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Blog:Kirsten Curtis paedophilia allegations

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Kirsten Curtis is a Northern Irish actress known for her performances of Kori Parkinson and Fenella MacCance in the long-running Carlsbergian soap opera The Metilio Town. However, in 2021, she was falsely accused of paedophilia, causing her to be fired from BlakeIsHere Studios & International Productions.


After the allegations, she was fired from BlakeIsHere Studios & International Productions. On June 18th, 2021, it was announced that 44-year-old Scottish actress Keitha Mac Eanraig would succeed her as the actress of Fenella MacCance in The Metilio Town. The next day, on June 19th 2021, it was announced that Pauletta Combs from Tyne And Wear, England would succeed her as the actress of Kori Parkinson in The Metilio Town. On the same day, Aeronwen Baines announced on Twitter that she would voice Outsie the Powerful Queen from Alphabest Friends starting in series 2, while Lilibeth Francine Tuft would voice the other characters Kirsten voiced. On July 3rd, 2021, it was informed by the Bowen brothers that New Zealand actress Quin Darwin would now voice Maddie Cástano from The Strange Week onwards, marking her as the seventh voice actress of the character.[1] This yielded controversy with fans due to her gaining a New Zealand accent in the UK dub. On the same day, it was revealed via Twitter that she would no longer be a continuity announcer for BlakeIsHere Network.


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