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Bad reputation (Titeuf)

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Bad reputation (Titeuf)
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Well the title was not wrong. It really got a bad reputation it's so bad.
Series: Titeuf
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: 46
Air Date: December 20, 2016
Writer: Sylvain Girault
Director: Denis Lina
Previous episode: Replacing
Next episode: The penis chip

Bad reputation is episode 46 of season 4 of Titeuf.


This morning, it's math test! It's too bad luck, yesterday there was Justice Boys 2 on television, otherwise, Titeuf would have revised. Upon entering the classroom, all the students go `beuuuhh'. It smells really bad, someone threw a stink bomb! It is untenable! The teacher evacuates the students and postpones the control.

Why It Has A Bad Reputation

  1. This is a massive 7 minute torture episode of Titeuf.
  2. The mistress is unfriendly in this episode she directly accuses Titeuf because according to her he would be capable of it while there would be many other people who would be capable of it like Hugo for example.
  3. Titeuf is also unfriendly because he acts stupidly as if he has almost no signs of intelligence.
  4. Romuald is at his worst in this episode not only is he the one who threw the stink ball but above all the reason is selfish.
    • He would have done that because he couldn't revise because of a toothache.
      • It's completely stupid because not only is he a genius who probably doesn't need to revise but above all he could revise before the control during recess for example.
    • The worst is that he is forgiven by the mistress making him a Karma Houdini.
  5. Nobody apologized to Titeuf:
    • His parents and the mistress reprimanded him even more because Romuald assumed his actions and not Titeuf.
  6. Abysmal ending: Titeuf was punished once again because he wanted to sit next to Romuald to copy him.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Manu is the only likeable and tolerable character in this episode.