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Sherman Dies
Spoiler: No, he doesn't.
Series: The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation
Part of Season: 4

Sherman Dies is an episode of the fourth season of The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation.


Mr. Peabody tries to kill Sherman.

Why It Sucks

  1. Misleading Title: Sherman doesn't die, he just gets badly injured.
  2. Almost every character is unlikable, as most of them (Except for Toroko, who is STILL the worst part of this episode) help Mr. Peabody kill Sherman.
  3. The infamous scene where Sherman says "At least your ass isn't skinny unlike Nicole's".
  4. Fico's infamous face that referenced the face SpongeBob makes in "What Ever Happened To SpongeBob?".
  5. WAY too many plot holes.
    • Loona is a hellhound, so why couldn’t she just use her nose to track Sherman down?
    • Why didn’t Mr Peabody just get a gun, the most powerful weapon on the planet?
    • Why didn’t Naruto use his ninja skills to kill Sherman?
    • Why didn't Maddie use her ultra mega super gigantic revolver to kill Sherman, due to it being powerful enough to kill someone with one bullet?
    • Why didn’t Alisa Bosconovitch use her double rocket punch to kill Sherman, she can do that in the Tekken games, so why didn’t she do it here?
    • Why didn’t Ness use his PSI Powers to kill Sherman, he can do that in EarthBound (Or Mother 2) so like Alisa, what’s the point?
      • Speaking of Ness, why does he even gain a fetish for killing and raping people if he’s just 13 Years Old?
  6. Questionable opening: Naruto and Paddington both twerk in front of Elsa while Sasuke, Amity, Azula, and Kermit forces Sherman to have oral sex with her.
  7. Atrocious ending: Mr. Peabody injures Sherman, everyone cheers (except for Loona, Mr. Kat, Ling Xiaoyu, Blake & Thomas), Paddington then strips naked while Naruto masturbates behind him, Captain Falcon is seen groping Alisa Bosconovitch, Nicole Watterson sings "My Neck, My Back (Lick It)" by Khia, Curious George twerks in front of everyone and Ness takes all of his clothes off, and yes, IT'S UNCENSORED.
  8. Overall, it’s a forgettable episode that nobody could ever remember or even think about.


Redeeming Qualities

  1. Thankfully, Sherman did not die.
  2. At least it's no where near as bad as the episode from "The Loona And Kat Show", "Sherman Dies 2".
  3. The fight scene between Naruto, Doki, Paddington, and Sherman is very satisfying.
  4. Ling Xiaoyu, Blake, and Thomas are still likable.
    • While still flanderized, Lily, Loona, and Kat are also likable.



  • There is a reference to The Simpsons in this episode.
  • The title is different in some countries.
    • Mr. Peabody & Sherman: The Death of an Enemy
      • Cənab Pibodi və Şerman: Düşmənin Ölümü (Azerbaijani)
      • Dhr. Peabody en Sherman: De Dood van een Vijand (Dutch)
      • मिस्टर पीबॉडी एंड शर्मन: द डेथ ऑफ ए एनिमी (Hindi)
      • Sr. Peabody y Sherman: La Muerte de un Enemigo (European Spanish)
    • The Brutal Fate of Sherman
      • 谢尔曼嘅殘酷命運 (Cantonese)
      • 谢尔曼的残酷命运 (Chinese)
      • 謝爾曼的殘酷命運 (Taiwanese Chinese)
      • シャーマンの残忍な運命 (Japanese)
    • The Rivalry Between Mr. Peabody & Sherman
      • Rivalita Mezi Panem Peabodym a Shermanem (Czech)
      • La Rivalité Entre M. Peabody et Sherman (French / Canadian French)
      • Die Rivalität Zwischen Herr Peabody & Sherman (German / Austrian German)
      • A Rivalizálás Úr. Peabody és Sherman Között (Hungarian)
      • A Rivalidade Entre o Sr. Peabody e Sherman (Brazilian Portuguese)
      • Соперничество Mежду Mистером Пибоди и Шерманом (Russian)
      • மிஸ்டர் பீபாடி மற்றும் ஷெர்மன் இடையேயான போட்டி (Tamil)



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