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Blog:Sweet Home Trip to Alabama! (The Crazy-Ass Group Show) (Fake Episode of Fake Show Collab)

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Sweet Home Trip to Alabama!
It's a not-so-sweet trip when it’s just 23 minutes of sex jokes and disturbingly cruel Lisa torture to the point where she even tries to kill herself!
Series: The Crazy-Ass Group Show:The Series, Television Presentation
Part of Season: 8
Air Date: June 17, 2022

Sweet Home Trip to Alabama! is an episode of the eighth season of The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation


Feeling bored, Ness announces a trip to Huntsville, Alabama that anyone can go. Everyone packs up and flies there, and everything is fine up until Lisa Simpson accidentally kisses her brother on the lips after tripping on a rock, which causes chaos to ensue once again. Meanwhile, Randy, Alastor, Mira, Rakel Colt, Lily May, Pit, Palutena, Ninten, the Angry Birds crew, and Cinderella had to fend for themselves when they accidentally take the wrong plane, which ends up landing in Anchorage, Alaska.

Why Its NOT A Sweet Home Trip

  1. To get the elephant out of the room, this episode is just nothing but 23 minutes of Lisa torture and incest jokes.
  2. Many characters are extremely unlikeable here, as they constantly either torment Lisa or do inappropriate things, yet many of them (with the exception of Maddie, Jayfeen, the Among Us characters, The Black Mamba Dancers, Meg Griffin, and Mr. Kat) don't get any repercussions for it, with Wario, Dr. Eggman, Mr. Burns, Patrick Star, Shang Tsung, Kazuya, Raya, Maddie, Jayfeen, the Among Us characters, Meg Griffin, Mr. Kat, The Black Mamba Dancers, Lili De Rochefort, Isabela Madrigal, Ness, Alisa Bosconovitch, and Pikachu all being the worst offenders. Even less flanderized characters such as Brian Griffin, Fireman Sam, Elvis Cridlington, Penny Morris, Station Officer Steele, Belarus, Ireland, Nessie (Castle Cats), Jeff Andonuts, Lucas (Mother 3), Toon Link, The San Antonio Spurs Coyote, Guile, Norman Price, GingerBrave, Mexico (U Got 45'd), and Pure Vanilla Cookie join in on the torment.
    • Bart Simpson is very inconsistently portrayed in this episode, as he was first shown to care about his sister, and was understandably really upset about the whole ordeal, but when Lisa calls everyone out for their actions, he gets even more upset and just spends the entire rest of the episode not caring for her.
    • Wario asks for Lisa to “give him a show”, which basically makes him a pedophile.
    • Dr. Eggman tells Lisa to “get the hell out of here” when she stands up for herself.
    • There's a pointless cameo of Cyborg and Robin trying to catch a bird, which is just for filler and meme-bait.
    • The infamous scene where Raya prays that Lisa opens up an OnlyFans, with Shang Tsung nodding in agreement.
    • Speaking of Shang Tsung, he offers Lisa to sell her Mary Jane shoes for ¥19 (~$3), obviously just so he could satisfy his foot fetish urges.
    • Jayfeen torturing a lot of innocent people for no reason at all. This is especially notable in a scene where he throws Waluigi off the plane (who was thankfully carrying a jetpack), and the scene where he gives Nicole Watterson a glass of Blueberry juice, but it’s later revealed to be laced with cocaine.
    • Mr. Kat doxxes Lisa on Twitter, with Loona and Meg Griffin doing the same thing but on TikTok.
    • Patrick Star and Pikachu whining for Lisa to replicate the same incident.
    • Mr. Burns and Kazuya try to kidnap Lisa, which thankfully fails.
    • The Among Us characters continuously make jokes about her being a 'sussy baka'.
    • Lili De Rochefort throws a tantrum when Lisa doesn't take her all of her clothes off.
    • Isabela Madrigal forced Lisa to watch 13 Reasons Why on Netflix.
    • Ness and Alisa try to have Lisa arrested for child porn.
    • Maddie is probably at her worst here, as she:
      • Disrespects Michael Angelis' death.
      • Tries to have sex with Blake, which is incest since he is her brother.
      • Moans at Helen Henny porn.
      • Attempts to rape Helen Henny, which is again, Zoophilia.
      • Tries to murder the U Got 45'd gang and the Starch Brotherhood.
      • Attempts to throw Lisa from a cliff.
      • And, to top it off, she tries to blow up the clubhouse, just because Blake, Rebel Friend (who were with Randy & Alastor in the subplot), & Chuck E. Cheese, wanted her to leave on a phone call. Let this line from Blake explain it all: "You have gone far beyond the Moral Event Horizon!", and Rebel Friend's response, "You do deserve to leave.".
    • The Black Mamba Dancers asking Lisa to leak her nudes on Discord for them.
  3. There's the infamous scene of Lisa attempting to commit suicide by jumping down from a flagpole. which is just unacceptable!
    • This scene alone is just copied and pasted from a similar scene with Bart in The Simpsons Season 18 episode, “The Boys of Bummer”. In fact, the entirety of the main plot rehashes said episode.
  4. The Sweet Home Alabama running gag got old really quickly.
  5. The solution to the problem was very lazily-written, Lisa has to tell everyone that Alabama is a great state so she should get their respect back.
  6. Even if the subplot is good, it is not without its flaws.
    • Randy and Alastor act like wild boars when they realize they are not in Alabama.
    • There's a filler scene where Bubbles and Terence compare body sizes.
    • It can get really boring at times.
    • The scene of Hal getting jumped on by Chuck was a little mean-spirited even if he deserved it for telling the latter that he has an ugly beak.
    • A scene while Mira and Rakel Colt complain about Alaska having slow wifi.
    • Palutena having a conservation with Pit about what activity to do.
    • There is another filler scene with Ninten drinking hot chocolate.
    • The somewhat uncomfortable scene of Cinderella sitting on the floor near the fireplace barefoot (as her glass slippers were getting polished by Matilda) as the Blues stare at her feet as they wonder if her pedicure is the same color as their color before being called out by her.
    • Lily May attempting to have sex with a clay model of Helen Henny is straight-up disgusting & pointless. The line, "You can't get Helen, she's mine!" (from a Chuck E. Cheese robot clone) describes this as a whole. Not to mention the infamous scene of her having sex with the clay model of Helen Henny, which is not only zoophilia but also objectophilia.
  7. The song in this episode, "I Love this F-in' State", sung by Mario, Luigi, Moana, and Felicia is a pretty bad song. Admittedly, it’s a little better than "Smash a Cunt" from "We're Going to California?" as it has a slightly catchier beat and the lyrics are less repetitive since it has actual verses.
    • The Chorus is just "I Love this F-in' State" repeated 7 times.
    • The first verse is done by Mario, and it literally takes like 40% percent of the song, making it unfair for the others who wanted to have a solo part.
    • All of the lyrics in Luigi's part are literally everything related to incest.
    • All of the lyrics in Moana's part are literally just the lyrics of Stewie's Banjo Song from the Family Guy Season 3 episode, “To Love and Die in Dixie”. but it is entertaining nonetheless since she is right about how catchy the banjo song itself is.
    • All of the lyrics in Felicia's part are literally about Politics. The only redeeming qualities are her vocals.
    • The saxophone done by Luigi felt really out-of-place since it doesn’t even fit with the rock-hip hop beat.
    • It also shows that Moana is a hypocrite, she is shown to hate literally EVERYTHING about Italy with a fiery passion, but is shown to be friends with Mario and Luigi, who are Italian.
  8. The infamous scene of Luz and Amity having gay sex with Lisa and Bart watching.
  9. There's a similar scene where Willow and Gus have sex with Quack watching
  10. It's a sequel to the season 4 episode, "Another Trip to Texas?", which is no better.
    • Not to mention, the plot for this episode is exactly the same, but with Alabama instead of Texas.


Redeeming Qualities

  1. The Angry Birds Crew, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Lisa Simpson, Randy, Alastor, Mario, Luigi, Felicia, Mira, Rakel Colt, Pit, Palutena, Ninten, Moana (despite her minor hypocrisy), Ryu, Ken Masters, Chun-Li, Cammy White, Maggie Simpson, Jimmy Neutron, Carl Wheezer, Jon, Garfield, Nermal, Odie, Two, Tails, Shadow the Hedgehog, Silver the Hedgehog, Ren, Stimpy, Tennis Ball, SpongeBob, Sandy Cheeks, Quack, Banjo, Kazooie, The Powerpuff Girls, Spyro, Buster Bunny, Wendy, The Can-Do Crew, Plucky, Hamton J. Pig, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Wild Woody, Kirby, Earthworm Jim, Glimmer, Bow, Yakko, Wakko, Dot, Pinky, The Brain, Stewie Griffin, Woody Woodpecker, Jigglypuff, Meta Knight, Poppy Playtime, Chuck E. Cheese, Leafy, Eraser, Bubble, Pen, Richard Watterson, Mickey Mouse, Evelynn, Ness' Mom, Tracy, Tony the Tiger, Blake, Thomas, Peru, Mr. Crocker, Empire of Japan, Princess Zelda, Josie Rizal, Rosalina, Hilda, Baby Bonnie Hood, Paula Jones-Polestar, Lincoln Loud, Odo, Claire Emmett, Motu, Patlu, Prince Poo, Dolores Madrigal, and Camilo Madrigal are the likable characters here, as they not only behave during the flight, but they also didn't join in on the torment.
    • This episode introduced Rebel Friend, who is still likeable.
    • Speaking of Jon, Ren, Quack, Wendy, The Can-Do Crew, Blake, Baby Bonnie Hood, Paula Jones-Polestar, Ken, Chun-Li, Cammy, and the Empire of Japan, they aren't flanderized like they usually are.
    • Randy and Alastor are more tolerable here than usual.
  2. Funny one-liners that have became internet memes:
    • Wario smells! (Stewie Griffin)
    • Cindy! NOOOOOOOOO!!! (Rapunzel)
    • Non! Merde! (Cinderella)
    • Allow me to make my entrance. (Meta Knight)
    • You can't get Helen, she's mine! (Robot Chuck E. Cheese clone)
    • Wooo! It's hype here! AAAAAAAA! (Paula Jones-Polestar)
    • Damn it, Mira! (Rakel Colt)
  3. Luigi's sax solo, although pointless, is still much better than Larry's saxophone in "Smash a Cunt".
  4. Despite the abysmal execution, it’s still nice that the Simpson children make a return after making a one-time appearance back in Season 4.
  5. In the ending of the main plot, some of the unlikeable characters actually get karma as they deserved.
    • Maddie, Meg Griffin, and Mr. Kat all get arrested for child abuse.
    • Jayfeen gets deported to the Azores.
    • The Among Us characters get banned from visiting Alabama.
    • The Black Mamba Dancers all got taken to court for attempted possession of child pornography with the intention to distribute and thus were relocated to Atlanta, Georgia.
  6. The subplot is way better than the main plot.
    • The episode itself ends with a beautiful shot of the Alaska sunset with Randy, Alastor, Cinderella, the Angry Birds, Mira, Lily May, Pit, Palutena, Ninten, and Rakel Colt looking at it from a hill outside their house.



  • The episode got banned in Lithuania due to the aforementioned scene of Lisa attempting suicide, the scene also nearly got the entire show banned in Sri Lanka.
  • Some scenes in this episode spawned internet memes:
    • The face that Lisa and Bart make after seeing Luz and Amity having sex became an internet meme.
    • The scene where Luigi plays the saxophone became an internet meme in the SMG4 fandom.
    • Rapunzel's line, "Cindy! NOOOOOOOOO!!!"
    • The scene where Paula yells loudly while rapping in excitement.
  • The scene of Lisa attempting suicide was cut from international airings as requested by her voice actor, Yeardley Smith. It was replaced with a still image of Maka reading.
  • The title is different in some regions.
    • अलबामा टूर (Hindi) / The Alabama Tour
    • Incestuous Country Trip to Alabama!
      • Incestueuze Plattelandsreis naar Alabama! (Dutch)
      • !سفر کشوری با محارم به آلاباما (Persian)
    • Sweet Home Country Trip to Alabama!
      • 阿拉巴馬州甜蜜嘅家鄉鄉村之旅!(Cantonese)
      • Ljúf Heimalandsferð til Alabama! (Icelandic)
      • アラバマへの甘い故郷の旅!(Japanese)
      • Słodka Rodzinna Wycieczka do Alabamy! (Polish)