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Blog:Bolípenni Studios (Fake Studio by CreativePenguin50)

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Note: Keep that in mind that this is a fake overseas animation studio. You can add some animation shows (either fake or real in an alternate timeline) and add your own reasoning. Edit all you like, but please don't vandalize this page. Thank you!

Bolípenni Studios (Fake Studio by CreativePenguin50)
The Kawanese equivalent to Fil-Cartoons and Les Studios Tex. That star ain't shining!
Industry: Animation
Founded: 1978
Defunct: 2004
Headquarters: Béliveau, Kawa
Key people: Sam Branco-Ros (formerly)
Victoria Mojito (formerly)

Bolípenni Studios, Inc was a Kawanese animation studio founded in 1978 by Sam Branco-Ros and Victoria Mojito, and was formerly headquartered in Béliveau, Kawa. The company went bankrupt leading to it going defunct in 2004. The co-founder Victoria Mojito would later create a new company called 1919 Studios (known as 1919 Productions or just 1919 from 2021) in 2020, which would later produce The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation.

Why They Sucked

  1. To get things straight, they are rather infamous for their constant animation and camera errors, especially in shows such as Claud Rabbit Adventures and most infamously, The Milkblobs.
    • Speaking of The Milkblobs, one of the series' infamous animation errors that were caused by them, was the scene where Wiggo walks to the camera while angry at Luiz (who is behind the camera), and there are drawn black lines under him in which are the parts left unpainted, thus making the camera look very off-centred, similar to the animation camera error in The Ren & Stimpy Show's Season 1 episode, "The Littlest Giant", where Giant Stimpy moves his body up with drawn unpainted lines under him being seen. Although, luckily, the particular error was fixed in the DVD version.
    • Even the series' creator, Arthur Montemayor was unsatisfied with their animation work for the show, and even said in an interview that Bolípenni still needed retakes on the animation, even to the point he started outsourcing the show's animation to Sunwoo Entertainment (Korea) instead.
    • As for Claud Rabbit Adventures, the studio only ended up animating just four episodes for the series, due to the producers' disapproval towards the animation quality.
  2. Aside from the errors, their animation works are generally off-model, sup-par and mediocre at best, almost to the point it makes AKOM and Les Studios Tex's animations look better by comparison.
  3. Despite their fair budget, the studio hired mostly inexperienced animators and artists, thus explaining the poor animation in most of their works.
  4. The way the characters walk are also very inconsistent, as there are times when the characters move like they're drunk or a Tiny Toons (Kennedy Cartoons) character, coming off as weird.
  5. Like AKOM, they are pretty lazy when it comes to fixing animation errors, as they just leave it how they are unless the shows' executive producers demands them to do a retake on the animation.
  6. They once gave a very bad image to the Kawanese animation industry, and are often considered to be one of the most sup-par animation studios from Kawa compared to more superior studios like Movijet, Le Studio Space, Mad Ant Animation, MoonOX Filmworks and Animazione Bureau.
  7. One of their shows titled "Kitty and Doggy" was infamous due to the show's nightmare-fuel character designs, constant animation errors, inappropriate episodes, and stupid plots, which gives shows like Gaither's Pond and Dorbees a run for their money.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. They did some decent animation work for a few shows such as Chocodile and Friends, Turma da Mônica and Bobby's World.
  2. At least they didn't treat their workers poorly, unlike most bad studios and/or their horrible owners.