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Bite Size Halloween: The Little Princess and the Witch

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What? You were expecting a commercial from a candy company to feature candy and not propaganda?

On October 2021 Mars Inc. released a commercial titled Bite Size Halloween: The Little Princess and the Witch. It has received massive ridicule online due to the messages it's promoting and not having anything to do with candy.

Why It Bites Down in Size

  1. Misleading title: The commercial doesn't take place during Halloween.
  2. The commercial has nothing to do with Twix. You see the candy wrappers at the beginning and the logo at the end, but the commercial itself has nothing to do with the candy. Given how this aired on October when people would most likely buy candy like Twix for trick-or-treating, this seems very baffling.
  3. The commercial pushes the message of accepting boys who wear dresses which not only is very bizarre because cross dressing is not normal, but this is coming from a company who produces candy. It also promotes violence to people who disagree with you.
  4. The nanny who's dressed up like a witch looks more like a goth which begs the question of how the boy's parents thought it would be a good idea to hire someone to watch their kid dressed up like that.
  5. It is implied that the witch/nanny killed or severely injured the boy who made fun of the boy for wearing a dress and the nanny for dressing like a witch. She also threatened two girls for telling the boy that it's not Halloween.