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(Unofficial Page) Forced Kin (The Powerpuff Girls, 1998)
Country: United States
Release Date: 2001
Network(s): Cartoon Network

Yes, the people can like too powerful villains what almost defeat the heroes, but not when the villain literally wins, LIKE AN MARY SUE!


An mysterious villain from space attacks Townsville, and the PowerPuff Girls can't defeat him because he can predict the any movement and action of the girls. So, the girls decide need the help of his archi-enemy, Mojo Jojo.

Why It Is Forced Kin (On A Bad Way)

  1. Looks like an torture episode for the PowerPuff Girls.
  2. The main villain: The villain of this episode, while very evil than the characters says, is the most frustrating, unfair, cheater and ridiculously powerful character what the world never seen. He caused a lot of destruction in Townsville and defeated the PowerPuff Girls without any problem despite Mojo Jojo and the girls stopped some of their actions, predicting any action of the girls. Of course, there villains from media what are very frustrating for heroes, but unlike them, this go to far, looking like an Gary Stu villain (and an Mary Sue and Gary Stu in an fanfiction is an hated character by being too powerful and invencible).
  3. The episode can be scary for younger audiences, of course because this is an kids show.
  4. The PowerPuff Girls are weak to defeat the villain and this episode, and them only gets the worst. Are defeated by the villain without any problem.
  5. Logic error: How Mojo Jojo, and evolutioned monkey with brillant mind can defeat without problems an very giant and powerful villain than him, but three girls with a lot of superpowers can't defeat him?
  6. Another logic error: In one scene, an cartdrige of the misile launch system is working on an video game console and an video game cartdrige is working on an militar system. It is not suppossed those cartdriges and the systems for made it works are very different? In real life, an cartdrige from an militar base can't work on an video game console or the format disc is different of the requests of the console.
  7. Speaking of which of Reason #5, the alien villain of this episode are very powerful to defeat the PowerPuff Girls but ridiculously weak against Mojo Jojo, what mades too pathetic.
  8. Mojo Jojo and the villain are potrayed as selfishes characters. Mojo Jojo gets jealous about the villain is more evil than him, and gives an rage attack after the villain said he is the most evil villain.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The concept of the episode is good.
  2. The scenes of the alien making plans, fighting against the girls and Mojo Jojo fighting against the villain is pretty awesome.
  3. The chaos what made the villain is awesome.
  4. Despite the actions of the PowerPuff Girls alone are useless, with Mojo Jojo at least works against the villain's plans.
  5. Good ending: Mojo Jojo defeats the villain, Townsville is saved, and the people congrats Mojo Jojo and calls him an hero (even the girls and the narrator), despite Mojo Jojo negates that.
  6. There's an cameo of Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory.
  7. Some funny moments.


  • This is the last episode what Genndy Tartakovski made the script/storyboard



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