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#*Prince Poo, while a tolerable character, is mostly portrayed as a smart Asian stereotype who always gets an A+ on his tests.
#*Pokey Minch became a "fuckboy" that wants to touch any ladies' private areas, wants to sleep around with the perverted characters and has a disturbing addiction with pornography. He is also too profane as well, dropping a couple of F bombs within a sentence. He even teams up with Captain Falcon (who is from the F-Zero game series).
#*Felicia became a toxic Olivia Rodrigo and Pussycat Dolls stan who has constant fights with people and is overly talkative that won't shut up about irrelevant junk for no reason at all. Somehow, in Season 11, she became a target for feet jokes, mainly with Donovan Baine.
#*Hsien-Ko is now the dumb one that has the IQ of a roach, she also has an unhealthy obsession with hacking Roblox accounts as well as vandalizing many pages on Wikipedia. She is also a vegan that believes in Fox News despite their controversies.
#*Nicole Watterson became an enraged woman that mostly screams at random characters every time they cause trouble, make a mess, get bad grades, prank her or do anything else that she hates. She is also obsessed with the South Korean girl group Dreamcatcher as well as going to malls, watching Korean dramas, going to a nightclub and ordering pizza. Not to mention that she also slaps her own rear end daily. In Season 2 & 3, she was overused, and in Season 4, she started turning into a punching bag mainly with Blake and Maddie.
#**Vega became a pervert who wants to seduce the ladies and have sex with them. He is also now obsessed with looking at bikinis.
#**Fei Long, for some reason, became another creep with a foot fetish who wants to sell people's shoes on the Internet, just so he can take a picture of their feet.
#**Rose, while still likable, has been slowly developing into a coward starting in Season 10, and starting in Season 11, became a target for Butt/Toilet jokes.
#**Juri Han, introduced in Season 8, is now a coffee addicted lunatic who drinks coffee on a daily basis and she would yell at anyone who doesn’t buy her coffee. She also has a massive hatred for sodas, though she does like tea (especially teh tarik, as shown in ''Madness in Malaysia'').
#**Karin Kanzuki, introduced in Season 9, became a destructive moron who breaks everything, like glass and jewelry and also interrupts other characters in the group.
#**Coconut is now a bumbling moron who is constantly happy.
#*Pudge (Animal Crossing) became a toxic NMIXX hater who has constant fist fights with people.
#* Tuxedosam, Chococat, and Pochacco ( From Sanrio ) now stand on graves frequently for some reason. ( Though they are not unlikable. )
#A lot of the humor in this show is either disgusting, offensive, inappropriate, cringe-inducing, crude, or overly random as it mainly consists of very low-brow humor, toilet humor and edgy jokes with an innumerable amount of pop-culture references being thrown in.
#Like [[The Wacky World of Tex Avery]], [[George of the Jungle (2007)|the second season of George of the Jungle]], [[Scaredy Squirrel (TV series)|Scaredy Squirrel]] and [[SpongeBob SquarePants (seasons 6-8)|the dark age of SpongeBob Squarepants]], there are way too many moments that are either weird, nonsensical, mean-spirited, disturbing, inappropriate or just serves no purpose to the plot whatsoever other than to pad out the runtime... and yes, we do mean WAY TOO MANY to even list. Examples include:
#*Similarly, Season 4B (and to some extent, season 5) was more focused on Maddie, as she got the most screen-time and episode plots, although this was toned down in season 5 because she got her own spin-off series.
#*As we already mentioned, season 5 heavily overuses characters from Disney/Pixar movies, as well as Marinette, Alastor, and Lucky Chloe as they appear in nearly every episode. Although, this is understandable for the former, as Disney-ABC Domestic Television had co-produced the show in season 5-7. The show itself even points this out with a scene of Blake complaining about it in "Maddie The Fat Bitch" and a scene of Blake saying that if he sees Alastor, Lucky Chloe & Mei Lee one more time, he would leave the group in "Matilda Sucks!". Seasons 6-10 also heavily overuse Alastor and Randy Marsh.
#*An infamous issue with the series is that are WAY too many Art's Animations characters, especially since season 7. This has gotten to the point where some fans have nicknamed season 9 "Oops! All Art's Animations Characters!", though they were all removed by season 10, before being brought back in season 11 and taking over Alastor and Randy Marsh's spot as the creator's pets.
#This show is filled to the brim with bad to mediocre episodes, such as:
#*''The Conker Stays in the Picture''
#*''Ransack Bulls''
#*''Seafood Wars''
#*''Felicia, Rose, and April vs. The Web''
#*''We're Back, Bitches!'' (the episode that brought back the Art's Animations characters and made them adored again, notiable for being one of the most mean-spirted episodes of the show)
#*''ytp sexer'' (yep, that's an episode)
#Its spinoff, [[Blog:The Loona and Kat Show (Fake Spinoff of Fake Show Collab)|"The Loona and Kat Show"]], is just as bad, if not worse than the show itself.
#*Its other spin-off, "Maddie's Epic TV Series", is even worse than both shows.
Episode: ''The Day When the Moon Stood Still in San Los AngelAntonioyorkytro'' (Season 11)
'''BlakeFelicia:''': Wait,What the Art'sfuck? AnimationsWhy charactersis arethere back?a '''NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOpicture of my feet on the internet?!'''<br>
Episode: ''We'reFelicia, BackRose, Bitches!and April vs. The Web'' (Season 11)<br>