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Telecast Rock
“What's this? Another episode of Mr. Kat being a pretentious prick? Didn’t he try to redeem himself in literally the previous season?” ~ LS Mark
Series: The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation
Part of Season: 8

Telecast Rock is an episode of the eighth season of The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation. It was originally planned to be the season premiere.


After Cinderella gets a hangover after watching a 4-hour long marathon of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure with her friends, an unlikely person substitutes for her in her musical television show while she is hospitalised back in Paris, but when he gets a loud wet kiss from her (complete with a visible blue lipstick mark) as a thank you for substituting, he develops a huge crush on her. Meanwhile, Mr. Kat helps Amity Blight prepare for her role as Goldie O'Gilt in a play adaptation of a DuckTales 2017 episode ("The Forbidden Fountain of the Foreverglades!"), which causes Luz Noceda to take extreme measures to boycott it.

Bad Qualities

  1. Roley is portrayed very inconsistently in this episode, as he starts off as being likable as he is willing to substitute for Cinderella while she is away, but when she kisses him on his right side, he turns into a creepy simp who wants her to make out with him. As a result, he comes off as pretty unlikable as his portrayal is eerily similar to Axol's flanderization in the SMG4 video “The Melony Felony”.
  2. Mr. Kat is very unlikable here, since he tries hard to separate Luz and Amity so that he can focus on the latter's role, despite knowing Amity will never work with a male partner. Basically, his plan is that he wants to torture Luz by having her girlfriend kiss a male person (Ness) against her will, making him come off as a complete homophobe.
  3. This episode introduces Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas and Tiana, all of which who barely do any productive in this episode outside of the epilogue (some barely do anything at all)
  4. Loona is not much better than Kat, as she defends him and even encourages him to separate Luz and Amity.
  5. Some filler background gags, including:
    • Bomb having a threesome with Agnes and its “brother”
    • Randy, Alastor, Red and Bubbles having a cabbage fight.
    • Jayfeen bombing a children's daycare
    • Mickey Mouse pranking Luigi
    • Brian Griffin throwing a rotten tomato at Minnie Mouse.
    • Nicole Watterson yelling at a Raising Cane's employee just because she got the wrong order.
    • Chilly Willy trying to make a science experiment and failing.
    • The fight between Morrigan Aensland and Felicia, While the fight is awesome and is a nice callback to the Darkstalkers game, it's still nothing but filler.
  6. Some shots are unnecessary detailed, such as:
    • A shot from Cinderella’s prospective of Merida walking across the room, although it does show how much the animation has stepped up since Season 6.
    • The close up shot of Cinderella’s lips (with sparkling blue lipstick) puckering up as she’s about to kiss Roley (complete with a loud puckering noise).
  7. The infamous scene of Mr. Kat strangling Luz.
  8. While the concept of all of the Disney Princess having a musical TV series sounds like a neat idea, it is unfortunately not explored much here.
  9. This can be seen as a Luz and Amity torture episode, since they were treated like punching bags the whole episode, it can also count as a torture episode for Cinderella, though to a lesser extent.
  10. The 2 minute epilogue that introduces the 7 debuting princesses only exists for padding, and it makes Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas and Tiana unlikable in their own ways.
    • Snow White is a boring idiot with no personality.
    • Aurora became a stereotypical Mary Sue who thinks she better than anyone.
    • Ariel is a became an example of toxic-positivity and a terrible best friend to Jasmine.
    • Belle retains her flanderization from her third film, where she is an extremely insecure and fearful coward who blames herself for everything that happens in front of her.
    • Jasmine became a overbearing ultra-feminist SJW who bashes on anyone who is not from Iraq.
    • Pocahontas suffered the worst flanderization out of all the Disney Princesses, where she became a really arrogant, incredibly selfish, very manipulative, and an extremely argumentative jerk who doesn't care about anyone but herself.
    • Tiana is now a stereotype to hip and combative African American women.


Good Qualities

  1. Mr. Kat gets what he deserved in the end.
    • Roley also realises the dangers of simping.
  2. The beginning was alright.
  3. Cube's line "Roley is ROLLING for Cinderella!" is pretty funny.
  4. Mulan is the only likable character introduced in this episode, as she called out Roley for his actions.
    • Luz and Amity were also likable.
  5. The animation in the drug trip scene is pretty well done.
  6. Decent voice acting as usual.



  • In the hangover scene, Cinderella retains her original appearance in US Broadcasting, despite this, she was given a drastically different appearance in most international Netflix releases.
    • Her hair is given a messier appearance.
    • Her attire is partially torn up.
    • One of her glass slippers is missing, while the other is cracked.
      • In the French, Canadian French, Greek, Chinese and Taiwanese Chinese dubs, one of her glass slippers is missing, while the other is still in perfect condition.
      • In the Arabic, Austrian German, Danish and British English dubs, she has both glass slippers on, with both of them cracked.
      • In the Korean, Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese dubs, she has both glass slippers on, with one of of them cracked.
      • In the Filipino and Italian dubs, she has both glass slippers on, with both of them in perfect condition.
      • In the German dub, she is shown completely barefoot.
    • Out of all of them, only the Norwegian, Latin American, Hungarian, Russian, Hebrew and Persian dubs retain the original appearance.
    • Her hair-band is missing.
  • The title is different in some regions.
    • 簡單! 羅莉癡迷!(Cantonese) / Simp! Roley is Obsessed!
    • 这个节目中最大的简单 (Chinese) / The Biggest Simp on Television
    • Cendrillon et Roley (Canadian French) / Cinderella and Roley
    • Sjónvarp Einfalt (Icelandic) / Televize Simp
    • An Lucht Leanúna is mó Cinderella (Irish) / Cinderella's Biggest Fan
    • Telecast Simp
      • بث مغفل (Arabic)
      • Teleyayım Sadə (Azerbaijani)
      • Televizijski Prijenos Jednostavno (Croatian)
      • שִׁדוּר בְּטֵלֵוִיזִיָה פֶּתִי (Hebrew)
      • テレビ放送シンプ (Japanese)
      • Қарапайым Tелехабар (Kazakh)
      • Телецаст Симп (Serbian)
    • Televize Rock
      • Televisió Roca (Catalan)
      • Fernsehen Felsen (German)
      • Televízió Szikla (Hungarian)
      • 텔레비전 락 (Korean)



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