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Blog:Maddie And The Evil Amtrak Train (The Crazy-Ass Group Show) (Fake Episode of Fake Show Collab)

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Maddie And The Evil Amtrak Train
Because "Nicole Seeks Help" was somewhat too boring of a title...
Series: The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation
Part of Season: 4

Maddie and the Evil Amtrak Train is an episode of the fourth season of The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation.


Blake distresses Nicole for no reason, causing Nicole to become suicidal.

Why It Sucks

  1. Terrible moral: Harass people for no reason even though they didn't do anything wrong.
  2. Misleading title: Nicole is the primary focus of the episode, not Maddie, although she does get a fair amount of screen-time, due to her having two semimajor subplots. Also, you may think that this episode is going to be about Maddie embarking on an evil Amtrak train just by reading the title, but it's actually mainly about Blake distressing Nicole to death.
    • Despite this, the episode was originally titled "Nicole Seeks Help", before being reworked into a series 4 episode.
  3. It's an obvious Nicole Watterson torture episode.
  4. Most of the characters are unlikeable, with Blake, Maddie, the POE Heroes, and Nicole being the worst offenders.
    • Blake acts completely different as he now bullies Nicole throughout the episode.
  5. There is way too much filler in this episode, here are some examples:
    • Steve from Minecraft going fishing.
    • Felicia buying The Pussycat Dolls albums.
    • Flash Pose P3 telling a rant about Steve while he was going fishing.
    • Pingu eating a tatertot.
    • There is a pointless scene of Noggin Clontith saying "I'm a gnome and you been gnomed!", which is only put there for meme-bait.
    • A scene of Maddie attempting to cook Peppa Pig into bacon.
    • Mickey Mouse drawing porn.
  6. The episode has too many characters and plots that it seems rather unfocused.
    • It has too many subplots to the main plot of Blake distressing Nicole to death, such as:
    • Richard Watterson cheating on Nicole for Buttons P2.
    • Mario starting up his own pizza place with Shrek.
    • Ness getting married to Black Mamba P2.
    • Mr. Kat trying to break the record of most pizzas eaten in a day at Mario's new pizza place.
    • This is another episode that involves Toon Link getting his Roblox account hacked by Hsien-Ko
    • Mickey Mouse going to Walmart.
  7. There are several inappropriate scenes:
    • This is yet, another one of the multiple episodes that involve Anais Watterson getting abused by Pokey Minch.
    • This is another one of the multiple episodes that involve Black Mamba P1 getting shot dead by Baby Bonnie Hood.
    • Maddie running over 200 people in one minute, we are not joking!
    • Naruto getting drunk.
  8. Weird logic: Ness is an adult, while Paula, Jeff, and Poo are still kids.
  9. The infamous diss-track song, "The Song Against Nicole Watterson", sung by Blake, Maddie, Ness, Mario, Flash Pose P3, GH-Man, and Richard Watterson, is horrible. Most of the lyrics in the chorus consisting of the line "Nicole is the most horrifying member of the Crazy-Ass Group!" repeated over and over again.
  10. There are numerous plot-holes:
    • How can Richard cheat on Nicole for Buttons P2 if Richard is an animal and Buttons P2 is a human? which is rather considered bestiality.
  11. Bad Ending: Gumball, Spongebob, Toby The Tram Engine, and Mickey Mouse spray ACID on Blake then he screams so loud it’s actually Earrape and they SHOOT AT HIM and when Nicole asks why they do that they call her ungrateful and she says "YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE!", and then runs away.
  12. Overall, this episode started Blake's flanderization, however, it was not that noticeable until the movie.


Redeeming Quailties

  1. Lily, Quack, Morrigan Aensland, Kyung, So, Hea, Bong, and Thomas are still likeable.
    • Nicole is, at least, sympathetic in this episode, primary due to Blake harassing her.
  2. "Now, THAT'S a filler scene." - Quack
  3. Despite the bad ending, Blake deserved it.



During The SMR's review of The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation he said that this episode is the Bowser Junior Almost Goes to Sleep Forever!/Bowser Junior Almost Dies! Of The Crazy-Ass Group Show due to both episode having an ending where a character ends up dying.


  • The episode was initially going to be a series 3 episode, and was titled "Nicole Seeks Help".
  • The scene where Ness gets married to Black Mamba P2 was initially a deleted scene from the episode, "Black Mamba P3’s Big Fetish!".



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