Blog:Blakes, Colorados and King Dededes are Flying Around the Airplanes (The Crazy-Ass Group Show) (Fake Episode of Fake Show Collab)


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Blakes, Colorados and King Dededes are Flying Around the Airplanes
Not the best way to have the clone trope as the main plot...
Series: The Crazy-Ass Group Show:The Series, Television Presentation
Part of Season: 9

Blakes, Colorados and King Dededes are Flying Around the Airplanes is an episode of the ninth season of The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation.


Blake gets a new plane, so he, along with King Dedede and Colorado, decide to make a test flight to see if it works. However, a malfunction causes it to crash into an abandoned cloning machine, causing all three, including the plane to get cloned excessively. Meanwhile, a barrage of stray explosive lasers destroy part of the Group Assembly room, and Hello Kitty is blamed for it.

Why It Sucks

  1. To start off, this episode's main plot utilizes the "cloning trope", not to mention it feels a lot like filler.
  2. Isabela Madrigal, Raya and Mei Lee are extremely unlikable here, as they frame Hello Kitty for the incident.
    • Baldi isn't much better.
  3. The subplot is nothing but Hello Kitty torture porn. Sure, she did commit bad actions, but this is going too far.
  4. Plot Hole: Apparently, even a plane can get cloned, even though it has no humanoid DNA.
  5. There are some boring background gags, such as:
    • Peter Griffin and Perfect Peter having an apple-eating contest to see who the real Peter is.
    • The Teen Titans chasing the Angry Birds.
    • Maddie doing Duolingo.
    • Caillou filming a poorly-done review of himself praising Cars 2 as if it's some kind of religion.
    • Peppa Pig swimming at a pool.
    • Talim, Hsien-Ko, and Pit (of all characters) driving a Snow cone truck.
    • Roald resurrecting the dead with matches.
  6. There are a lot of inappropriate and mean spirited moments, such as:
    • Randy and Alastor getting high on heroin, with Felicia watching.
    • Bomb writing "Мый шкемым тергаш да умылет Инстаграм, кӱвар лиеш огыл мо акт Aгнес ныл кече жапыште мый дене, мый тошкен кия, шке Пепси подылам, Агнес но, пиалешыже, проститле мыйым, мый кроватьыште ме групповуха да массовый ышта. Мый пиалан улам, а Матильда - уке, индеш ий утла пытартыш жапыште ала молан кажне кечет лиеш тиде!" which can be translated to "I was checking my Instagram and I realized that I haven't had sexual intercourse with Agnes in four days, I lay depressed as I drank my Pepsi, but Agnes thankfully forgive me, and we did a massive gang bang on my bed. I'm happy but Matilda isn't, especially since this has been happening every day for the past nine years!" on a notebook.
  7. The infamous scene of Princess Peach whacking Hello Kitty with a frying pan for 2 minutes straight needs no explanation.
  8. Plenty of filler scenes, including:
    • Lili De Rochefort getting drunk at a German restaurant.
    • Lily May, as usual, forcing Helen Henny to have sex with Chuck E. Cheese.
    • Shang Tsung selling Cinderella's bath water.
    • Ness and Alisa Bosconovitch daring Gingerbrave to do his ovenbreak face for a reward of 80$.
    • Paula filming a TikTok with Mira and Selma.
    • Black Mamba P3 erotically moaning to blueberry inflation fetish art on the Internet.
    • Russia and Canada (Art's Animations) committing murder.
    • Ike and Kaya cancelling Jeff Andonuts on Twitter.
    • Drift whooping Karlie Dell with a whip.
  9. The running gag of Fan making puns about himself, while funny, can get annoying.
  10. The episode's title is unreasonably long.


Redeeming Qualities

  1. Hello Kitty is likable, as she is very sympathetic here.
    • Odo, Claire Emmett, Prince Poo, Karlie Dell, Cube, Pirata, Capitano, Maddie, Kristie Inglethorpe, Ling Xiaoyu, and Genji are also likable.
  2. Good ending: The culprit turns out to be Mei Lee, and she would soon suspended from her position as 'Ambassador from PIXAR to the Simpsons', with Abby Park taking her place.
    • Raya and Isabela Madrigal get their comeuppance by getting arrested for sexual harassment.
  3. A funny jab at Mattel, with Thomas saying "my clone is a star from an evil toy company!"
  4. The scene with Talking Ben, Kirby, the Among Us characters, Lucas (Mother 3), Baby Bonnie Hood, and Maka Albarn fighting all of the Blakes, Colorados and King Dededes, may we need to say more?



  • The title is different in some countries.
    • Blake, Colorado and King Dedede
      • Blake, Kolorado dhe Mbreti Dedede (Albanian)
      • بليك وكولورادو والملك ديددي (Arabic)
      • Blake, Colorado i Kralj Dedede (Croatian)
      • Blake, Colorado et Roi Dadidou (French)
      • ブレイク、コロラド、デデデ (Japanese)
      • Блејк, Колорадо и Кралот Дедеде (Macedonian)
      • بلیک، کلرادو و شاه ددید (Persian)
      • Blake, Kolorado i Król Dedede (Polish)
      • Blake, Colorado e Rei Dedede (European Portuguese / Brazilian Portuguese)
      • Blake, Colorado e King Dedede (Italian)
      • Blaigh, Colorado agus Righ Dididi (Scottish Gaelic)
      • Blake, Colorado y el Rey Dedede (European Spanish / Latin American Spanish)
    • Blake, Colorado and King Dedede Get Cloned!
      • Blake, Colorado and King Dedede Get Cloned! (British English)
      • Sina Blake, Colorado at Haring Dedede ay Na-Clone! (Filipino)
      • Blégh, Colorado agus Dedede Faigh Clónáilte! (Irish)
    • The Three Idiots and a Cloning Machine
      • Die Drei Idioten und eine Klonmaschine (German)
      • Y Tri Idiotiaid a Pheiriant Clonio (Welsh)
    • תקרית השיבוט (Hebrew) / The Cloning Incident