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New Shoes, Who This
New tropey plot, who this?
Series: The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation
Part of Season: 9

New Shoes, Who This is an episode of the ninth season of The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation.


Wanting to up-one her rival once again, Dark Magician Girl (Darina Maggiolina) decides to steal Cinderella's glass slippers as a distraction plan while she attempts to steal all her friends from her. Meanwhile, recent-Atheist-convert Talking Ben wants to test his cloning machine on Thomas, with disastrous results.

Why It Sucks

  1. First and obvious reason: This episode is basically an episode where Cinderella is made fun of by everyone in the city all because she isn't wearing her glass slippers.
  2. Another Major reason: This episode utilizes the 'Character is completely unrecognizable without one minor thing' trope, in this case, it's about Cinderella being mocked by everyone all because she isn't wearing her glass slippers.
  3. Final Major reason: This episode infamously introduces the universally-panned 'All Engines Go! Thomas', who is nothing but an extremely annoying comic-relief character who is not only worse than his original reboot counterpart but also barely does anything special in this episode since the subplot is so short (about 6 minutes). Not to mention the subplot itself is also terrible.
  4. This episode notably brings back Cinderella's status as a punching bag from Season 7A, which shows how inconsistent the writing is in this series.
  5. The Crazy-Ass Group members are inconsistently portrayed, as the police fine Cinderella $357 for jaywalking, even though there are several characters who previously did even worse crimes, and yet they don't get any repercussions for them, hence showing off real hypocrisy.
    • Also, instead of letting Cinderella explain situations, they fine her without a fair trial.
  6. Inappropriate moments, such as:
    • Cinderella and Dark Magician Girl pointing their soles at the screen as the latter gives back the former's glass slippers.
    • Shang Tsung staring at Dark Magician Girl's toes, with her agreeing to have him take a feet video of her.
    • "Cinderella" (Dark Magician Girl) teasing Rapunzel with her toes.
    • All Engines Go! Thomas shoving his buffers at Thomas' face.
    • Talking Ben licking All Engines Go! Thomas to see how he tastes.
    • Lucas and Baby Bonnie Hood seeing Ness and Alisa Bosconovitch getting high on cocaine.
    • Randy Marsh and Alastor recording Luz and Amity having gay sex.
    • Ralph Wiggum sexually violating Kristie Inglethorpe.
  7. Speaking of which, the scene where Talking Ben licking All Engines Go! Thomas to see how he tastes is not only disturbing, yet it makes no sense, even by the show's standards. Basically, Ben states that All Engines Go! Thomas tastes like plastic, which makes no sense since it is impossible for a metal object tastes like plastic. While it can be justified if it's a toy train, All Engines Go! Thomas is shown to be a real metal engine, it is also needlessly impractical since Ben could've just experimented to see what All Engines Go! Thomas is made off instead of licking him to see what he tastes like.
  8. Rapunzel, Pocahontas, Moana, Aurora, Ariel, Mulan, Tiana, Jasmine, Belle, Merida, Snow White, Shang Tsung, Canada (Art's Animations), Alastor, Anne Boonchuy, Blake, Jayfeen, Peter Griffin, Maddie, Toon Link, Randy Marsh, Mei Lee, Lucas (Mother 3), and Mr. Burns and many other members of the group are complete idiots for believing that Dark Magician Girl is Cinderella, even though it's blatantly obvious right in front of them. Sure, Jayfeen and Peter Griffin are shown to be dumb characters but were also shown to know the difference between Luigi and Mama Luigi as well as being talented on the drums and the trombone respectively.
    • The scene where Mulan asks if anyone has prepared a speech in their weekly conference, caused Dark Magician Girl to stand on the desk and reveal her face, voice, and pedicure to the rest of the Disney Princesses, and yet they still think it's Cinderella.
    • All these scenes where the townsfolk are complete idiots for believing that Dark Magician Girl is Cinderella in this episode are even more confusing than usual, because out of all of them, Jayfeen and Peter Griffin, two of the very first "dumb characters" to appear in the series, are the only ones who are legit "dumb characters". In fact, you could remove Shang Tsung, Canada, Alastor, Anne Boonchuy, Blake, Maddie, Toon Link, Randy Marsh, Mei Lee, Lucas, Mr. Burns, or any other dumb members of the group except for the two of them and the plot still wouldn't change in the slightest.
  9. Gigantic plot holes:
    • When the police saw Cinderella running on the street, for some reason, they don't fine her immediately for jaywalking, but rather later, after Dark Magician Girl is defeated.
    • When Dark Magician Girl uses her disguise (that being wearing Cinderella's glass slippers and restyling her hair to match hers), the other members of the group such as Shang Tsung, Canada, Alastor, Anne Boonchuy, Blake, Jayfeen, Peter Griffin, Maddie, Toon Link, Randy Marsh, Mei Lee, Lucas, and Mr. Burns somehow failed to notice Dark Magician Girl using her disguise all the way to the voice and the plan, which is to steal all of Cinderella's friends from her.
      • It should be worth noting that Dark Magician Girl's pedicure is pink, while Cinderella’s is blue, making the whole situation even more confusing.
    • Dark Magician Girl's name is revealed to be Darina Maggiolina in this episode. It’s a plot hole because real names are something that she and her male counterpart (who has yet to make an appearance in the show) aren’t supposed to have in the Yu-Gi-Oh games.
    • At some point, the Japanese Empire calls Cinderella a "bootlegged Ariel," which makes absolutely no sense since one of the main rules of the series is that the 'Disney Princesses' and 'U Got 45'd gang' are never supposed to interact with one another since the former could potentially confuse the latter as minions sent in by their movie's antagonists. Additionally, Ariel and Cinderella look nothing alike since Cinderella's defining color is blue and Ariel's is green, and the fact that Cinderella is blond while Ariel is a natural redhead.
    • Apparently, it is possible for Thomas to get cloned, even though he doesn’t have any humanoid DNA.
    • For some reason, Cinderella doesn't put on her old black flats, despite that they weren't stolen by Dark Magician Girl. So for the whole episode, she is just seen running and/or walking barefoot, as if her glass slippers are the only shoes that she has ever owned.
      • Another plot hole is that her feet stay completely clean the whole episode, despite the fact she is seen walking on literal concrete.
    • Somehow, Rapunzel doesn't question the fact that "Cinderella" is acting extremely flirty, even though she should know that acting flirty goes completely against Cinderella's character.
    • Dark Magician Girl's speech sounds like she spent all week preparing for it, yet is shown to have never written anything down.
  10. The episode is a rehash of the SpongeBob SquarePants Season 7 episode, "Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy", which in turn, alongside "Gramma's Secret Recipe" and "Shellback Shenanigans", all from the same season of the same show, are all rehashes of "Imitation Krabs" from season two of the same show, as all 5 episodes are about a character disguising as the main character to try and reach their goal, with another main character initially trusting the imposter until the end of the episode. In this case, all 4 SpongeBob episodes have Plankton tries to steal the Krabby Patty Secret Formula by disguising himself as Mr. Krabs, Sandy, Gramma SquarePants, and Gary on all these 4 separate episodes, while this episode has Dark Magician Girl disguise as Cinderella since all her friends from her.
  11. It continues the Dark Magician Girl's generic plot to up-one Cinderella-like every single other episode she's in.
  12. While the "Y'all look feisty and hot" quote may be funny, it can get uncomfortable to those pretty quickly.
  13. Missed Potential: It is an episode in which Dark Magician Girl finally gets a chance to sneak herself into Cinderella’s point of view and see what her life is like around her in the process but miserably fails to properly take advantage of it.
  14. Misleading title: Cinderella doesn’t get new shoes at all. Dark Magician Girl takes her glass slippers and uses them throughout the whole episode.
  15. Horrible ending: Cinderella finally defeats Dark Magician Girl and gets her glass slippers back, only for the police to fine her $357 for jaywalking, as stated in WIS#5, which just showcases how much of hypocritical idiots the cops are in this show.
  16. It just solidifies more of the series' tendency to torture any main character just to run 10-21 minutes of a plot.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. A few funny moments and lines.
    • "Crossroads go boo-hoo." (Cube)
    • Dark Magician Girl's speech is really well done.
  2. At least Dark Magician Girl gets her comeuppance in the end.
  3. Cinderella, Kristie Inglethorpe, Odo, Claire Emmett, and Cube (Animal Crossing) are the only likable characters here.
    • Talking Ben and Thomas are also tolerable.
  4. The beginning was alright.


  • Thomas' line, "TREMBLING TRACKS! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?" became an internet meme.
  • For the first time since Season 7A, the glass slippers' "clink-clank" noise is utilized, specifically in the scene of Dark Magician Girl tap-dancing in front of Shang Tsung during the video of her feet.
    • The shot of Dark Magician Girl's soles at the end of the video was censored in most Netflix releases. Instead, it ended with Dark Magician Girl finishing her tap dance.
      • Only the Japanese, Hebrew, European Portuguese, Greek, and Russian dubs retain the scene's original cut.
  • In the Canadian French dub, the episode is titled "L'Imposteur de Cendrillon", meaning 'Cinderella's Imposter', which is a reference to the French title of the 2007 movie, Cinderella III: A Twist in Time.
  • This episode marks the first time a character in the series is fined by the police, as prior involvement with them usually ends up with a character getting arrested.


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