR DAMN MIND?!
Vi: Sorry, somebody's gotta keep the online fanart canon!
Episode: The Many Mishaps of Team Snakemouth (Season 9)

Lief: Ok, I'm tired and have to babysit this underfunded daycare, so the rules are no shooting guns, no annoying me after 1pm, and no doing Fortnite dances- HEY YOU'RE DOING FORTNITE DANCES! *fires gun at a child*
Episode: What Animated Women Want (Season 9)

Black Mamba P3: C'mon! Can I inflate you into a blueberry?
Kpop And Earthbound Fanatic: For fuck's sake, no! In fact, nobody cares, Fetish Queen!
Buttons P1: If you don't want to be a blueberry, then you can suck me and Black Mamba P3's va-!
Positions P4: Oh fuck yeah! And we should tickle her with my machine. Then we can get some Burger King after that.
Kpop And Earthbound Fanatic: Can you please be quiet, Fetish Queen and your allies?
Episode: Kpop Fanatic in The Fetish Room (Season 9)

Writer #1: Oh no, we're running out of ideas! Whatever can we do?
Writer #2: Let's see what our fans want.

Entire Cast: Yeah, this show sucks, but hey, at least we're good sports about it, unlike TTG!
Episode: The Next Breakthrough (Season 9)

Estopa: Wanna see an emerald?
Shila: NO!?
Claire Emmett: Oh boy..
Odo: You know Shila is scared of emeralds.
Episode: Seaglass Trigger (Season 9)

Soul Evans: Damn, that movie sucked balls!
Maka Albarn: Oh, it sure does.
Soul Evans: The main bad guy was basically a giant Tito Dick in a speedo! Wanna go for some coffee over at my place?
Maka Albarn: Sure, that would be nice.

Allen Walker: Tally ho, chaps! My name's Allen Walker, nice to meet you.
Episode: Maka and Soul Meet Allen (Season 9)

Gordon (TTTE): Why is Loona being a baby?
Maddie: It's humid.
Loona: GOD IS DEAD! *cries*
Episode: Humid Loona (Season 9)

Genji: Man, Teletubbies can't be smart.
Tinky Winky: YOU SMELL!
Episode: Fruit Diner (Season 9)

Klonoa: That's magic.
Kristie Inglethorpe: You mean a robot?
Alastor (Robotic Clone): Screentime?
Klonoa: Yes, Kristie. A robot.
Episode: Klonoa's Crosshairs (Season 9)

South Korea: I should make more TikToks.
Loona: South Korea, are you even getting of that iPhone?

South Korea: Ireland? Why did you take my phone away?
Ireland: Umm… *runs away* Ugh… why does she love her phone so much?

Belarus: *eats popcorn* Nice. I would love to watch that everyday.

South Korea: *whispers* Haha… I finally found it… my iPhone!
Ireland: *slams the door* ARE YOU GETTIN' THAT FUCKIN' IPHONE?!
South Korea: *screams* NO! *runs away*
Episode: Ain't South Korea Getting of That? (Season 9)

Fan: What is a point?
Olivia Birchenough: *laughs* Oh, Cube.
Cube: Clopping clowns.
Episode: Brokeback Fenland (Season 9)

Ireland: Shit! I lost my power…
South Korea: *texting on her iPhone* Ugh! What power?
Ireland: My lucky clover power. I fucking used it too much on Pride Month.
Belarus: *plays guitar* Welp, too bad, so sad. At least the three of us are in the forest, sitting down and being quiet.
Episode: Ireland Lost His Powers (Season 9)

South Korea: Okay, Colorado, we will start live streaming in 3, 2, 1, go. Hey YouTube! Today we are going to prank Ireland today.
Ireland: *knocks the door* DID YOU SAY YOU'RE GOING TO PRANK ME?! *opens the door*
Colorado: Oh my god it's Ireland!
South Korea: *screams* Okay, uh, I gotta turn this off now! I am so busted!
Episode: Ireland Gets Pranked (Season 9)

Juri Han: Damn, this teh tarik's good!
Lincoln Loud: You bet.
Proton Satria Driver: Hey! Give me back my Proton Satria R3!
Episode: Madness in Malaysia (Season 9)

Nita (Telechobis): We'll kill you!
Karlie Dell: Please don't..
Cube: *panics*
Toso (Telechobis): SHUT UP, PUTA!
Alastor: You shut up, you fucking bargain bin!
Episode: Attack of the Telechobis (Season 9)

Alisa Bosconovitch: What's wrong, my boy Ness?
Ness: I'm having a major dramatic moment!
Lili De Rochefort: Oh no.
Baby Bonnie Hood: This is bad, poor Ness…
Episode: Staled Glass (Season 9)

Wario: I have a very special gift for you, Ren!
Episode: Wario Strikes Back (Season 9)

Amy Sorel: I'll be a judge of that.
Kristie Inglethorpe: Like what?
Ribbot: BUH-BYE! *punches Amy Sorel into the sky*
Amy Sorel: OW!!!
Episode: Maddening Apex (Season 9)

Randy Marsh: The local car dealer's holding a free car promo, and it's about time we get a piece of the action.
Soul Evans: Sick. Maka and I will be so pumped!
South Korea: A fancy Tesla can compliment a person like me!

Alastor: Boy, that's a lot of cars.

Cross' Friend: So you're gonna send everyone?
Cross: EVERYONE!!!

Cop: Okay, we've got multiple cases of stolen vehicles, over. They're all in Teslas and Subarus, along with a few Isuzu Rodeos and Axioms.
Episode: The Grand San Francisco Dealership Heist (Season 9)

Ness: Damn, it's almost midnight and Lili still doesn't know what she wants.
Alisa Bosconovitch: Yeah. What the hell is taking so long?
Lili De Rochefort: I want a… I still don't know yet.
Baby Bonnie Hood: Ugh!
Episode: Trapped in The Dutch Bros Drive Thru (Season 9)

South Korea: Wait, you're leaving?
Ireland: Yes. By tomorrow I'm out of this group.

South Korea: I hate you!
Ireland: I hate you more than everyone else in this group. I am so glad that I don't have to see you again.
Episode: Ireland Leaves (Season 9)

Alastor: Me and Randy decided to get a new friend!
Randy Marsh: I know it might be surprising to you all, but-
Alastor: He's a neckbeard!
Randy Marsh: Yes. And his name is Dick Man!
Episode: Neckbeard Pal (Season 9)

Hollyberry Cookie: What is a pasty?
Karlie Dell: It's meat and potato.
Cube: Mm-hmm.
Episode: Cornwall Voyage (Season 9)

Roley: Ariana Grande stinks.
Arianator 1: FUCK OFF YOU SAD MAN!!
Arianator 2: Yeah!
Claire Emmett: Oh, boy..
Episode: Roley vs. Ariana Grande Stans (Season 9)

Festro: I just shit my underwear!
Episode: Secret Mountain Fort Awful (Season 9)

Niloya: I'll shall run over vegans! NO, DON'T-
Laura Knowles: Niloya, don't you dare.
Episode: Ramming of the Vegans (Season 9)

Alfe: I got drunk at Pizza Hut last night!
Episode: The Problem Causerz (Season 9)

Slippy Toad: Uh oh, you better watch out-
Everyone: Shut up, Slippy!
Fox McCloud: Damn it, I don't know how to control the airwing! Can somebody help me?
Peppy Hare: Fox, didn't you already know how to? Besides, you went the wrong way, you know what's gonna happen…
Episode: Idiot Fox (Season 9)

Soldier (TF2): Die, you numbnut commie!
Pepee: You die, you racist!
Claire Emmett: Stop fighting.
Odo: Yeah, I don't think fighting will work.
Episode: Buckaroo Pipe (Season 9)

Claire Emmett: This truly is heaven.
Odo: Indeed. *starts sipping piña colada*
Liz Gillies: Yep, you made the right choice, Claire.
Episode: Devon Coastal Trip (Season 9)

Wrath: When I was 9 I used to play all the hard charts of In the Groove every day!
Soul Evans: That's pretty badass for such a scrawny little guy like you. And I guess you like doing stuff like contortion and gymnasitcs?
Wrath: Yeah, I'm a contortionist! I met all of you guys at a circus, remember?
Episode: Wrath, ITG, and More (Season 9)

Paula Jones-Polestar: Oh my gosh, Ness, why would you get drunk while we were bowling? Didn't you realize that you might get sick?
Ness: Sick? I know you're not talking besides, I don't care. Now wait for my turn at bowling.
Alisa Bosconovitch: Hey Ness, after we go, can we go to a restaurant after this?
Ness: Hell yeah.
Jeff Andonuts: Okay, still waiting for my turn at this.
Prince Poo: *sips some water* Welp, here it goes again.
Baby Bonnie Hood: Hey, did you realize that me and Lili are going to play at the arcade?
Lili De Rochefort: Yeah, me and Bulleta are going to because I suck at bowling. Have fun!

Lili De Rochefort: So, BB Hood and I are currently at the arcade.
Baby Bonnie Hood: Yeah. This will be fun.
Ness: Me, Paula, Jeff, Prince Poo, and Alisa were done bowling. So were wondering if we you are going to have some fun there playing games, me and the mentioned people are going to a restaurant. Have fun!
Episode: Getting High at BCS (Season 9)

South Korea: *screams* Get out!
Mexico: No! We are not leaving this group until you give us all of your money!
South Korea: Do you really think I should give money to perverts like you?
South Korea: *starts recording* Ahh! Okay, those perverts are forcing me to give my money to them! Um…
South Africa: Attack!
South Korea: *screams* They're attacking me! Somebody kick them out!

South Korea: SOMEONE KICK THEM OUT ALREADY! THEY KEEP FOLLOWING ME! One hit me with a baseball bat! *screams*
Colorado: I think we have to kick the U Got 45'd gang out…

Colorado: *throws the U Got 45'd gang out* DON'T YOU EVER COME BACK HERE AGAIN! YOU ARE BANNED FROM THIS FUCKING GROUP, FOREVER! *shuts the door*
Brazil: *sniffs*
Empire of Japan: *cries* NO! WE CAN'T COME BACK HERE ANYMORE!
Episode: U Got 45'd Gang Gets Kicked Out (Season 9)

Kristie Inglethorpe: Malware, will you stop?
Malware (Els Biters): No! I abhor brats like you!
Ness: You'll fucking pay, Malware!
Episode: Paella Land (Season 9)

Alastor: You all may have been anxious these last few months, so I and Randy are excited to tell you... We are having a big show tonight!
Randy Marsh: And it will start on midnight!
Wrath: And what do I do?
Alastor: Sorry kid, but I'm afraid that you'll have to leave this group.
Wrath: WHAT?! WHY?!
Randy Marsh: Apparently the director decided to focus on us more often after plenty of letters from the viewers.

Wrath: Goodbye, everyone. Hope you enjoyed my time in this group. *starts shedding tears* I'll miss you all. I'm off to Florida now!
Episode: The Big Show! (Season 10, Episode 1)

Toxic Wrath Fan: Bring back Wrath, you fucking imbeciles!!
Randy Marsh and Alastor: Never!
Felicia: Why would you need that annoying demiboy back? He was not as loved as the iconic duo or Mario!
Kumatora: Felicia's right!
Toxic Wrath Fan: That's not an excuse!
Episode: Wrath Fans Suck… (Season 10, Episode 42)

Olivia Birchenough: Who's whacking me with a stick?!
Alastor: Not me.
Randy Marsh: Me neither!
Episode: Heat Bondage (Season 10)

Ness: You know what? I'm getting tired of your bullshit. All three of you wouldn't stop being nasty and disgusting. One of you even distributed porn out of Rattata Kid, and Kpop And Earthbound Fanatic, even though both of them are minors, and she is also the same one who tried to turn me into a blueberry. I'm not kink-shaming you, but I'm getting sick of y'all three, now get out of this place, and don't even come to me and Alisa's mansion in Miami. We're going to kick you out immediately.
Black Mamba P3: Oh, hell no! You can't kick the three of us out, you little son of a bitch. We will definitely stay in this group for life! Also, fuck you!
Episode: The Black Mamba Dancers Get Kicked Out (Season 10)

Elain Llwyd: The cake looks burnt and hard.
Alastor: We accidentally burned it...
Randy Marsh: Whoopsie-daisy.
Episode: Randy & Alastor's Welsh Cake Factory (Season 10)

Claire Emmett: I bought a new freezer!
Odo: That's great.
Chabwick: Yum.
Episode: 50 Degree Freezer (Season 10)

Lord Raptor: Girl group Loona sucks! That group is for babies!
Loona Stan: How dare you! You can die in a hole!
Mira: Yeah! *pulls her middle finger*
Ness: Oh my cinnamon rolls, what is going on?
Episode: Lord Raptor Destroys Loona Stans (Season 10)

Roley: Olivia Rodrigo smells bad.
Olivia Rodrigo Stan: YOU MUST DIE!
Felicia: I agree. also, FUCK YOU ROLEY!
Genji: Oh no..
Episode: Roley vs. Olivia Rodrigo Stans (Season 10)

Kristie Inglethrorpe: Nice day isn't it?
Karlie Dell: What's Mira doing?
Cube: Egad..
Episode: Rhythm2Penzance (Season 10)

Loona: That is the last straw, Darkos! You are now banned from this group for the rest of your life! Now get the fuck out!!
Episode: Don't Come Back, Darkos! (Season 10)

Doki: Ugh! I still can't believe I got kicked out of The Crazy-Ass Group. You know what? I'm going to create my own version of that shitty group called The Lunatic Gang!
Black Mamba P3: Yeah! I can't believe that annoying kid from Smash Bros kicked us out! So, I want to join the Lunatic Gang!
Fico: Okay! Don't worry you're free to join.

Niss: This gang is so much fun! Ness and Alisa are going to be so pissed!
Episode: The Lunatic Gang (Season 10)

Tsubaki Nagayama (Lucky2): Who is doing the clicking noise?
Amy Sorel: Me!
Tsubaki Nagayama (Lucky2): Well, stop! I can't stand it!
Episode: The Clicky Mouth (Season 10)

Karlie Dell: Please stop throwing anvils.
Pantherk: PANTHERK!!! (No, ma'am. I won't.)
Cube: Aaargh! An-an-anvils!!
Episode Anvils Per Chaos (Season 10)

Sniper (TF2): It smells like plants!
Alastor: It's weed.
Randy Marsh: Do you want some?
Episode: Tegridy Radios 2: Mega Tripping (Season 10)

Spy (TF2): I'm afraid of cherries.
Alastor: Drink up..
Randy Marsh: Yes.
Laura Knowles: They spat in the drink..
Episode: Randy & Alastor's Cherryade Machine (Season 10)

Roger Smith: Oh boy, it's great to see! We're back at U-Ass-A!
Episode: Back to U-Ass-A! (Season 10)

Claire Emmett: Are you okay?
Mira: What a crybaby.
Episode: A Lime's Sting (Season 10)

Pantherk: *scornfully taunting* PANTHERK!! (I don't like AESPA, boys & girls.)
AESPA Stan: I hope you suffer you silly bastard!
Sukashine Ariku: Oh, no. I don't want that to happen like it did with Roley when he got assaulted by one of Ariana Grande's stans.
Episode: Pantherk Ruins Concerts (Season 10)

Karlie Dell: Please get down.
Cube: I agree with all of everyone!
Mira: NO!
Claire Emmett: Oh, nuts.

Alastor: Why are you idiots stealing the screentime of me and Randy?!!
Episode: Riveted Cause (Season 10)

Peter Griffin: So you guys may be wondering what the hell I'm doing. Well, the answer is I'm opening up a pizza place!
Loona: Really? What is it called?
Peter Griffin: It's gonna be called "Peter Griffin Pizza"!
Patrick Star: Will there be any arcades or games?
Episode: Peter Griffin Pizza (Season 10)

Drift: *screaming* I HATE THE BEES!
Puddles: Yeah, They even stung me when I played LE SSERAFIM!
Jo Tarr: *quietly* Oh okay..
Episode: The Rupture Of Drift (Season 10)

Paintbrush: Why did I eat wasps? My mouth hurts!
Karlie Dell: I think you need a doctor.
Cube: Doctors?
Loona: Hopefully they died before they went into your stomach.

Paintbrush: *cries* Why are the wasps still stinging me?!! I thought they died, but no! They're still alive even though they've been in my stomach for almost an hour or two! *regurgitates a dead wasp*
Episode: Wasp-Eating Paintbrush (Season 10)

Allen Walker: I'm so happy today, because I will be knighted by the Queen herself! What luck!
Episode: You're Officially a Knight, Allen Walker (Season 10)

Ness: Look what me and Alisa made friends with!
Karina Ignatyan: Yeah, but why is her ass so big?
Alisa Bosconovitch: She's a bimbo, chill.
Ness: Alisa, you're actually right and her name is Esha Pussy.
Episode: Bimbo Friend (Season 10)

Alastor: Hello, everyone! I decided that maybe me and Randy should open up a hotel!
Episode: Hotel Alastor (Season 10)

Big (Big & Small): Would you like a room?
Ivy Valentine: Of course I will, because it is better than Travelodge.
Episode: Ivy Goes To Premier Inn (Season 10)

Mira: I'm so bored, I need to wonder what can I do? I know, I can play some NMIXX! *starts playing "O.O" by NMIXX on her phone*
Paula Jones-Polestar: Oh my gosh! Can you shut that off? Me and several others are trying to sleep in the Villa!
Mira: But I was bored, so I-
Paula Jones-Polestar: I don't care, just let me sleep!
Mira: What?!
Jeff Andonuts: You know what Paula stated? She is trying to sleep. Besides, it's almost midnight, you know!
Episode: NMIXX At Late Night (Season 10)

Arnold Perlstein: A Radio demon?! Ahh! This isn't a normal field trip!
Alastor: Did someone say Radio Demon?! That's me!
Randy Marsh: Yep, that's my friend. Also, It's not supposed to be normal…
Episode: The Shitty-Ass School Bus (Season 10)

Morrigan Aensland: Wow, this boat ride is amazing!
Cricket Green: You bet.
Lucas (Mother 3): Hey Morrigan, can we get some Pad Thai after this?
Morrigan Aensland: Definitely.
Episode: Morrigan Goes to Bangkok (Season 10)

Lilith Aensland: I'm a kabuki so smash your Xbox!
Ness: *cries* NO-O-O!!
Ran Ishii (Girls2): Lilith, stop it!
Episode: Kabuki Nightmare (Season 10)

Shrike Sanchez: You want me to pump diesel in your mouth, Kristie amiga?
Kristie Inglethorpe: No, don't-
Randy Marsh & Alastor: Yes!
Episode: Shrike's Shell Franchise (Season 10)

Cassandra Alexandra: Look at me, I'm on stage! *strips naked*
TWICE Stan: *gasps* WHAT THE FUCK?!
Prince Poo: You know there's children there…
Alice (Alice In Wonderland): I'm going to call the cops.
Rakel Colt: You're on it!
Episode: Concert Catastrophe (Season 10)

Claire Emmett: Ow, my eyes!
Morrigan Aensland: I'm so sorry.
Claire Emmett: It's okay. I forgive you.
Episode: Lemon Stinger (Season 10)

Edward Elric: Ooh, nice! A Duel Disk that looks just like the automail I had back in my series!
Alphonse Elric: Winry made that.
Episode: Attack of the Children's Card Games! (Season 10)

Maka Albarn: What do you think of my costume?
Soul Evans: A bit rough around the edges, but it looks good as hell.
Episode: Halloween in July (Season 10)

Ryuko Matoi: Alastor, you suck. Randy Marsh, you suck.
Alastor: Well, fuck you too.
Episode: Ryuko Matoi Appears! (Season 10)

Odo: Well, That is one interesting drink.
Claire Emmett: I know right?
Episode: Odo & Claire Visit SPAR (Season 10)

Pit: Uhh… why is Cory Baxter here?
Radio: *starts playing Cory in the House theme song*
Anica Cvetković: NO! Not Cory in the House! Anything but that! *cries*
Princess Zelda: Aw crap, here we go again.
Anais Watterson: Please don't tell me this is true…
Cory Baxter: That's right! I'm in the clubhouse!
Ness: Hello, Cory! Even though I don't actually live in the clubhouse, Alastor and Randy have a special greeting for you.
Episode: Cory in the Clubhouse (Season 10)

Lili De Rochefort: Buy my fuel or vamoose!
Tsugumine Cello: Why are you rude?
Episode: Lili's Texaco Franchise (Season 10)

Paula Jones-Polestar: So apparently, Lord Raptor beat me up today because I am an AESPA fan…
Ness: That sucks… At least you're not as toxic as Mira or Kody.
French Narrator: Meanwhile…
Lord Raptor: AESPA is really stupid! You should listen to Breaking Benjamin instead!
Mira: You should go fuck yourself, you silly bastard!
Kody: Yeah!
Episode: Another Crappy Day (Season 10)

Ayas: May I shoot?
Lord Raptor: Yep.
Yeji (ITZY): *screams in pain*
Ayas: Bam.
Lord Raptor: That's my boy!
Claire Emmett: I'm getting security.
Odo: Me too.
Episode: Tremors On Stage (Season 10)

Loona: There's another one of Kat?!
Dr. K: My name is Dr. K, actually.
Episode: Another Kat? (Season 10)

Holly Willoughby: Hi, everyone.
Alastor: Glad you made it, Holly.
Episode: The Arrival of Holly Willoughby (Season 10)

Silver Spoon: All hail Hitler!
Episode: Hitler and the Klansmen (Season 10)

Karina (AESPA): Why did you kidnap us?
Cube: That's illegal, Kirstea.
Karlie Dell: Cube's right!
Episode: Kirstea's AESPA Concert (Season 10)

Ness: I now own the finest rum of all.
Episode: Ness & Alisa in BILLA (Season 10)

Richard Watterson: What the fuck? Who the hell would send me these pictures of Paintbrush?!
Episode: Paintbrush's Body Pictures (Season 10)

Ness: Holy shit, that's a lot of vodka!
Talim: Oh gosh, please don't tell me you're going to get drunk…
Alisa Bosconovitch: For crap's sake, just get over it! We just arrived in Arizona!
Lili De Rochefort: Uhh… the temperature is hot and I'm sweating!
Baby Bonnie Hood: Don't worry Lili, you can change your clothes whenever we arrive at the vacation rental.
Lili De Rochefort: Oh shit-locks! Wait… there's something wrong with Ness.
Ness: ¡Estoy demasiado borracho!
Lili De Rochefort: Ness, why would you say that?
Ness: I got drunk!
Episode: Ness and the Gang goes to Arizona (Season 10)

Mira: I want you all to stan AESPA now!
Jade West: I'm good..
Claire Emmett: Please stop, Mira.
Odo: Oh, boy.
Episode: The AESPA Stooges (Season 10)

Krusty the Klown: My bosozoku limo can kick anyone's ass any day of the week.
Episode: Krusty's Bosozoku Limo (Season 10)

Randy Marsh: Why the hell is there puke all over my room?!!
Episode: Mega Gross Babies (Season 10)

Jayfeen:How do I put it this way, ummm...your friend is, um...a cunt.
Random Person: What did you say?!
Episode: Jayfeen Hates Everyone (Season 10)

Dee Jay: Loving the weed, mon?
Kristie Inglethorpe: *panicking* N-no..
Episode: Hallucination of Hell (Season 10)

Randy Marsh: ... A coat? A fucking coat?!
Episode: Randy's Coat (Season 10)

Beast Boy: That is a lot of Rattatas!
Rattata Kid: Well, it is a Rattata party after all.
Episode: Rattata Party! (Season 10)

Ness: What the fuck?! I turned into a girl?
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: *laughs*
Episode: Potion Morons (Season 10)

Julie Summers: I put spunk on Heavy's sandwiches!
Jasmine (Miracle Tunes): YOU WHAT?!
Odo: Oh, god.
Claire Emmett: That is disgusting..
Heavy (TF2): NO!! MY SANDWICHES!! *sobs*
Episode: Sandvich Shop (Season 10)

Alastor: *laughs* I FUCKING LOVE FILLER!!
Episode: Alastor is Batshit Again?! (Season 10)

Alastor: We remembered you used a plant called the Pizza Plant once to get money for Toad for his birthday.
Randy Marsh: So we decided to give you the plants so that place doesn't go bankrupt.
Episode: The Pizza Plant Helps (Season 11, Episode 1)

Alastor: This is good banana beer.
Randy Marsh: Yeah.
Karlie Dell: Oh, great.
Episode: Randy & Alastor's Banana Beer (Season 11)

Felicia: What the fuck? Who leaked my pictures of my feet on the internet?!
Episode: Felicia, Rose, and April vs. The Web (Season 11)

Ness: I can't believe it's Ness Time again! WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!
Episode: It's Ness Time Again! (Season 11)

Wrath: I'm back, motherfuckers!
Felicia: Oh no! This is bad. I thought you were permanently removed from the series.
Wrath: You thought I left, but no, you got fooled! Also, look at the TV.
Felicia: Oh, it's an Olivia Rodrigo concert, not bad- Hey, why would you leak a picture of my feet on television?
Wrath: *laughs* You got pranked!
Felicia: Oh, and I thought Donovan was already bad enough. I fucking hate you and your toxic fanbase.

Wrath: *pulls Palutena's hair* Fuck you!
Palutena: Ow! Why would you pull my hair?
Wrath: Because your such an fucking ugly goddess.
Pit: Hey, don't pull Palutena's hair ever again!
Wrath: Shut the fuck up, Cupid!
Pit: Don't call me Cupid, I actually have a different name! Also, you should shut the fuck up!

Wrath: *breaks through one of the mansion's windows*
Ness: The actual fuck?! I thought you were supposed to leave!
Wrath: Fuck off! First of all, you and Alisa are such fucking assholes for forcing me to leave!
Ness: So, what?
Wrath: Fuck you, fuck Alisa, fuck Lili, fuck Paula, fuck Jeff, fuck Poo, fuck Lucas, fuck Talim, fuck Baby Bonnie Hood, fuck everyone that lives in the mansion and Villa! Ness, everyone knows your stinky ass only because of Smash Bros! Alisa is just a shitty robot that made friends with you, and nobody gives a shit about Lili. So fuck you all!
Lilith Aensland: Why, thank you so much, Wrath! I feel bad for you, you should harass more members of The Crazy-Ass Group!
Ness: *starts sobbing*
Alisa Bosconovitch: How dare you enter the mansion! You were supposed to leave! I'm going to get security!
Lili De Rochefort: Go ahead, you're on it!

Wrath: Hey! You two! You're the stupid morons that hog the spotlight, and the ones who kicked me out!
Randy Marsh: Wrath?! How the fuck did you even get here?!
Alastor: You dare call us that?!!
Wrath: I came back to get my revenge! And I called you stupid morons that hog the spotlight cause that's what you are!
Alastor: Just because me and Randy get the most screentime out of everyone in this show does not mean that you can call us that!
Randy Marsh: Alastor is right! It's not nice to say those kinds of things!
Wrath: You can't tell me what to do, overused duo! *blows raspberry*

Rapunzel: Hey Cindy, are you really enjoying the view at the beach?
Cinderella: Yes. *checks phone* What the hell? Who sent a picture of our feet? Mr. Kat?
Rapunzel: Nope. It wasn't Mr. Kat, it was… Wrath of all people. Yes, really!
Wrath: *laughs* You fetish retardant princesses thought it was Mr. Kat, but no, it was me!
Rapunzel: Hey, me and Cindy are not fetish retardant. It's just that people, you know used to keep staring at my feet and Cindy's glass slippers.
Donovan Baine and Polli Polish: *erotically moan in relief in the background*
Wrath: Get ready to flee back to Hawaii!

Wrath: *kicks open the bathroom door* Seems that somebody forgot to lock the damn doors.
Paintbrush: I hope nobody comes in, I'm having my private time!
Wrath: *takes a container and runs it through the tub*
Paintbrush: What the…
Wrath: Ha! I took a sample of your bath water, and now I'm gonna sell it on the Internet!
Paintbrush: Wait what? He entered while I was taking a bath and now he's going to sell it? *screams*

Lucas (Mother 3): Nothing's more relaxing than a nice view of the beach…
Wrath: *pushes Lucas*
Lucas (Mother 3): *screams* Wait… Why did you push me to the ocean, I did nothing wrong!
Wrath: Because, you're such a crybaby whose mom died!
Lucas (Mother 3): Hey, don't you dare make fun of my mom! Also, get out of the beach and go somewhere else, you piece of shit!

Soul and Maka: Stop right there!
Wrath: Nope.
Alphonse Elric: Oh, Wrath, what has gotten into you?
Edward Elric: Seems like Lilith took him in. Hold on, doesn't this sound familiar?
Maka Albarn: We don't have any time for meta jokes, Ed!
Loona: Wrath has always been this way, you idiots! It's just, uhh... you haven't even seen it!
Lili De Rochefort: Allen, Soul, Maka, Alphonse, and Edward, you're all so dumb as hell! Did you realize that Wrath is a creep? So, Loona's right!
Soul Evans: Aren't you a creep too, Lili?
Lili De Rochefort: What? No, I'm not! It all started when he worked at a local Chipotle restaurant, and he was really rude to everyone, especially female workers and customers. Hell, he even went as far to sexually harass me when he went to the women's bathroom, when he was not supposed to. This caused him to get fired from the resturaunt.

Amy Rose: Hey, Wrath! If you wanna be such a dick, then take this! *throws multiple water balloons at Wrath at the speed of sound*
Episode: Wrath's Revenge (Season 11)

Luigi: It's kind of dark. Did anyone bring a light?
Episode: Tour-Thru Paintbrush (Season 11)

Meryl Hinton: *strips naked* Look at me! I'm not wearing clothes! WOOO-HOOO! *screams loudly*
Episode: Wild Freaks (Season 11)

Ness: Я слишком много выпил, теперь я очень пьян! (I had drink too much, now I'm very drunk!)
Paula Jones-Polestar: What the absolute fuck has happened to you, Ness?
Ness: Я очень пьян! кто-нибудь, помогите мне! (I'm very drunk! Somebody help me!)
Episode: The Vodka Fountain (Season 11)

Waluigi: Come and get some cotton candy!
Episode: Taco Cotton Candy (Season 11)

Thomas the Tank Engine: Hey, let's look at Sodor!
Episode: Vacation at 120 Days from Sodor (Season 11)

Among Us Crewmate: Hey, Slippy! Would you like to raid this nearby music shop?
Slippy Toad: Fuck yeah! Let's raid Taco Bell after that!
Episode: Annoyance Day (Season 11)

Random Man: Hey, why are you here? What's with the sad face?
Lucas (Mother 3): So, we are donating clarity for various families that lost their child, as well as the teachers.
Kumatora: I can't believe something like this happened… This is very heartbreaking. If only it never happened. You can help me and Lucas by donating.
Random Man: Why aren't you guys at the beach as usual?
Lucas (Mother 3): It's still ongoing. We're doing what can we do to donate to those families.
Episode: Saving for the Community (Season 11)

Banana: No offense, Cardinal, but you're being an ass. Please stop, you're making everyone around us feel uncomfortable.
Banana: No, I didn't mean that! Please calm the fuck down!!
Episode Rock 'n Roll McDonalds Mall Adventure! (Season 11)

Alastor: Since I feel like me and Randy deserve a break from being the stars of this show, we have decided to retire!
Ryuko Matoi: Really? Yes!!
Baby Shark and Ryuko Matoi (singing): No more Alastor and Randy! No more Alastor and Randy! No more-
Randy Marsh: We didn't mean it literally, dick holes!
Alastor: We're only taking a break! But we'll be back as the stars next season! And now for the big reveal! The star of this very season will be.... *points at Ness* You, Ness!
Ness: Oh my god! Thank you, Alastor! Thank you, Randy! I am so excited to get drunk more often!
Randy Marsh: You are very welcome, Ness! Now, if you excuse us..
Randy Marsh and Alastor: Squadala! We're off!
Alisa Bosconovitch: Yup, there they go.
Ness: Want some of this sweet vodka, sir?
SpongeBob SquarePants: I guess...
Episode: Spotlight 4 Vodka (Season 12, Episode 1)

Ness: I just got back from the vodka shop We're gonna drink a ton of vodka today!
Episode: Drinking Vodka 'till the End (Season 12, Episode 44)

Episode: Ness is Batshit?! (Season 12)

Black Mamba P1: Hey, you're so fat! Do you want to eat a meal from Raising Cane's?
Ness: Unless if you want me to develop some Heath problems and be more obese, Hell No!
Episode: Fat Ness (Season 12)

Yang: *spray paints a butt* This is where I'm gonna put my glory hole!
Episode: Tao Vandals (Season 12)

Felicia: Look at all these cheeses!
Ness: Well, it's supposed to be cheesy, we're making cheese.
Lili De Rochefort: Hey, Some melted cheese ruined my dress!
Ness: Sorry Lili, maybe you can change your clothes when we're done.
Alisa Bosconovitch: Cheese comes from dairy, which is from cows. There is a variety of cheese.
Baby Bonnie Hood: Is there anyway I can buy the cheese?
Ness: Maybe.
Episode: Ness and the Gang Gets Cheesy (Season 12)

Pokey Minch: Hello, Claus.
Claus (Mother 3): Hi Pokey.
Pokey Minch: Do you want to sexually harass people in public places?
Claus (Mother 3): Fuck yeah! Then we can get some Wingstop after that!
Episode: Claus and Pokey's Shitty Day (Season 12)

Ness: Look at these fish and chips we got!
Lucas (Mother 3): Cool, how did you manage to get those?
Felicia: There is a fish shop that got viral on social media, it's currently the largest fish and chips shop.
Ness: Yeah, but if you want to go there, you have to to wait in line due to it's popularity.
Lucas (Mother 3): Oh, okay!
Episode: Ness and The Gang goes to Binley Mega Chippy + Lucas (Season 12)

Quack: Oh, come on! I invited well over a hundred ducks to the clubhouse!
Episode: Ness and the Ducks (Season 12)

Ness: What's the matter? You all look so down!
Alisa Bosconovitch: This must be because of all that recent drama within the group.
Crona: I feel like quitting.
Episode: A Sad Day for the Crazy-Ass Group (Season 12)

Crona: I don't know how to feel about this group anymore.
Allen Walker: I think this group will collapse in no time.
Episode: Once We All Fall Down, Who Will Take the Blame? (Season 12)

Felicia: I'm sorry Allen, but we had to boot your musty ass.
Allen Walker: Oh, why me?
Ness: You were not loved by the show's fans. It would be better if you joined the Pooh's Adventures series instead.
Felicia: Ness is right, now say goodbye. *puts Allen into a cannonball launcher*
Episode: Allen Gets Booted Off The Crazy Ass Group (Season 12)

Yoshi: You know what? I think I liked it better when my only enemies were Kamek, and Bowser. And by that I mean, BEFORE I EVEN MET YOU!
Ash Ketchum: Yeah, well feelings' mutual, dino dweeb!
Sonic: Guys, before you start destroying each other, let's remember why we're working together!
Ash Ketchum: Please, remind me!
Sonic: Ash, we need Yoshi to stop Team Rocket!
Ash Ketchum: And you don't trust me to do it!
Sonic: Yes, of course I do trust you Ash, it's just that-
Ash Ketchum: No, you don't! You trust Yoshi more! Do you know how much that bites?
Sonic: I DID trust you Ash! But you and your friends kept teasing Yoshi! And I, or even Mario, weren't even here for him! And now, because of you, he doesn't wanna help us defeat Team Rocket! Do you know how much THAT bites?
Yoshi: Actually, nothing bites more than having to listen to this dreadful conversation.
Episode: Team Rocket or Bullcrap (Season 12)

Izaya Orihara: There is no villain that is better than me! They're all weak!
Alastor: Oh, so you mean that there is no villain worse than you?
Episode: Izaya's Return (Season 12)

Randy Marsh: We are here to announce that there will be a dance party!
Alastor: Can anyone guess who will host this party?
Patrick Star: Uh.... I don't know.
Randy Marsh and Alastor: The hosts will be us!
Ness: Am I invited?
Mr. Kat: What is the prize!?
Episode: A Randy Dance (Season 13, Episode 1)

Bucky Katt: No!!! My precious doll is gone! *cries*

Talkie: Hi! I'm Talkie! Are you looking for a doll that went missing?
Episode: Bucky's Lost Doll (Season 13)

Black Mamba P2: We're sorry to break to news to you, but Black Mamba P3 passed away.
Buttons P1: That is actually true, according to The Black Mamba Dancers' Instagram account, she fell 14 feet to the ground while trying to take a picture of her bare rear in Utah. She was rushed to a hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada where she later died.
Black Mamba P1: This actually happened while we were on a short vacation in Utah.
Pokey Minch: I can't believe it, my girlfriend died! *cries*
Ness: What do you mean? She was a horrible person, she would bash on anyone who hates fetishes, committed several inappropriate actions, and even made porn of minors!
Pauline (Super Mario): Yeah, who cares about her death if she was a bad person?
Alice (Alice in Wonderland): Exactly! Also, I heard that funeral services refused to handle her.
Lili De Rochefort: Yep, that's true. Rot in hell Black Mamba P3, you won't be missed.
Claire Emmett: We're all better off without her. Just saying..
Episode: The Death of Black Mamba P3 (Season 13)

Lili De Rochefort: Woo-Hoo! I won a fucking jackpot in a casino! *screams*
Episode: Ness and The Gang Goes to Las Vegas (Season 13)

Fandom Helper: Baby Bonnie Hood, you're blocked from the entire fandom network. Your block expiration is indefinite.
Baby Bonnie Hood: Oh, don't you fuck with me! I did nothing wrong on these wikis!
Episode: Bulleta Gets Blocked on Fandom (Season 13)

Neasa: Oh, there's something suspicious about this flower.
Yakko: You mean the agapanthus?
Episode: Agapanthus Twitch (Season 13)

Ness: I have the best tasting Dole whip, can't change my mind.
Episode: Ness and The Gang goes to Disney World (Season 13)


The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation has been met with mixed reviews from critics, but was mostly negatively reviewed by audiences for its content, humor, inconsistent plots, flanderization of several characters, and the bad messages the show delivers, even for an adult animated series. Reviewers have also unfavorably compared this show to Drawn Together and Teen Titans Go!, to the point where RebelTaxi, even described it as "both shows meeting each other on crack".

On Rotten Tomatoes, the first season received a 53% "rotten" rating and an average 5.9/10 review score based on 15 reviews. The website's Critics Consensus reads, "The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation is one heck of a crazy show, if a bit too crazy for its own good." It currently scores a 4.9/10 on IMDb.

Despite the negativity, the show would very quickly garner a "so bad, it's good" cult following from viewers for its random content.


  • The animation for this show was outsourced to Rough Draft Korea, Tonic DNA, Snipple Animation Studios, Digital eMation, Top Draw Animation, and Six Point Harness.
  • The entire series is banned in the country of Turkey due to its highly offensive content, and the aforementioned episode of "Pokey Minch's Strip Club". The series would later get banned in its entirety in the country of Ukraine due to it's offensive content and the aforementioned episode of "The Nudes", making Ukraine the second country to ban the entire show, after Turkey. Zimbabwe would then be the third country to ban the series due to the inappropriate imagery and the aforementioned episode of "Elsa and Anna Make a Porno", though its ironic fanbases in all of those countries would make fansubs of the later episodes (based on the Japanese dub of the series for some reason, although some fansubs of the original English version are available online). The show's ban in Turkey was lifted on August 19, 2022, however, most likely due the massive cult following it received among Turkish subscribers on Disney+ following the service's launch in the country on mid-June 2022.
  • Season 5 was originally planned for an April 2022 release date.
    • A movie was also released in January 2022.
  • The title card and credits font change every season. Here's a full list of them:
    • Season 1: Oh Whale
    • Season 2: Magneto
    • Season 3: My TURTLE
    • Season 4: Sk8 or Dye
    • Season 5: Remaglide
    • Season 6: Family Guy
    • Season 7: Regular Show
    • Season 8: SpongeBob SquarePants
    • Season 9A (along with a few others): South Park
    • Season 9B: Popjoy
    • Season 10: Mario
    • Season 11: Pokémon
    • Season 12: EarthBound
    • Season 13: The Simpsons
    • The title card for The Many Mishaps of Team Snakemouth is shown in the Bubblegum Sans font, the font in which Bug Fables is shown in.
  • In his review of the show, Saberspark gave the first six seasons unofficial names:
    • The Crazy-Ass Beginnings (Season 1)
    • Roger and Nicole's Show (Season 2)
    • The Mostly Sane Era (Season 3)
    • Maddie's Show (Season 4)
    • The Disney Season (Season 5)
      • Randy and Alastor's Show (Season 6)
    • He would later give the next few seasons unofficial names:
      • Year of Cinderella's Feet (Season 7)
      • World Tour (Season 8)
      • The Season of Extra Drama (Season 9)
      • Randy and Alastor's Show: Season 2 (Season 10)
      • Randy and Alastor's Show: Season 3 (Season 11)
      • Ness' Drunken Adventures (Season 12)
      • The Return of Randy and Alastor (Season 13)
  • Officially, Season 4 is broken up into two halves, 'Season 4A' and 'Season 4B', this is due to their many differences.
    • Season 7 is also split into two halves, 'Season 7A' and 'Season 7B' due to the show retaining its original format in the first half, while the second half had its characters traveling all over the world in a similar vein to the first 5 seasons of Mickey Mouse.
    • Season 9 is also split into two halves, 'Season 9A' and 'Season 9B', mainly to due to the release of The Adventure Truly Begins, which began Season 9B. This is similar to the ninth season of SpongeBob SquarePants and its second movie, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water.
  • iShowSpeed himself was pretty disappointed with the missed opportunities with Talking Ben, as the series doesn't acknowledge Ben's potion mixing or his relationship with Tom. In fact, iShowSpeed said in a live stream that the producers would be better off taking Ben's personality from the Talking Tom & Friends Show, despite his memetic hatred for it.
  • Captain 0's unflattering appearance in the show led to The Crazy-Ass Group Show getting a demeaning article on the UnAnything Wiki, with the page also theorizing that the Crazy-Ass version of Captain 0 is actually Evil Captain 0 in disguise while also pointing out the other heavy flaws in this show.
  • This show is not only on the major platforms (streaming, DVD and Blu-ray), but also on dead ones such as VHS, Betamax (as well as both platforms' enhanced versions), HD DVD, UMD Video (which is especially egregious, as UMD was only used on the PSP) and LaserDisc all as limited edition collector's items (at least most of the time).
  • Voice recording for the series was done at Studiopolis, which is mostly the reason why this series has characters from so many franchises.
  • On Disney+, the series is available in the following languages:
    • Chinese (Taiwan) / Chinese (中文)
    • Chinese / Chinese (普通话)
    • Cantonese / Chinese (粵語)
    • German / Deutsch
    • German (Austria) / Deutsch (Österreich)
    • English (including Audio Description for Season 7)
    • Spanish (Spain) / Español
    • Spanish (Latin America) / Español (Latinoamérica)
    • French / Français
    • French (Canada) / Français (Canada)
    • Italian / Italiano
    • Hungarian / Magyar
    • Polish / Polski
    • Portuguese (Portugal) / Português
    • Portuguese (Brazil) / Português (Brasil)
    • Slovak / Slovenčina
    • Turkish (Seasons 1-5) / Türkçe
    • Czech / Čeština
    • Japanese / 日本語
  • According to an interview with Liam Ternlund, he commonly says that voicing Leif isn't what he thought he would become, but he also couldn't refuse the initial offer.
  • The series is one of two Disney+ shows to not be on Star, the other being The Simpsons.
  • Similar to Disney+, the show has "collections" of various episodes of the series. As of September 2022, these are the following:
    • "The Crazy-Ass U.S. Trips"
      • The Awful Gold Rush (Eureka, CA; Season 1)
      • U-Ass-A! (Washington D.C.; Season 1)
      • A Trip to Texas? (El Paso, TX; Season 2)
      • We're Going to California? (Oakland, CA; Season 3)
      • Another Trip to Texas? (Amarillo, TX; Season 4)
      • She's Finally Gone (San Juan, Puerto Rico; Season 5)
      • Die, Disney! (Anaheim, CA & Orlando, FL; Season 6)
      • Secret Mafia (Detroit, MI; Season 7)
      • How Much Coffee did Juri Han Drink? (Grants Pass, OR; Season 8)
      • To RandyWorld We Go! (Lakewood, CO; Season 8)
      • Juri Han's Coffee Shop (Grants Pass, OR; Season 8)
      • Electric Boogaloo: A Crappy Night in Atlanta (Atlanta, GA; Season 8)
      • In Concert We Trust (New York City, NY; Season 8)
      • Horrid Henry Against Aespa Stans (New York City, NY; Season 8)
      • Sweet Home Trip to Alabama! (Huntsville, AL & Anchorage, AK; Season 8)
      • Love for Life in San Antonio (San Antonio, TX; Season 8)
      • Who Wants to Go to the Nutshack? (San Francisco, CA; Season 9)
      • A Shitty Night at Houston (Houston, TX; Season 9)
      • Ivy Meets the President (Washington D.C.; Season 9)
      • Rosie Mayfield Goes to New Orleans (New Orleans, LA; Season 9)
      • Trapped in The Dutch Bros Drive Thru (Grants Pass, OR; Season 9)
      • The Grand San Francisco Dealership Heist (San Francisco, CA; Season 9)
      • Idiot Fox (Millersburg, MN; Season 9)
      • Getting High at BCS (Bryan & College Station, TX; Season 9)
      • Lord Raptor Destroys Loona Stans (Los Angeles, CA; Season 10)
      • Fighting in Florida (Sopchoppy, FL; Season 10)
      • Tegridy Radios 2: Mega Tripping (Fairplay, CO; Season 10)
      • Felicia's Vacation in Oklahoma (Oklahoma City, OK; Season 10)
      • Come Down to South Park! (South Park, CO; Season 10)
      • Back to U-Ass-A! (Washington D.C.; Season 10)
      • Sandcastle Fortress (Kahului & Waihee Waiehu, HI; Season 10)
      • Beach Patrol Alastor (Cannon Beach, OR; Season 10)
      • Lili's Texaco Franchise (Beaumont, TX; Season 10)
      • Oscar The Cowboy (El Paso, TX; Season 10)
      • Ness and The Gang Goes to Arizona (Grand Canyon Village, AZ; Season 10)
      • Buffalo Malice (Buffalo, NY; Season 10)
      • Ness & Alisa in Carrefour Vineyards (Napa, CA; Season 10)
      • Suffolk Roadtrip (Suffolk, VA; Season 10)
      • Human Become Detroit (Detroit, MI; Season 10)
      • Buzzard Cornucopia (Cornucopia, OR; Season 10)
      • Saving for the Community (Uvalde, TX; Season 11)
      • Isea Cili Visits Seattle (Seattle, WA; Season 12)
      • Lucas Works At H-E-B (San Antonio, TX; Season 12)
      • Ness and The Gang gets Cheesy (Plymouth, WI; Season 12)
      • Ness & Alisa in SuperValu (Providence, RI; Season 12)
      • Ness and The Gang Goes to Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV; Season 13)
      • Pauline's Vacation in Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA; Season 13)
      • Ness and The Gang goes to Disney World (Orlando, FL; Season 13)
    • "The Kat, the Cindy and the Rapunzel" (despite the arc being mostly used in subplots except for "Mr. Mouse Down Bad", all episodes are from Season 7)
      • Mr. Mouse Down Bad
      • Shrek Gets Booted off Netflix
      • Automatically Slaved
      • Paintbrush Gets Diarrhea!
      • The Italian Lockdown
      • Lili vs. the Cockroach
      • Randy's Pets
    • "Roley vs. Stans"
      • Roley vs. K-POP Stans (Season 8)
      • Roley vs. Billie Eilish Stans (Season 8)
      • Roley vs. Ariana Grande Stans (Season 9)
      • Roley vs. Olivia Rodrigo Stans (Season 10)
      • Roley vs. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Stans (Season 10)
      • Roley vs. PURPLE KISS Stans (Season 10)
      • Invasion of the JellyBean Stans (Season 10)
      • Roley vs. Weeekly Stans (Season 10)
      • Roley vs Dream Stans (Season 10)
      • Roley vs MrDweller Stans (Season 10)
      • Roley vs. Meowbahh Stans (Season 10)
      • Roley vs. Girls' Generation Stans (Season 10)
      • Roley vs. Rebecca Black Stans (Season 11)
    • "The Crazy-Ass UK Tours"
      • Party2Brighton (Brighton, England; Season 8)
      • Cube's Trip To Exeter (Exeter, England; Season 8)
      • Embers of Winterbourne (Winterbourne, England; Season 9)
      • Randy & Alastor's Pub (Belfast, Northern Ireland; Season 9)
      • Dorset Trip (Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, England; Season 9)
      • Cornwall Voyage (Truro, England; Season 9)
      • Devon Coastal Trip (Torcross, England; Season 9)
      • Randy & Alastor's Welsh Cake Factory (St. Clears, Wales; Season 10)
      • Rhythm2Penzance (Penzance, England; Season 10)
      • Camping at Thrussington (Thrussington, England; Season 10)
      • Riveted Cause (Barnetby, England; Season 10)
      • Cambridgeshire Road Adventure (Cambridgeshire, England; Season 10)
      • Somerset Roadtrip (Somerset, England; Season 10)
      • Sussex Voyager (Chichester, England; Season 10)
      • Portsmouth Fun Trip (Portsmouth, England; Season 10)
      • Southampton Spree (Southampton, England; Season 10)
      • Essex Shenanigans (Colchester & Chelmsford, England; Season 10)
      • Duo Fruit (Salisbury, England; Season 10)
      • Roadside Dummkopfs (Swindon, England; Season 10)
      • The Dummkopfs of Ullapool (Ullapool, Scotland; Season 10)
      • Ivy vs. Royal Mail (London, England & Edinburgh, Scotland; Season 10)
      • Yorkshire Trip (York, England; Season 10)
      • Karlie & Cube Visit Newquay (Newquay, England; Season 10)
      • Spy & Rosa's Murco Franchise (Dunnington, England; Season 10)
      • Back2Chelmsford (Chelmsford, England; Season 11)
      • Trip2Margate (Margate, England; Season 11)
      • RAF Airfield Camping (Whitehall, England; Season 12)
      • Karlie & Cube's Brewers Fayre Pub (Dunstable, England; Season 12)
      • Seira in Falklands (Stanley, Falkland Islands; Season 12)
      • Odo & Claire in Pagham (Pagham, England; Season 12)
      • Fly2Worcester (Worcester, England; Season 12)
      • Solitude in Cowdray Manor (Stanley, Falkland Islands; Season 12)
      • The Dummies in Isle of Wight (Newport, England; Season 12)
      • Ness and The Gang goes to Binley Mega Chippy + Lucas (Coventry, England; Season 12)
    • "The Adventure Truly Begins" (all parts from Season 9)
      • Izaya's Invasion Begins (Part 1)
      • Counterattack Plans Taken Right Off the Anus (Part 2)
      • Join "La Resistance!" (Part 3)
      • The Crazy-Ass Final Assault (Part 4)
    • "The Crazy-Ass World Tour"
      • Destanation: Dublin (Dublin, Ireland; Season 7)
      • Cypriot Ganders (Ayia Napa, Cyprus; Season 7)
      • The Overside in Albania (Tirana, Albania; Season 7)
      • Menorca Vibe (Menorca, Spain & Cagliari, Italy; Season 7)
      • Kit Casey's Malice in Larnaca (Lanarca, Cyprus; Season 7)
      • Lost in Montenegro (Rožaje, Montenegro & Pristina, Kosovo; Season 7)
      • Bulgarian Mansion (Sofia, Bulgaria; Season 7)
      • All the Hype in Macedonia (Skopje, North Macedonia & Thessaloniki, Greece; Season 7)
      • A Croatian Trip Without Bob (Zagreb, Croatia & Sombor, Serbia; Season 7)
      • Prague Party (Prague, Czech Republic; Season 7)
      • S.O.S Bratislava (Bratislava, Slovakia; Season 8)
      • Felicia's Night in Portugal (Lisbon, Portugal; Season 8)
      • Shove A Dane (Copenhagen, Denmark; Season 8)
      • Kpop And Earthbound Fanatic's SNES Heist (Kyoto, Japan; Season 8)
      • An Awful Trip to Mexico! (Mexico City, Mexico; Season 9)
      • Kebab President (Ankara, Turkey; Season 9)
      • The Irish Disaster (Cork, Ireland & Reykjavik, Iceland; Season 9)
      • Mandaluyong's Crazy MegaMall (Mandaluyong & Metro Manila, Philippines; Season 9)
      • The Great Las Piñas Hoarding (Las Piñas, Philippines; Season 9)
      • SM Moms of Asia (Hong Kong, China & Caloocan, Philippines; Season 9)
      • Junior Eurovision Randomness (Yerevan, Armenia; Season 9)
      • Don't Wanna Be a Canadian Idiot (Vancouver, BC, Canada; Season 9)
      • Madness in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur & Cyberjaya, Malaysia; Season 9)
      • Ultimate Vacation to the Netherlands! (Amsterdam, Netherlands; Season 9)
      • Jammin' in Jakarta (Jakarta, Indonesia; Season 9)
      • Sky Hanched (San Fernando & Pampanga, Philippines; Season 9)
      • To Ikebukuro We Go! (Tokyo, Japan; Season 9)
      • Paella Land (Alicante, Spain; Season 9)
      • Chabwick Goes To Madrid (Madrid, Spain; Season 10)
      • Cube's Trip to Venice (Venice, Italy; Season 10)
      • Albanian Bullworm (Kukës, Albania; Season 10)
      • Pantherk Ruins Concerts (Sydney, NSW, Australia; Season 10)
      • Randy & Alastor's Opera House (Rome, Italy; Season 10)
      • Morrigan Goes to Bangkok (Bangkok, Thailand; Season 10)
      • Igloo Factory (Nuuk, Greenland, Denmark; Season 10)
      • Concert Catastrophe (Toronto, ON, Canada; Season 10)
      • Randy & Alastor in IKEA (Stockholm, Sweden; Season 10)
      • Karlie & Cube Go To Antwerp (Antwerp, Belgium; Season 10)
      • Odo & Claire Visit SPAR (Donegal, Ireland; Season 10)
      • Ness & Alisa Visit Konzum (Split, Croatia; Season 10)
      • Trouble in Tbilisi (Tbilisi, Georgia; Season 10)
      • Blowfish Wars (South Tarawa, Kiribati & Yaren, Nauru; Season 10)
      • Karlie & Cube's Spanish Villa (Madrid, Spain; Season 10)
      • Baguio Days (Baguio, Philippines; Season 10)
      • The Azerbaijani Accident (Baku & Ganja, Azerbaijan; Season 10)
      • Seagull Roundup (Sydney, NSW, Australia; Season 10)
      • Randy & Alastor's CEPSA Service Station (Tarragona, Spain; Season 10)
      • Ness & Alisa in BILLA (Vienna, Austria; Season 10)
      • Mira Visits Auchan (Croix, France; Season 10)
      • All Aboard the Opium Express (Kabul, Afghanistan & Chengdu, China; Season 10)
      • Kody & Mira Visit Biedronka (Kostrzyn, Poland; Season 10)
      • Ness & Alisa in Kaufland (Neckarsulm, Germany; Season 10)
      • True Love in the Streets of Guanajuato (Guanajuato, Mexico; Season 10)
      • Lili Visits Colruyt (Halle, Belgium; Season 10)
      • Norwegian Snow Guerilla (Ny-Ålesund & Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway; Season 10)
      • Eren and Mikasa Go To La Union (San Fernando, Philippines; Season 10)
      • Jamaican Shenanigans (Kingston, Jamaica; Season 10)
      • Lilith & Amy Visit Eroski (Elorrio, Spain; Season 10)
      • Ness & Alisa in Telepizza (San Sebastián de los Reyes, Spain; Season 10)
      • Odo & Claire in Lanzarote (Arrecife, Spain; Season 10)
      • Norfolk Vacay (Kingston, Norfolk Island, Australia; Season 10)
      • Sniper's Aussie BBQ (Adelaide, SA, Australia; Season 10)
      • Luxembourg Palaver (Luxembourg City, Luxembourg; Season 10)
      • Ness & Alisa in Albert Heijn (Oostzann, Netherlands; Season 10)
      • Mira Visits Corfu (Corfu, Greece; Season 10)
      • Shrike's Nandos Addiction (Johannesburg, South Africa; Season 10)
      • Ganja Control (Ganja, Azerbaijan; Season 10)
      • The TMNT in "The Ruined Greek Vacation" + Lilith and Amy (Patras, Greece; Season 10)
      • Baby Bonnie Hood Goes to Korea (Seoul, South Korea; Season 10)
      • Exorcism for Beginners + Ichigo, Allen and Maka featuring Alucard from Hellsing (Transylvania, Romania; Season 10)
      • The Bahamas Disaster (Nassau, Bahamas; Season 11)
      • The Faroese Failure (Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, Denmark; Season 11)
      • Booze Barrels of Auckland (Auckland, New Zealand; Season 11)
      • Valencia Ecstasy (Valencia, Spain; Season 11)
      • Alastor's Inca Whistle (Lima, Peru; Season 11)
      • Morrigan Visits El Corte Ingles (Madrid, Spain; Season 11)
      • Odo & Claire in Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria, Spain; Season 11)
      • The Saint Kitts Travesty (Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis; Season 11)
      • Ness & Alisa in Torremolinos (Torremolinos, Spain; Season 11)
      • Odo & Claire's Trip to Fuerteventura (Puerto del Rosario, Spain; Season 11)
      • Anime vs. Corporate Memphis (Hirosaki, Japan & Bejing, China; Season 11)
      • Pit and Palutena at Carrefour Store (Massy, France; Season 11)
      • Sleepless in Singapore (Singapore; Season 11)
      • Floppy Point (Timisoara, Romania; Season 11)
      • Ellie & Holly's Arctic Pudding (Siorapaluk, Greenland, Denmark; Season 12)
      • The Grenada Idiocy (St. George's, Grenada; Season 12)
      • Ness & Alisa in Alcampo (Utebo, Spain; Season 12)
      • Odo & Claire in Llucmajor (Llucmajor, Spain; Season 12)
      • Odo & Claire in Santa Eulalia (Santa Eulària des Riu, Spain; Season 12)
      • Alisa's Shopping in Rimi (Riga, Latvia; Season 12)
      • Krusty in R-Kioski (Helsinki, Finland; Season 12)
      • The Vanuatu Abomination (Port Vila, Vanuatu; Season 12)
      • Lili in Kotipizza (Helsinki, Finland; Season 12)
      • Uppsala Winter (Uppsala, Sweden; Season 12)
      • Ikea Tower (Stockholm, Sweden; Season 12)
      • Weekend at Granada (St. George's, Grenada; Season 12)
      • Speed2Marbella (Marbella, Spain; Season 12)
      • Madras Slayer (Chennai, TN, India; Season 12)
      • Ness and The Gang Goes to Malta (Valletta, Malta; Season 12)
      • Lucas' Shopping Spree in Lagos! (Lagos, Nigeria; Season 12)


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