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Randy's Pets
Today's story: “How to Hoard too many pets”
Series: The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation
Part of Season: 7

Randy's Pets is an episode of the seventh season of The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation. It was originally planned to be the season finale.


After Randy, Alastor and their 5 other misfits (Bomb, Paintbrush, Agnes, Mickey Mouse and Tony the Tiger) win a costume contest in Chile, they win a pet elephant as they rent a mansion in Santiago. But when Randy and Alastor begin to realize their fascinations with animals, they start to buy more animals in different shapes and sizes and their other teammates must find a way to snap them out of it. Meanwhile, Mr. Kat, Rapunzel and Cinderella make it back home in their hometown and a party begins in the clubhouse, but when someone steals the latter's glass slippers, people must figure out who stole them.

Bad Qualities

  1. Executive Meddling: Randy's plot wasn’t originally going to be the main plot.
  2. Randy and Alastor were pretty unlikable in this episode, as they spent the entire main plot hoard different animals. They include:
    • Hot Bacon (a rat)
    • Tygryz (a tiger)
    • Thicc Boy (an elephant)
    • Leo (a lion)
    • Chad (a kangaroo)
    • Virgin (a snail)
    • Borf Borf (a dog)
    • Puffy Fluffy (a rabbit)
    • Sexy Man (a monkey)
    • Wings (a bird)
  3. Bomb is pretty dumb here, since he is shown to not know the difference between a lion and a tiger.
  4. The infamous scene of Randy strangling Paintbrush after a pet named “Hot Bacon” gets eaten by the latter.
  5. While it’s topic of hoarding is somehow handled better compared to other times they tried to handle dark issues, the episode still didn’t handle the episode in the best way.
  6. This can be seen as a Paintbrush torture episode, since they were treated like a punching bag the whole episode, it can also count as a torture episode for Bomb, Mickey Mouse and Tony the Tiger, though to a lesser extent.
  7. There were way too many filler scenes going on in this entire episode, these include:
    • Bomb erotically moaning when having sex with Agnes.
    • Mario and Luigi trying to make a meme.
    • Loona and Mr. Kat making out behind a bush when the latter comes back.
    • Ice Bird complaining to Chuck about not getting the pair of shoes he wanted.
    • Red and Terence singing "Venceremos".
    • Ness and Alisa Bosconovitch smoking Randy's weed.
  8. Plot Holes:
    • Why is Ice Bird complaining to Chuck about not getting the pair of shoes he wanted? He does not have legs!
    • How did Bomb not know the difference between a lion and a tiger.
    • How did Alastor get a kangaroo in Chile? Kangaroos are not found in Chile, they are found in Australia.


Good Qualities

  1. The subplot was great and easily the best part of the episode.
    • It does a great job of parodying the novel And Then There were None.
    • The suspense was well handled.
    • The pacing was perfect.
    • The plot twist of the thief being Minnie Mouse and not Rapunzel or Moana was really well done.
    • While it unfortunately still has the running gag of having close-up of Cinderella's feet, this only happens once the whole episode and it was when Mr. Kat puts the glass slippers off Minnie Mouse, and puts them on Cinderella’s feet.
    • This is overall a fantastic way to end the “Cinderella-Rapunzel-Mr. Kat arc”.
  2. The beginning was alright.
  3. Good Ending: Randy and Alastor realize the dangers of hoarding and bring the animals back to where they came from.
  4. This episode introduces Minnie Mouse, who themselves were likable characters.
    • Mr. Kat, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Loona, Red, Terence, Paintbrush, Mickey Mouse and Tony the Tiger were also likable.
  5. The animation and music were a step-up in this episode.
  6. This episode seems to correctly portray Chile in general.



  • Continuity: This episode ends the “Cinderella–Rapunzel–Mr. Kat mini-arc”.
  • The title is different in some nations.
    • Hamsterprobleem (Dutch) / Hoarding Problem
    • Психологическая Проблема Рэнди с Животными (Russian) / The Psychological Problem of Randy with Animals
    • Two Idiots in Chile
      • שני מוזרים בצ'ילה (Hebrew)
      • チリの二つの奇妙な (Japanese)