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The Crazy-Ass Group Mobile
While it's nice that this show is trying to experiment with its ideas, this one makes this episode really boring.
Series: The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation
Part of Season: 9
Episode Number: 1
Previous episode: Randy and Alastor's School Bus (Season 8)

The Crazy-Ass Group Mobile is the first episode of the ninth season of The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation and the two-hundred-forty-seventh episode overall.


In the thrilling part 2 of this adventure, Randy and Alastor need help trying to get the old school bus back to its former glory. Meanwhile, after a Yu-Gi-Oh game gone wrong, Cinderella must figure out how to get rid of a magician before it does something malicious to her friends.

Bad Qualities

  1. The main problem is that, like the previous episode, it mostly focuses on Randy Marsh and Alastor doing stupid things while talking about going to the junk yard.
  2. Plot holes:
    • When Nicole Watterson sees the 60-year-old rundown bus driving along the freeway, for some reason she doesn't call 9-1-1.
    • When Dark Magician Girl talks to herself about the plan, Rapunzel somehow fails to hear it, despite being 2 yards away from her.
    • After the bus submerges into Lake Lago, everyone managed to survive for some reason, despite the bus having water inside it for 3 minutes.
    • For some strange reason, Cinderella never gets into her carriage when being chased by Dark Magician Girl.
  3. The subplot is just one long milked running gag (in its first episode) that would (eventually) get a whole episode out of it, that being Dark Magician Girl trying to one-up Cinderella by stealing her friends from her using various strategies, with the number goal having her ruin Cinderella's friendships and her life by stealing her glass slippers, then sending her friends' feet pics of Cinderella that is actually Dark Magician Girl in disguise. The gag itself is nothing but a complete rip-off of the 'Secret Formula heist' gag from SpongeBob SquarePants, but with Dark Magician Girl instead of Plankton.
    • Ever since this episode, this gag has been used in nearly every episode, usually as a background gag.
  4. Some filler background gags, including:
    • Bomb masturbating to Rule 34 of Agnes.
    • Brian Griffin cancelling Odo on Twitter.
    • Jayfeen messing around with scissors.
    • Perfect Peter watching Netflix.
    • Ness and Alisa trying to make a science experiment and failing.
    • The fight between Mario and Captain Falcon, while awesome and a nice callback to the Super Smash Bros. series, is nothing but filler.
    • Brazil (U Got 45'd) ordering pizza.
    • Lili De Rochefort, Baby Bonnie Hood, and Lucas (Mother 3) verbally roasting Peppa Pig.
    • The jabs at Initial D and Wangan Midnight, which show the AE86 and S30 from their respective series getting into a collision with one another in the background, can be gut-wrenching to fans of either series.
    • Hornet pouring bleach all over her eyeballs in the bathroom, which makes no sense without knowledge of the Hollow Knight fandom stereotype.
  5. Some shots are unnecessarily detailed, most notably the shots of the rundown school bus before it got fixed.
  6. This can be seen as a torture episode for Cinderella, though not as bad as in the first half of Season 7.
  7. The scene where Eggman flosses as he sees the titular bus drive away, despite being somewhat funny can be seen as nonsensical.


Good Qualities

  1. Good ending: The bus gets fixed, and Dark Magician Girl gets her comeuppance at the end.
  2. The beginning was alright.
  3. This episode introduces Donald Duck and Goofy, who themselves are likable characters.
    • Cinderella, Odo, Claire Emmett, Cube, Karlie Dell, Kristie Inglethorpe, Genji, Prince Poo, and Olivia Birchenough are also likable here.
  4. Funny and entertaining moments, such as:
    • These lines:
      • "Fuck you, Robotnik!" (Alastor)
      • "We're on the road, everyone!" (Randy Marsh)
  5. Decent voice acting, as usual.



  • The title is different in other countries:
    • ?מי יתקן את האוטובוס (Hebrew) / Who Will Fix the Bus?
    • रैंडी और एलास्टर द अप्रेंटिस (Hindi) / Randy and Alastor the Handymen
    • Il Gruppo Della Mostra Collettiva da Matti (Italian) / The Group of the Crazy-Ass Group Show
    • Randy and Alastor's Bus
      • Randy en Alastors Bus (Flemish)
      • Le Bus de Randy et Alastor (French)
      • ランディとアラスターのバス (Japanese)
      • Ônibus de Randy e Alastor (European Portuguese / Brazilian Portuguese)
      • El Autobús de Randy y Alastor (European Spanish / Latin American Spanish)
    • Randy and Alastor's Special Tools
      • 兰迪和阿拉斯托的特殊工具 (Chinese)
      • Specjalne Narzędzia Randy'ego i Alastora (Polish)
      • Специальные Инструменты Рэнди и Аластора (Russian)
    • Рэнди мен Аластордың Kөлігі (Kazakh) / Randy and Alastor's Vehicle
    • Randy og Alastor (Norwegian) / Randy and Alastor
    • The Crazy-Ass Group Bus
      • مجموعة الحافلات المجنونة (Arabic)
      • Bláznivý Skupinový Autobus (Czech)
      • தி கிரேஸி ஆஸ் குரூப் பஸ் (Tamil)
    • Xe Buýt Này (Vietnamese) / This Bus



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