Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest

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Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest
You thought The Testament of the Sister New Devil was ripping off other shows. But, this isekai show went from commonplace to world's weakest.
Genre: Fantasy
Running Time: 22-23 minutes
Country: Japan
Release Date: July 8, 2019 – February 26, 2020
Network(s): AT-X, Tokyo, MX SUN, BS11
Starring: Toshinari Fukamachi, Yuki Kuwahara, Minami Takahashi, Yoko Hikasa, Saori Onishi, Yumiri Hanamori, Ai Kakuma
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 13

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest (ありふれた職業で世界最強, Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō) is an anime adaptation based on the light novel of the same name.

Bad Qualities

  1. It feels like it came straight out from a rejected isekai series from a Japanese user-generated novel publishing website, Shosetsuka ni Naro with barely any charm or world-building that rips off and borrows ideas from every series along with The Rising of a Shield Hero that even has similar elements.
  2. An unoriginal, yet predictable story more common to Dungeons and Dragons where people are transported to another world rather than reincarnated compared to the aformentioned The Rising of a Shield Hero and are forced to trained themselves and fight monsters in dungeons. Also, used their powers to level up in RPG standards with their "status plates".
  3. Before it was released, it was said to have a different version of that anime adaption that was never made but was delayed to "various circumtances" and was replaced with this version from a different production company in which directors and scriptwriters are replaced with the other ones.
  4. It missed so many of the light novel's source material and even the manga depicted it, which is confusing and make this an uneven adaptation.
  5. The first episode starts very confusing with Hajime being attacked by monsters, then gets flashbacks of how he fell during a battle in the dungeon, and then starts with how Hajime became much powerful.
  6. Just like the light novel, it has the same amateurish writing about a bullied loser and weakling who becomes even powerful and is jerk to anyone.
  7. The voice acting can be cringe-worthy and will get you on your last nerve.
  8. Forgettable monster antagonists such as Cattelya.
  9. Low quality animation with the sub par fight scenes being as cringeworthy and messed up.
  10. The pre-fall Hajime Nagumo is a generic otaku fanboy, a weakling, and a punching bag who is a poor fighter just because his class was just as a synergist, but he is not good at swordfighting.
    • His scream is very cringeworthy, obnoxious and yet loud like he says "Transmute", gets old quickly and will get you on your last nerve.
    • His transformation by eating the monster meat unlike what the manga looked, is changed with Hajime feeling choked and not feeling well. Then his hair changes to white as he was about to throw up, with his legs, and body extends as he like howls.
    • When he transformed, Hajime comes across as being emo, and unheroic who shows no remorse in killing people after thinking that his classmates "betrayed" him.
  11. Uninspired costume designs, weapons, and the monsters.
  12. Major Plothole: No explanation of how Hajime makes weapons and cars.
  13. The "Hero Party", are just the weakest group because they are just classmates of Hajime, and were used to be successful.
  14. Meld Loggins is your typical instructor who lacks morals and is pushy in this series. He's not brave enough to survive dungeons. But, he's a poor instructor and warrior who doesn't have willpower to defeat the dungeon monsters and gets injured.
  15. Daisuke Hiyama is a rip-off of Malty Melromarc from The Rising of the Shield Hero and every Sword Art Online villain that are psychotic, who betrays his bullied victim, Hajime Nagumo by letting him fall to a cave and has a harsh hatred for him to his crush, Kaori Shirasaki. In the last episode, Daisuke is the one who betrayed Hajime from his fall.
  16. Wasted the voice talents of Tia Ballard, Minami Takahashi, Amanda Lee, Yoko Hikasa, Morgan Garrett, Saori Onishi, and Yui Ogara.
  17. Koki Amanogawa's "hero party" outfit in the anime version, looks laughable like he's wearing some kind of a rejected Saint Seiya armor with white spandex and golden pieces.
  18. Suzu Taniguchi is a rip off of Silica from Sword Art Online with the same twin tails.
  19. Yuka Sonobe is a rip off of Raphtalia from The Rising of a Shield Hero, who bares similar red spandex-esque clothes.
  20. Lots of IDIOT MOVES:
    1. Hajime warns the hero party to get away from the monster, as they cast magic against the monster, but someone attacked him, so, which led him to fall.
    2. His scream is very cringeworthy, obnoxious and yet loud like he says "Transmute", gets old quickly and will get you on your last nerve.Daisuke touched a giant glanz crystal in a way to impress Kaori, but turned out to be a trap and transported everyone to the 65th floor when they were attacked by a behemoth and an army of traum soldiers in a stone bridge.
    3. Koki uses Limit Break to amplify his power by three times against Cattleya, but fails.
    4. Meld ordered Kosuke Endo to retreat via the teleport gate and destroy it so that Cattleya's monsters would not be able to follow him, but gets injured for that.
  21. The CGI is clumsy, plasticky and poorly rigged with the giant monsters, the skeleton army, and vehicles.
  22. Tio Klarus's entry to the story is problematic and her personality makes Darkness from Konosuba, look like an amateur.
  23. A poor attempt to make an Isekai fantasy series.
  24. It suffers horribly to be very original just like The Testament of the Sister New Devil, another series that had similar things to rip off.
  25. It suffers poor production values like the background music being more "ho-hum", with one track sounding more like it belongs in The Great British Bake-Off, than that series.

Good Qualities

  1. Some designs are acceptable.
  2. The voice acting is good.
  3. It indeed adapt the light novel's original art designs.
  4. It has an interesting concept about using "status plates" in RPG standards, and eating monster meat would have you grow into a strong person, but both of them are poorly executed.
  5. Hajime, Yue, Shea, Tia, Kaori, Shizuku can be likeable.
  6. Hajime still has a devotion to Yue that is a good change in a harem story.
  7. The soundtrack is decent.


The anime adaptation was not well received from Isekai fans and critics for the poor quality of the animation and the first episode having missed a lot of the source material.

Despite the reception, it was kinda of a ratings success and was renewed for a second season.


  • Meant to premiere in April 2018. But on January 15, 2018, its release date was pushed back due to "various circumstances".
    • Before that, the anime adaptation was said to be directed by Jun Kamiya and written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu, with animation by studio White Fox and character designs by Atsuo Tobe (character designer of Inuyasha), who also would have served as chief animation director.
    • However, following the postponement, it was announced on April 29, 2018 that Kinji Yoshimoto would replace Jun Kamiya as director and studio Asread would be joining White Fox as animators. Also, Chika Kojima replaced Atsuo Tobe as character designer to adapt Takayaki's original designs, and Kazuyuki Fudeyasu left his position as scriptwriter, being replaced by Shoichi Sato and Kinji Yoshimoto. Ryō Takahashi is composing the series' music.
  • The anime covered the first 5 volumes.


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