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Black Mamba P3’s Big Fetish!
"That’s so disgusting!" - Build a Babe
Series: The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation
Part of Season: 4
Director: Adriel Garcia

Black Mamba P3’s Big Fetish! is an episode of the fourth season of The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation.


To earn money to get a new GL 50 9K Smart TV, Black Mamba P3 teams up with the United Organization Of Bitchass Criminals (UOOBAC) to write a lot of fetish fanfics while sending some of the world's richest people to her private jail.

Why It Sucks

  1. To get the elephant out of the room, this is an entire episode dedicated solely to fetishes on the internet. which is abhorrent, considering that the episode was likely made to pander towards people that make fetish content online, and nothing more in term of the plot.
    • In fact, the concept of an episode dedicated to fetishes on the internet is just terrible on its own.
  2. There are some pointless filler scenes, such as:
    • The fight between Black Mamba P2 and Fang.
    • Felicia going to Kohl’s to shop for a blue cheerleader outfit and black gloves so she can dress up like Olivia Rodrigo in her "Good 4 U" music video.
    • Marth and Roy singing Party Up (Up In Here).
    • Anais Watterson laughing.
    • Black Mamba P1 raiding a Walmart store in Houston, Texas to expand her private prison.
    • Peppa Pig blowing up. Really.
    • Male Robin and Female Robin having an Attack on Titan styled fight to the tune of King's Dead.
    • Among Us characters raiding Disney World in one minute.
    • Palutena reading various Yelp reviews.
    • Flash Pose P3 and Black Mamba P1 watching Travis Scott kiss a cardboard cut-out of Oli London at the Super Bowl. That doesn’t make any sense.
    • Pingu playing table tennis with Doraemon, which is arguably the most boring scene in the entire show.
  3. Because of the fetishes shown below, it’s probably a Nicole Watterson torture episode.
  4. The fetishes in this episode are gross, weird, and just plain nonsensical. These examples include:
    • The infamous scene with Nicole Watterson inflating into a blueberry, (Like the scene in Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory, and its 2005 remake Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) which made her husband, Richard, disgusted. In addition, the inflation is disturbing to look at, let alone feeling like a weird fan-fiction brought up to life, although she reverts to normal during the ending.
    • A scene very similar to the infamous potions scene from Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, the formulas resulted in:
      • Mzia Kachibadze transforming into a Business Friendly character.
      • Alisa Bosconovitch transforming into a Victini.
      • Evelynn transforming into a TAWOG styled character.
      • Kyung, So, Hea, and Bong (Aka the dancers of Boombayah) transform into Numberblocks, which causes Blake to drive himself to a future suicide.
    • A deleted scene where Ness gets married to Black Mamba P2, which is pedophilia since Ness, ONCE AGAIN, is only 13 YEARS OLD. If it wasn’t bad enough, the scene where he gives birth in the Ophidian Temple is disturbing and comparable to the scene where Mr Kat gives birth in "Pregnant Kat". Hell, it even shows what it would look like if men were the ones who give birth.
      • Thankfully though, the scene never made it into the finished product, however, the scene where Ness gets married to Black Mamba P2 would be later reused in the episode, "Maddie And The Evil Amtrak Train" with Ness aged up to an adult.
    • Bloo looking at Rule 34 of random people.
    • Shulk and Rex tickling Pyra's feet.
    • Camilla and female Byleth getting groped by Lucina and male Byleth respectively.
    • Male Robin and female Robin tickling male Corrin and female Corrin's feet.
    • Mr. Kat humping a tree while saying "Si Papi" with Loona recording it.
    • Morrigan Aensland getting tickled on her breasts, cleavage and rear.
    • Thomas and Emily having anal sex.
    • Black Mamba P1 getting tickled in her rear by Gumball as per request.
    • Pit getting tickled in his armpits by Mario.
    • Ness erotically moaning while spamming PK fire at a Black Mamba P2 blowup doll, it ends with Prince Poo grounding him.
    • Pikachu ejaculating on a body pillow of Black Mamba P3 on his bed.
    • Kirby performing oral sex on Buttons P1 and enjoying it.
    • Motu and Patlu fighting over a picture of Nicole’s butt.
    • The Charmin Bears twerking.
    • Ahri being forced to wear diapers, as well as getting treated like a baby.
    • Morgana going inside Panther's uniform and tickling her breast and butt.
    • Captain Falcon taking a picture of Nicole’s private areas (albeit censored), and he sends it to Ness via texting.
    • A close up of Mr Peabody's private parts uncensored
  5. Misleading title: The episode title looks like that Black Mamba P3 will have the most focus in the episode, while she does get a fair amount of time in the episode because there are so many characters in the episode, they keep on switching to another, which looks like they can’t decide on who should be the main character in the episode.
  6. Weird Logic: Nicole Watterson is taller than Richard.
  7. There are so many plot holes:
    • How can Black Mamba P3 bring her fetish fanfics to life?
    • Ness and Gumball act very inappropriately in this episode, despite only being 13 and 12 years old respectively.
    • How can trains even have sex?
  8. Many of the dialogue, are cringe-worthy to downright insufferable, Such as the "Show me your vagina, Nicole" line from Captain Falcon and even the infamous "Suck my upper nuts!" from Buttons P1.
  9. Some mean spirited moments, such as the part where Captain Falcon attempts to cut Nicole’s vagina off and Sells her PERIOD BLOOD, just so he could mail it to Ness, Bob the Builder attempting to hammer Matt’s testicles, and the infamous scene where Thomas tries to run over Menchie.
  10. There was the infamous deleted scene where it involves Captain Falcon forcing Nicole to take her clothes off, and It’s Fully Uncensored, and then, it shows a porno image of the aforementioned character. That is very disgusting and mean spirited. Luckily it never made it to the finished product.
  11. It got a sequel in season 5, called "Buttons P1's Bigger Fetish!", and the episode is just a rehash of this episode.
  12. Overall, this episode was probably just made to pander towards people that make fetish content online.


Redeeming Qualities

  1. Morrigan Aensland, Build a Babe, Matt, Jackie, Inez, Blake, Digit, Menchie, Kai'Sa, and Nahuel are still likeable.
    • Although somewhat flanderized, Quack and Lily are still tolerable characters.
  2. There are some funny moments in this episode:
    • Lucina bragging that she has 99,999 Bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is hilarious.
    • The scene of Peppa Pig blowing up is hilarious due to its "so bad, it's good" nature.
  3. Alisa was cute as a Victini.
  4. Bulid a Babe’s quote, "That’s so disgusting!"
  5. Half-good ending: Quack finally rips all of the pages from Black Mamba P3's private diary, followed by Blake burning the remains of it.



  • As we already mentioned, there are multiple deleted scenes in this episode:
    • Captain Falcon forcing Nicole Watterson to take her clothes off, and then it shows a porno image of the aforementioned character.
    • Ness getting married to Black Mamba P2, and then a scene where he gives birth in the Ophidian Temple.
      • However, the former scene would be later reused in the episode, "Maddie And The Evil Amtrak Train" with Ness aged up to an adult.
  • The scene of Peppa Pig blowing up became an internet meme.




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