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Blog:A Boring Day on a Nostalgic-Ass Playground (The Crazy-Ass Group Show) (Fake Episode of Fake Show Collab)

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A Boring Day on a Nostalgic-Ass Playground
We might need to watch some nostalgic-ass shows after watching this episode.
Part of Season: 8

A Boring Day on a Nostalgic-Ass Playground is an episode from the eighth season of The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation.


Due to fears of getting old after coping with the fact she is now 19, Cinderella decides to go to the city school playground to experience good memories of her at the San-Los AngelAntonioyorkytro Public Academy between the ages of 18 months & 18 years (2004–2021), while also bringing her best friend, Rapunzel, and the 10 other Disney Princesses. Unknowingly, being overheard by Caillou, he tells everyone at the clubhouse about the whole ordeal, and soon enough, everyone wants to go on the playground for the same reasons, which causes chaos to break out once again. Meanwhile, the hot summer heat causes the water at Lake Lago to dry up and evaporate away, which results in a huge brawl among the Angry Birds and Bob's machines for hydration.

Why It Sucks

  1. The main problem with this episode is that it introduces the show's “disruption formula”, known by the community as the “3-Interruptions formula”, where a, or a group of characters try to have peace 3 separate times before they get interrupted by another, or another group of characters. While it is rarely used thankfully, the formula itself is still nothing but a complete rehash of the “3-Strikes formula” from the HiT and Miller eras of Thomas & Friends as well as its reboot.
  2. Almost every single character is unlikeable here, the dishonorable mentions being:
    • Caillou, while arguably the most tolerable of all of them, legit caused the whole plot to happen, not to mention after he tells the group about the playground, he doesn’t do anything for the rest of the episode.
    • The Angry Birds group and Bob's machines are unlikeable as they fight over water.
    • Maddie is at her absolute worst here, the exact reason for it is on WIS#3.
  3. The infamously infuriating scene of Cinderella chewing the group out for their actions after her dress gets torn up, which then made Randy and Alastor cry and run away. The entire group gets mad at her, and Maddie, in particular, says these infamous lines: “You know, the problem isn’t our fun, the problem is that you are a complete sociopath with a very inconsistent mental state. If you and your friends hate us partying so much, then why don’t you 12 GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS STATE!! Come on, everyone!! Let’s continue our enjoyment since we all learned there are some mean people out there.” This causes Cinderella to run away crying. This scene is not only considered to be the cruelest scene in the show's history, but it made many people compare Maddie to Jayfeen, who was previously panned by fans for bombing a daycare in “Telecast Rock” and holding Luz Noceda at gunpoint in “Locked In”.
    • The scene itself is just copied and pasted from the similar controversial scene in the Season 7 SpongeBob SquarePants episode, “Stuck in the Wringer”.
  4. The subplot of the Angry Birds and Bob's machines fighting for water is just boring, although it does have a few funny bits.
  5. As usual there are some pointless filler scenes, these include:
    • Bomb making a speech about killing anyone who dares to touch Agnes.
    • Minecraft Steve accidentally tearing off Nicole's shirt with his fishing rod.
    • Alastor and Randy Marsh daring Bubbles to jump into another beer volcano for $25.
    • Ren & Stimpy cancelling Molly McGee on Twitter.
    • Wario and Waluigi throwing cash at Mario and Luigi when they weren’t looking.
    • Peach making a blog post.
    • The Among Us characters raiding a Popeye's.
    • Mickey Mouse watching The Cuphead Show on Netflix.
    • Ness filming Alisa Bosconovitch filming a TikTok, which is just Paula filming a TikTok, which is just Prince Poo eating sushi.
    • Mira (Mirakel), Lili De Rochefort, and Talim dancing to "ALIVE" by Lightsum.
    • Perfect Peter and D.Va destroying a baby shower at Raising Cane's.
  6. There is an unnecessary amount of inappropriate scenes in this episode.
    • Cinderella takes her glass slippers off to climb a pole positioned next to the balance beam and when she does it, she jokingly asks Rapunzel if she would like to tease her with her feet, and Rapunzel (who was blushing when asked that) says: ”I don’t want to be teased by your toes right now, but I would like to swap my flats with your glass slippers later!” they laugh as Cinderella begins to tickle Rapunzel with her feet. While Cinderella and Rapunzel’s friendship dynamic has always been really enjoyable in this series, this scene alone makes it come off as weird and off-putting.
    • As Cinderella climbs the pole, her glass slippers begin to reflect sunlight, which causes Merida's blouse to catch on fire. Thankfully, the fire was immediately put out by Moana, who was carrying a whole bucket of water. While it’s not necessarily inappropriate, the fact that it happened while light-hearted music was playing makes it come off as off-putting.
    • In the aforementioned scene, Minecraft Steve accidentally tears off Nicole's shirt with his fishing rod.
    • Wario trying to fly by farting.
    • Bubbles getting drunk again.
    • Luz and Amity having sex.
    • Dizzy pouring vanilla pudding on Muck, in fact, he moans while being poured on.
  7. The scene of Captain Falcon and Mr. Burns arguing about lettuce was really stupid.
  8. Stupid Ending: The Angry Birds and the machines found out about the Riviera River being next to the dried-up lake, which is just dumb.
  9. Some errors here and there, such as Mulan's hairband being blue instead of red in one shot.
  10. Plot Holes:
    • How did the Angry Birds and the machines not notice the river?
    • How did Caillou end up at the school?
    • How did the entire group not get arrested? The episode is shown to be taking place on a Saturday, meaning they’re all committing illegal trespassing.
    • Why was Moana carrying a bucket of water with her? While it was great that she saved Merida's life with it, it was never explained why she was carrying it in the first place!


Redeeming Qualities

  1. The scene where Rapunzel and Mulan figh the entire group needs no introduction.
  2. “WHAT IS GOING ON!?” is arguably the funniest part in the whole episode, right down to Bob's imitation of Abuela Alma from Encanto when saying it.
  3. The Disney Princesses are all likable characters, as they are all very sympathetic here, especially Cinderella and Merida.
    • Bob is also tolerable.



  • In the original storyboards, Cinderella was originally fighting the entire group along with Rapunzel. Instead, she was replaced with Mulan. This could be due to fighting being against her character and the fact her glass slippers may break very quickly if she were to be fighting.
    • Footage of this scrapped scene was leaked online 4 days after the episode release.
  • The scene of Maddie and Cinderella fighting is cut in all international Netflix releases. However, this didn’t stop the episode from airing in Germany, France, Greece, Saudi Arabia, China, the UK, Japan and Indonesia (on Comedy Central, Télétoon, TeenNick, MBC3, CCTV-14, Channel 4, TV Tokyo and NET TV respectively) completely uncut. In fact, this scene alone caused a major uproar in France, which nearly got the entire show banned there.
  • This episode revealed a few things.
    • This episode marks the first appearance of the San-Los AngelAntonioyorkytro Public Academy since the series premiere, and it was revealed to be built in 1908.
      • Mr. Burns was also revealed to be the first member of the group to graduate from there, as he was part of the Class of 1925.
    • The Crazy-Ass Group was first established in 1988, with Bowser as its first leader. It also revealed who led the group.
      • Bowser (1988-1996)
      • Eggman (1996-2004)
      • Captain Falcon (2004-2008)
      • Mickey Mouse (2008-2016)
      • Bob the Builder (2016-2020)
      • Red (2020-present)
    • San Los Angelantonioyorkytro is located in Oregon, about 59 miles northwest of Portland.
    • Cinderella and Rapunzel's birthdays are on February 15 and November 14, referencing the release dates of their respective films, Cinderella (1950) and Tangled.
  • In the Dutch and Kazakh dubs, the episode is titled, "De Speeltuin" and "Ойын Aлаңы" respectively. Both mean The Playground.



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