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Bobby Blimper's Balloon Fetish
Guess the writers didn't learn anything from their last fetish-focused episode.
Series: The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation
Part of Season: 4

Bobby Blimper's Balloon Fetish is an episode of the fourth season of The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation.


When Bobby Blimper goes to buy some balloons for Bandit Heeler's birthday, he suddenly becomes attached to them and won't let anyone make him let go.

Why It Sucks

  1. The episode is most notorious for being utterly disgusting, like another episode of the same show.
  2. Bobby Blimper is both unlikable and weird in this episode as he constantly whines about being attached to some balloons without being able to let go.
  3. A couple of filler scenes, such as:
    • Elmyra Duff staring at the sun for 30 minutes straight.
    • Beast Boy going insane after eating spicy food, turning into a gorilla and destroying buildings, in an attempt to reference King Kong.
    • Quack the Duck telling a rant about Elmyra Duff while she was staring at the sun.
    • The Among Us characters make fun of the ESRB, which takes up way too much time.
    • The abysmal scene featuring Nicole Watterson, Felicia, Captain Falcon, and Pokey Minch twerking to "Gasolina" by Daddy Yankee at a strip club, which made Blake vomit.
    • Toon Link and Anais Watterson doing the baby shark dance.
    • Mr. Kat and Loona texting on their phones.
    • Bobby Blimper slicing up Peppa Pig, followed by the actual Peppa Pig narrator (John Sparkes) saying, "Oh dear, Bobby Blimper has sliced Peppa up into pieces!".
  4. Bad Ending: The balloons end up flying away when Bobby Blimper went into an argument with Caillou, and after they're done, Bobby Blimper lies to Bandit Heeler saying that the balloons were stolen, then Quack hits Bobby Blimper with a bowling pin.
  5. Plot Holes:
    • Why couldn't Bobby Blimper buy more balloons after the ones he had flown away?
    • Why do Gene Belcher and Ness suddenly gain a fetish for inflatable objects when they're just around 13 years old?
    • How can Gumball have anal sex with Alan if he’s only 12 years old?
    • How can Amity and Starfire have babies? Also, it’s pedophilia since Starfire is probably WAY older than Amity.
  6. Things would completely get out of hand when Bobby Blimper is seen looking at BALLOON FETISH PORN THROUGHOUT THE INTERNET. That just adds to the question of why he refuses to buy more balloons after he finished his argument with Caillou & Maddie.
  7. The infamous scene of Bobby Blimper and the POE Heroes, we kid you not, having their fetishes and enjoy it cause Quack walked away.
  8. The episode also features other characters having fetishes to other inflatable products, such as:
    • Mario and Luigi watching various porn videos featuring beach balls.
    • Mickey Mouse ejaculating to a video where an inflatable orca gets molested.
    • Gene Belcher pooping into an inflatable pool, when it's full of water.
    • The Black Mamba dancers shoot down a hot air balloon just to see it deflate mid-air.
    • Pit rubbing his private area on a bouncy castle.
    • Gumball having anal sex with Alan Keane since he’s a balloon.
    • Captain Falcon erotically moaning while peeing on a Nicole Watterson blowup doll until he gets called out by Akali.
    • Alisa Bosconovitch farting on a pool float, disgusting many people wanting to get on the pool float.
    • Black Mamba P2 trying to inflate Ness, which is, again pedophilia since Ness is 13 years old.
    • Ness getting pleasure from looking at Rule 34 of Parade Balloons.
    • Sheen trying to give Mr Kat an inflatable Loona doll to have sex with, although he refuses.
    • Male Robin and Female Robin having sex, While Male Robin uses a balloon instead of a condom.


Redeeming Qualities

  1. Quack the Duck's line: "Ladies and gentlemen, would any of you in the audience think that Bobby Blimper is even worse than Elmyra Duff?" is pretty funny, depending on your view.
  2. Bandit Heeler is at least likable as he completely understands that there won't be any balloons for his birthday. He also admits that balloons aren't everything birthdays need.
    • On a side note, Bandit isn't portrayed to have a weird fetish for inflatable objects in the episode.
      • Same thing goes for Quack the Duck, as well as Ahri.
      • Blake is still likable and he doesn't have any balloon fetishes.
      • Caillou also didn't have any fetish for any inflatable object of any kind, even though his engaging in an argument with Bobby Blimper made him a bit unlikable.
      • Nicole Watterson didn’t have any balloon fetishes as well, unlike her son, Gumball, even though she was still a bit unlikeable.
      • Even Mr. Kat and Loona weren't shown having any balloon fetishes, although they were still a bit unlikable.



  • The Peppa Pig narrator originally planned to say "Oh shit" instead of "Oh dear", but it was changed because the writers wanted it to feel like it was from the show itself.